We do look beautiful

What would your opinion be open and expressive, make-up artists are advised to use special eyelash curlers.

Tongs for eyelashes

In order to create expressive, charming view, you must first use special tweezers for eyelashes, and then apply mascara. Otherwise, the eyelashes can be broken, and on the naturally beautiful look at the time will have to forget.

Eyelashes can curl a little fan, twisting up the central part thereof, and the outer edges of the eye - in the direction of the temples laterally. Short curl a little cilia in one place the three "tweaks" at the base, long - three "tweaks" along the length. A bit naive, "doll" look is obtained by a very strong compression forceps during twisting.

Apparatus for twisting eyelashes

To be more durable twisting, it is necessary to use a special device. The desired effect is the application of this device is achieved through a secure thermal exposure. Such devices are very comfortable - they run on batteries, so you can use them anywhere. Mascara, in this case, too, is applied only after the twisting.

Perm eyelashes

His most durable method to make yourself look beautiful - perming eyelashes, which is enough for two to three months. With this, each eyelash perms first wound onto a roller-curlers and then lashes to secure the effect, is processed with a special compound.

Make a perm can be in a beauty salon. Lashes after her lighter. Therefore, they must be painted in a few days. As a result of a perm is a beautiful curved eyelashes. In a further make-up they do not need, but need to be strengthened, which can make castor oil.

 We do look beautiful

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 eye concealer


  • What concealer?
  • Types concealers
  • How to choose the color of concealer
  • How to disguise the flaws
  • Useful tips

Despite the fact that modern cosmetology offers a lot of variety of means to care for the skin, can boast of its perfection only one. Looking at the famous actresses, broadcasters and other media personalities, unwittingly begins to envy black envy. Well, how are such beauties come from? Why do they have such a smooth and velvety skin, a gentle glow and bright, expressive eyes, without the slightest trace of fatigue, bags, swollen eyelids, dark circles and other "charms"? And what to do to look as irresistible?

Of course, everyone understands that 40-60% of their stunning looks - is the result of the use of professional cosmetics and the work of experienced stylists. But in our Beautician variety of means to make up a lot. And for some reason, the effect is not the same ... If you are often plagued by these questions, then chances are you just have not fully mastered all the rich arsenal of tools that help you quickly and easily "draw" his sweet and fresh face. One such "secret weapons" is a concealer to the eye.

What concealer?

Concealer - it is a new tool that helps fight fine with all the shortcomings of the skin around the eyes. Perhaps we all know that the skin in this area is particularly delicate, tender and has the unpleasant ability to stretch. This is one of those treacherous areas, which without due care and meticulous care can "betray" you at the most inopportune moment, loudly telling everyone around your age. Dark circles, fine lines and capillary network are unlikely to help you look young and beautiful. But from all these problems and save you this wonderful tool - concealer.

Concealer first saw the light in the second half of the XX century - it was invented and produced in the laboratory famous cosmetic brand Yves Saint Laurent. Until that moment, the beautiful half of humanity has struggled with all the problems with the help of powder and foundation. However, firstly, for their proper application requires great experience and skill present. And secondly, dense texture of these funds clogs the pores of the skin without letting it "breathe." Yes, and a thick layer of foundation under the eyes - not the best way to hide flaws. Quite the contrary - it will attract them completely unnecessary attention. With concealer life of modern women has become much easier - it's a unique tool not only masks all the imperfections, and treats - hated lightens dark spots, "liquidates" freckles, corrects facial wrinkles and dries pimples.

 concealer under the eyes

Types concealers

To the effect of the use of funds was the highest, and its convenient application, you must correctly choose the option that is right for you. There are several types of concealers.

  • Concealer Pencil

    This option is perfect for use at small point irritated skin areas. Typically, it is used to mask the small pimples and blackheads. Pencil has a dense structure and therefore not very suitable for adjusting the eye. However, if nothing more appropriate at hand is not found, you can use it. You just need to strictly follow the rules of application. In order not to stretch the thin skin under the eyes, apply concealer small strokes coming from the outer to the inner corner of the eye. Blend gently patting with your fingertips.

  • Liquid concealer

    Using a concealer in a tube - this is probably the best way to disguise flaws in the eye area. When his application is recommended to use a sponge or brush. To correct dark circles, "bags" and stains, apply a concealer dotted. Be careful - do not stretch the thin, delicate skin. Otherwise agent gets into the fine wrinkles and disguise, and emphasize them. In addition, too thick layer of makeup can visually reduce the eye.

  • Concealer Stick

    This option is best suited for combination or oily skin. Typically, it is used to mask the pronounced problems - freckles, age spots, redness, scars, bumps. Since the stick has a very dense structure, it is practically not used for make-up in the eye.

  • Concealer cream

    This tool should also be applied with a brush. Due to its fairly dense structure concealer cream is suitable for the correction of even major defects - pronounced "bruising" under the eyes, wrinkles and age spots.

The title of concealer to the eye is very common prefix «illuminante», which is translated as "cover." What does it mean? This means that the composition of this material includes a special pigment which has the ability to reflect light. And, not to be confused with pearl or shimmering particles that are often found in powder and foundation. This pigment looks dull, but at the same time as if illuminates the skin from within, leaving it refreshed, well-kept and fresh look.

How to choose the color of concealer

Concealers are available in different colors. To make up looked perfect, it is necessary to choose the color that suits you, otherwise you will not only hide the shortcomings, but also to attract additional attention to them. And this is not the effect that you are seeking, is not it? So:

  • In order to mask the "bruising" under the eyes with a purple hue - as a rule, they are the result of fatigue and lack of sleep - suitable concealer yellowish. He is able to make a smoother and brighter than almost any skin, but is particularly strong effect is visible on the skin sallow hue.
  • From blue-green "bruises" and small wreath in the eye you deliver concealer orange. It will look good on dark skin cold tones, giving it a warm shade missing. Also orange concealer suitable for the skin of mixed type.
  • Ladies elegant age should pay attention to concealer with pink pigment. It will give youth, tenderness and freshness of your skin. Also this color is very rescue the women of the Mediterranean and the Eastern type, helping to hide the natural, slightly brownish tinge to the skin around the eyes, which prevents applying makeup. As a rule, mask it by other means is impossible.
  • From pronounced redness, spider veins and small vascular acne concealer you save green. Do not worry - your face will not get the color of young grass! This color creates the effect of a kind of haze that makes all defects are far less noticeable. After you have masked deficiencies sure to apply foundation or concealer on top of skin color.
  • To correct severe dark circles is concealer to buy blue. By the way, he is perfectly "hide" annoying freckles or age spots. That blue concealer recommended to take with you on vacation, if you are going to tropical countries. It perfectly conceals redness all over extensive areas of the skin that occurs when you have gone too far with sunbathing.
  • Violet, lavender or lilac concealer is perfect for owners of Asian type face. It neutralizes the natural yellowish tinge to the skin, delivering it a healthy glow.

 the best concealer eye

How to disguise the flaws

Here you go. With that, what kinds konsilirov exist and so as not to make mistakes when choosing their color, we understand. Now, let's step-by-step look at how using this wonderful tool, you can get rid of the two main problems - "bruises" and "bags" under the eyes. To begin?

How to disguise dark circles under the eyes

Please carefully and thoroughly clean the skin around the eyes. Apply eye cream and wait for 5-10 minutes. He should be fully absorbed. Dot, only in dark places, apply concealer. Never apply the product to the entire area under the eyes! Blend the concealer using a sponge. If he was not on hand - use the one that is always with you - with your fingers. Shade means very carefully - try not to go beyond the boundary of the orbit.

Take a suitable brush and apply it a liquid concealer. This should be done accurately through color changes - "bruise." Cautious movements spread it over the area of ​​dark circles. Make sure that the vehicle did not get below the "bruise", otherwise the color will be different again and mask and nothing will not succeed. "Beat" of his fingertips, following along the line of demarcation. Carefully inspect your work and make sure that you have managed to hide all the darkness on the eyelids and around the eyes.

If the circles are too dark, you should first apply the color concealer, and only then - light. If your skin tone is beige or ivory color, it is best you approach a yellow concealer. But the owners of ebony or bronze skin should pay attention to the orange-golden concealer.

Remove the bags under the eyes

In order to "bags" became less visible, you must make the skin directly beneath them a little lighter. After all, our face is usually lit from above. Therefore, any swelling cast shadows. Clear up a certain area of ​​skin, you make it visually to speak a little bit forward. As a consequence, the swelling becomes almost invisible. For this "jewelry" work you need a pointed brush. With its help, you need to carefully apply the concealer lighter shade on the skin directly under the sacks. Carefully blend it, patting his fingertips.

If you are present, and "bags" and dark circles, the sequence of actions when applying make-up should be as follows:

  • Apply concealer on the "bruising" under the eyes;
  • Apply foundation on your face;
  • Clear up the area under the "bags", using a fine brush and a concealer lighter color.

Useful tips

And a few tips that might be useful to you when working with this amazing Cosmetics - concealer.

  • Try as accurately as possible for you to choose the right color of concealer. This can try it on the vein, located on the inner side of the wrist. Do not use too bright shades - contrary to popular belief, they do not mask the shortcomings, but rather draw attention to them.
  • To make concealer more transparent, it can be mixed with a small amount of your daily cream eyelids.
  • When fading facial skin use a concealer and powder should be very careful, Rough application may lead to the fact that particles of these substances in clogged lines and only accentuate them. To avoid this, carefully drive in the concealer into the skin with your fingertips until then, until no visible traces.
  • To permanently divert attention from the "bags", fine lines and dark circles under the eyes is recommended to additionally use highlighter. He will give the skin a young and fresh look and glow.

Here's a he, the "universal rescuer", a "secret weapon" - eye concealer. You find a suitable structure and color, you can always look perfect. And no small trouble in the form of dark circles and bags under the eyes can no longer ruin your mood. And let the actress and broadcasters continue to smile invitingly on TV - envy them we will not. After all, look young, fresh and absolutely attractive opportunities at any age. Now we know for sure is!

 Concealer for the eyes - the eyes of enchantment!

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