how to increase the eye makeup


  • What can and should and don'ts
  • Steps for make-up, eye-enhancing
  • Corrective makeup small eyes

What is there to say, skillfully painted eyes always look brighter and appear larger than they really are. Not for nothing is so popular pictures "before and after make-up" in the portfolio of professional make-up artists, and beauty bloggers actively (and willingly) demonstrates the magical effect of the transformation on his own face. And if the first modestly keep their trade secrets, the blog-girls just try to reveal these secrets and to make public. Taking into account the women's eternal dissatisfaction with their appearance, the desire to always look better and better, we take the liberty to introduce a set of rules and a review of techniques and tricks, telling about how to increase the eye makeup.

What can and should and don'ts

Small eyes - a relative term. So, probably the eyes of European black beauties companions seem small, while almost every woman of Asian appearance envy size and depth of the same European eyes. However, his eyes absolutely any size and cut can be increased: by correctly imposed shadows and fraudulent lines, they clearly will look bigger. So, what is possible and necessary to do so?

  • use a combination of light and dark shadows;
  • use eyeliner;
  • use false eyelashes and curler;
  • use white (beige) liner of the lower eyelid;
  • use a dark shadow or pencil to the bottom of the arrow;
  • draw lines and arrows, leaving behind the natural contours of the eyes;
  • be sure to use the technique of shading shadows and arrows.

What in any case can not be done:

  • draws dark eyeliner lower lid;
  • close to a single contour upper and lower arrows;
  • use colored mascara for the eyes.

What to look for when choosing tools and techniques of make-up:

  • the shape and color of the eyes;
  • shape of the eyebrows;
  • hair color.

Remember, please, that the same techniques to increase the visual eye is not suitable for small Asian eyes and small round and deep-set eyes. Technique makeup in these cases will be different, but the rules for its application will remain the same. Remember that your task Makeup is not limited only to an increase in the eye: Your image should be laid out, harmonious and complete. And so the use of paints, suitable to your image (romantic, business, etc.) And your type of appearance (winter, summer, autumn, spring).

 How to increase the eye with makeup

Steps for make-up, eye-enhancing

Choosing a color palette of cosmetics, try to start to take advantage of a universal algorithm magic makeup. This makeup will increase absolutely all eyes, even those which it does not need.

  • The first stage - eyebrows

    Yes, do not be surprised! If you have small eyes that are too low and bushy eyebrows not for you, and therefore will have to pick them up and thin with a normal pair of tweezers and a pencil (shadows) eyebrow.

  • The second stage - drawing basics

    It may consist of the usual day cream and tonal resources. Do not forget about the concealer that can be used to mask minor flaws: dark circles, pimples and so forth.

  • The third stage - drawing shadows

    Use lighter shades of eye shadow pearl tint of the upper eyelid, and very, very bright shade apply under the eyebrow and the inner corner of the eye. Dark shadows can be lightly paint over the fold of the upper eyelid from the middle to the outer corner of the eye.

  • The fourth stage - eye contour

    Inside (mucosa) of the lower eyelid white pencil nakraste (hypoallergenic kayalom). Move the upper eyelid lash line on a dark pencil, and the bottom - below the lash line. The lower arrow blend well.

  • The fifth stage - the eyelashes

    Twist and densely nakraste upper lashes (not the color ink!). The lower lashes touch up only slightly or not at all Tint. But in the second case, try to stick a few overhead cilia on the outer edge of the lower eyelid and slightly lower real eyelashes (by an arrow).

That, indeed, is all. Even these five steps will help you to achieve visual increasing the eye. However, if your eyes are not only small, but also have other features, try to take advantage of advice from professionals for correcting makeup.

 enhance eyes with makeup

Corrective makeup small eyes

  • Asian eyes

Narrow eyes will open the fraudulent contour line traced under the lower lashes. "Raise" on the crease of the upper eyelid of eyes drawn line allows simulating this fold: from the center of the century to the upper edge of the eye. Only this line must be marked brown pencil, feather and carefully disguised or beige powder (brown) shadows. It will help make the eyes more open and white outline on the inside of the lower eyelid.

  • Close-set eyes

"Extend the" small and close-set eyes help eyebrow correction (they need to pull out a little from the nose). Concealer, light color or light shade imposed on the eyelid at the nose, and highlights the internal corners of the eyes, can also help to correct the effect of close-set eyes. And a great way to correction will be long false eyelashes glued only at the outer corners of the eyes.

  • Eyes heavy-lidded

The folds of the upper eyelid to paint dark shadows and blend thoroughly. The dark shadow on the crease of the century should gradually and naturally move in a very light color shades imposed on the movable portion of the upper eyelid and under the eyebrows bend. The contour of the lower and upper eyelid, in pencil to shade you need to effect a thick haze.

In general, to list all the possible corrective makeup can be very long, you have been the problem is somewhat different. We had to enlarge the eyes, the size of which does not suit their owners. By the way, small eyes - it does not mean ugly. I believe that every woman is beautiful (especially in the eyes of a man in love). But we picky and demanding, I want to be more beautiful. Therefore, we are looking for answers to questions about how to increase my eyes with makeup to make them more expressive, and while most look even more charming. Well, perfection is no limit, so go for it!

 How to increase the eye makeup?

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 how to choose a red lipstick in the photos

Spectacular woman if she considers himself such, simply can not imagine myself without make-up, which can not do without lipstick. Expressive eyes, beautiful lips - every woman has something special, something unique, that it is necessary to emphasize the right of the selected ink, shadows, lipstick. If we talk about mascara and eyeliner, then use them the main thing - do not overdo it in and pick up a good amount of companies that produce a quality product.

But with lipstick, as well as the shadows, the situation is much more complicated, because each type of appearance fits a certain color. It is necessary to take into account the quality of the product, composition, shelf life, so as not to dry up, and do not wear out prematurely lips. How to choose a lipstick that will not only be emphasized advantages of appearance, but also to keep a young and attractive lips - solves this problem a generation of women.

Classic red

Many believe that the lipstick must always be red. This color attracts attention, but that's only if properly selected shade and lipstick used on occasion in the right place. It is sad, but the traditional red lipstick often does makeup screaming and sometimes vulgar. But this does not mean that we should completely abandon the red lipstick and make-up to use it.

If we look at the history of thousands of years of lipstick, you can see that it is a red lipstick enjoyed a close female attention. A few thousand years ago, ancient Egyptian beauties summed lip coloring agent red. Only in this way it was possible to highlight its beauty and status in society. Over time, fashion lipstick red color change. In the Middle Ages in Europe it is preferred not to use it because of a woman with red lips too attracted the attention of the opposite sex, and women at the time should be modest.

The red color became popular again from the XVI century in France. Fashionistas at the royal court applied a large amount of powder that makes the face absolutely white, and definitely added to the make-up of bright red lipstick (while it was similar in consistency to thick cream). Later, at the beginning of the XIX century, red lipstick was considered bad form and used only actresses, dancers, etc. Only at the beginning of the XX century with the advent of silent films again, there is a need in lipstick bright colors, which would emphasize the beauty of a fatal beauty on the screen. Since then, the red lipstick firmly established in the arsenal of real fashionistas.

 how to choose a red lipstick

Tips stylist

How to choose a red lipstick, only a professional can say so without the help of a stylist do not succeed. These experts when choosing the color of lipstick pay attention primarily on the color of hair, thick lips and skin type.

Here are some of the most important criteria by which you can choose the right type of person to your lipstick:

  • Brunette with dark eyes fit red cold shades;
  • Light-eyed brunettes suitable red lipstick warm tones;
  • Women with blond hair suit lipstick pink and brown tones;
  • Dark-eyed blondes suitable red lipstick cool colors;
  • Blonde with blue eyes is best to opt for a warm red colors;
  • For dark hair and light skin is ideal purple or burgundy color;
  • Women with dark skin is better to prefer a coral color.

In addition to the color of lipstick, it is necessary to take care of its quality and application method. We should not forget to thoroughly clean the lips to moisturize them after removing makeup. Before you apply lipstick, it is necessary to moisten lip balm. To enhance the color of lipstick on the lips apply a little tonal resources. To emphasize the lip line, use the circuit. It must be a little shade to contour line is not too isolated. To create a thicker tone put two coats of lipstick. To get additional volume, you can cover the lower lip gloss.

Choice of lipstick in advertisements and catalogs

It is now possible to choose a lipstick, not only in the store, but the catalog. When choosing a lipstick in the store have to look at the expiration date, the firm view composition. The catalogs for promotional purposes is often presented as many spectacular photos that even women with extensive experience in the choice of means for make-up may be confused. If a woman doubts, how to choose a red lipstick on a photo, it must first visit a stylist who will choose her perfect shade, as well as consult with a specialist about what the company is currently considered the best, to ask about the quality, price.

In any salon client can read magazines and catalogs, where the entire range of currently existing manufacturers of lipsticks. Therefore, check with your stylist what number the tone is right for you. After that you can safely order lipstick in the catalog on their own, no longer thinking about the question of how to choose the right lipstick.

 How to choose a red lipstick? Tips stylists

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