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The mysterious, inaccessible and mysterious women of the East ... Recall, "1000 and 1 night" or the adventures of Nasreddin Hodja. How many poems and verses devoted to fine ankle accidentally flashed under the folds of clothes as madness was done because of only one glance casually from under the veil ... The beauty, elegance and fragility of oriental women literally maddening. And, of course, they know about it and are produced successfully impressed. And in order to strengthen it, these captivating beauties perfectly mastered the secret weapon - Oriental makeup.

What is his secret? Let us try to unravel this mystery. Any woman, no matter what country she was born, aiming to be a beautiful and wants to please men. But each nation - its distinctive exterior features, its own culture and religion, which impose certain restrictions. Women of the East are well aware of this, and perhaps more than anyone else have learned to use their advantages "to the full." Perhaps they have a lot to learn ...

Makeup in the eastern style - a concept quite widely, including the make-up of several types. Perhaps only one thing remains constant - the main focus is always on the eyes. This is understandable. This exotic and beautiful shape of the eye is no longer anybody. However, the technique of Arabic, Indian, or, for example, the Japanese makeup is very different. In what? Let's deal.

Japanese makeup

Without exaggeration, we can say that this kind of oriental make-up - the most calm and restrained. It is built on contrasts - blue-black hair and pale porcelain skin. Japanese make-up does not involve the use of bright, "screaming" colors. By the way, if you are wearing a bang - Make sure that it is perfectly flat. So, how to do make-up oriental Japanese style?

The light, almost white skin is considered a sign of the Japanese aristocracy and sophistication. Therefore, to align the color and tone of the person you want to use foundation and powder the brightest hues. Pay particular attention to the eyebrows - they must be very thin, black and clearly drawn. By the way, the real Japanese geisha "dealt" with his eyebrows very radical - they pluck them completely and then draw again, above the natural line of growth.

His extraordinarily beautiful natural shape of the eye Japanese emphasize skillfully traced arrows. A lower eyelid shade, usually gray pencil. If you're determined to use the shade, you should give preference to soft and light tones. It is suitable white or pastel. However, when the Japanese make-up from the shadows can and does refuse. The final touch - the cheeks and lips. Cheeks should emphasize blush slightly pale pink. Making lip is up to you - they can be a light, pink tones and bright colors. That's all. Make-up in the Japanese style ready.

 Oriental makeup for green eyes

Indian makeup

Women have this amazing country - other features. They stand out from the crowd with its bright, expressive eyes and beautiful, rather large features. All natural advantages of these beauties skilfully emphasize using bright and rich colors of decorative cosmetics. Moreover, unlike common European rules, the emphasis is not only on the eye, but on the lips. How correctly to do a beautiful makeup Indian?

This kind of make-up is particularly suitable for women with dark skin. This is understandable - at Indian women it dark by nature. However, even if you have not had time to go on vacation - it does not matter. Just use foundation and powder tan. Try them to lay flat and the person has acquired a beautiful golden hue. Touch up eyebrow - can be used as a black or brown pencil. This should be done very carefully - to give them a crescent shape.

Now - eyes. East eye makeup in Indian style involves the use of rich, vivid and fatty shadows of its consistency. Traditional colors - bronze and terracotta. However, for green and blue eyes can use other colors. For example, a gray suit, purple, lilac or pink.

Do not forget the arrow - application technology is not so complicated. Simply swipe a clear and smooth line, which at the outer corner of the eye will go up to the temple. If you wish, the hand can be a little shade. Extend and slightly bend the lashes using mascara. Next - blush. In principle, such a swarthy face tone is quite possible to do without them ... But if so you feel uncomfortable - use neutral tones. The second focus of Indian make-up - lips. First, apply a bright lipstick, and then add shine. This will make them juicy and seductive.

Well, the final stage - the bindi. Without this Indian make-up is simply incomplete. You know what a bindi? This is - a small dot on the forehead. It is simply impossible to imagine without this Indian women expressive details! Draw Me a decoration you can use dark brown or red pencil. However, now available for sale and ready copies with different patterns. Particularly pleasing is that they do not have to mess around for a long time - they are self-adhesive. If you have a narrow forehead - choose oblong bindi if wide - give preference to round.

 Eastern Eye Makeup

Arabic Makeover

The next version - is Oriental makeup in the Arab style. More recently, this type of make-up used by Europeans, mainly for oriental dance. However, in recent years it has become firmly established in the fashion and enjoys the same success with women of all ages and types of appearance, far from the dance. This is understandable - Arabic makeup allows the use of the most vivid and rich colors and their combinations. Green, purple, brown, turquoise and golden tone would look very appropriate and attractive.

And, interestingly, Arabic makeup is well suited not only for brunettes and brown-haired women, but also for blondes - owners of blue or green eyes. Although, of course, light-skinned beauties will have to do it in a more moderate tone.

Pick the right foundation. Do not use too bright - it is better to opt for a shade of light tan coffee. To him perfect bronzing powder. Adjust the shape of the face, causing the powder to the cheekbones and chin. The next stage - the eyebrows. Here - some nuances. And blondes and brunettes to the general rule - it must be emphasized eyebrows. Without this Arabic makeup just is not representable. Give them a clear, beautiful shape - groomed eyebrows can ruin all your efforts. By the way, it is not necessary to use a black pencil - you can tweak them with shadows.

The next point - the choice of color palette of shadows. Here it is necessary to start from the color of your eyes. For the dark-eyed beauties suitable shade of green, yellow, blue, red and brown hues. But Arabic makeup for blondes is better to do, using gold lilac, pink or purple shade and combinations thereof. Apply a shadow on all upper eyelid - to line growth of eyebrows. Emphasize the outer corner of the eye darker shade. By the same label color of the lower eyelid. Add a bright touch - apply under the eyebrow and upper eyelid light pearlescent shade. Do not forget all carefully shade. All color transitions should be smooth and soft.

Next - the most important moment. Arabic makeup is simply impossible without a catchy and colorful arrows. According to the classics, they must be black. However, the make-up blue or green eyes better to use brown pencil or shadow. This will make your face more delicate and soft. If you decide to stay in the shadows, then they should be applied with a damp thin brush along the lash line. The next step - ink. The longer and lush eyelashes are your - the better. Therefore, mascara should be applied in several layers. However, you can go even further - just use false eyelashes.

And the last part - the lips. Do they not be bright. However, a little tint still need - or Arabic makeup will have an unfinished look. It is suitable lipstick delicate natural shades. By the way, some make-up artists are advised instead to use lipstick cream blush. Since the lips acquire seductive look.

Here, perhaps, and the main information about the make-up in an oriental style. As you can see, it will fit almost all - blonde and brunette, dark-skinned and white-skinned, owners of green, blue, gray or black eyes. I want to add only one thing - if you decide to make a make-up for any performance - for example, belly dance, or to play in the style of Kabuki - do not be afraid to look too flashy. After all, for this you and go on stage! But daily life requires some restraint. This is especially true blondes. Of course, makeup oriental style always looks bright enough, but to lose all sense of proportion is not necessary - between expressiveness and vulgarity there is a huge difference. For cosmetics - it's just a tool designed to emphasize your natural beauty. Stay beautiful!

 Oriental make-up - the secrets of Scheherazade

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