wedding makeup for redheads


  • Bridal make-up for brown eyes
  • Wedding Makeup for green eyes
  • Bridal make-up for blue and gray eyes

Red hair color - is a rarity. If we talk about natural redheads, they are only 6-7% of all people on earth. But thanks to hair dye mushrooms occur in our lives often. And most of them are ever faced with a choice selection of decorative cosmetics or make-up. It is believed that wedding makeup for redheads - a complex process, but it is not. Any makeup artist will tell you that there is no difficulty here, you just know some rules.

Red big lucky girl. Unlike brunettes and blondes, which fits either warm or cold range of colors, red can afford both. Home intelligently select the brightness of makeup to not look vulgar at his own wedding. Well, if you do not have conceived some unusual party at the disco, of course. There you can unleash the imagination in full. But the classic wedding make-up - is another matter.

It looks perfectly natural, natural make-up for women with red hair. The fact that the creation of the sun itself is so bright that there is simply no need to do accents. Such girls and without any makeup glow from within. But the wedding - special occasion, so it is important to emphasize the most attractive and add brightness. After all, you probably expect photographing and flash absorbs some colors.

But still, what it should be, wedding makeup for redheads? Even the color of the eyes, they may be completely different. Find step by step instructions to perform such make-up is easy, but with the choice of a palette of shadows, as a rule, much more difficult. So today we will find out which colors are best used for wedding makeup redhead girls with different color eyes.

 beautiful wedding makeup for redheads

Bridal make-up for brown eyes

Owners brown eyes can afford a lot. After all, they have very beautiful eyes. You can enhance the beauty of the colors with natural brown and beige colors, and you can experiment with brighter shades of brick, burgundy, wine or cherry. The bravest girl can afford a pink and gray colors. They will make your eyes brighter and more expressive. But purple, lilac and blue should be excluded, even if it's your favorite color. She makes facial features rough and vulgar. Maybe it is for the party and will be acceptable, but certainly not for a wedding, where the bride has to be soft and subtle.

For eyeliner should choose brown, dark blue or dark gray pencils. Black eyeliner is too aggressive for the red-haired beauty, which by nature is gentle. It is better to completely eliminate liquid liner. Its clean lines are too isolated and knocked out the entire image of the bride.

Lipstick for wedding makeup is better to choose resistant. The color depends on your preferences, but there are some limitations. For the brown-eyed mushrooms are good caramel shades of lipstick and gloss, as well as peach and coral colors. And that's too dark or bright lipstick can look unnatural and defiant.

If the option is perfect for an evening smoky make-up, then the wedding is better to give preference to the classical scheme of drawing shadows from the inner corner to the outside and from light to dark shades, respectively. Mascara Firehair girls best suited brown or gray. Black ink is suitable only if the hair is dark with a red tinge, it is often dyed hair. Natural red with black ink do not look natural and rough.

Wedding Makeup for green eyes

Green eyes themselves are fascinating, well, combined with the fiery head of hair, it is able to combat any. Wedding makeup for redheads with green eyes and has its own characteristics. In contrast to the brown-eyed, green-eyed girl have a thin, pale skin, that is wonderful. Disguise this beauty lots of foundation would be a crime, especially if the tone is dark. Choose the most light tone cream. Suit shades of light beige and ivory.

The emphasis in the make-up is best done in the eyes to enhance the beauty of the colors. From the shadows the best option would be warm shades of green, beige and terracotta colors. If you do make-up for the evening in a cafe after the celebration, it is appropriate to use a purple, gray and even golden shade. The main thing is to make it a little bit, just to bring to the depth of view, such a light touch at the outer corner.

Eyeliner green-eyed beauties is best to use a gray-brown or chocolate color. Liquid eyeliner pencils and black is better to send in the trash, because they do look too heavy and evil. Suitable such eyeliner unless makeup for Halloween, but not at the wedding.

Lipstick is best to choose the matte, because we focus on the eyes. The ideal will be caramel and coral shades. Lip Gloss is better not to use. It distracts from the wonderful eyes, and will focus on itself highlights. And it will spoil the whole picture.

 wedding makeup for redheads

Bridal make-up for blue and gray eyes

Makeup for redheads girls with gray or blue eyes, perhaps the easiest. Such mushrooms are the most common. And the girls who colored in red, often have precisely gray eyes. This makes them soft facial features and attractive, but the eyes can become noticeably dimmer. Therefore, our goal is to give them a living radiance and brightness.

The main condition for such girls to avoid a large number of fragments of black makeup. And indeed for a wedding make-up is better not to use black in cosmetics. That is, it is desirable that eyeliner and mascara were gray, or brown hues. Black ink, which is universal, is actually suitable only dark-haired girl.

Eye shadow should choose neutral from white to gray, brown, beige shades. Brown-colored gray and blue eyes incredibly bright and saturated. Green should be avoided unless it is gray-green. Texture Shadows best fit satin or pearl. Then particles reflecting light shine emphasize the eyes. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the wedding photos will turn out that all face shimmers under the flash.

Lipstick is preferable to take the most persistent, close to the natural lip color: pink, orange, coral, peach color. A good option would be a simple colorless or colored lip gloss. But the red and cold pink lipstick should be avoided. Red lips makes teeth more yellow in the photo. A pink hue looks too artificial.

These simple tips memo will help you choose colors that are suitable for the most delicate charming image of a happy bride. Important thing to remember, the eyes light up only on the feelings that you are experiencing. A cosmetics - a little helper, which can make the fire brighter. Be of good cheer!

 Makeup for a wedding for red eye color

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 Why do I need to update cosmetics?

Many buy cosmetics (mascara, lipstick, cream, pencils, shadows) and use it as long as the contents of the jar or tube end. And, after all, not everyone knows that in the delayed cosmetics infest dangerous bacteria that can help you earn a minimum of irritation, not to mention allergies.

In general, producers of a particular set of cosmetics approximate shelf life - a couple of years. And it's sure to pay attention! You would not have expired meat or drinking sour milk? In the case of cosmetics is the same. That is, if cosmetics has lost its shelf life, then dispose of it without thinking, and boldly order a new jar of tubes in the online store cosmetics

Pay attention to how you store your makeup. It happens that because of improper storage, it can deteriorate much earlier date. For example, if you are subjected to rapid temperature changes, cosmetics, poor screw cap, in storage was very wet ... So the conclusion is - use cosmetic one and a half years, and if this is the cream (including tone), then about a year. Part with mascara after three months, with lipstick - eight.

Even if your makeup is still very good by their appearance and smell, it is not worth the risk, by using it, while earning skin disease from which it will be very difficult to get rid of.

 Why do I need to update cosmetics?

 evening make-up


  • Sequence of performance evening makeup
  • Preparing face
  • Smooth Tone
  • Neat eyebrows
  • Expressive eyes
  • Alluring lips
  • Completion of image

Evening make-up - a real art. It is difficult by the day and is much longer. Many women know this, but do not know how to properly apply makeup for a night exit. Somehow, it seems that in the light of the moon will look great absolutely all colors of the rainbow, and at the same time. In short, to see the girl's face under a thick layer of "plaster" is sometimes not obtained. It's a pity. We believe that the beautiful half of humanity is to show the world. Therefore we tell you how to do evening makeup, right here and now.

To begin with, you'll open a small truth: it is impossible to focus on the lips, and eyes at the same time. Emphasize one thing, otherwise it will be painted to resemble a doll. After a beautiful and trendy makeup - this is not an abundance of cosmetics, but rather skillful use of it.

The sequence of execution of the evening make-up:

  • Pre-cleansing facial;
  • Moisturize the skin;
  • Masking deficiencies;
  • Application of tonal resources;
  • Eye makeup, eyebrows, lips, etc.

Prepare in advance all the necessary tools, select the desired shades, consider the image of the future. For example, eye make-up - it is a huge field for the imagination. For him equally well suited and sequins, and vibrant shades of shadows, lipstick and all kinds of options, and even the color of mascara. The main thing - do not overdo it, otherwise instead of easy and exciting look can have something vulgar and repulsive. But how to make the evening make-up to make it look perfect? We offer you a step by step instruction.

 Makeup evening

Preparing face

Before the evening make-up, you need to prepare your skin. To do this, remove the remnants of daily makeup and dust precipitated on the skin during the day, using the milk make-up remover and tonic. After that, apply a skin moisturizer and make-up base with reflective particles, which will hide the irregularities of the skin and destroy it shine.

Smooth Tone

After you cleanse your skin, you need to prepare a "canvas" on which you will draw your fashionable image. To do this, apply a thin layer of foundation all over the face, to get a nice even color. Do not forget a good shade border, to avoid the effect of the mask. Slightly sponzhikom walk with the remains of a tonal framework for the ears and neck.

If you have skin blemishes that can not mask the tone cream, use special konsillery and proofreaders. After you have leveled the color and hid all the flaws, lightly powder the face to fix the result.

Neat eyebrows

No wonder the French think that the most important thing in the evening make-up - it's a beautiful smooth skin tone and trim eyebrows. One has only to forget about them, and makeup looks unfinished and untidy. Therefore, carefully touch up brows through the growth of hair. If you use a pencil for that, you should remember a few simple rules:

  • It must be sharpened and hard enough. Do not use eyebrow pencils, eyeliners intended for.
  • In no case do not spend a long continuous line. Try to apply the short strokes, as if every hair prorisovyvaya.
  • Hue pencil should be precisely matching shade your eyebrows, or a little darker.

If you use a liner shade eyebrows, do not overdo it with the brightness. It is better to walk the line of eyebrow applicator several times, gradually adding intensity than to redo the whole evening makeup. If you're still a little too far with shadows, gently comb out the excess paint brush for eyebrows.

 evening eye makeup

Expressive eyes

Eyes - mirror of the soul. So let's learn how to create simple and bright makeup, relevant in any situation. To do this, fit almost any shade: matte, satin, pearlescent or glitter. Even the color scheme is not limited - you can use the most unexpected color combinations. However, it should follow a few tips to not look like a motley parrot:

  • Choosing shades of shadows, consider your tsvetotip.
  • Do not forget that even the most beautiful evening eye makeup should be in harmony with the outfits and accessories.
  • Notice how the selected makeup will look to the hair.
  • In the inner corner of the eye, always apply the lightest shade of color.
  • Do not forget to create a glare light shadows under the brow. This is the "reveal" your eyes and make them visually larger.

About eyeliner separate conversation. If you want a strict and clear line, use a liquid liner. However, note that the first time to hold the perfect line is unlikely to succeed. Need training. If you do not want to risk, use eyeliner. They also can draw a fairly clear line, but you can create the effect of a light haze. The main rule of arrows - do not make them too long or too high. The arrow should keep the natural lash line and end at about the tip of the eyebrow.

Choosing mascara again diverse. It is best to use a water-resistant, so it lasts longer and does not fall off in the midst of the party. If you have chosen an unusual way, it is appropriate to be colored mascara or false eyelashes. It all depends on the nature of the event to which you are going. Simple business dinner provides a rigorous way. Party with friends allows the most daring make-up options.

Alluring lips

Again: the main rule of makeup - a bright accent is valid only on one side of the face. If you decide to make expressive eyes, it is sufficient to slightly emphasize the lipstick or lip gloss. Well, if your choice - beautiful and bright lip color, then it is worth considering a few tips:

  • To lipstick last longer, it is necessary to powder the lips, their circle outline with a pencil.
  • Lipstick should be applied with a brush so as not to go beyond the contour ..
  • Apply a second coat of lipstick and highlights using lip gloss. To do this, go the main color on all lips, and then set off the brilliance of the most prominent part of the lip. So you make the lips more voluminous and expressive.

Completion of image

To your way of looking perfect, apply blush. They emphasize the shape of your face and give freshness. But it must be done as carefully as possible, to create a bright and light makeup. After all, only one wrong move and a beautiful woman will remind the doll from the children's cartoon. You do not want these similarities, right?

Now for the blush itself. None beautiful and fashionable image is not complete without this part. Blush applied gradually, that there was no clear boundaries or stains. The color is best to choose a neutral tone or peach lipstick. Instead of the usual sponzhikom use a large brush for makeup. Inflicted? Now check that one cheek was not rosier another. Ready? Now complete the make-up powder - and voila! Are you ready to enter into the light!

 Evening make-up or magic transformation

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