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Guess execution of a task is the biggest disappointment in women with an Asian type of person? Hint: it happens in front of the mirror. Yes, you guessed it - the hardest thing to do makeup for Asian eyes. Every time a woman with this type of person does makeup carefully, finishing, she looks up - and ... In the field of view does not get hardly any spot colors because hiding in the shadows caused typical Asian overhang of the upper eyelid crease. And how can we not give in to despair? Perhaps it is no coincidence among women with Asian eyes so popular blepharoplasty (cosmetic eyelid surgery). Add to this short, sparse eyelashes and perfectly straight, and you will understand why many Asian women generally refuse to eye makeup.

But we have a more optimistic view on this issue. We are sure that you are not worth thinking about such a risky step, as the operation. Correct the situation can be much easier - you just have to know how to do make-up, which will not only be seen on your face, but also help to emphasize the charm and beauty of Asian type eyes. That's just in this, we can help you.

How to make a good makeup

Then we just write out the steps several types of make-up - choose, try and be confident in their beauty!

Simple makeup

This makeup, we recommend that you do for women who are just beginning to experiment with the application of makeup and who does not want her on the face was too much. Make this make-up is quite easy; even if you are a little bit wrong, you look you will still be very good. But with time and experience will come!

How to do it:

  1. Apply a foundation forever. This - the key moment, or make-up will not last long.
  2. Apply the brown shade of cool shade on the moving part of the upper eyelid, painting over and just above the fold - this will help to avoid visual characteristic overhanging upper part of the century.
  3. Apply the same shade on the lower eyelid along the lash line.
  4. Use dark brown pencil, drawing their line along the lash line on the upper eyelid.
  5. With the help of a special device curl lashes.
  6. Apply in several layers lengthens and gives volume mascara.
  7. For a more in-depth look, add some overhead cilia.

Modern Makeup Smoky Eyes

Today, this make-up is very popular, and it looks really great.

How to do it:

  1. Apply a foundation forever.
  2. Use warm brown shade color as the main color. Put them on the moving part of the upper eyelid, shifting the upper limit of the pattern just above the crease. If your eyes are planted too close, a little to extend the line drawing in the direction of the temple.
  3. Apply the same shade to be applied to the lower eyelid.
  4. Apply the shadow of another, darker shade (you can even take a black shadow) along the lash line on the upper and lower eyelids. Thoroughly blend dark shadows, make a smooth transition into a dark light.
  5. Add black eyeliner, draw the line right at the lash line.
  6. Curl lashes.
  7. Apply mascara in several layers.

Tip: If you want to make your eyes appear larger, use this technique applying makeup when darker tones moving into lighter - closer to the eyebrows, the lighter shade should be. This technique allows us to "open the" eyes and make the eyes look more deep.

 how to make Asian makeup

Natural Smoky Eyes

This makeup looks very good in front of Mongoloid type. In addition, the choice of make-up may be due to your personal preference if you like, when makeup looks most at ease.

How to do it:

  1. Apply a foundation forever.
  2. As the main color, use brown shade of warm color, causing them not above the middle of the upper eyelid (leave enough space for the shadows lighter shade).
  3. The same shade put on the lower eyelid.
  4. Dark brown shade, apply along the lash line on the upper and lower eyelids.
  5. Black eyeliner along the lash line Draw a straight line growth. Make it as upper or on the lower eyelid. Thoroughly blend the line. This technique will give the appearance that your lashes are much thicker than it actually is.
  6. Curl lashes.
  7. Apply to the eyelashes mascara significant amount (at least two, but better - in three layers).
  8. Inner corners Century "highlight" small strokes light shadows.

Tip: note that the liner, which traced the lash line, you need to carefully shade - only in this case will create the illusion of a greater density of eyelashes. If you leave a clear line, then the lashes appear thicker will not, but the eyes will look much smaller.

Shining Smoky Eyes

This makeup is suitable for women with an Asian type of person whose skin has a fairly light shade.

How to do it:

  1. Apply a foundation forever.
  2. Apply a lighter shade of shimmering golden shade on the upper eyelid (about three-quarters of its surface), thoroughly prokrashivaya and inner corners of the upper eyelids, and continue to apply these shades already on the lower eyelid.
  3. Light olive shade, apply the remaining unpainted part of the upper eyelid - up to the eyebrows. Try to draw the outer corners of the century, more "dense".
  4. Apply black eyeliner on the upper eyelid and blend it carefully.
  5. Curl lashes. Apply mascara at least two layers.

Tip: this eye makeup looks good with painted on using a dark shadow the eyebrows and lips stained with lipstick to match these shades.

Classic Smoky Eyes

This make-up "work" at all, without exception, although it is more advantageous to look at women with medium skin tone shade. Since it uses the black color, you can change the shape of your eyes with the liner. Even if you have small eyes, you can shade it so that the eyes will look bigger.

How to do it:

  1. Apply a foundation forever.
  2. Apply a line of black eyeliner along the lash line and a little above, the blend line (better than a special brush).
  3. Using the same pencil and blend Draw a line along the lower lashes.
  4. Curl lashes and apply mascara on them.
  5. Apply a strip of false eyelashes on the upper eyelid.
  6. Lightly touch up brows.

Tip: If you are doing makeup Smoky Eyes, tinted brows, do not darken them too much, otherwise you will look as if you are angry. And a very big mistake made by those women who combine this eye makeup with dyed red lipstick lips. It looks very threatening ... And old-fashioned!

Bronze Goddess look

Make-up is suitable for women with medium to dark skin tone.

How to do it:

  1. Apply a foundation forever.
  2. Apply bronze shadow on the moving part of the upper eyelid.
  3. Apply the shadow cold tones of light brown or beige color just above the crease of the upper eyelid.
  4. Dark brown or black pencil Draw a line along the lashes, painting over and mucous century.
  5. Curl lashes and apply mascara on them.
  6. Brown pencil eyebrow tint, slightly expanding their tips. Be sure to soften the lines caused pencil shading their brush.
  7. Complete the image, causing the lips to shine warm apricot hue.

 beautiful makeup for Asian eyes

Daily Makeover

In general, the make-up fits all, but particularly well it will look at women with fair skin. Those who are planted too close to the eyes, make-up will help create the appearance of increasing the distance between the eyes.

How to do it:

  1. Apply a foundation forever.
  2. Apply orange-brown shade on the upper eyelid, a little before reaching the inner corners.
  3. Above, apply orange shade, blend the color transition.
  4. On the upper eyelid, apply black eyeliner.
  5. Curl lashes and tint.
 Makeup for Asian eyes: some of the most successful variants

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 professional makeup


  • What you need for a professional make-up?
  • Why do professional makeup?
  • Perfect color
  • Looking cinema diva
  • Mouth-watering and tempting lips
  • Powder and blush - finishing touches

Woman only rarely can afford to spend on applying makeup for 2-3 hours. Most often, "beauty induced" for a few minutes before leaving the house. But it still wants to look good, so make-up tips on the principles of make-up will not be superfluous, and allow you to easily achieve the effect of a professional make-up.

So, depending on the time spent on make-up, and the number of cosmetic products used in the process, any make-up can be divided into simple and complex. It may include a simple business and daytime make-up, as well as a light evening, which does not include any additional art elements and age. Complex make-up - it is requires a certain skill and dexterity process. It may even go face-art and make-up.

What you need for a professional make-up?

First of all, to make a perfect make-up, you need to buy quality cosmetics and tools. After all, if you are using cheap money, you will never achieve the effect of make-up, performed by a professional. Shadows will go to stains, bad osypletsya mascara and lipstick wears off within an hour after application.

Now the choice of brushes and makeup is so great that you need to pick up is not a big problem. And not necessarily to buy expensive brand-name manufacturers of tools used by makeup artists and movie stars. Suffice it to pick up a good pallet shadow, blush, some color correctors, a pair of shades of powder, tonal basis, pencils for lips and eyes, mascara and lipstick resistant. That would be enough to make a neat and smooth make-up for any occasion.

 professional makeup eye

Why do professional makeup?

It seems to be not very relevant question, because everything is clear - do makeup to be beautiful! But actually a bit more complicated. Of course, when a woman is painted, it is trying to cover up some small flaws, make eyes more expressive, and his lips appetizing. But a professional make-up performs several functions that depend on the situation for which it is done.

With the help of make-up can be difficult not only to make expressive eyes and a healthy complexion, but also adjust the shape of the face, hide flaws, highlight the merits. For example, if you have to participate in professional photography, the makeup should be applied taking into account the lighting properties of the camera to emphasize the appearance of defects, etc.

Perform high-quality make-up is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. But if you're used to do eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss, you'll need a little brush up and improve their skills, as make-up professionally means more smoothing and modeling of facial contours, and more. This is something we just talk more.

Perfect color

The first step in the preparation of make-up can be considered a person. This includes the pre-treatment of the skin, applying make-up base, a tonal framework and proofreaders. First of all it is necessary to remove from the face of the remnants of cosmetics, as well as small particles of dust, grease and sweat. The skin must be perfectly clean, otherwise will make-up sloppy.

Once the skin is prepared, it is applied to the base under makeup. This can be a special cream base or just a good moisturizing day cream. It smoothes the skin, makes the complexion more even and allows corrective distribute funds and the tonal foundation for the skin.

Apply proofreaders need to point - only to places where there are shortcomings. This can be done as a brush or with your fingers. Movement should be light, trample. In no case do not try to pound tool, otherwise it will not be from the confused and all the flaws remain visible. It is important to know what color correction tools to choose from. Green Concealer conceals redness, yellow - bags under the eyes, and light beige hide small dark spots.

Now that hidden flaws may be applied foundation. It is important that it was exactly the tone of the natural color, or you will get the perfect face mask instead. Tonal means most convenient to distribute in the skin with the help of sponges. It is important not to stretch the skin and lubricate applied before correcting means. Do not forget also about neck and neck area. Walk with a sponge and creams on the ears and behind them, it will cause the tone evenly, with no clear boundaries.

Looking cinema diva

Once a person is prepared, attention is paid to the eyebrows and eyes. The line of the eyebrows can be corrected with a special pencil, the color of which must be chosen carefully so that the eyebrow looks natural. There is a small "star" secret. To view was very expressive, you need to spend on the brow 5 mm light proofreader line, and "squeeze" her finger (not much shading, but that was not visible). None of the pearlescent shadows will not give the same effect as this method.

To his eyes twinkled in the photographs and seemed mysterious, worth pokoldovat with shadows. Technique their application varies according to the fashion, the situation, the nature of women. But there are some general rules:

  • Use pearlescent highlight in the center of the movable century, to give the amount of the eyes;
  • Well-developed upper edge of the ciliary podvodochnym pencil to line was fine, but without gaps. To do this, gently pull the skin up and eyes slightly open, as it were. This will create the illusion of thick lashes;
  • Well shaded border shadow. Remember, even if you are using 3-4 colors, borders should not be visible;
  • Apply eyeliner and make arrows better after you have done the shadows. So the line will be clearer and more expressive;
  • White eyeliner pencil make the extension of the lower eyelid. This will make your eyes more visually-open
  • Before you apply mascara, slightly curl the eyelashes special tool. Prorisovyvaya cilia, emphasize the outer corners of the eyes. You can also add a few beams lash.

 how to make a professional make-up

Mouth-watering and tempting lips

To make your lips beautiful, they must be well-cleaned. It is best to advance when you apply tonal foundation or make eye makeup, rub the lips with a soft brush and apply a moisturizing balm on them. Time while you are working with the eyes, enough to become the lips soft and smooth. As in the eye make-up, then it is necessary to know a few small tricks:

  • To lipstick looked brighter and last longer, it is necessary to work not only with a pencil outline, but also the entire surface of the lips;
  • If you have asymmetric lips, or you just want to give them volume, spend circuit 1-2 mm beyond the natural line. If on the contrary want to reduce them, do circuit retreating into 1mm;
  • To lipstick does not spread, and not have to constantly be tinted, apply several layers. Before you apply a new layer of lipstick, powder the previous via facial tissues;
  • With light corrector pencil or draw a so-called smile line. This short line of 5-7 mm directly below the contour of the lower lip from the corner to the center. The line should not be too accurate. As in the case of the line above the eyebrows, it must be slightly "squeeze".

  Powder and blush - finishing touches

When all is done, you need to fix your makeup. To do this, apply a thin layer of loose powder with a brush. Compact powder and sponge will not allow to make this layer invisible. And the skin needs oxygen, so it's best not to overdo it with the amount of powder.

Blush applied after you have finished the eye makeup and lip. Places of their application may vary. For example, a round-faced young girl may be slightly "decrease" cheeks, highlighting the line of cheekbones blush. Woman aged can rejuvenate, revive a person if the blush will be applied to the protruding part of the face. To better understand where to apply blush, smile a little myself in the mirror. As a rule, immediately noticeable serving line, which will make a natural blush.

These are the simple secrets to help you make the make-up is not worse than in the beauty salon have a professional makeup artist. But remember that nothing is being done perfectly the first time. So do not worry and continue to train and learn. The main thing - it's self-belief and a desire for results!

 Professional make-up - a great little secrets case

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