Tonal basis - the key to perfect makeup

Beautiful make-up is 90% dependent on properly selected tonal framework. One of the common errors in makeup - it is a choice or too pink or too light in color. Your makeup looked natural, necessary choose the foundation   the color of the face so that after application it is merged with it.

Pick up foundation

To choose the right foundation in the store, perform the test. A small number of foundations apply to the chin and in good light look seen it or not. Before buying a basis it is worth considering that the means in the bottle is much darker than you may think.

What to do in order not to be seen tonal basis?

  1. Moisturize.   To face looked naturally before applying foundation must be good to moisturize the skin. Due to moisture, it will lie smoothly, and your skin will be smooth.
  2. Cleansing.   Perfect make-up also depends on the skin itself. We recommend you in addition to the daily face cleansing at home   I use a couple of times a week scrub that cleanse the skin from dead cells.
  3. No thick.   Many women find that applying a thick layer on the face of foundation, they will hide the shortcomings of his face. It is not, causing a large amount of the cream, you just do on his face a kind of mask, which will look awful.
  4. Correctly applied.   It is enough to put two drops on the cheekbones, a couple of drops on the forehead and chin drop. Supported Drops feather pat. You must start from the forehead, then the traffic goes from the middle of his face to the edges.
  5. Securing.   After applying foundation it must be secured with the help of powder. Apply it on the fattest areas (forehead, nose, chin). Powder should match the color of the tone means.
  6. Bracer.   To your face looked natural, it should be lightly sprinkled with water from the sprinkler. One of the main secrets of stylists is moisturizing, but with it you can make your skin perfect.

Buying foundation, consider the characteristics of your skin. If your skin is flawless, then it will form the basis of any. Women with wrinkles should choose a foundation that has a lifting effect. Such a tone tighten the skin and make it smooth for the whole day.

 Tonal basis - the key to perfect makeup

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 Make-up after 40 years - from the beauty of age is not


  • A wrong cream
  • Errors in the care of lips
  • Excessive make-up
  • Make-up in retro style
  • Correct a make up

Youth - a flaw that quickly passes (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe). However, this statement is easy to accept the men, but not women. When it comes to appearance, what many women would prefer to slow the passage of time, if not stop it. That is not happy leaving their youth, and the media are actively promoting the youth as the main dignity of women.

So close to forty women feel the need to look younger than the real age: some settled on the plastic, others are written immediately to the gym, third start wearing youth thing. Some women get very successfully in a stream, other attempts to look funny or even ridiculous.

Maturity women take for granted is not easy, but necessary. Otherwise, provided depression, psychosis, and the emergence of complexes. Take - yes, but not to accept. But no one in this and is not calling. And if during the year can not be stopped, then stay young or at least "camouflage" the age of the forces of each of us. It is not necessary for it to wear a mini chip green and applied bright war paint. Incidentally, the make-up after 40 years - it's just a magic tool in the fight against external manifestations of aging.

Correct and stylish make-up, age-appropriate, easily allows to throw a dozen years! However, attention should be paid not only to rejuvenate the appearance, but also the right skin care products - to be beautiful at any age. And if we learn to avoid the most common mistakes you will see for yourself the beauty of that age is not a hindrance. Here are some of the most common mistakes made by women in an effort to look younger.

A wrong cream

Moisturizing cosmetic part of the compulsory program of skin care. Mature skin cells to hydration and nutrition you need. Do not hesitate to ask the experts: experienced consultants cosmetics shop will help you choose the right tool. The cream does not have to be the most expensive, but save it too not worth it.

In fact, many cosmetic companies produce "age" line hygienic cosmetics (day and night cream, skin cream around the eyes, make-up remover lotion, facial toner, etc.). Select a series of tools that are suitable not only the type of your skin, but also the respective "history" of your life.

And do not be fooled: if you are over forty, you should not use creams for young skin, but also the difference between mature and aging skin, too, must be considered. Try, experiment until you find a vehicle suitable for you and watch over the observance of the expiry date.

 make-up after 50

Errors in the care of lips

Lips require special attention and gentle care. Otherwise, they appear cold cracks or appear the spots herpes, and the mouth is surrounded by a network of fine lines. If the wrinkles around the lips - this is your problem, planimetric pencil only emphasize this deficiency: it draws attention to the lips. This is especially noticeable in darker shades of lipstick. Lack of taste is considered to be a pencil, selected no tone in tone, but much darker than the lipstick.

Since the skin of the lips over time loses its elasticity, the lipstick is quickly absorbed or spread on the lips, speaking for their circuit. And it looks sloppy lipstick, stiff in the wrinkles around the mouth. So you need to either restore make-up every hour or half an hour, or take it off the remains of a napkin. The solution to this problem would be to use warm shades of lipstick.

Excessive make-up

Too "intensive" make-up after 35 years - it is the most common mistakes women. If a girl of eighteen excessive love of decorative cosmetics more forgivable, the middle-aged ladies tons of makeup on her face obviously to anything. If we talk about the canons of makeup, it decided to allocate a specific part of the face. If you can show off his expressive eyes - underline them if you have beautiful lips - select them using the natural tone of lipstick.

Do not try to emphasize all the features at the same time, otherwise the more you sound like a doll. Beautiful make-up - one that highlights the advantages and disadvantages of making invisible.

Another extreme - too bright makeup. When the skin begins to lose elasticity, wrinkles appear and blurred facial contours, bright and rich colors not only disguise the age "error", but also draw attention to them. A thick layer of foundation and also emphasize the "manifest" even the fine lines around the mouth and eyes.

Make-up in retro style

Makeup after forty should differ from that you used about twenty years ago. Over the years, changes and skin type, and its structure. There may be fine wrinkles, age spots, change complexion. Because no harm will heed the advice of professionals, and not simply follow their preferences.

What was good for you in twenty years now, most likely, it will look ridiculous. Do not forget that changes not only the skin. "Dries out" lips "omitted" the eyelids and eyebrows, "float" cheeks, eye color fades, and the nose, surprisingly, is also barely noticeable changes. In short, with age without your changing facial features, so make-up after 40 should be different than in his youth.

And about fashion trends in makeup should not be forgotten. Old-fashioned make-up, too, emphasize your outdated and your age. You do not continue to wear the clothes, which were dressed twenty years ago? Yes, you in the head and it does not come! A person? What is worse than your figure? So why should a person look old-fashioned?

 make-up after 45 years

Correct a make up

Make-up after 30 years should be done with an eye not only on fashion, but also his age. More precisely, not on age but on the way he changed your face. The main purpose of this APA mejk - hide age changes and emphasize the obvious advantages of appearance. And if thirty years abroad is not a reason for alarmist sentiments, the closer to the age of forty should closely relate to their appearance. Thus, the rules of make-up after 40.

  1. Face Tone

      Now, do you wish to abandon the way of Darkie and prefer light shades of concealer. If you use makeup dark basic tone, it will show even the smallest lines in which the pigment particles settle tone. Bright same tone does not only make the face look "fresh", but also visually reduce the depth of wrinkles around the eyes. Impose concealer should be a thin layer, carefully shading in the face and on the border of the transition to the neck.

  2. Dust

      For the effect of velvety skin need to use loose powder that combines perfectly with the cream and smoothes uneven skin. Naturally, the tone of the powder should be sure to match the tone of cream, or be a little lighter. Liberally powder the whole face and remove excess powder wide soft brush or clean sponge. Do not be afraid to powder her face - loose powder does not clog skin pores and wrinkles around the eyes, it is an excellent base for lipstick and facilitates the process of lengthening eyelashes mascara.

  3. Rouge

      To refuse them is not necessary. It is only necessary to replace the familiar tone. If young skin blush pink shade better, in our case it is desirable to use blush shades of beige and peach.

  4. Lips

      Firstly, it is time to decisively abandon the bright lipstick. However, the bright - no means saturated. No regrets parting with lipstick should be bright pink and bright red tones, but warm and neutral colors of lipstick can be quite intense. Despite that planimetric pencil today is no longer in vogue, reject it not worth it.

      Soft Liner matching lipstick lips make younger and prevent the spreading of lipstick. Samu lipstick should be applied to the lips in two layers, the first layer of soaked cloth. And for freshness you can put on a little lipstick gloss.

  5. Shadows

      Now it is an essential element of your makeup. Without eye shadows will look blankly, but the shadow of shadows strife. Bright colors are good for young girls, you're going to look to them for at least funny and largely vulgar. And you need to add to your look elegant and sexy.

      So - just a deep and rich natural colors and pastel shades for the eyes: the color of coffee with milk, light brown, light blue, gray, dark beige color. Prefer dry shadows that are easy to apply and hold firmly.

  6. Eye Contour

      Make-up artists are not advised for women over 40 years old to use eye shadow thick black line. If you do eyeliner on the lower eyelid. So it must be careful to shade and put on the upper eyelid is very thin black and brown better shooter. It is also advisable to give preference and brown mascara for the eyes and paint the upper lashes only.

  7. Do not forget that the make-up before going to bed it is necessary to shoot. Cosmetics and without dries the skin, and if it is left for the night, all your tricks with rejuvenation come to naught - aging to accelerate.

However, whether to follow all advice - the choice is absolutely individual. You might want to make up that way, and not otherwise. And let others shrug. The main thing - to make you feel good about yourself! First of all, you need to keep the young souls, try to be always in a good mood, and fashionable bangs and leggings - a thing secondary.

 Make-up after 40 years - from the beauty of age is not

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