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At all times there were new social youth movements and subcultures. However, not all of them have survived to the present day, many died in the bud. But Gothic - one of the areas of youth, which is thriving at the moment. Gotha - a romantic-depressive young people who have their own fashion and dresskod, your make-up, etc.

Today, the Gothic makeup has become quite popular among not only ready, but also among ordinary girls. Very often you can find this war paint on the theme parties, masquerade ball, and Halloween. But often this is used eye makeup for photo shoots, and not necessarily Gothic. Make yourself a make-up is possible, but you need to know what the cosmetics come in handy, as it is correctly applied and how to gothic makeup.

Cosmetics for Gothic makeup

First of all, you need to purchase high-quality cosmetics for such an unusual style of eye makeup. It is assumed that you will be in such a long time, and make-up should remain clear. So, cosmetics need the most resistant. If you decide to make a classic gothic makeup, you will need:

  • Good soft black liner;
  • Hard white liner;
  • Eyeshadow Palette, which contains carbon black and dark gray shade;
  • Any shade of bright color shades;
  • Very light foundation;
  • Color correctors, white or ivory white powder;
  • Moisturizing Cream;
  • Black mascara;
  • False eyelashes and beams;
  • Black lipstick or any saturated color;
  • A set of brushes for make-up.

 gothic eye makeup

How to Make a Gothic makeup step by step

Basic training of persons

From Gothic to do make-up, you need to create a protective layer on the face, which simultaneously serve as a basis for further work. The fact that this type of make-up implies the presence of a large amount of makeup on your face, which means that the skin should be well moistened and reliably protected from the harmful effects of paint particles. On cleansed face, apply a little moisturizer and let it soak for 3-5 minutes. Do not forget to work out the area around the eyes and eyelids, as it falls on them most of all cosmetics and skin there is very delicate.

Toning and adjustment of persons

One of the most important steps in any make-up - toning the face. It is due to him, you get the perfect skin. Before you cover the face creams, it is necessary to work out with the help of correctors problem areas: wings of the nose, pimples on the face, circles under the eyes. Then you can start toning. The most convenient way to apply foundation with a brush or sponge. But in the absence of tools, you can do with his hands.

The main thing was that the layer is flat and firm. Otherwise, you simply will not get the effect of an aristocratic pallor characteristic of the Goths. Do not forget a good shade border, to face was like a frozen mask.

In rare cases, serious events can be used instead of foundation theatrical makeup. However, it should be very cautious. Firstly, makeup spoils the skin and does not allow her to breathe freely. Second, hard to put makeup on their own, and it is also difficult to wash off.

If you have the skills, you can try using a dark brown or gray shadows to emphasize and highlight cheekbones. However, this requires considerable skill and experience, so that for the first time is sufficient to restrict foundation and powder that is applied to a dense layer on the entire face, neck and decollete. By the way, it is more convenient to use loose powder. It allows you to create a light layer that masks the skin quality.

Eye Makeup

And now the time has come the most difficult part - eye makeup. This stage of the creative and varied, but at the same time you run a high risk to spoil the whole gothic makeup one wrong gesture. Therefore, to approach this crucial moment is carefully and cautiously.

The first thing you need to apply to the selected color shade to the inner corner of the eye, and not just on the lower eyelid middle. Shade should be bright enough, but at the same time, the dark, it's gothic make-up, not a disco. In the outer corner of the eye, apply black or dark gray shade, well-feathered border to the transition was smooth and unnoticeable. Similarly Draw the lower eyelid along the ciliary edge. Also work through the crease and just above the inside of her. So you will attach your eyes volume and expressiveness.

To add depth view walk white shadows in the area under the eyebrows and blend well abroad, that it was not visible. Be careful recruited quite a bit of shadow brush to surplus not crumbled to the skin. Otherwise, you risk to get black eyes.

Apply any shadows on all upper eyelid or confine moving - you choose. If it is makeup for the filming or a party, then it would be appropriate to bring it up to the eyebrows. If you suddenly decide to use a make-up eyes every day, it is best to restrict a more modest option, and do not touch the fixed eyelid.

The Gothic makeup is best to use liquid eyeliner as it creates a smooth, clear line, and it is more convenient to draw arrows, which are often used in the Gothic style. But if you do not have the skill to work with liquid eyeliner, it is possible to manage ordinary soft pencil and draw a line on top of the shadows along the ciliary edge. If you have small eyes, the inner liner is better to make a white pencil.

Beautiful Brows

Beautiful eyebrows - a 40% success rate in the eye makeup. It is important that eyebrows were maintained and accurately dyed throughout. The preferred draws them through the shadows close in color to the hair. Given that the Goths often painted black, the eyebrows are painted in black, respectively, too.

If you decide to draw the eyebrows with a pencil, then choose the toughest. It must be well undermine, to allow a thin line, imitating natural hair. Do not do a whole line of eyebrows. It looks unnatural and quite rough on a background of pale skin.

Thick lashes

To create a lush thick eyelashes, does not necessarily apply many layers of mascara and turn them into spider legs. It will look ugly, especially if you do make-up for a photo shoot. It is better to use false eyelashes and whole bunches or use depends on your taste and lifestyle.

Glue the cilia and gently tighten them together with natural with a special tool eyelash curler. Then cover with a couple of coats of mascara to eyelashes did not stand out too much. It is important that the first layer of a little dried out, before you begin to apply the second. Otherwise, the eyelashes stick together and will look terrible.

Gothic lips

There was only a small but important shtrishok and your image is complete. So, before applying lipstick on her lips, walk along the contour podvodochnym pencil. If you decide to use black lipstick, eyeliner that must also be black. To keep longer lipstick, lip paint the inside of the circuit in the same pencil. Then apply a layer of lipstick and remove excess tissue.

If you decide to use color lipstick, then carefully select the color contour pencil. It has long held the fashion for dark eyeliner and bright lipstick. Now it will look vulgar. With liner gives your lips the necessary form lipstick and paint in 2 layers, removing excess tissue.

You can combine color and black lipstick, but it requires some experience and stuffed hand. You can experiment in your free time with different shades and application of the scheme. For example, purple lipstick at the outer lip portion and the black in the inner region, or vice versa. It is important to have frosted lipstick. Glitter is not admissible in gothic makeup at all.

So, your image is complete. It remains only to fix it with a light layer of powder and you can go to a party, shooting or just friends. Important note that this image is good in moderation. You do not go into this war paint for an interview or an important official meeting?

 Gothic makeup. Self-expression or a fad?

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 All you need to know about mascara

More than one hundred years, people painted their faces with bright colors, especially highlighting the eyes. The first similarity makeup man invented for various actions and mystical religious rites. Primitive warriors before battle adorned his face designs and patterns to sow confusion and panic in the ranks of the warring clans.

But progress as time goes on, so the "color cosmetics" means of deterrent is gradually transformed into attracting and acquired the status of "decorative".

Perhaps the mascara, the most popular representative of the decorative make-up tools. Especially for those who want to make eyes expressive, emphasizing their color. Since most women use mascara every day, it is important to know a couple of secrets that will help eyelashes to be beautiful and healthy.

  1. Twisting eyelashes.

    This is an important step, because after curling lashes will become like a pupa, and eyes slightly open instantly. Typically, a single row of eyelashes tighten up three times. It visually increases the eye. But remember that it is essential to heat the curling tongs themselves. For this purpose, it is generally used dryer. Within 5 seconds pokolduyte with a hair dryer on the curling tongs by heating them with warm air.

  2. Choice carcasses.

    It is important to choose a mascara, focusing on the how much effect you want to achieve, and given the whole image as a whole. To begin, decide what is a priority: the hyper-length, bend, volume, or still the division ... While applying mascara to the eyelashes do not think that you just apply it from root to tip. Mentally divide the number of lashes several parts: the outer, middle and inner part. On the inside of the movements of the brush, apply to nose. On average, straight up, and on the outside in the direction of the ear. So your eyelashes will be opened in the likeness of a fan.

  3. The last step - the lower lashes.

    You need to paint the lower lashes after you've finished painting the top, because there is no need for a large number of carcasses. The lower lashes should look lighter, softer and more natural. That is why it is not necessary to update a layer of mascara on the brush, and you can immediately begin the staining of the lower lashes using the mascara that remained after staining the upper cilia.

And the frequent updating of coats of mascara on the brush leads to rapid drying of the carcass in a tube.

At present a huge range of mascara can be found in the catalog Oriflame.

 All you need to know about mascara