Makeup for brown eyes brunettes


  • Choice of color
  • Technique and Style

"Black eyes, passionate eyes, burning eyes, and beautiful." Yes, really lucky owners of brown eyes. Nature endowed their natural makeup: black hair add-face sculpted and highlight color, and black eyelashes often eliminate the need for a lady to use ink and pencil. However, women who are satisfied with their appearance does not exist. Therefore, black-eyed and black-browed beauty, too, have great hopes for make-up, in order to become even more beautiful and brighter.

Still looks brown-eyed brunettes are similar only in the color of eyes and hair. Oval and facial features like eyes and the shape of the eyebrows, they are different. And wanting to adjust their original beauty, brunettes have to apply makeup according to certain rules that dictate just the color of their hair and eyes. So, what should be the right makeup brown eyes brunettes?

 brown-eyed brunettes makeup for

Choice of color

The first professional stylists recommend to abandon the pastel tones of orange and cream colors. The most suitable colors for makeup brown eyes they see a dark brown, black, silver, purple and gold. Choosing eyeliner, guided by the shade of hair and skin color. Do not get involved exclusively black eyeliner. For these purposes, you can use dark brown and dark gray, lilac and dark eyeliner. Eyebrows brunettes most often do not require additional tinting. A mascara should serve not so much dye as extension and "podpushitelya."

Casual makeup brown eyes

Alternatively daytime makeup brunettes, they can use the following scheme:

  • basic tone - the color of the skin;
  • light concealer - on the stationary part of the lower eyelid and under the curve of the eyebrows;
  • upper eyelid - purple base and black shade to the outer corner of the eye, which are shaded toward the middle of the century;
  • arrows - black liquid eyeliner or black pencil, which is applied under the shadow;
  • mascara - black, with the effect of lengthening.

Evening make-up for brown eyes

Spectacular evening makeup for brown-eyed brunettes can successfully beat by contrasting colors:

  • natural (by color) tone cream and powder the same shade;
  • concealer for lower eyelid - a lighter tone;
  • shadow of the upper eyelid fuchsia and emerald green or shade over the arrows - from the outer corner of the eye to the middle;
  • arrow bright enough and wide application of a colored or black eyeliner;
  • lower eyelid is also shaded green shadows;
  • as an option - or slightly pearly shade sparkles;
  • ink - black, with the effect of long and fluffy eyelashes.

 beautiful brown-eyed brunettes makeup for

Technique and Style

Talking about the special technique of makeup for brown eyes is not necessary. Because this technique is universal for all eye colors. However, the basic rules should be recalled:

  1. mandatory basis in the form of make-up day and foundation;
  2. Use shades of at least two colors - light and dark;
  3. skillful shading boundaries between different shades of color or tone;
  4. Proper combination of colors;
  5. perfect shape of the eyebrows;
  6. the ease and naturalness of the day make-up;
  7. saturation, and brightness of muted colors for evening makeup.

And the most important rule - the make-up for brown eyes brunettes should be carried out as carefully and thoroughly. Because brown eyes expressive in themselves and attract attention, and therefore, any flaws will be noticeable at first.

Style. Trendy smoky makeup, as well as make-up in oriental style appropriate for parties, celebrations and the publication. Style natyurel suitable for everyday makeup brown eyes. Incidentally, a light smoky eye and oriental style is also appropriate for daytime makeup. Generally advantage brown eyes just lies in the fact that any style in a lightweight suit them for everyday makeup. Therefore, a romantic makeup and makeup fantasy or vintage is safely possible to adopt.

The main thing to remember is that the brown eyes and black hair make particularly expressive face, and already bright enough. Therefore it is necessary to feel the measure and try not to overdo it with the intensity and variety of colors. Successful experiments, and you enduring beauty!

 Makeup for brown eyes brunettes

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 how to properly apply makeup


  • Basic rules imposing makeup
  • How to apply day and beautiful makeup
  • Create an evening make-up
  • The right makeup for brunettes
  • How to properly apply makeup girl with blond hair

Each representative of the beautiful half of humanity is always striving to look attractive. For this girl is constantly trying to bring the exterior to perfection: play sports, eat and enjoy a wide variety of means. Unfortunately, many people can not imagine life without makeup, and even worse - they do not always know how to properly apply makeup. Because of this, there may be misunderstandings and funny situations. Nothing bad they do not, just try to look better, more beautiful, but lack some of the knowledge leads to the opposite, an unnecessary result.

Basic rules imposing makeup

Unfortunately, improperly selected image can turn you from an attractive woman in a vulgar person. To avoid this, we will acquaint you with the basic secrets of applying makeup.

  • Cosmetics will be better to go to bed, if you first moisten the skin of the face and neck cream.
  • Overlaying the main emphasis should be place in the illuminated room in front of the mirror clean, otherwise you run the risk of simply skip some small but significant error (for example, a little blurred shadow or excess foundation).
  • Used ink for only three months after you open it. She then begins to rapidly deteriorate, and, of course, as beautiful as before, to make up his eyes no longer work (there are lumps).
  • To cilia looked volume, you must first apply mascara at the roots. For this purpose the brush from left to right in this zone. Next, paint the basic length of the uniform rotary motion.
  • Do not abuse eyeliner, drawing the eyes of fatty or too bright arrows. Unfortunately, most of the girls, imposing a harsh makeup, look provocative and vulgar.
  • During the selection of tone means you need to focus on the style and tone of your skin. For fat is best to choose a liquid powder, which aligns and mattes. Owners of dry skin suitable foundation, preferably oily or hydrating. Girls with problem skin should choose compact powder that hides imperfections. The main thing, remember that the tone should be as identical to the color of your skin.
  • Blush should be slightly darker than the color of your face. Possible difference - a maximum of two tones, otherwise you will look like a doll. Apply such cosmetics is a circular motion on the top of the cheekbones.
  • Shadows, as well as blush, should look nice, but are not evident, even if the color is bright. In order to avoid vulgarity in the end create a make-up they need a little shade soft, clean brush.

But this is only the general rules that you need to know every lady. By following them strictly, you'll look great while avoiding untidiness and "congestion" in the image. Unfortunately, this is not enough to impose a beautiful make-up. It is necessary to know what colors suit you.

 how to properly apply makeup

How to apply day and beautiful makeup

Famous makeup artists for this type of make-up are advised to use a minimal amount of makeup, because every day you want to look nice, but not provocatively. This option should emphasize the naturalness may correct some of the shortcomings.

  • The most important thing in this make-up - correctly apply tonal basis. Add a drop of moisturizer cream correction, bringing you achieve perfectly even complexion. Apply foundation around the eyes and gently shaded his fingertips. Some women believe that a cream leads to a deterioration of the skin, clogging pores alleged. But in fact it is not. It protects from the wind or cold, and if you use it wisely, then no harm it does not have. Of course, in the hot summer, it is better not to use or give preference to a light powder.
  • If there is a need - a little touch up eyebrows. Selecting tone pencil depends on the color of eyebrows, more importantly, to make it look softly.
  • Choose shade feminine pastel colors. Professionals recommend not completely encircling the eyes, especially with a pencil or eyeliner. This reduces their looks too challenging for this type of makeup. You can only bring a little bit upper eyelid to become more expressive look.
  • Imposition of carcasses should also be very careful enough to hold a brush for eyelashes two or three times.
  • Lipstick or lip gloss, choose pale colors. To look attractive, it is necessary to impose a beautiful make-up on her lips. Do not forget the sense of proportion.
  • For the final fixing makeup, apply all over the face a little bit of powder.

Create an evening make-up

During the holidays or special events every woman wants to look impressive, but not everyone knows about the imposition of the correct make-up in such cases. The main emphasis is always high-heeled shoes, a nice dress and a bright, noticeable makeup. That is, if the daily make-up is characterized by restraint in terms of cosmetics, the evening allows, as they say, unleash the imagination.

For the ceremonial make-up is the best fit version of "smoky eye» (smoky eyes). This makeup creates a subtle and enigmatic image. Armed with shadows respective colors, black pencil or eyeliner and mascara volume, begin to embody the image of festive gourmet cats.

To look was seductive eyes move along the edge of the upper and lower eyelids with black pencil, prokrashivaya and mucous membranes. Next apply dark shades and blend gently with a soft brush. Superimposed shadows help alleviate such a vivid image.

Now nakraste all mobile eyelid bronze and gold shadows, creating a smooth transition from the inner corner of the eye to the outside - from light to dark shades. Complete the eye makeup bulk ink. If, before applying it to curl the eyelashes, this effect adds a refined sexy image.

When choosing a lipstick, do not forget the basic rule of any make-up: the main emphasis should be on only one side of the face, otherwise you will not make a graceful and stage makeup. In this case, the eyes are highlighted, so the lips should be a neutral tone with a drop of gloss to give volume.

 the imposition of the correct make-up

The right makeup for brunettes

Girl with dark hair should emphasize the naturalness, not spanning the beauty of bright hues. To determine your appropriate tone correcting powder or cream, you need to apply cosmetics on a small area of ​​the face. "Your" shade almost merge with the color of the skin.

Brunettes are suitable pastel shade on the basis of brown or yellow tones. Owners darker skin should pay attention to the purple-brown, gray color. Girls with fair skin - on light pink and beige. Mascara necessarily have to be black, and the eyeliner is better grayish. The dark-haired beauties should choose red-brown lipstick, and if there are freckles on his face - peach or coral.

How to properly apply makeup girl with blond hair

  • Often, blondes have fair skin, eyelashes and eyebrows. If when applying makeup is constantly trying to highlight all along, it turns defiant and vulgar. Make-up artists are advised to put emphasis on the eyes or lips, that is one thing.
  • Instead of correcting the cream is better to use powder pink-beige or pale-pink tone. These are great coral-pink blush.
  • If you create a daytime make-up - you can do without shadows.
  • Instead, eyeliner pencils are perfect brown or gray, and ink, you can choose blue or brown.

Remember what a beautiful, nice makeup works wonders. With the help of a few minutes you can easily get rid of some of the shortcomings of the face, change the shape of the eye and make the lips more volume. The main thing to consider some rules for applying make-up to enhance the beauty and not to achieve the opposite result.

 How to apply make-up: the main beauty secrets

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