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  • The texture of foundation
  • Types of tonal resources
  • Color cosmetic products
  • Rules applying foundation
  • How to store foundation

Up to 20 years old girl is beautiful because of the nature. After 20 its attraction is inversely proportional to the amount of makeup on her face (who among us does not remember the youthful desire to become an adult using mascara and lipstick!) And after 10 years, the appearance of women fully displays its way of life and the ability to use cosmetics. And this is quite understandable. Life ruthlessly imposes on the woman's face prints as early wrinkles, age spots, acne scars, under-eye circles. Sometimes it seems that you need to be Modigliani, to be able to paint all traces of past years.

To daily painting titled "I'm fine," you succeed, we announce the opening of sessions for artists naturalists. The first lesson will be devoted to the proper selection of foundation. And it is no coincidence. After all, this kind of cosmetics guarantees a uniform skin tone, like a porcelain doll. And it was after this on your "canvas" You can write anything you like: the image of the femme fatale, timid innocence, wisdom and condescension. Do you agree? Then let's talk about how to choose the foundation so that it was your magic wand, not an ally of time telling others about all of your wrinkles and experienced difficulties.

The texture of foundation

We all know that the creams are liquid and thick cream like a village. But few people know: the differences between the funds, and what consistency opt. In fact, the principle is simple. The better the leather, the more liquid can be foundation. If you need to hide a lot of shortcomings (of age spots to irregularities of the skin), choose a more dense and heavy tone. Of course, he will not be as light and airy as its more liquid counterparts, but this cream will faithfully keep quiet about all the secrets of your skin. As to powdery tones, they are created as a supplement. They cover the second layer of the skin after use of the liquid pitch. Crumbly kind of masking agent helps muffle the skin shine and make the complexion more even.

Also, when choosing a foundation is to consider your skin type. It used to be on the shelves of dry goods store lay a "Ballet" and the cosmetic industry has remained deaf to women's needs. As a result, the Soviet fashionista diluted tone moisturizer (if the skin is oily) or tone applied in two layers (dry skin). Today, not only can you choose the right foundation, but also to buy two different tube - for winter and summer. Indeed, in the cold season, your skin needs extra care and protection. A foundation (with the right choice of it) to be able to provide it.

 choose a concealer

Types of tonal resources

Creams come in several forms:

  • Cream - Fluid

      Thin, liquid makeup base, which is popularly called the serum. Great for dry skin and the warm season. But be careful. With aging skin cream fluid may do a disservice. He did not disguise fine lines and only emphasize all the age-related changes.

  • Cream - Mousse

    Very light and gentle cream foundation that perfectly evens skin tone, moisturizes the skin without weighing it. Cream - mousse perfectly disguises wrinkles, freckles and dark spots inconspicuous. Well suited for the young and for aging skin.

  • Liquid tone with particles that reflect light

    The cream contains silicone, which allows the cream to lie evenly. A microparticle help disguise fine lines and make skin younger visually. This cream is suitable for evening events and filming in front of the camera.

  • Camouflage pencil

    This foundation is very dense texture that hides skin imperfections. It should not be applied to the entire face, but only on problem areas. Dermatologists do not recommend frequent use of a camouflage pencil because it clogs the pores.

  • Cream - Powder

    The structure of the tone rather dense, so useful to the owner of oily skin. Many may feel that thick tone only will weight oily skin, but it is not. Cream powder perfectly absorbs sebum.

  • Cream - Stick

    This foundation is very dense structure, so it is most often used in the filming. As for daily life, the cream - stick is suitable for dry and normal skin, as well as for those women who want to mask certain defects on the face.

  • Tone cream with antibacterial effect

    This tool is ideal for oily skin. It not only masks acne, but it heals. Therefore, if you have inflamed skin, choose a cream foundation with the antibacterial effect.

Color cosmetic products

Many women opt for the foundation, which repeats the color shade of skin. And it is wrong. According to the rules of cosmetology shade of foundation should be radically different from the general tsvetotipa skin. For example, you - blonde with a pink complexion. So, your foundation should be beige shade. And vice versa. At the same time try not to go to extremes. Do not take too dark tone, if you --skinned or light color for dark skin. Strong contrast nobody to face.

In order to make the right choices, try the foundation on your cheek, and not on the back of his hand, as we all used to do it. Make sure the small smear tester on the cheeks, walk around the store for five minutes, let the cream get used to your skin and can assess the result. So you can not only understand how to select foundation, but also to protect themselves from foolish purchases. By the way, evaluate the shade of tone means under artificial light - bad job. You do most of the time were not held under floodlights, right? Therefore, the foundation should be tested on the street. Caused a smear? Exit the shop and look at yourself in the mirror. Like the result? Then you can fill up your makeup.

 how to choose the right foundation

Rules applying foundation

Very often, women buy good cosmetics, but did not know how to use it. As a result, foundation and shines like a mask of horror, ink flaking and lipstick looks as if it is not applied with a brush and shovel. Therefore, let us learn not only to choose the foundation, but also to correctly apply it to the skin.

  • Moisturizing the skin

Remember that before you apply the cream on your skin tone, it is necessary to prepare. Namely - to moisturize. Apply the cream on the face, remove the remains of a napkin, and can open a tube of foundation. Many people may be surprised by this requirement. After foundation itself is quite thick and can provide the necessary skin moisturizing. This, of course, correct. But believe me, that will form a better foundation on the prepared skin, so do not forget to put the cream on the face after washing.

  • Fingers aside

As is usually applied concealer woman? That's right, with your fingers. A necessary - damp sponge. Then the tone on the face lie evenly, and wasting no cream. In short, solid pros. The only pity is that they so often neglect women. Now let's talk about a movement that should be applied to the skin tone. It's simple. We remember how we did massage beauticians, and repeat his movements. That is, we put the tone from the middle of the face to the temporal region. With regard to the forehead, then here it is best not to bring the sponge a couple of centimeters to the edge, and the border rubbed his fingers.

  • Eyes - mirror of the soul

In order to properly apply the tone around the eyes, do not need a sponge and brush. Enter a small amount of cream and light movements are driven treat the eye area. Then carefully remove the remnants of the cream with a napkin. By the way, this part of the face powder is not necessary, because the skin around the eyes is very thin and a thick layer of makeup on it will be visible all the fine wrinkles.

  • Complicate makeup

Those who do not like the effect of a flat lifeless mask after applying the tone, we recommend to buy several shades of foundation of one firm. We need a darker shade for the cheeks, temporal area, chin and nose wings. Light tone cover all the remaining parts of the face. In order to go two shades border was invisible, carefully shaded joints cream. Strongly recommend to use the creams of different firms. Each production reacts differently to the weather conditions, skin selection. Therefore, if you are going to combine the two shades of makeup, be sure to use a cream composition.

How to store foundation

  1. The best place for your cosmetic foundation, and in particular - a refrigerator. Or any other cool and dark place. In no case do not leave the makeup on the window. Light and heat reduces the quality of all the make-up. It is also suggested to remember this rule at a time when thinking of buying foundation on the market in the hot season.
  2. Try not to expose the foundation sudden changes in temperature.
  3. If you have a foundation is stored in a glass vial, type it should be a glass rod in order to prevent the oxidation reaction that can occur in the cream.
  4. It is also worth noting the rules and care sponge, which you impose daily tone to the face. Wash it should be at least once a week.
  5. If you see that the foundation changed smell or color, throw it away safely. Missing cream can do a disservice to your skin.

Finally I want to remember the wise saying that there are no ugly women. Skillful handling of cosmetics, tasteful clothes can brighten up all the shortcomings which have awarded nature. As for the foundation, his service in the transformation of an ordinary woman in luxury lady is simply invaluable. Good tone as a caring friend, can conceal a sleepless night, signs of distress and normal acne. But all this happens only if you stop your choice on a truly high-quality foundation. So do not skimp on makeup and be beautiful!

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