makeup for gray blue eyes


  • General rules for makeup
  • The romantic image
  • The image of the fatal beauty
  • A few more images

"Oh, his eyes Sineglazka you from the sky took the paint. And celestial blue eyes shining your lovely "- sung in the song of the good old cartoon. And if Sineglazka fabulous content to natural data, we have to go to all sorts of tricks to emphasize its blue gray or blue eyes: very much want to and our wonderful heavenly blue eyes shone. But just want enough, you wish to implement. And so we invite you to listen to the advice of professional make-up artists and learn how to do the right makeup for blue-gray eyes.

General rules for makeup

First of all, you must remember that the basis for such eye makeup should be based on the cold tones of shadows (but not necessarily and not always true). Competent selection of color add or blue eyes, or the magical green, gray or relaxing. Accordingly, your image can be romantic, fatal or strictly business.

What to choose for the shade of gray-blue eyes? To eyes were green, it uses light green, gold, turquoise, brown shade. Steel, black or gray color shades of gray will add eyes and make them shine blue blue and silver shadows.

Mascara is good either, but here follow the rule underscores eye color using color cosmetics. So, in addition to the traditional black mascara and boldly experiment with brown, and with frost, and with green ink. Eyebrow Pencil and arrows on the eyes, it is desirable to choose the color tone of the hair: for light hair - pencil lighter to darker, respectively, darker tone.

Blush. Here, of course, it is best to focus on the complexion, but also respect the unwritten rule color combination of blush and hair color. Blonde with blue-gray eyes better use of blush-colored ocher, brown - terracotta blush and brunette - dark pink or red. Lipstick. For daytime make-up, it is desirable to give preference to low-key colors - beige, gold and coral. For evening make-up is necessary to use the same colors, but in a more saturated variant.

And do not forget that you need to make to start with cleansing the face and overlay the general tone. But you would not have experimented with rouge, lipstick or powder, to emphasize a particular shade of blue-gray eyes only with the help of shadows, pencil and ink. Here's an example of creating rules for a certain way of holders of blue-gray eyes.

 beautiful makeup for gray blue eyes

The romantic image

Create a romantic image will help smoky makeup. To accomplish this, you must first make-up powder in tone color powder eyelids and cause eye correction tool. And only then begin to cast a shadow. Magical mist envelop the eye to help the gray and steel shade. Apply them on common rules for the eye make-up: a lighter shade - on the upper eyelid at the base of the lashes, darker - at the crease. In the corners of the eyes, you can add a bit of white or light-gray pearl and the same shade applied to the skin under the curve of the eyebrow.

Dark gray shadows can tint and lower eyelids, "depicting" the shadow of the eyelashes. And do not forget to shade the border between shadows of different colors. If you are going to draw the arrow, then take it to a dark gray pencil or liquid liner and do not make too bright arrows. For expressive eyes when creating a romantic image is better to focus on the upper lashes. Nakraste their dark blue or dark gray ink in two layers, and the outer corners of the eyes glue several overhead cilia.

Rouge and lipstick use of natural shades and highlight the lips and cheeks too - all eyes focus. No less impressive looks a makeup made shades of blue and silver colors. Only in this case, use the blue mascara.

The image of the fatal beauty

Create an image of the fatal beauty will make style Smoky eyes. After cleaning the face, causing the overall tone and worked with a corrective pencil, pencil, draw a black arrow on the upper and lower eyelid. Then, on top of the shooter, apply blue shadows and blend them a fine brush. As a result, you will get a dark-blue arrows.

Then, all the upper eyelid (from lash line to brow) Apply the pearlescent shade of blue, and on top of them - white with neon lights. Thus you will achieve the effect, in which the distance in front of the shadow will appear white, and at close range - blue. Nakraste upper and lower lashes with ink, then carefully "work through" his eyebrows. Touch up their black or brown matte shadows, making brighter and more contrast than usual. Just do not get carried away: a line of eyebrows should be clear, but look at this must naturally.

 the right makeup for gray blue eyes

A few more images

  1. The image of the green-eyed witch - olive shade, brown mascara, eyeliner khaki.
  2. The image of a mermaid - green and turquoise shade, green mascara, eyeliner turquoise pearl.
  3. The image of the Lady steel - beige, white, gray and black matte shadow, black eyeliner, gray mascara.
  4. The image of the Snow Queen - icy blue and white mother of pearl shadows, blue mascara, dark blue eyeliner.

Try to try on different images. And thanks to Mother Nature for the color of your eyes. He (the color) is certainly not unique, but very, very profitable. Will help you achieve a unique makeup for gray blue eyes, with which you are today - Sineglazka tomorrow - the Little Mermaid, and the next day - the Snow Queen. Just fabulous your eyes, is not it?

 Makeup for blue-gray eyes, or How to MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE

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 arrows on the eyes


  • Drawing tools
  • What color eyeliner should be chosen?
  • Different Eyes - different arrows
  • Technique of arrows
  • Types of makeup with arrows
  • Useful tips

The arrows on the eyes were incredibly popular in ancient times: they painted Egyptian, Hindu women, and residents of ancient Rome. Instead podvodok pencils and then used antimony with coal soot. A few years ago such a make-up was associated with all the retro era, but today every fashionista certainly tried to draw an arrow on the eyes. Use the arrow buttons you can slightly change the shape of their eyes. In addition, the clear lines on the century give a special look expressive.

Drawing tools

Depending on what result you want, you can use different tools for drawing arrows:

  • Liquid eyeliner;
  • Compact liner;
  • The gel or cream eyeliner;
  • Eyeliner.

With the help of liquid eyeliner can get very bright and expressive of the arrow on the eyes. This tool is not recommended for beginners because liquid eyeliner dries quickly enough, and it is possible to erase only a means for removing makeup. In stores you can find liquid eyeliner with a thin pointed brush in special bottles, and liquid eyeliner a pen. Select the type of liquid eyeliner just depends on what you prefer to use - with a brush or a felt-tip pen.

Compact Eyeliner makes arrows bright enough, but not as catchy as they are obtained by drawing the liquid eyeliner. This tool looks very similar to the powder: it is also compressed, it is in a very similar package. Apply a compact eyeliner brush should be wet. Most often it means when drawing arrows on the eyes of the professionals use, because for its correct use should have a pretty great experience.

Gel and cream eyeliner applied very convenient, while the lines are perfect, smooth lines. This effect can be achieved due to the fact that these funds have a light creamy texture, which is why the brush just slides over the century, drawing a thin line. Arrows painted cream eyeliner, pretty easy to adjust. To erase a cream eyeliner, experts recommend the use of a flat synthetic brush for make-up with a rough edge.

Pencils for drawing arrows on the eyes are more suitable for beginners, because the lines are drawn in pencil and smeared them very easy to adjust. In order that arrows have been more subtle, and draw them comfortably, use a hard, not soft pencils. Before you start drawing arrows sharpen a pencil, but do not forget that it should not be too sharp. Otherwise, you may injure the eyelid, because the skin around the eyes is very delicate.

 beautiful make-up arrow

What color eyeliner should be chosen?

Today, there is no particular preference in color eyeliner. Of course, black arrows are classic. But no less stylish will look blue and green arrows, purple, yellow, pink and blue. When choosing a color eyeliner should remember the main rule: the color of eyeliner should be combined not only with color shades, you'll use makeup, but also the color of the eyes and skin color, hair color. Color eyeliner in any case should not be darker than the color of mascara.

  Different Eyes - different arrows

Beautiful make-up - it is the "right" direction. Do not forget that the hands can not only decorate your face, but also the most beautiful ruin any makeup. If you are a happy owner of a great eye, you can draw arrows of different thicknesses and lengths, varying degrees of brightness. Any make-up arrow will look on your eyes is very advantageous. If you want a little bit to adjust the shape and size of their eyes, and make the look more expressive, be sure to use the following recommendations.

  1. Close-set eyes. The arrow must be equal to one-third the width of the entire century. If you wish, you can draw the same width and length of the line on the lower eyelid. Thus you will be able to visually extend the eyes.
  2. Wide-set eyes. Along the edge of the eyelid, draw an intense line from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye.
  3. Round eyes. Use the arrows in the drawing in front of a dark-colored pencil, outline the contour of the eye completely on top and on the lower eyelid. Line Eye Contour carefully shaded.
  4. Small eyes. In order to visually enlarge small eyes, use light-colored liner, drawing a line on the upper eyelid only. Only a pencil of light bodily or white on the inner edge can emphasize the lower eyelid. Then your eyes will visually appear larger.

  Technique of arrows

There are several methods of applying eyeliner or drawing arrows cosmetic pencil. Which method you will use in practice depends only on how you prefer to paint. Today, there are the following technology application arrows:

  • Draw arrows from the right inner corner of eye;
  • Draw arrows from the middle of the eye;
  • drawing individual points on the contour of the eye and combining them by a solid line.

Try to hold the arrows on the eyes as close to the lash line. Do not forget: a white stripe between the arrow and the edge of the century looks very ugly and unnatural. In order to make the look even more attractive, slightly "rolling your" tip of the arrow up. When the tip of the arrow points downward, it seems a sad sight.

Wash errors and irregularities drawn arrows, you can use a cotton swab soaked in makeup remover. If you drew a very very rough line that can not be corrected, podterev couple of millimeters of the arrow, then put the arrow on top of dark shadows and carefully blend them.

But in general, the arrows on the eyes should paint over the shadows and sometimes arrows look very nice at all and without shadows. Particular emphasis is to create makeup with arrows should be on the eyelashes: eyelashes should look lush and long. Therefore, to create a similar effect, apply them several layers of mascara (in divided doses).

 arrow beautiful makeup

Types of makeup with arrows

Classic style means perfect neat line, repeating and emphasizing the lash line. Classic bar applied pencil aylaynerom (ink for coloring century), or shadows. The line of conduct of the nose to the temple, gradually extending it to the outer corner of the eye. Complete the arrow a little "tail", which follows the shape of the bending outer lashes. And most importantly - bar must not exceed the limit of the upper eyelid.

Make-up in the spirit of the Sixties - an unusually spectacular style, which is considered to be a higher level of professional skills. To draw retro arrows first applied sloping line, slightly outside the range of the upper eyelid, and then connected to each other point on the inner corner of the eye and the highest point of the arrow (curl). The resulting contour shade. By the way, modern make-up "a la 60" is not repeated pattern of the past: the arrows do not fly sharply up and gently lifted at the end. The result - a stylish make-up and flirty look.

Oriental make-up. For the arrows in this style liquid eyeliner black thick encircle the entire eye on the lash line, with almond-shaped eyes give. And then the dark shadows again encircle the eye. The upper arrow in such a make-up course continues the century, or displayed separately, creating a new smooth contour of the eye.

Useful tips

When drawing arrows on the eyes do not forget that the line should gradually thicken necessarily from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. The thickness of the arrow on the upper eyelid to be greater than the thickness of the arrow on the lower eyelid. Under these important rules you will always look attractive.

To get even more arrows smooth and beautiful, before you draw them in the eyes, practice on paper. Take an ordinary sheet of paper, draw eyes on him, grab a pencil or eyeliner (depending on what you use when applying make-up) and begin to outline the contour drawn eyes. Practicing this way you gradually "nabete" hand.

Very often, the arrows are misaligned due to the fact that the ladies draw them with his hand on the weight. To arrows were smooth and beautiful, make sure that the process of applying make-up does not bring you discomfort. Take a comfortable position, put a mirror in front of him (and do not hold it in your hand) and at drawing necessarily lean his elbow on the table. It is also useful when applied to the skin to delay a little bit the shooter century to the side, then up: since the line arrows lie very smoothly.

Make-up "arrow on the eyes" requires special care application. It is best to first draw a thin line, and then, if necessary, to thicken them. Specialists (yes ordinary women adorn themselves with arrows) agree that it is much easier to have an arrow thicker than erase fat line occupies half century.

Learn to draw arrows snap. What's stopping you practice, to experiment with the shape of arrows and means for drawing? It is even more interesting, and by the way, exciting. By the "trial and error" choose your style and learn to make beautiful and stylish make-up arrow. In this case, the beauty does not require you to any of the victims - just a little bit of time, effort and creativity. Stay beautiful and become even more beautiful, more attractive and seductive. A make-up arrow you can certainly help in this.

 Eye Makeup - arrows on all the rules

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