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Fish soup is a traditional Russian dishes cooked in ancient Rus. Simmer soup can be of the most diverse fish like a river and the sea. Especially delicious ear obtained from fish and salmon, sturgeon family, so even in Russia prefer to cook soup of red fish: sturgeon, salmon, sturgeon, salmon, stellate sturgeon, and others. But the most delicious is always considered salmon soup.

Today, there are many recipes for soup from red fish, for example, with the addition of capers, celery, leeks, cream or sour cream. All of them have nothing to do with the classic soup and the like, rather, to the usual fish soup. Conventional ear - a rich, concentrated fish broth, which must first be clear, the second - to have a pronounced fishy taste, and additional ingredients such as celery, turn your ear to a completely different dish.

Salmon soup is not only good taste, but is a useful dietary meals.

Salmon is rich in the variety of trace elements and vitamins are useful. Its easy to clean, process and separated from the bones, and it turns out the same delicious ear of any parts of the fish.

Recipe for fish soup is very simple and does not take much time, but in spite of this, refinement soup of red fish makes it suitable for normal family dinner, and for receiving guests. In addition to the ease and speed of cooking soup advantage is that all the products can be found in the fridge, so no fancy ingredients and spices translate the dish into the category of "good option when guests are on the threshold."

 the ingredients for the soup of salmon
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Main ingredients

For a classic soup recipe you need the following ingredients:

  • onion 1 piece.
  • Carrot 2 pcs.
  • Potatoes 2-3 pcs.
  • Salmon Steak 300-350 gr.
  • salt
  • lemon
  • fresh dill
  • spices

This soup recipe does not include the addition of distinct spices such as parsley, thyme and hops-suneli, it will be enough a few bay leaves and ground allspice. You can do without a bay leaf, as in this recipe give the original taste of lemon.
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Step cooking fish soup with salmon

Previously should be treated with fish. With purified fish is necessary to remove the skin and remove all the bones from it.

While being prepared, cleaned and cut all other ingredients, you can put water on gas. Peeled onions cut into four parts, so that at the bottom he remained bonded and crumbled during cooking. Carrots cut into rings and with onion boil on low heat. This will be the main component of a light broth. Vegetables in the ear not only give it a major taste qualities, but also are responsible for the presentation side of the dish, so everything has to be very carefully cut. Those who prefer a more intense and concentrated broth can pre-cook it from fish trimmings and head.

Filter this broth is not necessary because it is and always will have a transparent look. But if the ear is not preparing the vegetable broth, and scraps of fish, it is necessary to drain the broth.

In the next step the potatoes are cut. It is necessary that the potatoes are welded quickly, so it is better to cut small or medium-sized cubes. After slicing the potatoes to the pot goes to the rest of the vegetables.

The following ingredients - salmon fillet. It is also necessary to cut into cubes, which should be of medium size, otherwise the fish will fall apart during cooking. Fish boil vegetables with just a few minutes, because the salmon is cooked very quickly. When the broth begins to boil, it is necessary to add salt. If, after the fish has boiled broth formed foam, then this means that the digested protein therefrom. For a more aesthetic appearance must be removed.

Simmer soup needed to complete the preparation of potatoes, but because it cut into small, on the whole process takes usually no more than 15 minutes. At the end of the onions from the pan is removed, he fulfilled his role - gave the dish its flavor and aroma. Give ear brew for a few minutes, and you can move on to the pitch.

 cooking fish soup with salmon
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Your "tasty" life solely in your hands, so not only for cooking but also for submission should be treated creatively. For the classical supply, we need a soup plate, lemon and herbs.

In a deep dish laid out pieces of vegetables and fish, all filled with broth and decorated with lemon and dill.

Lemon gives ear unusual taste, fresh and slightly sour. Fish is very fond of the lemon, so the ear is the combination will also be relevant. Lemon cut slices, depending on the number of servings.

Another "friend" of fish dishes is fennel. It serves not only as decoration, but also highlights the flavor qualities of fish.

These fishermen believe that the ear must necessarily be a "smoke." To achieve this effect at home is not easy, but possible. If you like this flavor, then there is a secret. After cooking, you need to burn the bay leaf and dip in a pan for a few minutes. Ear turn as if just removed from the fire.

Classical salmon soup is ready. A simple recipe - delicious taste. Bon Appetit!

 The classic recipe for fish soup with salmon

 soup with dried mushrooms


  • Primary treatment
  • Preparation of mushroom soup
  • Recipe buckwheat soup with porcini mushrooms and potato dumplings
  • Country gribovnitsa

Soup with dried mushrooms, the recipe of which has different options for cooking, loved by many people.

The taste and flavor of the mushroom broth depends on the type of mushrooms that are used in cooking.

Those who tried the fragrant and rich mushroom soup, yet time will return to this dish, which is very well-prepared in early spring, when the body requires something special. The first dish can be prepared from any of the first category of dried mushrooms. It can be white mushrooms, dried themselves. They can be bought in a shop, in a bag or compressed into a cube. Recipes of mushroom soup ingredients differ in their use: they add different cereals, pasta, home-made pasta, cheese. Processing of mushrooms and mushroom cooking broth are the same everywhere.
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Primary treatment

Before cooking the soup from dried mushrooms should be taken of them and soak in milk or cold water. Since they are much swell, the purchase taking on one of the cooking ¼ of cake or package. If there is a home-cooked mushrooms, the 6-8 pieces would be sufficient. Soak them overnight to them in the morning you can start working. But 4 hours - enough time is that they have absorbed water and swelled. To determine the availability, you can touch them. They must be smooth and convex. The water in which soaked mushrooms, not poured and filtered through a double gauze and used for cooking broth, which is produced nourishing, flavorful and delicious.

Mushrooms should be before laying the broth fry until golden brown. They were allowed to drain and spread on a pan in hot oil. They absorb a lot of oil, and it should be taken into account during cooking, make sure that they are not scorched. Once the mushrooms fry them on the plate was removed, and the remaining fried vegetables ibid. Onions, carrots, tomato if desired, stir fry until golden brown.

 simple soup recipe with dried mushrooms
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Preparation of mushroom soup

For the preparation of bouillon used water remaining after soaking fungi. Mushroom soup recipe recommends to bring it to a boil and remove foam several times. Then, in the mushroom broth add potatoes and cook it for 10 minutes, then add sauteed mushrooms. Continue to cook for another 10 minutes, add the rice, bay leaf and vegetables. After 5 minutes, the dish is ready. It added pepper, herbs and leave to reach the plate. Rice should be slightly undercooked. He has the ability to swell in boiling water. A strong swollen cooked rice taste deteriorates. Eating a first dish with sour cream.

This is the basic recipe for mushroom soup. There are many variations of recipes in which rice can be replaced with other cereals.

Soup of dried porcini mushrooms with beans - rich in vegetable protein first meal.

Pre-soaked beans boiled until tender. Fried with plenty of onions ready for cooking swollen white mushrooms until golden brown. Then everything is mixed, pour broth and stew at low temperature for about 10 minutes, at the end of cooking add finely chopped greens.

Soup with dried mushrooms with pearl barley like to cook in the post. There high content of vegetable protein, which successfully replace meat.

Pearl barley poured first into the cold filtered water, which will prepare the mushroom broth. After 20 minutes of boiling, add the potatoes, another 10 - roasted mushrooms, then fried vegetables, bay leaf, 5 minutes, black pepper and herbs.

 ingredients for soup
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Recipe buckwheat soup with porcini mushrooms and potato dumplings

To prepare this dish you will need to 1, 5-2 liters of water:

  • 250 g soaked porcini,
  • 1 \ 3 cup of buckwheat,
  • onion,
  • small carrots,
  • bay leaf, parsley, pepper, salt.

To prepare the dumplings:

  • 4 potatoes,
  • 1 egg,
  • 4 tbsp. tablespoons flour,
  • a pinch of salt.

Peeled potatoes should be boiled until tender and mash. Add to the cooled mashed egg, flour, salt and form a dumpling.

Buckwheat to sort, wash, lightly fry in a dry hot pan. Dried porcini mushrooms soaked and cut and fry until golden brown. Separately, fry the vegetables. In a boiling water first throw buckwheat, 10 minutes dumplings and mushrooms. After 5 minutes of rest. After another five minutes of mushroom soup with dried mushrooms will be ready.

Some first courses of dried mushrooms included the cream or grated cheese. The recipes suggest adding it to the pureed mushroom soups. For their preparation boiled potatoes passed through a blender, mushrooms fried with vegetables. The hot mushroom broth introduced in order mushrooms, vegetables, everything boils 5-10 minutes on low heat. At least introduce mashed potatoes and grated cheese. Bring to the boil again, add spices and off. Serve, sprinkled with herbs. Cheese can not enter into the broth, and just sprinkle it on top of a ready dish with herbs.

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Country gribovnitsa

In villages like this first meal. In the spring, in the post, the soup is prepared from the dried porcini mushrooms - gribovnitsu.

Cook the mushroom broth for about an hour, along with a whole onion. Then this rich broth add potatoes and continue to cook for another 20 minutes. Thereafter, remove from heat, and served to the table.

The recipe gribovnitsy can add homemade noodles. She kneaded on one egg, add as much flour as necessary to obtain a hard piece of dough. It is divided into several portions, each of which is rolled out very thin. Sprinkle Roll the cake flour, fold the roll and cut into thin rings. These rings easily deployed into thin noodles, which are added to the mushroom soup before the end of cooking. After 5 minutes, the noodles cooked and the first dish you can eat.

Serve with sour cream gribovnitsu sure.

All mushroom dishes contain a lot of vegetable protein. Therefore, the addition of meat in them is not necessarily. It is enough to sprinkle with herbs and enjoy a delicious and hearty.

 How to cook mushroom soup