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  • How to choose a foundation
  • How to apply foundation makeup?
  • Overview of the most popular brands of makeup base

As a rule, before apply makeup, women clean and moisturize the skin, causing your favorite cream. But, unfortunately, much less know the beauties that this "makeup base." Despite the fact that it is a miracle remedy for a long time sold almost any cosmetic shop, few people know what it does and how to use it. However, professionals in the field of cosmetology assure that applying makeup base and smooth the mask allows a variety of skin imperfections - pimples, scars, age spots, swelling around the eyes. The base serves as an ideal "primer" for that of cosmetics that we put on your face every day.

So why need a makeup base? It performs the following functions:

  • alignment of skin texture;
  • smoothing;
  • camouflage skin imperfections;
  • color masking specific problems;
  • strengthening the resilience of tonal resources - powder or tone.

Tonal makeup base can have the most diverse textures - from a liquid, watery, to a creamy, gel and even waxy. It is indispensable for those girls who have health problems of the skin. Despite the fact that this is not foundation but just the basics, you successfully hide the unpleasant flaws and achieve smooth skin tone on the face. All you need to do - pick up the framework as close as possible to the natural color of your skin.

Silicon makeup base gives a person an incredible smooth and velvety, your face will become a kind of "puppet." Such a database should not be used to owners of oily skin or your make-up will be deprived of resistance. Makeup base with silicone may best not used for foundation and a powder. However, what at this base does not take away, as is its ability to carefully disguise spots and minor redness and peeling to remove that dust can only underline.

Matte makeup base often has a creamy-powdery look and works well in tandem with liquid foundation. It is good for the individual and for the skin around the eyes. The structure of most of these fundamentals include a substance similar to talc, which perfectly absorbs excess sebaceous secretions, giving the skin a matte appearance. Use the matting makeup base tone exactly keeps on his face all day long.

 Silicone makeup base

How to choose a foundation

From the choice of tonal framework will depend on the degree of naturalness of your makeup, so an important question remains - how to choose a foundation? So, what we expect from the base? First of all, your makeup base should:

  1. match the type of skin;
  2. match the color of the face;
  3. good lie down on the skin.

  Choose a texture

So, for dry skin perfect creamy base. As the name it is clear that the cream is part of the makeup base, perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the face. Moreover, this cream can contain various oils useful for dry skin. If you are the owner of oily skin, you should avoid oily bases, you should look to the bases with matte effect.

If your skin is normal type without visible flaws, your choice - based on liquid texture, gels or mousses. Due to its lightness, it is not felt on the skin and are great for everyday makeup. But if you can not boast a smooth complexion, or you have problem skin, you should look to emulsions and fluids. Moreover, there is a separate line of makeup base for masking minor troubles (usually these funds gamma green color).

Eye makeup base

Eye makeup base (under shade) absorbs the fat secreted by the skin, resulting in not giving the shadows slide. A good basis for significantly prolongs the life of makeup, which, by the way, is starting to look brighter. Besides, it is an eye makeup base helps to mask unpleasant bags and puffiness around the eyes. Databases of this type can be found in manufacturers such as Sephora, Mary Kay, Artdeco, and others.

Creamy Powder Foundation Eye makeup can age the skin to dry, so before applying them is advisable to use a moisturizing cream for eyelids. Waxy base is hardly suitable for oily eyelids, because will not be able to fully perform its function. Accordingly, the fatty base will not be able to extend the durability of shadows on the eyelids with excess sebaceous secretions.

Corrective makeup base - choose color

In order to choose the right shade of tonal framework for make-up, you need a good light to experiment with several kinds of databases. Feel free to use the probe: type vehicle to carry out a sponge and a small strip from the middle of the neck to the lower face. You will need to wait a couple of minutes to have time to react to the tone of the skin and the fat you clearly could see the original color. So you define the tonal basis, which is the best foundation makeup for you individually. The most important thing to tone coincided with the color of the skin on the neck.

Most women found a yellowish tinge of the skin on the neck, along with pinkish tinge face. In this case, you can not be afraid to use shades of yellow tones - they are suitable for almost every woman and visually rejuvenate the complexion. Never skimp on the means of correcting a foundation. Favorably affect the appearance and quality can only best formula base, and they never were cheap.

Corrective makeup base, depending on their original task can have one of the following colors:

  • Universal white base removes small imperfections and evens skin tone. Sometimes a white reflective particles are added to the base to give effect to the glow of the skin. White base for optimal use of not too dense powder.
  • Lightens the pink base and gently illuminates the face and refresh it. The skin does not look like a pig skin, the effect can be compared with porcelain skin.
  • Green makeup base conceals redness on the skin. This database is best used when pimples, Spider veins, redness and allergy freezing in the winter. Green foundation makeup applied under foundation or under dense powder.
  • Refreshing peach on the basis of similar to create the effect with a pink base, but unlike the latter it can use and the girl with dark skin. Peach base is not brighten dark hue and on top of that will refresh the face.
  • Base yellow hides skin with a bluish tinge. For example, it may be a phenomenon of post-acne, easy bruising or natural black eyes.
  • To adjust the texture of the face is best to use transparent make-up foundation. Gel base ideally placed under the foundation.
  • Purple basis removes yellowing of the skin, and the person is given a fresh new look.
  • Neutral colorless, a foundation can be used as a standalone tool without subsequent application of the powder or tonal resources. Such a framework for its texture resembles a foundation with a low density.
  • Reflecting makeup base does nothing special with the skin. The main task of reflective basics - make your skin glow with the help of it contains light-reflecting particles.

  How to apply foundation makeup?

Among the many types of foundations are not so easy to choose the one that suits your skin best. Choosing the woman immediately asks the question: how to put a foundation? In fact, this is no big deal. In addition to the instructions located on the back of the package, we will give you a valuable recommendation. Any equalizing makeup base is applied in two ways:

  1. By mixing it in equal parts with creams;
  2. By application to the skin immediately after using the day cream.

As you can see, the first method is suitable for those who expect from their usual tone means a better result. Mixing foundation with a base, you can successfully hide the little imperfections - pimples, spots, bags around the eyes, etc. Besides, this way is much easier to avoid the effect of the mask when clearly visible border between the face coated with foundation, and white skin on the neck.

Let's take a closer look at the second method, and closely examine step guide to the basics of proper makeup application. So, first of all, cleanse the face and causes the cream that is best suited to your skin type. And now a little trick: carefully pat the cream with a soft paper towel. The fact that a thin layer of cream makeup base holds much more effective and longer.

The very basis is applied in small portions. This can be done either with your fingers or a special sponge - depending on the composition of the substrate. For better results, take some time and apply several thin coats - it looks much better than one, but a thick layer. Transitions to the neck and the base of the hair thoroughly ground to make it look natural. If you have wrinkles on your face, be sure to wet them applying foundation, otherwise the makeup will not only untidy, but also emphasize your age.

 tone makeup base

Overview of the most popular brands of makeup base

Makeup base emerged a decade ago, and in our country have learned about them, and even later. Most of our girls are in a good beautician cream resistant mascara and lipstick expensive, but on the other utility, alas, do not know. It is for this category of women, and we do a little review of brands makeup base that best represented on the market of cosmetic products.

  • Base makeup by Guerlain Meteorites

Guerlain Meteorites makeup base is easy to apply because it is a gel make-up foundation. The structure means includes microparticles pearls that create the effect of light reflection. Guerlain makeup base makes the skin perfectly smooth and even, regardless of lighting. The nutritional formula Guerlain makeup base gives the skin a feeling of freshness and comfort, are protected from negative external factors. Guerlain Meteorites a foundation can be used as a standalone product, as well as a powder or foundation. Guerlain makeup base reviews are deserved: even tone and texture of the skin, the effect lasts throughout the day.

  • Makeup base from Max Factor

Max factor foundation makeup Second Skin Foundation is most frequently used in professional make-up, because it gives the perfect tone. This foundation was created with the help of "smart" technology based on multi-tonal effect pigments, due to which it is possible to light a smooth application base and its immediate fusion with a touch of skin on your face.

  • Base makeup by Givenchy

Liquid foundation makeup Givenchy Acty`Mine is moisturizing. It is available in various shades of blue to transparent. Givenchy makeup base can be used for all skin types, including dry. Funds in this series contain substances that are responsible for resistance makeup and sunscreens.

Shades Acti Mango and Acti Milk makeup base Givenchy give the face a radiant appearance. The base lies easily and can be used in two ways - as a standalone tool or a tonal resources. Hue Acti Peach helps to align the skin relief. Tonal framework is used as a foundation, and without it. Makeup base Givenchy Acti Kiwi, Acti Plum and Acti Strawberry perfectly corrects imperfections, concealing pigmentation, redness and inflammation.

  • Mary Kay makeup base

Many consider it the best make-up foundation, not unreasonably. The gel formula makes it an ideal base for the foundation, facilitating its application and improving the stability of makeup. Mary Kay makeup base is quickly absorbed into the skin, perfectly aligning it. Basis under make-up Mary Kay contains components that visually minimizes pores, wrinkles and other unpleasant moments.

This foundation makeup can be used for any skin tone because it is transparent to the database. For oily and combination skin, it absorbs excess oil and dry skin leaving a feeling of softness. Basis under make-up Mary Kay used both as a standalone tool, and as a base for make-up.

  • Makeup base from Lumene

Reflective liquid base makeup Lumene Beauty Face Crystal Radiance Primer is designed for normal to dry skin. Through reflective particles in the makeup base Lumene, well-groomed skin becomes radiant appearance. Makeup looks fresh and natural.

For combination and oily skin matting company offers a foundation Lumene Beauty Face Matifying Primer. The database contains absorbent microspheres, which are excellent ground dull skin, remove shine, evens skin tone, giving it a well-groomed appearance. Makeup base helps Lumen makeup to look perfect for a long time.

  • Makeup base by Loreal

Professional moisturizing makeup base Loreal Studio Secrets inspires make-up artists with a worldwide reputation, as it perfectly camouflages imperfections and wrinkles on the face, leaving the skin velvety smooth and gorgeous tone. The light formula is ideal to go to the basics on the skin, providing it with a matte finish. Base hides skin imperfections such as large pores, smoothes facial contour. It is used either alone or under makeup.

  • Base makeup from Clinique

Clinique makeup base Redness Solutions SPF 15 is a fat-free basis. Do not be afraid of the green range of the base - it is this pigment masks the great variety of redness on the face. The composition of the makeup base clinic includes antioxidants and active herbal ingredients that moisturize the skin and soften it. Sunscreens neutralize the impact of UV rays on the skin. Clinique makeup base prepares the skin for applying makeup, perfectly lining tone of the face.

  • Makeup base from Vichy

Vichy is the basis for the makeup Vichy Oligo 25. The base is a tinting emulsion which is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive. Transparent makeup base Vichy improves the complexion, giving skin a healthy color. Thanks to thermal water Vichy skin is well moisturized and smooth. The emulsion Vichy Oligo 25 ultra-light texture could be considered a shimmering makeup base.

The structure base consists of colored reflective particles (pink or gold), which give a bright glow and dark skin. Make-up foundation Vichy applied after moisturizer as a standalone tool or as a base under the foundation. The tool has a pleasant fragrance, tested on sensitive skin and is completely hypoallergenic.

  • A foundation from Bourjois

Corrective makeup base Bourgeois «Lovely Base» hides the flaws and redness on the skin. The composition of the special formula includes green pigments, which are responsible for the neutralization of red spots and small imperfections on the face. Through reflective particles, the base levels and corrects the complexion, making it smooth and perfect. Delicate texture makeup base Bourgeois allows the base easy to apply and instantly absorbed, leaving the skin on the slightest trace.

So, we are sorted out, why makeup base, what are the basics of texture and color, and which function on the base itself are different. We learned how to choose a foundation and got acquainted with proven brands. Now you can orient themselves freely in a variety of media and have a unique opportunity to make your makeup is absolutely perfect!

 Makeup base - the secret of perfect skin

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