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  • Four steps everyday makeup
  • Makeup for brown eyes
  • Examples of everyday makeup for brown eyes

Each girl has their own natural beauty, unique twist. In order to feel confident and attractive, they are not enough to be content only with what nature bestowed. Here to help beautiful half of humanity comes to cosmetics. With its help women seek not only to emphasize the natural beauty, but also to create memorable new way. After all, you always want to look beautiful, even in the most ordinary day. The easiest way to dark-eyed girls - because brown eyes themselves are very beautiful. But if you learn how to do everyday makeup for brown eyes, their beauty will become simply irresistible!

The main task of the day make-up is the focus on the strengths and hide weaknesses. The right make-up should look natural and unobtrusive, leaving a good impression. It aims not only to multiply the natural beauty, but also beneficial to emphasize the facial features.

There are a few simple rules that will help you master the art of proper day makeup. One of the most important points - the skin. If she is healthy and does not cause you problems, it is quite possible to do without powder or tonal framework (and it very well, because the use of tonal resources prematurely ages the skin). Unfortunately, many girls are not so lucky, so they need to disguise flaws and evens skin texture.

Four steps everyday makeup

The process of applying makeup everyday light takes place in several stages.

  • Tonal osnovaPudra and correcting cream applied to the face with a sponge, brush or fingertips thin layer. If you want to mask the dark circles under the eyes, first put on this area a special tool, and on top of it - tonal basis.
  • RumyanaInogda in everyday makeup for brown eyes and includes use of blush. Many women mistakenly believe that you need rumyanit cheeks, but actually blush applied to the cheeks. This will help to emphasize the facial features. Color blush should be carefully selected: for fair skin the ideal option would be pale pink or peach tones. If you have a light tan, the best thing for you to suit beige shades. Swarthy women can safely use blush light brown tones.
  • GlazaKak do daily eye makeup? Here, the main helpers - pencil and eyeliner. It is also useful to shade light natural shades. Remember that a make-up must be carried out in soft, soothing colors, bright shade will have to wait until the evening. Next touch - mascara, which can gently make up both upper and lower cilia.
  • GubyZavershite all applying lipstick or gloss pastel. You can use glitter to make lips seductive plumpness.

 Makeup for brown eyes

Makeup for brown eyes

Everyone knows that brown eyes are sexy and attractive. To get the perfect everyday makeup, it is necessary to know which colors are combined with color. Favorable colors: silver, black, gold, taupe, lilac. The main thing - to harmoniously combine make-up with the general appearance: clothing, hair color, lipstick. Some colors are brown-eyed girls are contraindicated: pink, blue, orange.

Emphasize their best black mascara and eyeliner. To lashes looked bulkier, before applying mascara can be a little powder.

Examples of everyday makeup for brown eyes

Option One

  • In the area around the eyes is applied tonal foundation and powder. This contributes to the stability of makeup.
  • Then apply foundation on the eyelid, and over it a light shade of purple. Then take a deep purple, and put them on the outer corner of the eye. Blend thoroughly with a soft brush for a smooth transition of shades.
  • Use a black pencil outline, which will make the eyes more expressive.
  • The finishing touch nakraste eyelashes with black ink.

Option Two

  • Initially, as in any makeup, apply a tonal basis.
  • This time, take the shade of color of champagne. With sponzhikom or brush, apply the tone for all of the upper eyelid to the inner corner of the eye and under the brow.
  • Next color - light brown. Apply it should be a line of rolling century to the eyebrows. Now a little blend with a soft clean brush.
  • Do not forget that no clear or sharp transitions shades should not be. Such transitions are created for the stage or podium makeup, but we are discussing the daily make-up for brown eyes, and in this case, no clear lines should not be.
  • Brown tint put on the outer corners of the eyes and quite a bit to move the upper eyelid in the most cilia.
  • What is the tone of lipstick is best suited for the occasion? Many would be wrong to say that the best option would be brown. Why wrongly? After all, if you have brown eyes, and, for example, bronze blush shade, but also a brown lip, - agree that this is not the best choice. For such a case suitable pearl pink or golden hue, transparent shine. The correct day make-up - is when the colors are combined, but there is little contrast.

Remember that makeup decorated with a woman only if it is appropriate. In this delicate matter important not to overdo it, to objectively assess the situation. If you know how to do make-up day, you can always look charming and natural. Natural, this born beauty will always be in fashion. Even without makeup, every woman is beautiful and unique.

 Casual makeup for brown eyes: a few beauty secrets

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 How to choose a powder


  • To selection does not disappoint
  • Rules for the choice of tone
  • What type of powder is right for you

The woman who takes care of his appearance and tries to look perfect, no matter what time of the day on the street where it is located and what the surrounding lighting, carefully suited to such a question, as the choice of powder. Often the question is how to choose the powder correctly finds no need to answer, since we do not know all the subtleties and nuances, and succumb to persuasion is not always qualified vendors that and do not try to choose something that suits us perfectly, but just give what is not always successfully sold out.

In such a case, go home and you see all the defects on the skin, which should be shaded and hidden, you see all the irregularities of the skin that must be aligned and more. Return a powder you can not leave it, so to speak, until better times, or peredarivat numerous girlfriends and acquaintances. What kind of powder to choose, you need only to decide on their own, without yielding to anyone's advice and persuasion that it is right for you, so as not to be disappointed later.

To selection does not disappoint

How to choose a powder? On this subject, there are some universal advice. Remember them, you can never go wrong with the tone and select the correct powder, and your makeup is always perfect.

Firstly, all the powder or selected for use during the day, or just for use in the evening make-up option. Since the powder is needed not only to align the skin tone of her, and to hide the spots, away from the face, neck and décolleté shine, close the wide pores, then the consistency of the selected you powder should be appropriate to the demands.

Of great importance is the tone of the powder. If you can not decide on a tone as you approach two (one a little darker, a second - light), we advise you - to select and purchase just two tones; This not only saves you from having to select the powder for evening make-up, but also help to properly structure the face.

Secondly, if you have dry skin or fading, from the powder in its classic form is to refuse, since it produces drying effect. You will be advisable to choose a cream-powder or powder that you can put on moisturizer or foundation. The tone of this make-up is to choose, putting a little on the nose, since that is where it will be as close to the natural color of your skin.

Thirdly, attention of the powder. Since today there are many varieties of it (friable, liquid, compact, terracotta, cream powder, shimmering, green, antiseptic, bronze, etc.), the choice is likely to have to start not with the tone means, and with his species.

If you learn all that was listed above, you will never become unresolvable question of how to choose a powder.

Choice powder - this is not only a choice of colors and the choice of the manufacturer that you trust the most. You should take into account many parameters. As practice shows, the price range and the name of the campaign that made make-up - is not important. Keep in mind that one of the important factors that will affect your skin the most, is the composition of funds. Suffice it to recall that throughout the life of mankind has changed the composition of poods any one time.

Since women always want to look beautiful, but a sign of health was smooth and white skin, then had to resort to a little trick. For example, in ancient Egypt powdered white lead in China and Japan, used a mixture of rice flour and white clay. Now this part is almost unreal to be used in cosmetics, but the structure of modern tools may cause some doubts. For this reason, and should test all components, some of which can cause allergic reactions.

How to choose the color - perhaps not such a difficult question. Although there are options when any one of those colors that you are considering, do not fit. If you are dealt a vehicle on the bridge, and it does not coincide with a touch of your skin, you should think that it can be applied under foundation. In this case, the ideal solution for you can be a combination of foundation and powder clear that will not give shade, and only give the haze.

If you are unsure how to choose a face powder, then pick a shade you can help a consultant in the department of cosmetics. Whatever you choose, you need to use different versions of the application of cosmetics and make-up in different variants, depending on the time of day.

The question is relevant to the choice of powder every woman, as the seasons change hue person (tan appears or disappears, is influenced by many other factors.) The person - is that part of the body, which draw attention in the first place. The task is simple - to make it attractive. Naturally, in the traditional sense of a beautiful face - it attracts the attention of not only regular features, but also how traits are emphasized or hidden.

With correctly selected powder you can make rough facial features soft, subtle - stand out, while the alternation of light and dark tones to outline the contours of the face. The question is, how to choose a face powder, it makes things easier if you know exactly when and in what light you will benefit from one or another color or texture of a particular agent.

 how to choose a powder

Rules for the choice of tone

It is important to choose the right powder help knowing how to choose her tone. The traditional way of selecting the tone (applying to the nose) are not always suitable for those who have to face have dark spots or skin has different shades. As we have said, there is an option combination of cream and powder. But this is not always successful. So for you the most practical solution may be a means for the purchase of makeup a few shades or purchase powder into spheres of natural tones (with light skin) and a bronze (in the dark or tanned skin).

It is necessary to pay attention to it, what is your chosen means of texture as on the degree of grinding depends on the imposition and rastushevyvanie. About how to choose the tone, there are numerous tips of each manufacturer, but you must at the same time be guided only by their own opinion and not listen to someone who is not a professional in the field of cosmetology and style.

In addition, there are numerous comments on how to choose the color of make-up. Since worth bearing in mind the characteristics of each base color (eg, pink - full face, ivory or marble - making the complexion noble bronze - often adults or lengthens the shape of the face), it is worth paying attention to how color powdered faces will be combined with the color of hair, hands and neck. That is why the question of how to choose the color of make-up should be considered, and colors all your cosmetics and style your face.

It is known that the classic version is considered to be crumbly powder. He is not only convenient and easy to use, but also for all its efficiency allows you to apply a means to create the effect of smoothly and perfectly smooth skin. It should be borne in mind that when using a foundation or powder is necessary to choose the same color or transparent. In no case can not use that tone means that darker than your natural skin tone. Bright same tone is perfect for day and evening makeup.

If you have not yet decided whether you are ready to use loose powder, it is worth bearing in mind that it will be the best solution for owners of dry skin (as it can be applied to a surprisingly thin layer), and for those whose skin has high fat.

 how to choose a face powder

What type of powder is right for you

Powder which company to choose to you. It will all depend on how much money you are willing to spend, what colors and tones are offered a choice of what type of powder is the most successful from your point of view. When deciding for yourself, the powder which company to choose, should take into account the fact whether you use creams. In this case, the choice will be made easier - safely choose exactly the color and tone, which is marked on the cream. One only has to bear in mind that both the product to be made one campaign. If you decide that the powder will be used only in the evening, it's worth it to choose one shade lighter than cream - it will create the effect of skin freshness.

In any case, a company would not be your powder, a color and a texture, you should always take into account how to select it when buying. On the face will never be awarded brand of powder, it is difficult to imagine a layman and what consistency you have it; but will always be noticeable (it does not matter at what coverage), if the tone of the powder is not suited to the color of your skin. If the tone is picked up correctly, then all your efforts will be futile and will not lead to the desired result. Therefore, it is important not to forget how to choose the right tone powder. It is worth spending a little more time for careful selection to always be confident in its appeal.

 How to choose a powder: a few minutes to change your appearance

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