makeup for gray eyes


  • The ideal colors for makeup gray eyes
  • Contour eyeliner gray eyes
  • How to make gray eyes a shade
  • Daytime makeup for gray eyes step by step
  • Evening make-up gray eyes step by step

Beautiful makeup for gray eyes - it is quite an easy task, to cope with which the power of even a layperson, because gray eyes, in fact, neutral and are combined with almost any color shadows. Therefore, you can safely afford to experiment and in the case to try the most unusual combination of colors. But to get the right makeup for gray eyes, you must still consider what colors work best and which ones should not be used at all.

The ideal colors for makeup gray eyes

You've probably guessed, and that the ideal color for the make-up gray-eyed beauty is silver. He is able to emphasize the natural beauty of the colors and do makeup for gray eyes superb. Therefore, if you want to make a light make-up everyday, you can get a minimum of resources, but at the same time look elegant.

Matt dark gray shades are permissible only in small quantities and only in the smoky makeup, as they make the eyes look a bit gray and dull. Technique for gray eyes make-up simple and do the task any girl. But first, we understand, what other colors are suitable for make-up gray eyes.

Girls with cold tsvetotip recommend using rich palette of blue, purple and brown tones. By the way, dark brown is ideal to make the eyes brighter. If you want a little shade my eyes, you will approach the pearlescent shade of dull gray-blue hue. In any case, the color should be 2-3 shades darker than your eyes. But the use of light shades of the palette it is not necessary, they will look heavy. "Cold" the ladies are not recommended in the evening make-up is too bright flashy colors.

If you tsvetotip warm, light skin and hair, and eyes with yellow or brown specks, the ideal option would be a combination of chocolate and gold palette. If you wish, you can also use beige and peach colors, just do not overdo it, otherwise will look tired. Gray-eyed brunettes suit oriental make-up with any combination of shadows except orange and yellow range. Best of all would look dark blue shadows.

 daily makeup for gray eyes

Contour eyeliner gray eyes

You choose the color of shadows, and now need to choose the liner. For predatory look suitable liquid eyeliner or pencil black. But it is important to remember that this technique is not suitable for small eyes, thick lines visually reduce features. Anyway black eyeliner is relevant only if you make the evening makeup. Day or wedding make-up should be light, so the circuit is better to exclude.

If you have light hair, black eyeliner you contraindicated. It is better to choose according to dress brown, gray or dark blue contour pencil. Eyeliner should be in a color palette with the selected shades, t. E performing everyday makeup in gray-blue palette, you must use blue or gray pencil. And for the beige and brown shadows perfect chocolate contour.

How to make gray eyes a shade

As we have seen, it is a neutral gray color to the same gray eyes, perfectly reflect glare, unlike other colors. This means that you have a wonderful chance to give his eyes almost any shade, making ordinary daily makeup. What is important is to choose the right shade and accents.

To make your color-blue or green shadow and eyeliner, take the same range as the desired shade. But do not do all the makeup in one tone, it is better to put on line growth of eyelashes right color, and the lower eyelid to emphasize contrasting shade. For example, to make blue eyes incrementally apply dark shade of blue on the mobile eyelid and along the bottom underline ciliary edge or orange sand shadows.

With blue contour pencil can make the whites of the eyes look brighter, and the eyes become more expressive. To do this, bring the dark blue the lower eyelid and draw the inner edge of the white pencil. This will produce a stunning effect at all! This trick makeup artists use when doing bridal makeup to the eyes in the photo of the bride look more and more lively.

Daytime makeup for gray eyes step by step

To make a make-up day for the gray eyes, you need a minimum of makeup and time. You will need a concealer, powder, silver pencil, gray satin shadow, mascara, lip gloss, and 10-15 minutes of time. Later you will learn how to do everyday is much faster, and this little guide will help you step through the beautiful make-up.

  • On the cleaned and moisturized skin, apply a small amount of foundation to hide the irregularities and shortcomings;
  • Silver eyeliner follow the contour of the upper eyelid, drawing a wide line along the lashes;
  • With shades of gray satin lightly smudge the line towards the crease and move to the middle of the lower eyelid;
  • In the inner corner of the eye, apply a little white or very light shades to give eyes volume. Blend the border;
  • Apply 2 coats lashes mascara brush and comb them;
  • Powdered face and chest area;
  • The final touch - lip gloss or matte lipstick natural color and is ready to make your day!

 evening makeup for gray eyes

  Evening make-up gray eyes step by step

Evening make-up, like a wedding - it's a flight of fancy. You can use the most unusual color combinations. So here you can feel free to try that for a long time and wanted to implement the original images. But the evening make-up takes a little more time and money, because his technique is different from the day. In this step by step instructions painted just one of thousands of options for evening make-up, which can make any girl.

  • With correctors and mask imperfections, apply concealer;
  • With a sharp pencil or shadow Draw eyebrows so they look natural;
  • In the inner corner of the eye, apply the lightest shade of the selected range;
  • Under eyebrow create a highlight with the white matte shadows;
  • In the outer corner of the eye apply the darkest shade of the selected palette and blend them well towards the bridge of the nose;
  • The same shadows move lower eyelid and blend the line;
  • Contour pencil or eyeliner, draw a line as close to the lashes and blend it shadows to make less clear;
  • Work through the dark shade of shadow crease rolling century, to create volume;
  • Twist cilia and apply mascara in several layers;
  • Liner circle the lips and apply a lipstick or gloss;
  • Apply a peach blush and powder the face.

This scheme can be used to step through the wedding makeup. But we must remember that it must be gentle and easy, so you should not apply too bright or dark colors, so as not to overload the image. In general, show imagination and do not be afraid to try, then you are sure to get the desired result!

 Makeup for gray eyes, or how to avoid becoming gray mouse

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 how to use the proofreader for face


  • What corrector for the face?
  • What are the proofreaders
  • How to use the proofreader for the face?

How many times have you admired the perfect skin models that advertise various cosmetics. But did you know that the majority of them in real life just a girl who did not differ special beauty? The fact is that before the shooting model is literate makeup that masks all imperfections. And the main credit for this belongs to the corrector.

What corrector for the face?

Proof Face - this is a special cosmetic product that allows you to mask minor imperfections, to hide dark circles under the eyes and redness. Thanks proofreader your face will look perfect, unless, of course, choose the right tool and use it wisely. By type of corrective means are divided into two:

  • Color Concealer to camouflage redness and age spots and other skin imperfections
  • Body length alignment corrector complexion

What are the proofreaders

Those who have never used a proofreader, it will be difficult to understand which one is best suited for a particular purpose. So let's see what corrective means can be, and how they choose. Sometimes it may be necessary, even several types of concealers, as they are liquid, solid or oil. Separately, you can select color correctors

  • Liquid Concealer

This tool is very similar in consistency to tone cream fluid. It happens in tubes, glass jars with a special cane with a spatula on the cover for the application in the form of a mechanical pencil. Using liquid corrector for the face is not just, as he water-based low-fat. This means that you need to distribute funds fairly quickly, otherwise you risk to hide one spot and earn more.

To apply corrective liquid funds necessary skills or a handy application brush hands. Although automatic pencil to use a little more comfortable as a concealer brush to spread evenly.

  • Solid concealer

This type correctors face include all corrective pencils and sticks. They are easy to apply, does not spread in the skin, not clog in the wrinkles and creases, and thus cause the remedy would be easy even for those who never used a proofreader for the face. Besides modern formulas let you create solid enough concealers with a soft texture and a variety of vitamin supplements has a positive effect on the skin.

  • Oil corrector

Oil corrective means more like the consistency of approach and theatrical make-up to camouflage age spots, dark circles under the eyes and other bright pronounced disadvantages. Due to the dense texture of a corrector completely hide the problem and provide a perfectly smooth face. To use them simply as a means of not very liquid.

  • Color correctors

Color correctors there are different textures and colors. Each of them is designed to work with specific disabilities face. For example, the green color is perfect for masking redness and inflammation, yellow help conceal dark circles under the eyes, and a pink concealer hides pigmentation. Various skin-colored concealers help to disguise freckles and align the color of skin and concealer with light reflecting particles make less visible wrinkles.

 how to use a proofreader

How to use the proofreader for the face?

Now, with a choice of equalizer when everything is more or less clear, it is time to understand the rules of application of this miracle means. They are not much, but compliance with these simple tips will save you time and make-up to create the perfect person to work with.

  • Before you apply the concealer, be sure to moisten the skin with a cream and let it soak a little bit;
  • Apply a small amount correcting means for the problem area of ​​skin and spread careful movements are driven by a fingertip. It is important not to rub concealer too, otherwise it will not perform its function;
  • Solid concealers are applied on top of a tonal framework, liquid, colored and oily best applied to the pitch.
  • Masking freckles or small spots, apply concealer dot to work out the problem directly with the area of ​​skin. Do not apply too much money, otherwise you will get a spot on the face instead of the smooth tones;
  • To avoid spotting, mix the liquid color correctors with tonal foundation. So it is better to lie down and do not stand out;
  • To hide dark circles under the eyes is best to use a liquid concealer stick or oily concealer. To put it most convenient synthetic brush, then gently spread the fingertips are driven movements and powder;
  • When applying the tonal basis over the equalizer, try not to stretch the skin and does not spread too much means, otherwise you will simply erase the result corrector and will reduce to nothing.

These simple rules will allow you to properly disguise the shortcomings of your appearance and give the face a more even color. If you've ever heard from someone the phrase: "I do not use correctors because it's too hard," you know, this person just does not know how to apply corrective means. And you know and can use this knowledge for their beauty.

 How to use the proofreader for face and how to choose?

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