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  • Classic meatball soup with rice
  • Tomato soup with meatballs and adding rice
  • The recipe for the cheese soup with meatballs and rice

When in the evening you come home from work and you need to cook a hot hearty dinner, but do not have much time, you can prepare the soup with meatballs and rice.

This dish is very tasty, it looks beautiful and appetizing, it is useful, so there is nothing strange in the fact that this soup is very popular. This easy and delicious soup like adults and children, you can cook it with their hands.

Recipes for preparing such a soup, there are many, and everyone can find just the option of preparation that will appeal to him. In these soups a little calories, so they can safely have those who adheres to a diet, though this soup can feed the whole family, not doubting satiety dishes.

 Meatball soup recipes
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Classic meatball soup with rice

In order to prepare a soup need the following ingredients:

  • minced meat (you can take ground pork or beef - to taste);
  • onion;
  • carrot;
  • potato;
  • rice;
  • salt;
  • pepper;
  • fresh herbs.

It is necessary to pour water into the pan, put it on a strong fire. While it begins to boil, you should clean the onion, chop it finely. Then cleaned and rubbed on a coarse grater carrots, potatoes should be cleaned and cut into small cubes. Meanwhile, boil the water, you need to lower the chopped onions and carrots, the fire must be reduced to keep the water in a saucepan boil slightly.

Now you can start making meatballs. To do this, cut the onion finely, mixed with minced meat, add salt and pepper, all mixed well, and the meatballs are molded in the form of small balls accurate. They should be put neatly on a plate and refrigerate. Then you need to take the rice and rinse it well (it is recommended to do a 3-water rice is considered to be well washed when the water flowing out of the cup with him, becomes transparent). Figure falls into the pan with the onions and carrots, then it immediately adds sliced ​​potatoes.

All this has to simmer for another half hour, when it will pass the time, to put in a pan with salt and pepper. If you want, you can put in their place a couple of bouillon cubes, then the soup will look prettier. Then you need to add the meatballs and cook it another 5 minutes, then it is a wonderful, nutritious and tasty dish can be poured on the plates. On top of the soup sprinkled with herbs (you can use dill, cilantro, green onions), and there is no doubt that on this soup all family members and guests will be delighted. Nothing complicated in the preparation of the first dishes there, cope with it even the person who does not have the culinary skills.

 simple soup with meatballs and noodles
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Tomato soup with meatballs and adding rice

For most people, the soup with rice and meatballs familiar from childhood, most often it is associated with pasta and potatoes. However, you can cook the soup on the original recipe, he does not like the dish, which is familiar from childhood. Potatoes and pasta in a soup not, that does not detract from its merits: it has a lot of vegetables, especially tasty velvet, surprisingly delicate tomato broth. Bribes a tomato soup with meatballs its rich aroma and taste, it is served with crunchy croutons.

To prepare this dish, you will need the following products:

  • vegetable oil (2 tablespoons);
  • 2 onions;
  • a couple cloves of garlic;
  • carrots (2 pieces);
  • 1 can of tomato;
  • ground beef (400-500 grams);
  • rice (100 g);
  • egg;
  • salt;
  • ground black pepper;
  • fresh frozen green beans (200 g);
  • quick-frozen green peas (200 g);
  • fresh herbs (parsley and cilantro).

We need to take a deep pan and heat oil in it until it is heated, it is necessary to clean the onion and garlic, then cut them into small cubes. They are placed in a pan and fry in butter until tender, until softened taste.

Carrots should be cleaned and cut into strips, then add it to the pan. All of this should be about 10 minutes to brown over low heat, stirring should not forget the vegetables. They should not burn slightly. We need to get the tomatoes from the can, cut, and add them to the pan. You can use no canned and fresh tomatoes only need to clear them from the skin and seeds. Tomatoes need to make thin cuts, lower for 2 minutes in boiling water, after which they are dipped in cold water (this is done in order to make it easy to remove the peel). Regarding the seeds, they can be easily removed with a small spoon.

Tomatoes need along with carrots and onions simmered extinguish. In a saucepan filled with water, brought to a boil, then you need to add one tablespoon of salt. While all this is boiling, you can begin to make meatballs. To do this, add minced rice, salt, pepper and 1 egg - all is well mixed. I should get a homogeneous mass that is not falling apart. It rolled up balls of small size, which must be carefully lowered into the boiling soup, you will need to take into account that water should not boil strongly, otherwise the meatballs can fall apart.

The soup should simmer slightly, cook it all for about 30 minutes: it is important to boil rice in the meatballs. In order to ensure availability, 1 meatball can be taken out, and try to break. Then add frozen beans and soup brought to a boil. Once the soup boils, to add green peas, thawed it should not be. The soup needed salt and pepper, cook for another 5 minutes, then turn off the fire, the pan covered with the cap, and the dish should infuse 15 minutes.

The soup can be poured on the plates, sprinkle with fresh herbs and enjoy the amazing taste.

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The recipe for the cheese soup with meatballs and rice

There is another recipe for cooking soup, which is different delicate creamy taste.

To please this dish of their relatives need the following ingredients:

  • minced meat (350 g);
  • cream cheese (200 g);
  • Figure (3-4 tablespoons);
  • onion;
  • carrot;
  • pepper, salt, bay leaf.

Minced meat is necessary to fill the salt and pepper, and then you can start shaping meatballs (minced meat will not stick to hands should be wet). Formed balls dipped in boiling water, then there is poured carefully washed rice, all cooked for about 7 minutes. Then you need to add to carrot and onion fried, 5 minutes to put the cream cheese. All of this is salted, pepper, add all sorts of spices. We need all this boil for 5 minutes, then sprinkle with fresh herbs and remove from heat. Soup poured into bowls and serve with croutons need it.

 Recipe soup with rice and meatballs

 chicken soup


  • Recipes soups chicken broth with meat
  • Rice soup with chicken broth
  • The recipe for a delicious soup with chicken broth without meat

In the world there are many recipes for meat dishes, among them a worthy place is occupied by those that are made from chicken. It is considered the most dietary meat and easy. So the fans had not become less. Chicken can be cooked many soups, main dishes, salads and more. To prepare, for example, soup broth of chicken, it is not necessary to have some special talent. To do this, it is quite a few recipes from which you choose is the one that will suit you and composition, and preparation.

Despite this, all recent studies indicate that the popularity of soup every year more and more reduced. People, because of the desire to look better, because of the unwillingness to spend a lot of time to prepare first courses and for some other reason, almost completely abandoning the hot liquid food. This entails the most serious diseases of the digestive system.

But if you try, you can still find a few recipes that are in the cookbook virtually every housewife. In addition to these complex recipes like pickle, Salsola, kharcho or soup, can be detected and soups that are not only easily accepted by the stomach (no podzharok and oil circles on the surface), but also easy and quick to prepare. One of the most simple soup is a light soup with chicken broth. These soups can be of two types. The first assumes that no meat soup, it is only rich broth. The second group contains recipes, according to which is added to chicken soup. Depending on the characteristics of the digestive system, from the assigned physician diets can be prepared as the first and second embodiment.

 ingredients for chicken soup
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Recipes soups chicken broth with meat

Thus, as already mentioned, depending on whether the condition is your stomach, you can resort to the preparation and use of the meat or soup, or without it. In any case, you should have a dietary product in the chicken broth. The difference between these groups seen as the preparation of (not very much), and in the use of food to eat. Regarding the first step, in this case two possible options.

The first is that the meat soup remains throughout cooking stage, the second - in that the chopped chicken soup is put in only when submitting it to the table.

So, you must consider a few recipes for soups chicken broth to decide which one you choose to implement on their own.
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Rice soup with chicken broth

These 2 products (chicken and rice), it seems designed to help people suffering from all kinds of disorders of the digestive system. And if you like risotto with chicken or just eat rice as a side dish to meat chicken, then you understand any foodie. However, this may not always be useful, rather the opposite - fat pilaf with lots of spices, or fried chicken (even with the usual boiled rice) can only have a negative effect on your stomach.

When cooking soup are all completely different. Firstly, there are no other spices and taste enhancers, secondly, there is no exposed frying in oil, and most importantly - the broth is present, which is very important for proper functioning of the stomach.

To put this recipe in life, you need the following ingredients:

  • 2 chicken breasts or chicken 1,
  • Potatoes are a major - 10 pcs.,
  • Parboiled rice - 250 g,
  • 2 carrots,
  • 3 onions,
  • Greenery,
  • Sol.

 delicious chicken soup

How to prepare a delicious rice-chicken soup?

First, you need to fill a saucepan with water. On a certain number of products you need 4-5 liter pot, the water in which you first need to pour half and place over high heat. As the water boils, you need to deal with meat. For this, first be defrosted chicken (if frozen), and then washed with cold water. If you purchased a chilled meat, the first step is skipped. Next, cut the carcass into smaller pieces in order to boil the meat completely. Small breasts can be cut lengthwise into 2 parts.

As for the chicken, then by her need to cut off the legs and wings, and then the rest of the carcass split an first half, too, do not forget to remove the liver, and then each half divided by 2 parts. The legs and wings are not in the soup because they are too fat for him. More precisely they are not, and the skin on them, but begin to clean them is quite difficult, so it will be enough to remove the skin from the main carcass. A foot with wings can be used later in the preparation of dishes.

Once gutted chicken, cut into several pieces, and her skin is removed, it must be washed again, and then you can send the meat in a pan with the already heated water. Once the water comes to a boil, turn down the flame will have to average size, a little salt the broth and leave to cook the meat for at least 20 minutes. From time to time it is necessary to observe the brewing process, since in the broth may receive foam, which is formed from dirt remaining on the meat.

This foam will need to be removed permanently tablespoon or ladle. While the meat is cooked, you can peel and chop vegetables. First, you need to wash the carrots and potatoes. After that vegetables are cleaned. Potatoes peeled need to put in a saucepan with water, so it does not darkened. A wipe carrots on a grater with large holes. Potatoes cut into cubes more elongated.

Then go to the bulb onion. Its clean and cut into small cubes. Sliced ​​onions can be placed in a bowl with grated carrots, since they both will be sent to the broth. By this time, the meat has to be ready, so using a colander or some other devices need to get the cooked meat from the broth and pour back the carrots and onions. While they are cooked (about 10 minutes), it is necessary to cut the meat. Separates it from the bones and cartilage, finely cut and then dumped into the broth. Together with him there too goes and potatoes.

The next step - the addition of rice. As already mentioned, it is preferably added to the soup parboiled rice since it does not soak or dissolve in the liquid. First rice is washed in cold water, then immediately goes to the boiling broth. Then you need to turn down the gas to a minimum, and gradually stir, boil the soup for approximately 15-20 minutes until soft rice. At the end of the allotted time (5 min before end) you must try the broth and, if necessary, podsolit it some more.

After turning off the top you can sprinkle with chopped herbs - dill or onion. Close the pan with a lid and cover the top with a warm towel. This is necessary in order to allow the soup to infuse. After 5 minutes, you can pour it on a plate and call all to the table. So delicious rice soup with chicken broth is ready. To this it will take no more than 1 hour.

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The recipe for a delicious soup with chicken broth without meat

Very often it happens that you get chicken breasts to twist minced meat (as the fillet is much more expensive). To do this, you cut all the flesh, which will subsequently be used for cooking cutlets, stuffed cabbage, dumplings and more. What to do with the rest of the bones? Completely remove the meat from them is impossible, so I just throw the dice will be unprofitable. There is an option to give them to the dog, but not everyone has hobbies.

The most simple and yet practical solution would be to use these mosolkov for cooking chicken broth. First, you need to dial water in a pan and put it on the fire to warm. It also omitted the very chicken bones on which there is not much meat. Further actions are similar to those that have been listed in the recipe cooking rice soup with chicken broth.

For this soup, you can leave it as is or add some other kinds of meat. For example, you can choose any kind of dietary fish and to put it into chicken broth. To do this, you have to boil it in a separate bowl for fishy smell could not substantially kill chicken flavor. Well, if you have the chicken bones on her breasts or after scrolling will be a lot of stuffing, then you will be able to even have to collect enough meat for soup.

In all the above cases, you'll have a quick and easy way of cooking, which does not need to use any additional materials and tools (saucepans, frying pans and many others), as there are not expected to cooking frying of vegetables such as tomatoes, onions and carrots. In addition, it is worth noting also that in the chicken broth is not recommended to add a large number of herbs and spices (pepper, bay leaf, and so on).

 Basic recipes for liquid hot dishes Chicken