waterproof lip pencil

Roles in the women's purse has long been painted: mascara - the prerogative of the eyelashes, lipstick - the lips, blush - cheeks ... And only sticks are truly universal, as are suitable for the eye and lip and eyebrow. With the help of this miracle-means you can make the look more radiant and expressive, and his thin lips turned into a seductive plump lips, only using transparent or beige lip liner. Here at last we discuss in more detail here.

After all, no make-up will not be complete without a fine and elegant lines of the lips. It is known that the mouth plays a significant role in our facial expressions, so it needs special attention. A makeup lips need lipstick, gloss and, of course, resistant lip liner.

Lip pencil first appeared on the market in the 50s thanks to the legendary companies producing stationery, Stabilo, Conte and Faber-Castell. Formulation lip liner was similar to the formulation eyeliner. The only difference in the proportions of ingredients: In the rack lip pencil a higher content of vegetable waxes. There are people who think that to create a lip liner - it's very simple, but in reality - it's a real high-tech process. And at its core formula lip pencil improved following progress in the field of manufacturing lipsticks and foundation. After all, a natural lip liner was based on the formula of their recipes.

Externally, lip pencils are divided into plastic and wood. Wooden pencils are usually sold with additional devices: brush and brush. The disadvantage of such a pencil is that, of course, they need to be repaired, and it's not too easy, even if there is a special sharpener. Much more comfortable in this regard seem drawers, plastic pencils. Because they do not lose their shape, well protected from any damage and relatively easy to adjust the rod.

But if you are a supporter of the common all-natural lip liner, it is recommended to immediately buy them and sharpener. These pencils tupyatsya very quickly (especially in the course of their use). Just remember that it must be sharpener for cosmetic pencils. It's one of the rules, how to choose the lip pencil. If your pencil automatically, it will lead a simple and easy to be nominated.

What are pencils for lips?

  • Crayon

The color palette is perhaps the most diverse. The main thing - to choose the right tone to the pencil tone of lipstick. However, the tone of a pencil can be a little darker, but still certainly matured in the colors of lipstick.

  • White Pencil

White lip liner is to make the lips sexier and more effective. If you circle the lips a thin white line, just going out of their border, and then a little shade and powdered it, then the lips will look more and more tempting.

  • Beige pencil

Light beige lip pencils in skin tone is good to use as well as pencils and white lip. Also good to use a pencil and how to camouflage. To do this, apply a thin layer on a small skin blemishes and slightly powder. In addition, beige pencil makes the skin around the mouth more light, which gives the volume of thin lips.

  • Colorless pencil

A colorless lip liner is a welcome product in the cosmetic market. Since it is quite a complex chemical composition and its properties is absolutely unique and are a real 3 in 1 tool.

Transparent lip liner developed in laboratories for several years, and has been tested a lot of samples, it has not turned required for this cosmetic product quality. The reason for the persistent development of clear lip pencil all began increasing in recent years, women love to lip gloss and liquid lipstick.

Lip gloss has become not just a fashion trend, but the trend is very handy package can accurately apply gloss to the lips. Not surprisingly, the lip became a huge success. After all, only they are able to make a real lips a glossy shine. And everything is good, except for one "but" - liquid lipstick and lip sometimes spread out over the labial cracks, and, of course, with age, these cracks become almost deep wrinkles because of what the cause exactly shine is simply impossible - about an hour makeup lips starting to look pretty messy. So it was invented and developed colorless lip pencil - a necessary product, which fixes or shine lipgloss on the contour and does not give it to spread.

Why pencil colorless? And the reason is that sometimes it is absolutely impossible to pick up a pencil tone shine. Sometimes you spend a lot of time in the store and just pick up lip pencil can not. And sometimes just do not want it to be at all noticeable. Now, however, its unique chemical composition does not spread even bright lipstick, and if you use a pencil permanently, the moisturizing, nourishing, wound healing components significantly reduce fine lines around the lips.

  • Waterproof Pencil

Waterproof Pencil can be washed only special cosmetics, which usually is the notation "for waterproof makeup." The advantages of a waterproof pencil a lot - throughout the day, he maintains excellent line and color, and even a set of components typical day like water, sandwiches and coffee, in no way affect the quality of the original circuit. Rain or, for example, snow can not spoil a waterproof make-up. Although, as already mentioned, in order to wash resistant circuit will not only work, but also to invest in a special make-up remover. There is in this case and its limitation - if too dry skin of the lips is better not to use a waterproof lip pencil.

  • Silicone pencil

Silicone lip liner pencil with an unusual, made of silicone, perfectly adjusts the contour of the lips. He spends almost opaque line, fills wrinkles and prevents lipstick or gloss to spread. It is very practical. Because it is colorless, then a pencil is suitable for any shade of lipstick or gloss.

In addition, the silicone lip pencils are well suited for use in the summer and during the holidays, as it is water-resistant and will not spread under the influence of the sun and heat. The texture of these pencils are very soft and slightly oily.

  • Shadow pencil, lipstick pencil

These lip pencils are comfortable and unpretentious in use, they do not need sharpening, just automatically push the pencil and just tweak its shape with his hands.

In various extreme situations, when you need to put themselves in proper form for a few minutes and with minimal means, just such pencils for lips and will be your lifesaver.

Choose a lip liner

How to choose a lip pencil - the question for all women is incredibly relevant. And to choose the method of trial and error - is not always good, especially since it is often costly. Better to explore all the useful information on how to pick up pencils for lips.

Requirements for lip liner is necessary to present the most serious .  So, how to choose the lip pencil? They should be soft enough not to damage the skin around the lips, and not too fatty - loop should not spread .  If a pencil is too dry, it will not be able to hold a uniform line, resulting circuit can start to crack and make your makeup messy and careless .  Remember that quality is the main criterion by which you will choose a cosmetic pencil .  More or less complete impression of him it will be possible to make a careful study of the inscriptions on the lip liner or on a sticker that is, there should be indicated everything you need to know about the cosmetic product: the country - manufacturer, expiration date, the tone, the active components , durability and extra care .  For example, the purchase of a pencil, which is only an enthusiastic description and nothing more, it is better to abstain .

Typically, a part of all modern lip pencils add various vitamins, waxes and oils in various combinations and percentages. If a part of the pencil has vitamins C, E and aloe vera, hydrogenated oils - castor, palm, vegetable, coconut - this will guarantee additional skin care lips and protect your lips from drying. If the lead is specified as part of a large number of different wax - this indicates that the line drawn according to a pencil, not cracked and is soft. Thus, the purpose of the main components of lip liner: herbal extracts and vitamins are responsible for the food delicate skin of the lips, oil - to soften the skin, soft wax and heat resistance held the lead line. Coloring pigments determine the color of the pencil.

Lip pencil leads may have different thicknesses. If a small diameter lead, the pencil this is intended to mean only the contour. A line drawn in pencil this will be very thin, so you have to shade it will not. Usually thin pencils with leads encased not popular because of their very limited use. But lip pencils with leads of larger diameter more versatile because they can be used as contour and as a basis for applying lipstick or lip gloss. This pencil is already easily shaded and often cosmetic companies - manufacturers produce pencils with leads encased by thick, came with such a welcome addition, as a small brush, specifically designed for shading circuit.

Housing lip pencil is of different types of wood or plastic. As already mentioned, pencils in a plastic casing are automatic, with a special device movements lead. Quite often they are released bilateral, ie different colors. It is certainly convenient, but if you choose a pencil, do not forget that it should be a little cap for the pencil sharpener. Otherwise after some time lead to lose their shape, and it will return nothing.

Cases of wooden pencils must be made of soft wood, so you can sharpen the pencil quickly and easily. These pencils look more presentable, as manufacturers make out the surface of the mechanical pencil colors with the addition of golden glitter and pearl or make the cap and a pencil silver and gold shades. Color pencil tip should match the color of lead. If you choose a mechanical pencil, check, as it holds the cap, which should be easily removed, but at the same time is well fixed to protect the lead from various injuries. Of course, for such a small pencil sharpener is needed, it can be in the cap included, or simply sold separately.

When choosing a color pencil, it is necessary to focus on the color of lipstick. Also lip pencil can be a tone darker. If you choose a lip gloss, you need to choose a pencil under the skin color of the lips, and not the color of the light.

Persistence color pencil should be indicated on the sticker. Lip pencils are superstoykimi, resistant and waterproof.

About waterproof lip liner we said above, so now more in superstoykom pencil. It would be great to stay on your lips for 7-8 hours - this makes it ideal for daytime makeup. But it is also necessary to take only special makeup make-up remover. All other pencils, which have no special marking, referred to simply resistant pencil. As a rule, they can stay on the lips 4 to 8 hours. They are easily washed off, usually cosmetic milk or any fat cream.

The length of the lip pencil, too, is taken into account. For example, if the pencil is needed to make-up at home, it can be any length. But if you attach to your pencil place in the beautician, it must be appropriate for her size.

 lasting lip liner

How to use a pencil for the lips: the rules applying

We all know that the pencil is an excellent tool to make your lips more expressive. You can even use it to adjust the contour. But not everyone knows how to paint the lip pencil to achieve the desired effect.

So, you need to outline draws short light strokes, special attention should be paid to the center of the upper lip. To facilitate a smooth line, put a small point near and after just gently connect them. Then, the shading inside of the lips, and on top of, or apply lipstick or colorless shine.

But, how to paint lips with a pencil to make them look more voluminous? Circle them in the natural contour and mark the corners. If you have a mouth too large, the contour apply without bringing it to the corners of the mouth, and use lipstick darker color. And drooping corners of the lips can also raise with a pencil.

Another question is how to use a lip pencil to color your lips look beautiful and natural? Most importantly, your pencil should not contrast with the lipstick, because the inner loop you shade, and leave a clear appearance, ie, to the lips look attractive and natural, you can use two pencils: muted and vibrant. A striking effect the desired contour, and muted - feathered him. It enhances the effect is very natural.

In order to visually enlarge the lips, you need to cut around the lower and upper lip slightly wider than their natural line. And to add bulk to his lips, you have a pencil to shade them all, and then in the center of the lower lip apply a little lipstick or lip gloss.

Many women are also often concerned about how to use a lip pencil white? It's simple: if you obvedete barely noticeable white line lips and rastushuete it out, and after a little powder the cause shine, your lips will become wetter and showy, but their outlines are expressive and clear.

But as lipstick pencils dark color for a spectacular evening makeup. In this case, the contrast is very appropriate mix of light and dark lipstick pencil suitable shade. Do not be afraid of stylistic solutions, coming to us from high fashion.

Overview lip pencils different cosmetic manufacturers

Lip pencils by Pupa

  • Pencil Pupa True Lips. As part of the lip pencil pupa true lips have special dermosovmestimye pigments, ideal for sensitive skin of the lips and natural anti-oxidant agents that protect and preserve the skin. Comfortable and soft texture pencil lip navel makes application easy and tempting effectively emphasizes contour of the lips. This will give the lips a real pencil satin matte finish. It is well kept on the lips.
  • Pencil Glossy Lips by Pupa. This lip liner pupa large, are practical and accurate coloring in the lips, it has a great effect. It shimmers like a liquid lipstick, pleasant as a balm, it has a fruity taste. This lip liner navel presented in a palette of ten colors: from natural to bright pink, from the juicy red to purple.

Lip pencils Chanel

  • Chanel lip pencil. At chanel lip pencil to create a perfectly accurate and complete coverage of the lips. It is perfectly accentuate the contour of the lips, slightly adjusting their shape. For example, with such a lip pencil Chanel can make the lips more or less completely the opposite. It has a creamy texture coloring pigment, the circuit is convenient and easy to apply to the skin, reliably and lasts a long time. To care for the skin of the lips as part of coloring pigment has chamomile extract and vitamin E. palettes chanel lip pencils come with a feather brush and sharpener.
  • Le Crayon Levres by Chanel. This lip liner Chanel has a soft, velvet finish and light shading, which gives the make-up perfect accuracy and completeness. It is applied to the contour of the lips, highlights or corrects them bend. It gives a satin matte lips. Through forming part silicones this pencil is easy to apply and is securely held on the lips all day. Texture with highly purified oils inherent in some creamy and soothing, calming chamomile makes application a surprisingly mild. Vitamin E delays the free radicals. This pen has a brush for shading and sharpener.

Lip pencils by L'Oreal

  • Colour Riche Anti-Feathering Lip Liner & Sharpener. This lip liner Loreal resistant and soft, perfectly traces the contour.

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