how to properly apply makeup


  • Important rules
  • Apply foundation
  • Apply bleach
  • Apply powder
  • Apply blush
  • Rouge
  • Paint eyes

Perhaps every woman wants to be beautiful ... very beautiful ... is not the most beautiful in the world. Someone gave more nature, someone - less. What can you do? This is something we have no control. But omission to fix it - is quite real. Fortunately, gone are the days when women were in the arsenal but only antimony white. Ah, yes ... even beets! You know what it is with the help of applied charming blush, which is sung by many poets, our great-great-grandmother? Well, we live in another time, right?

At the disposal of the modern woman is cosmetics entirely different level. We conducted a special study, we are working on huge companies. Chemists, biologists, engineers, doctors, dermatologists - a lot of people involved in order to help us to be the most-the most beautiful and desirable. And we need very little - to learn how to properly apply makeup. In fact, it is not difficult. Try?

Important rules

The right makeup - it is art. And art, as we know, has its own laws. How to apply makeup neatly and beautifully? Let's deal.

  • In order to make better lay down on the skin before applying must be properly moisturize the face. Use of your usual day cream.
  • Getting to the process, carefully wipe the mirror. Make sure that the room is sufficient light. Casual makeup is recommended to apply in natural lighting. Otherwise, you just do not see the small flaws - for example, showering or carelessly lain mascara foundation.
  • If you want to mascara looked nice, do not use it for more than three months since the opening. Old mascara eyes fall on lumps and quickly showered.
  • To eyes were expressive, it is necessary to paint over the roots of eyelashes - just gently swipe at him brush from left to right. Only then can you start a conventional staining procedure. The technique is simple - ink is applied over the entire length of the uniform rotary motion.
  • It should work carefully with eyeliner - too fat, look bright lines usually vulgar.
  • The right make-up means, first of all, a sensible approach to the choice of tonal resources. Here it is necessary to focus on the style and tone of your skin. For oily skin, the best option is considered to be liquid powder - it all evens out imperfections and gives the face a matte finish. Owners of dry skin should pay attention to tone cream with moisturizing effect. For oily skin is ideal compact powder.
  • The tone of foundation and powder should be the same as much as possible with a touch of your skin.
  • Color blush should be a little darker natural color of your skin. Otherwise, you run the risk of becoming like a Russian matryoshka doll.
  • Blush, but like shadows, always be careful to shade.

Here you go. In order to apply makeup how - or rather, with the basic laws - understood. Now let's look at all the details, step by step.

 the right makeup

Apply foundation

The base helps to smooth out all the "roughness" - fine lines, age spots or freckles. It will make your skin smooth and matte. When choosing a cosmetic product for normal skin is not recommended to give preference to creams - it is still a bit "heavy" - a liquid base with saturated color. It lays down a thin layer, while perfectly moisturizing skin. Make-up for the most natural and will look nice and natural.

The cause liquid foundation? Technique is simple enough, as a "tool" is always with you - it's your fingers! They clearly feel the necessary amount of money. Therefore, the composition will lie flat and be completely invisible. Put a little on the back of his hand. Gently, with two fingers, drive the foundation into the skin of the face. Start the application you need from his forehead, moving gradually to the chin.

If you do decide to choose as a base foundation, then it should be applied no longer fingers and a sponge. To get thinner layer, must moisten the sponge. Then apply a little cream on it and gently pat the face. Want to tone looked more natural? Then thoroughly rinse the sponge and gently pat the face. Redness and pigment spots can be masked by using a darker tone. Do not apply the foundation on the skin around the eyes - it is better to fit lightening cream. And do make-up in two layers - it is already too much.

Apply bleach

If you work with the foundation - a process absolutely not creative, the application of the clarifier is like art. The right make-up without it is simply impossible. With this wonderful tool, you can even hide large wrinkles on the forehead and around the nose, eyes and change the value to remove the circles under them, to eliminate wrinkles around the lips, to visually lengthen the face - in short, to do almost anything. Perhaps the most convenient tools for drawing - a cream lipstick or a mechanical pencil. Liquid bleach is not necessary to mask the strong defects. In addition, it is only suitable for dry and mature skin.

According to the rules applying makeup bleach should be two shades lighter than the foundation. And it must be applied on top of the foundation - otherwise he quickly erased. Apply it, as a rule, fingers, and driven into the skin as well as the base - sponge. To remedy does not accumulate in the fine lines located around the eyes, it can be mixed with cream. Try not to use matt clarifiers - they look unnatural and harsh. Using the tool in the eye, try to stay away from the edge of the eyelashes. Otherwise, they are just glued together.

 proper makeover

Apply powder

In order to stay longer on the basis of her face powder to fix. The rule of thumb when choosing powder - it must exactly match the color of the face. If the skin is reddish or, conversely, too pale, you should choose a transparent powder. When applying powder professionals recommend using a damp sponge. Spread a towel and sprinkle a little powder on it. Lightly moisten the sponge and powder the whole face. We get a spot? Nothing wrong. Just keep patting sponge. Soon powder becomes invisible, and the skin will get peach shade. This makeup safely survive the many hours of testing.

Apply blush

Apply blush only to hide the paleness and "draw" pink cheeks - so do not use all the features of this type of makeup. Using blush can change the shape of the person - for example, to make it more "bony" full or, alternatively, thin. Color blush should match the tone of lipstick. And they are easier to apply and are best with a brush. Just do not take the same wide as for powder.

Brush for blush to be much thinner - this is, in fact, piece of work! Movement - the smooth, circular. Once you have done blush on the cheeks - spend a brush on the forehead. The remaining amount would be enough to shade it. If you want your cheeks look natural - just a little powder the them. Happened?


The main trend of the season - a natural and naturalness. Therefore, the main task - simply good to emphasize, if necessary, slightly adjust the natural curve of your lips. How to do it? It's very simple! In order to correct the shape of lips put on the edge of bleach - it will mask all the flaws. Take a sharp pencil and gently from one to the other corner of the lips, draw a line. Slightly powder the circuit. You can use a cotton pad - just wrap his finger.

Lipstick is most convenient to apply rounded brush - so circuit will be seen much more clearly. However, there is another option. For more stubborn makeup properly will fully paint the lips with a pencil, and then apply lipstick. If the skin on the lips is not too dry, you can use and a special powder. Apply it should be in 10 minutes - 12 after lipstick. True to get involved in this tool is not necessary - it does not contain moisturizers and nutrients.

 How to Apply Makeup

Paint eyes

Perhaps there is nothing that emphasizes individuality, as the eyes. They make an expressive face. Not for nothing that they say about them - "the mirror of the soul." How to choose your "mirror" worthy "frame" - how to apply makeup on the eyes? To cosmetics looked favorably, must take into account a lot of nuances. After all, we - different, everyone - the features. And then, and the technique of application will differ. Let's look at how to use of simple tools - shadows, mascara and eyeliner - to emphasize your natural beauty.

  • Make-up for small eyes

    In order to visually enlarge the not too big on the nature of the eye, it does not require much effort. Take the light shadows and carefully apply them from the cilia to the most eyebrows. Apply the darker shade in the crease of the upper eyelid. Take a sharp pencil for the eyes and Draw a thin line. Start it from about the middle of the upper eyelid, and bring to the outer corner of the eye.

    Try to keep it held as close as possible to the roots of the cilia. The area under the eyebrows, apply light shade. Spend a white pencil on the inside of the lower eyelid - this will make your mind as open as possible. Always gently and carefully follow the eyebrows and, if necessary, timely adjust their arc. Your brows must be thin enough as This enlarges the eyes, and does look impressive.

  • Makeup for wide-set eyes

    Apply base shade from lash line to brow. Better to take the average - not too bright nor too dark - shades. Do not forget to shade. Take the dark shadows and apply them to the inner corner of the eyes - from the roots of eyelashes to the bone. Blend for about 1/3 of the upper eyelid. The remaining 2/3 of the century once again emphasize the shadows of light tone. Apply mascara. Pay particular attention to the eyelashes, located in the center - it must be applied to them the maximum amount of ink - it visually brought together by the eye.

  • Makeup for deep-set eyes

    Apply base shade on the area of ​​the crease of the upper eyelid to the eyebrow. Apply light shades on the moving part of the upper eyelid. Use the dark shade in the outer corner of the eye. Slightly darken the area under the eyebrows. If you are using eyeliner or eye pencil, all lines must be as thin as possible and should be carried out as close to the lashes. Always choose a mascara that gives additional volume - it will help to "get out" even the most deep-set eyes.

  • Makeup for close-set eyes

    Take a pencil and draw a line along the contour of the eyelashes of the upper eyelid, bringing it out of the eye. The line should continue to visually outline. Carefully blend it into the outer corners - it should not be clear. Apply a light shade on the middle and inside of the movable century. Apply the dark shade on the outside of the century - close to temples. Apply mascara, eyelash pulling to the temples, from the middle of the century to the outer corners of the eyes. Eyelashes that are closer to the nose, to paint quite a bit. Apply a light highlight under the brow.

Here, perhaps, and all about how to apply makeup. Agree, it's not so difficult. Of course, no limit to perfection. And it is - only a basic knowledge. After all, to read scientific treatises is not enough simply to learn the alphabet, right? So with makeup ... But learn this art are quite capable of every woman - it would wish. After all, when something we very much want to, it will certainly come true. That's how women are.

 How to apply makeup - Simple Tips

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