Bridal make-up step by step


  • Cleansing
  • Smooth complexion
  • Beautiful Brows
  • Expressive eyes
  • Eyelashes
  • Perfect lips
  • Rouge
  • The final touch

Whatever your bridal makeup look natural and fit your image at 100%, you need to use professional cosmetics and practice a few times before the mirror. In addition, your wedding photographer, if you have already agreed with him on a certain date, will always give you a few tips. He will tell you what kind of makeup is best to use, whatever it drizzled or flowed during filming, for example, if your wedding is in the summer, what kind of makeup to look spectacular on your photos, and more.

But you should remember one of perhaps the most important rules of wedding makeup - no pearl. Of course, you can turn to a professional makeup artist, so he created a perfect image. But it is much more pleasant and interesting to do wedding makeup alone. So, let's analyze step by step what to do, that your image has been spectacular, and makeup in the photo looked really beautiful.


The first thing to do - is to clean the face. This step can be called common for any make-up, wedding make-up but it is most in need of careful preparation of the face. After all, the photos will be seen all peeling and uneven skin. After cleansing, apply a face moisturizer with antioxidants and UV protection.

Smooth complexion

After the skin is cleaned of dead skin cells and moisturize the need to gradually put on the face and décolleté special corrector matting foundation and powder. This is necessary to make the skin perfectly smooth in color and mask all the small flaws, like pimples, redness and age spots. Color correctors hide these defects appearance, foundation helps to give the face a healthy glow, and remove excess powder shine and fix the result.

 step by step wedding makeup

Beautiful Brows

Once you're even out skin tone, you must draw the eyebrows beautifully. After all, even the most beautiful makeup will look unfinished if this part of the face will be well-groomed. Eyebrows are kindly requested to give a neat shape by removing excess hair. Then you need a special brush to paint over them step by step with the help of light matte shades darker than the tone of your hair color. Collect quite a bit of paint on the brush to correctly identify the intensity of staining. Otherwise, you risk getting too heavy and unnatural eyebrow. It is not necessary to use a pencil, because in hot weather it can smudge.

Expressive eyes

To make sure your make-up was literate, it is necessary to give your eyes an expressive form. You can do this by using the liquid eyeliner or eyeliner. Do not use too hard a pencil, because it can injure the delicate skin of the eyelids. The choice of color depends on the liner of the general concept of the image. However, we would not recommend using cause and bright colors, unless you decide to do wedding makeup in an unusual extravagant style.

After you draw the shape of the eye, gently apply the selected shade of two or three colors, starting from the inner corner of the eye. It is worth remembering the classic scheme of make-up, in which the colors go from light to darker. The area under the eyebrow should be allocated by a white shadow, thus creating the effect of glare and making eye visually more. Rolling folds century Draw dark shadows to give your eyes visually larger volume.


This time I would like to be described separately, as women often admit the mistake of putting mascara on the eyelashes. Wedding makeup should look natural and easy, so do not apply more than two coats of mascara. Moreover, each layer must be given to dry thoroughly so that no lumps. If your lashes curl enough, you can pre-twist them with a special tool for curling.

Perfect lips

When the stepwise eye makeup is complete, you must give the perfect shape of your lips. It should be borne in mind that all defects in the photographs clearly visible, so the encircling lip pencil podvodochnym too far from their natural contour is impossible. Pencil should be chosen to match the lipstick, preferably completely they draw the lips. This will make your make-up more stable, which means that often you do not have to correct it.

Traced the lip pencil, apply a layer of lipstick, then lightly powder the and then apply lipstick. Surplus dab a little makeup cosmetic tissue, but careful not to lubricate the circuit. Gloss can be used only if you have the nature of the beautiful shape of the lips, and you do not want to use lipstick.

 beautiful wedding make-up step by step


Even if you always have a nice blush on the cheeks, it is not necessary to abandon the use of blush. Firstly, wedding makeup includes applying to the skin foundation, which masks the natural color. Second, the flash of the camera absorbs the paint, which means that your cheeks will look pretty dull and colorless.

Apply blush neutral peach color to make them look the most natural. In a special brush type first, quite a bit of paint to gradually bring the makeup to the required brightness and intensity. Otherwise, you run the risk of becoming like a Russian maiden, which rubbed cheeks beet, in the old fairy tale.

The final touch

So, your image is almost complete. It remains only to again go over the skin brush with a small amount of matting powder, to reduce gloss and hide the color intensity, if necessary. Do not forget about the shoulders (if open), neck and chest area. There should be no visible boundaries color transitions.

Now that you know how to do makeup for the wedding step by step skills. It remains only to determine the shades, choose a scheme that is appropriate for your dress and hairstyle, well, a little practice to work out the evenness of line and accuracy. Experiment and fantasize. All in your hands!

 Wedding make-up or step by step how to get great shots

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 Daily Makeover


  • Several major rules daytime makeup
  • The basic technique of applying makeup day
  • Daytime makeup style Nude look
  • Makeup for brown eyes
  • Daytime makeup for green eyes
  • Daytime makeup for gray eyes
  • Daytime makeup for blue eyes

Every modern representative of the beautiful half of humanity is constantly doing its best to look "one hundred percent". Today, many "helpers" in this regard, but the main - this decorative cosmetics. A well-chosen colors and shades is the main component of success. A permanent will be an attractive daytime makeup, about the rules which have to know every self-respecting lady.

Nowadays, the ability to girl watch her figure and fashionable dress is valued much more than the beauty of nature. Due to the large advances in modern technology, you can be attractive without special data. It is necessary to work hard over the way that suits you specifically.

Several major rules daytime makeup

Options for day makeup. To do daily eye makeup does not necessarily run in a beauty salon. You can arrange everything yourself at home. And the question is how to do make-up day, is relevant at all times.

You must first apply foundation or powder. This will help hide some skin imperfections such as pimples, if any. Evenly brush the cream under the eyes and apply gentle movements from the center of the eye to the temples. If the cream was too much, dab a napkin, because it will be unprofitable to highlight facial wrinkles.

Day make-up for the eyes requires special, reverent attention. It is characterized by soft, translucent shades with a predominance of light pastel colors. The main focus is on the eyes. In order to highlight the beautiful view, you need to put on a slight movement of the inner corner of the upper eyelid a little smear of light shadows.

The basic technique of applying makeup day

  • Carefully, completely on the entire eyelid, apply the most basic shade (first from the inside of the eye to the outer corner, and then from the bottom to the crease).
  • Under the eyebrow should be applied to the shadow of light tones, while in the crease at eye applied shades darker.
  • Shade best brush upwards, to look not too heavy. Now let's look at the most current day make-up, which is called the "smoky eye". To do this, you need to prepare the ink, pencil, and several shades of shadows.
  • Fully move along the contours of the eye pencil (preferably black). Start standing with the top edge, and close to the corner of the eye make the line thicker.
  • Shadows of the darkest hue, swipe the bottom line and Shade mobile eyelid. Shadows paint the lighter half of the upper eyelid.
  • Apply a light color on the other half of the fixed-century (from the top of the brow to the corner). Brush shade shades. They remove excess, using a soft, clean brush.
  • With black mascara gently nakraste lashes. It is best to do it a few times to eyelashes stuck together and looked brighter.
  • All is ready!

 daytime eye makeup

Daytime makeup style Nude look

The secret of success of this lady - a beautiful eyes, soft skin and charming smile. Designers around the world have converged on the fact that the best decoration - a natural makeup. Of course, entirely from cosmetics to refuse it is not necessary, but it may be limited to the choice of only a few facilities.

The make-up style Nude look there should be no color accents. It must be done in one color, preferably in beige. When choosing foundation, see that he just repeated the tone of your skin. Shadows can be beige or any other bright colors. Lipstick or lip gloss can either match the color of your lips, or be a little richer. Blush in Nude makeup can not be used.

Makeup for brown eyes

Brown-eyed girls usually have a bright appearance, therefore, creating a light day make-up, it is necessary to use the minimum amount of makeup. Initially, it should take care of facial skin, and is a very important aspect, because the daylight is visible every flaw.

  • First, apply a thin layer of tonal framework, not forgetting the neck.
  • If you want to highlight the eyebrows, you can correct them lightly with a pencil or shadow. The main thing is that they are not too bright.
  • To view seemed softer, better use of silver-beige, beige-pink or pinkish-brown shades.
  • Brown-eyed girls with brown hair is doing the main focus on the eye. For them, the best fit gray, chocolate, golden-brown, blue-gray, sand, olive and beige shades. But about bright colors is better to forget.
  • Brown-haired with brown eyes should pay attention to gold, brown and pink shade. Do not fit them and salad blue tone.
  • Blondes should choose pastel, metallic, light purple and light brown shades.

Provision for daytime eye makeup can be done with a pencil or shadow. But remember that the shadows give a more natural line. The best colors for the liner will become gray and brown.

Daytime makeup for green eyes

It is believed that green-eyed girls are characterized by steadiness, they are constantly trying to find a vital harmony. There are several shades of green eyes, and each of them requires a special approach; but makeup artists identify several features that are inherent in each type:

  • The main thing to remember: the daily make-up for any eye color does not blend with the shadows, repeating the color of the iris.
  • The green-eyed girls are best suited warm colors, such as pink or brown. The bright orange allowed.
  • Black eyeliner is better not to use, look better than a dark brown color, which will give the eyes expressiveness. Mascara should pick up on the same principle.
  • Ideal daytime makeup - smoky, which was described above.

I love the style of retro back to us the incredible urgency of the arrows. They give the look playfulness and openness. They are worth draws closer to the lashes, but do not make them too thick. Also remember that cold and too bright colors of shadows are not suitable for green-eyed beauties.

 light day make-up

Daytime makeup for gray eyes

Feature gray eyes is that they can easily be transformed into a completely different color, if properly apply makeup. For example, using pastel colors for the upper eyelids and ink blue, you can give them a blue tint.

  • To slightly emphasize the eyes, you can use blue, purple and green colors, but they need to be well-shaded.
  • The main rule for gray-eyed ladies: choose the color of shadows is the color of the skin. That is better suited for light delicate shades to dark - blue, light blue, or metal.
  • For all skin types are the best choice of pink shade.

Gray-eyed lover of black mascara is a better buy, and blue. Day make-up will be more expressive if lower cilia blue tint. The same effect can be achieved by using the same pencil.

Daytime makeup for blue eyes

Makeup for blue-eyed beauties should emphasize the beautiful color and hide imperfections. It is best to use the light bright colors, forgetting about the contrast. Saturation makeup usually depends on the age.

  • Foundation or powder is necessary to choose the color as close to your skin tone of the face.
  • It is best for blue eyes are like pearl, lavender, pale pink, sand, gray-brown, peach shade. Day make-up eyes with gray-blue shades looks very refined.
  • Mascara blue-eyed woman fit perfectly either, which means that this issue should not worry.

Doing make-up for this eye color, it is worth remembering that the makeup should be a minimum number, because it has to hide the shortcomings and emphasize your strengths, but not evident.

Makeup for women played an important role at all times. Remember, as soon as women began to think about her appearance, its beauty immediately introduced facilities for their transformation. But whereas women could not boast a variety of hues and shades of powder, now infinite palette of colors, and thanks to this we are able to please and surprise surrounding his bold images. But in order to experiments in makeup were still relevant, you need to know some of the secrets and rules of the world of make-up, which we told you today.

 Day Makeover: Secrets for each eye color

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