Eye makeup for the increase


  • Big eyes: the general principles of makeup
  • Subtleties of make-up, depending on the shape of the eye

- Honey, why do you have such big eyes? - This is in order to better see you, dear. Something like this would sound a modern interpretation of Little Red Riding Hood by husband and wife. After all, almost all women want to know and to control the life around. Especially - the actions of its second half. And it's not the lack of trust. Simply, many wives are absolutely convinced that they know better what needs to be their wife. Which is better to buy a sweater, make friends with anyone, what brand of car to choose.

And women know that men love with their eyes. Never mind that her husband sees her every day for the past few years. You always have to be in shape and look at 100. That is why women are raised before their second half, to have time to prepare breakfast (the second law of a happy marriage: "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach") and freshen up.

Naive men believe that their women have insomnia for several years, and cooking breakfast - is all they dream to do in the morning. But even if they themselves are wrong. And we'll try to learn the subtle science as a make-up, which increases the eye. Because quite a spouse can forget scorched toast, but the image of a poor wife made up firmly slam the men's memory. Let's not give them that satisfaction and learn to paint properly!

Big eyes: the general principles of makeup

Not all nature has endowed large luminous eyes. But the skillful handling of cosmetics can correct the error of nature. Do not believe? Look at photos of celebrities "before" and "after" applying makeup. See the difference? So why do not you turn heads men seductive look? Remember a few subtleties to increase the eye, and in the mirror you will be sure to please.


Yes, it is the eyebrows. As big eyes will not seem so, if their frame unkempt, bushy vegetation. You can direct any number of arrows on the eyelids, eyebrows but if not meet the standards, you do not have the desired effect achieved. Why bother to give them a neat shape, tint shadows on one tone darker hair color. If unruly hairs do not wish to go in the right direction, use a special gel for styling.

Eye shadow

They perform the main function of makeup. Many people believe that dark colors are ideal for larger eyes. This is not quite true. The desired effect provides a contrast of shadows. That is, you need both dark and light shades. The lightest tone, apply below the eyebrow. So you open your eyes and emphasize the eyebrow line. Beauticians recommend to use for this highlighter with svetootobrazhayuschimi particles.

Now about the mobile eyelid. He was also impose the lightest shade (can use those that applied under the brow). Thoroughly blend. After that it's time to apply the shadow-emphasis. These are the dark shades that you are trying to increase the eye before. Apply them to be on the outer corners of the eyes and slightly extend over the boundary between the upper and movable century (pleated shade). Just do not forget to observe the harmony. The color shades should be combined with the dress and your tsvetotip skin.

Contour pencil and eyeliner

It should start with debunking the many myths that women believe. Black eyeliner does not increase the eye. Similarly, as the thick line on the upper eyelid stamped contour pencil. The arrow should be of medium thickness and carefully shade. If you've decided to use a liner (or simply did not find the desired contour pencil color), then draw a line from the middle of the century to outer corner. Try to make as thin arrow.


Here it is - one of the main secrets of the big expressive eyes. Just do not rush to apply mascara on the pound, increasing the volume for each eyelid. First use eyelash curlers. Some have painted lashes curl, but it is fundamentally wrong, as you risk to break the so-hairs. Once purchased lashes dizzying bending can be applied mascara. Forget about how much paint you apply to it. Now we need natural cilia, well separated and dyed. And the lower the cilia also should not be overlooked.

No need to use a colored mascara (unless of course you're not pop stars, and your image should be as bright). Stick to black or brown.

 enhancing eye makeup

Subtleties of make-up, depending on the shape of the eye

You agree that narrow eyes make big visual far more complex than the standard. There are subtleties to close-set eyes and round. In short - how many forms exist in nature, so many variations on the theme of "make-up, which increases the eye" invented beauticians. We are with you dwell on the most common forms.

Increase narrow eyes

It will adjust the shape of the eye contour pencil. Draw a line on the upper and lower eyelid, slightly departing from the ciliary edge. Blend circuit. Spread over the shade to finally smooth the transition. Just do not overdo it, otherwise the shadows behind a thick layer of the eye is virtually invisible.

Deep-set eyes

In this case, make-up, which increases the eye must also bring them visually. This can be done using light shades of shadows. The only dark spot should be eyelashes. Eyeliner pencil and outline should also be bright. As far as technique applying makeup, then you can use the classic scheme described above.

Round eyes: the right paint

Subtleties of makeup to increase lies in the fact that the contour pencil is applied from the middle of the upper eyelid, bringing slightly beyond the outer corner of the natural folds. Then gently blend the border with the help of dark shadows and gently apply on eyelashes lengthening mascara, paying particular attention to the cilia in the outer corners of the eyes. So you do a visual shape of the eye longer.

Close-set eyes

This form of the eye is also not uncommon. Let's try to visually push them apart. This will help us in the contour pencil and shadow. Apply a light shade in the inner corners of the eyes, and darker - external. Blend the border. Now arrow. Bridging they need from the mid-century rolling stock. Bring a little arrow on the natural folds, as is the case with round eyes. Apply mascara. Makeup, increasing eyes ready.

Whatever the shape of your eyes and how carefully you no glory, all this will be useless if you will be a bad conversationalist. Therefore we recommend to read the instructions, not only cosmeticians, but also fiction. Believe me, the smart girl just lack of makeup. Beautiful lack of brains - is unlikely. Excellence, develop, and surrounding your eye will be the most expressive, believe me.

 Makeup for larger Eye: Learning to be irresistible

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 Makeup for blue eyes


  • Five major "impossible"
  • Choose shade
  • How to Apply Makeup
  • Draw arrows
  • Daytime makeup for blue eyes
  • evening make-up

Standards of beauty change over time. And nothing can be done. But there are things that for centuries unchanged and, it seems, is not going to give up their positions. For example, blue-eyed beauty ... In the eyes of the heavenly colors there is something quite amazing fascination for men. They attract, involve, call a dip in the whirlpool. And so it went. Recall, the old fairy tale about "Sineglazka." Modern "Sineglazka" well aware of what a terrible weapons they have. And making every effort to beat it without a miss. It is this goal and to serve as a makeup for blue eyes. And he copes with this task. Well, of course, if it is done correctly.

Five major "impossible"

  • Blue-eyed beauty is not recommended to use too heavy shade colors - for example, chocolate-brown, dark gray or black. This make-up is not only emphasize the beauty of the eyes, but also divert attention from them, refocus.
  • Simple, everyday makeup for blue eyes does not mean the use of terracotta, red or bright pink shades - your eyes will look puffy and painful as if you have a cold or did not get enough sleep. In the evening make-up these tones are acceptable, but only if you make the arrows.
  • Green shadows - is clearly not your option. In general, a combination of blue and green are extremely rare in the make-up.
  • Options monochrome makeup for "sineglazok" does not allow the use of blue. It will not add to your eyes depth and radiance. In contrast, the view will seem dull and expressionless. The blue hue is only valid in combination with other colors, ie in multicolor makeup.
  • Do not make too thick arrows and do not overdo the amount of eye shadow. Makeup for blue eyes should emphasize your tenderness and natural beauty. This implies a skillful and careful application of cosmetics.

 beautiful makeup for blue eyes

Choose shade

What colors will help you create a beautiful and gentle make-up? There are various options - for blue eyes can have different shades. So do not be afraid to experiment. However, the general recommendations of makeup artists still produce. The right makeup should skillfully hide minor flaws and emphasize the natural beauty of your face. The eyes should shine, and his eyes look deep. To achieve this effect, you can skillfully combining the colors of shadows, mascara and eyeliner. Choosing a shade, is guided by a simple rule - the darker blue of your eyes, the more bright make-up you can afford. Do not be afraid to use a multi-color options - try bright and saturated colors, boldly adding them to the main scheme.

Bronze-gold palette more suitable Darkie with dark hair. But the blonde beauty with porcelain skin should be avoided golden tones - they are their only discolored. Their options - silver or pearly shade. Absolutely a win-win will look purple, lilac and light pink hues. Also, "Sineglazka" fit gray-brown or sand color.

In order to divert attention from tired after a long day of work the eyes, you can resort to a little trick. Put on the inner corner of the eye and the lower lid silver, blue or pearlescent tone. It can be used as a pencil and shadows. This is the "refresh" the look and give it a mystery.

How to Apply Makeup

Happy owner blue eyes were very lucky - they can easily move away from the "classics of the genre" - black eyeliner and pencil - without risk to look vulgar. Do not be afraid to experiment - bronze, brown, purple, silver and golden hues you really go. The main thing that the arrow successfully combined with your dress. But better to use black mascara. However, sometimes it is appropriate to look and brown or blue. For example, in the evening make-up.

Equipment applying makeup for blue eyes is simple enough. You just need to follow some rules. When applying make-up multicolor eye shadow should always be carefully shade. The only way you can achieve a harmonious and imperceptible transition of colors. Owners blue eyes should be taken as a basis for shiny or light shade. They, with the outer corner of the upper eyelid, applied to the main tone.

Equipment applying mascara has its own characteristics. Blonde and blue-eyed women often have light eyelashes. To make expressive eyes, eyelashes tint recommended not only, as usual, on the lower side, but also on. Otherwise, once you lower the gas becomes apparent light "wrong side", which can ruin the whole effect. Somewhere eyelashes are dyed, but somewhere - with only one hand. It looks a little sloppy. Therefore, a natural blonde, as well as those who use a white base, in any case, do not skip this step of applying makeup.

In order to make a beautiful make-up will require some practice. Makeup artists recommend using just two types - but not the color! - Carcasses. On the underside of the lashes, apply mascara with extra effects - which gives the amount or extend. On the top side - the usual. And another little secret - if you do not want to make the eyes appear "puppet" and a bit silly, it will never apply a second coat of mascara on the lower lashes. It is considered the most common mistake of blue-eyed beauties.

 everyday makeup for blue eyes

Draw arrows

Draw arrows beautiful - it's an art. But it is quite possible to learn. Try?

  • Take finely sharpened pencil and put little dots on the lash line. Carefully, slowly, connect them.
  • Bring the tip of the arrow, gently lifting it up, with the outer corner of the eye.
  • If you notice irregularities - nothing can be done - it is necessary to remove the arrow with a cotton swab and start all over again. Do not worry - just a little training and everything will turn out right the first time!
  • Thoroughly and carefully paint over the distance between the cilia - so the arrow will be wider, and look - expressive.
  • If the width of the arrow is still insufficient - Draw it 1-2 times, just repeating the drawn shape.

  Daytime makeup for blue eyes

How to make an easy and beautiful day eye makeup? Of course, there are many options. Let's look at one of them. It can be called a universal, since it is perfect and brunettes and blondes. You will need black ink, a white pencil and shadows of different shades:

  • pink or gray-pink;
  • matte beige;
  • pearly light emerald;
  • pure white or with an emerald hue.

The sequence of execution of makeup:

  • Apply to face concealer. Cream color should closely match the natural shade of your skin.
  • Apply pink shade on the outer half of the upper and lower eyelids.
  • Use the beige tones of the moving part of the upper eyelid, to make a smooth, beautiful stretching to the eyebrows.
  • Apply shadows with emerald shimmer on the inner half of the upper eyelid.
  • Thoroughly blend the shadow, making the border between them is negligible.
  • Draw a thin strip of emerald in the inside of the lower eyelid.
  • Use a white shadow, emphasizing the inner corner of the eye.
  • For the effect of large, wide-open eyes, use a white pencil. Carry out a thin line on the inside of the lower eyelid. This method will help make eyes open.
  • Carefully, the two sides, nakraste lashes.
  • Apply blush. It is better if they are in tune with pink shades.
  • Apply lip gloss. Your day light eye makeup ready.

 the right makeup for blue eyes

evening make-up

Beautiful evening make-up - a mandatory attribute of the seductress. In recent years, he gained huge popularity Style Smoky eyes. Despite the fact that the make-up bright enough, he did look soft, enveloping and expressive. Application technique is quite simple.

To create this masterpiece, you will need:

  • Foundation;
  • corrector;
  • black ink;
  • eyeliner in dark blue;
  • blue-gray shadows;
  • dark blue shade;
  • loose powder;
  • Lipstick warm colors;
  • coral blush.

The sequence of execution of the evening make-up:

  • Apply concealer. Mask all minor flaws - wrinkles, dark circles, etc. - Using the equalizer.
  • Draw an arrow along the boundary of the upper and lower eyelids, eyelashes along, using a dark blue pencil. To line look more natural and softer, gently blend it with a thin brush.
  • Apply a blue-gray shade on the contour of the lower and the moving part of the upper eyelid. Blend in a way to get a "haze".
  • Apply a dark shade of blue on the growth of the lower lashes on the outer corner of the eye. This will give depth to your look.
  • Apply mascara.
  • Complete makeup, causing coral blush and lipstick.

As you can see, make a beautiful makeup is not difficult. Accuracy, patience and suitable cosmetics - is all you need. And let your secret weapon - your blue eyes - always hit exactly in the heart of men.

 Makeup for blue eyes - let your eyes in the sky splashing

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