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There are no ugly women - sometimes incorrectly picked up cosmetics and inability to use it. What do men pay attention first of all, looking at the girl's face? Of course, her eyes. It is therefore important to know how to emphasize strengths and hide minor flaws of our eyes - it can be learned, learning the basic secrets of makeup. It is not enough to know how to apply mascara and shadow, it is important to understand what the situation is to give preference to a particular color. To do this, carefully sort out what kinds of eye makeup, there are and how to use them properly.

Daily Makeover

Waking up early in the morning, we will wash, brush our teeth and thoughtful look at the makeup, trying to figure out how to make up your eyes now. As much as we might wish to be beautiful and unique, keep in mind a very important rule: make our day would look very natural. Cosmetics eyes obliged to stress our natural attractions, not evident because of its rich, bright colors. So, where do you start the day eye makeup? Perhaps, apply the shadow on the eyelids:

Shadow daytime eye makeup

For daytime makeup is preferred shade of light, calm tones. Choose a light brown, beige, gray - the one that best suits your eye color and hair. If you can not answer, what kinds of shadows you more fit, you should know that it is brown and beige shades are versatile for almost any girl. Skillful use of these shadows perfectly corrects flaws as small as wide or far-set eyes, and overhanging eyelids "bulging" of the eye.

If you want to add luster to the eyes, then listen to the following advice. For example, try to lighten the inner corner of the eye, causing a shade lighter shade than you used on the upper eyelid. Another option - the application of peach blush on the middle of the upper eyelid, right under the brow. The third option - to spend a white pencil on the edge of the lower eyelid and gently smudge the line with your fingers. Such makeup tricks to help you make the look more open and fresh.


No matter how we are adept at imposing shadows, but without mascara on the eyelashes glance "bald." So be sure to use mascara to complete the image. Do not forget that the day make-up of ten layers of mascara on the eyelashes will look simply inappropriate. Just one or two strokes of the brush with mascara to the eyelashes, our clear and become more attractive. If you are a brunette, then give preference to carcass black. Blonde, brown and red, you can experiment with a brown, dark gray.

Often, women are not sure whether you want to tint the ink lower lashes. The answer: the daily make-up is not necessary. As a rule, the lower lashes tinted "overload" makeup, in daylight it looks provocative and inappropriate. However, if you do not think your way without the painted lower cilia, do it in ink, a lighter shade than the upper lashes. For example, if the main color of black mascara, the bottom can tint of gray-black, and if the brown - the light brown. In addition, there is a colorless mascara - it will give your lashes more clearly defined and well-groomed appearance.


Of course, for daytime eye makeup pencil entirely optional. However, there are cases where girls just need to hide some minor flaws. For example, if you have slightly bulging eyes, the correct application pencil line on the upper eyelid will "deepen" the eye, making it much more attractive. Color pencil is better to choose to match the basic eye shadow - one to two shades darker. To make up looked more natural and accurate, try gently applied to the eyelid shade line.

Apply eyeliner pencil on the lower lid with the daily make-up is not recommended. Again, it is permissible to rectify any visible defects your eyes. However, even in this case, you can not use a pencil black - otherwise you risk to spoil the makeup, making it a deliberate and scruffy.

Eyebrow shaping

Everyone knows that our eyebrows - is setting our eyes, like a precious stone. Therefore, we must be very careful about the fact that they are correctly and neatly decorated. The ideal form of the eyebrows, suitable for your type of person who will not only emphasize the beauty of the eyes, but also enhance the overall impression of makeup.

When the daily make-up is quite possible to emphasize the shape of eyebrows special pencil or eyeshadow. When choosing a color refer to the color of your hair. If you're blonde, it is best to use light, warm shades, and if a brunette, you can use a darker color. In any case, the color of your eyebrows should be slightly darker than your hair - approximately one tone. To eyebrows were neat, well-groomed appearance, you need to comb their special brush or use gel for eyebrows.

 kinds of evening makeup

evening make-up

Finally, the working day is over and you can go with friends or on a pleasure trip to a nightclub. This is where the actual evening eye makeup - a bright and refined. If the day in make-up emphasis was placed on natural and naturalness, in the evening, these rules are inappropriate. When artificial light in the darkness your eyes should be bright and unique, so you will give your imagination and choose the most vibrant colors and shades.

Shadow of the evening eye makeup

For evening out fit the brightest, boldest shades of shadows. You should not limit yourself calm, warm colors - you may well try blue, turquoise, purple, green eyeshadow. Also suit different kinds of pearl and brilliant shades. The main rule - they must be combined with your eye color.

If you are the owner enchanting green eyes, then you are perfect shade of purple - they emphasize the mysterious and enigmatic witch your sight. In order to remove a touch of vulgarity, combine it with other color shades: golden, peach, beige. Another option for green-eyed beauties - brown shade combined with bronze and copper shades. This makeup will make the look more expressive and sexy.

In no case do not use bright shade of blue - the color absolutely does not fit the green eyes. Also unfortunate is the choice of black shadows, so they will give your eyes a rough, sloppy appearance. If you are on the dark shadows, then give preference to dark brown, it looks more harmoniously on the eyelids green eyes.

For blue eyes in the evening make-up is better not to use light shades of shadow, since with them you will look dull and ordinary. It would be much better if you choose a dark, bright colors. In fact, the choice for blue-eyed girls is huge: it is bronze, and silver, and olive shades. Pay close attention to the colors to fit your image and combined not only with the hair color, but also the color of clothing

In the brown-eyed girls is incredible large range of colors and shades for evening makeup. Brunettes can use black, silver, gold, brown shadows. Blond and brown-haired with brown eyes perfectly suited beige, sand, pink and green shade. Try to use a contrasting color to make your eyes expressiveness.

Mascara in the evening make-up

If you are one of those girls that love the bright paint their eyelashes, the creation of the evening eye makeup will give you a lot of pleasant moments. Experienced makeup artists offer to apply at least three coats of mascara on the lashes for an evening publication. Here's how:

  • Apply the first coat of mascara from the roots of eyelashes, moving to the tips.
  • Once the ink is dry, carefully apply a second layer on the tips of the lashes.
  • Again, we wait for the ink to dry, and we put the third, the last layer from the roots to the tips of the lashes.

Following these simple steps, you will get a long, thick lashes. It is important that mascara was quality and not stick together cilia, or get sloppy make-up. When applying mascara, you can slightly tighten the cilia brush, or use a special tool eyelash curler. Remember that you can use the evening make-up and waterproof mascara: a sudden goodbye after the evening awaits you foam party, or swimming in the pool?


Of course, to make the expressive eyes and you can use a pencil, but liquid eyeliner looks much more spectacular! You never draw a luxury, ordinary pencil straight arrow, and with the help of fittings they look amazing! It is not necessary to use the classic black color, you can choose gold, green, brown and even pink eyeliner. It all depends on your imagination and the rest of the makeup palette.

Unfortunately, to accurately and precisely draw a line of liquid eyeliner, need a lot of practice. But if you master this technique, you will become a real queen of the evening! If you've never picked up a brush, liquid eyeliner, you should not experiment directly in front of the publication, or in a hurry you mess up pretty makeup. Work out in advance, but rather Try your hand at paper carefully prorisovyvaya line brush for eyeliner.

Here's what not to do, even in the evening make-up - so it is to use a liquid eyeliner on the lower eyelids. If you really need to emphasize the eyes on both sides, the bottom is better to do it with a pencil or dark shadows. Otherwise, you will not only decorate your image, but add the person extra ten or fifteen years.

Eyebrow shaping for evening makeup

The goal of any evening make-up - make you attractive, and proper eyebrow shaping is no exception. If the make-up day, we carefully emphasized eyebrows neutral colors, then in the evening we can afford a brighter version.

If the party will be held at night, then you may well afford eyebrows that a full two shades darker than your hair color. The only request - do not overdo it, or of young, attractive women, you risk becoming a middle-aged lady. It is not excluded that after a walk through the city, where your dark eyebrows will look appropriate, will be selected in any cafe or restaurant - is something to be surprised by your man when you look at your face!

Another fashion trend of the evening eye makeup - eyebrows decorate with sparkling sequins or beads. They are glued to the outer ends of the eyebrows with a special cosmetic glue. But be careful: if you use eye makeup shiny shadows, the stones on the eyebrows - it's overkill.

Having mastered the basic rules of make-up, you will always look young and attractive. We wish you success!

 Types of eye makeup

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