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In order to achieve any goals people try to choose the easy way out. It is understandable. Why complicate the already not a simple life? So when it comes to taking care of their own health, we start looking for sparing technique (so that the "fast but simple"). And always with curiosity trying something new - and suddenly it's what you need. Therefore, interest in this newfangled phenomenon as Nordic walking is quite understandable.

At first glance, Walking with ski poles in hand looks, at least, absurd. However, it is only at first glance. In fact, such training is very effective and at the same time burdensome. So, perhaps, it is really worth to learn about Nordic walking more: where it came from, what is the technique of Nordic walking, and how effective such training.


This technique improvement is really quite new: it only a decade and a half. This technique is also known under the name Nordic walking, Nordic walking, walking Finnish, and she comes, as the name implies, from Scandinavia. The official "inventor" of this type of exercise is recognized as Marco Kantaneva, who described this technique in 1997. But in fact, nothing new, he did not invent. In his article, Marco just described the principle of summer training professional skiers, who promoted the new methods of healing the body.

The fact that the Finnish skiers have long guessed train in the summer without skis, with some only with sticks. In general, Nordic walking has been known since ancient times, when the pilgrims and shepherds used a stick to facilitate a long way. And in physical therapy stick as an aid in the training and special sports equipment is also known for a long time. It turns out that the basis for improving Nordic walking is the principle of professional athletic training, physical therapy techniques and experience ancient pedestrians.


The main feature of the art of walking with poles - natural human movement. Hands, feet and hips moving in these workouts just as in normal walking, but more intense and rhythmically. Rhythm is also familiar man, alternate back and forth movement of the opposite arm and leg: left-right, left-right. So it's nothing new to learn is not necessary, it is important only to "catch" a true rate of movement.

The naturalness of this method is explained by the fact that the magnitude of the swing arms (amplitude) depends on the size of the steps. Here the main thing - to find a middle ground. If the amplitude of the swing arms is small, it will hamper the movements of the legs and thighs. When the swing arms are too large, on the contrary, not only increases the load on the legs, but also the chest, shoulders and neck. Here are advised that coaches begin to master the technique of Nordic walking:

  1. Stick to keep firmly but without tension.
  2. Hand movement is necessary shall be sent to the stick back for torso, straightening the elbow, opening the hand (stick held loop) and turning the upper body after the hand with a stick.
  3. No need to stick to drag along. Transposing them in time with the movement of the legs, you need to push off from the ground with sticks.
  4. The body (trunk) must be rectified and slightly tilted forward, as in a very fast pace.
  5. Each step is done by rolling your feet from heel to toe and toes at the same time repelled from the earth.
  6. When walking, push forward the opposite arm and leg: right foot - left hand and vice versa.
  7. Take out the stick handle forward and pushing off the bottom.
  8. Hold the stick at an angle of forty-five degrees.

Half of the success of training depends on the correct pace and on compliance technology.

 Nordic walking


Nordic Walking is good because you can deal with it at any time of the year and at any age. And it does not require any special equipment except for special sticks. So clothing and shoes can be any (sports, of course), chosen according to your taste and ideas about comfort. But to the choice of sticks (Nordics) should be approached seriously. First, we note that Nordic walking can be used not only special, but also ordinary ski poles, which are easy to buy at any sporting goods store. How to choose a convenient stick?

The main thing - to decide on their length. The height of the poles for Nordic Walking can be calculated by multiplying your height in inches by 0, 68. The resulting number of plus or minus five centimeters in height and is suitable to you sticks. For example, a man of great stature meter seventy suit stick height of about one hundred and fifteen centimeters (170 x 0, 68 = 115, 6), but with sticks hundred and twenty centimeters in length it will also be convenient to walk. True, I identify with the height sticks, keep in mind that the longer they are, the greater the load on the muscles.

As regards the type Nordics, they may be telescopic (retractable) with a fixed length. Regardless of the materials from which made the stick, it has to be durable and lightweight, with a comfortable grip, that does not rub his hand. The strap should be snug, but not tight bow arm so that the stick is not necessary to compress. For training on asphalt and concrete path choose sticks with rubber tips, and for employment in the winter or in the country - a stick with a hard spike at the end.


The Nordic walking is different from the usual walk or run? Unlike conventional walk almost half of the body weight is transferred to the hands, which reduces the load on the legs and thighs, and calories burned while on the forty-six percent more. Unlike running, where the main burden falls on the lower part of the body, walking with poles uses nearly all the muscles (90%) and, in addition, it has no contraindications. In addition, Nordic walking:

  • It has lymphodrainage effect
  • calls microvibration (vibratory) viscera
  • beneficial effects on the heart and lungs
  • detoxifies
  • regulates bowel
  • reduces backache
  • lowers blood pressure
  • improves blood circulation

If that's not enough, you should know that in Europe Nordic walking has become an obligatory element of post-operative rehabilitation and gentle as the best exercise for weight loss. And Nordic Walking is recommended for the prevention of osteoporosis (thinning of bone) in the treatment of lung and heart diseases, neuroses, depression and insomnia.

And for such wonderful results you need only your desire, good humor and ski poles. Of course, it will be effective only regular exercise. So do not you find forty minutes a day to briskly with sticks in their hands walk in the fresh air and feel the full benefits of this new-fashioned hobbies.

 Nordic Walking - a quick step to health and beauty

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 Hand exercises at home


  • Exercises for the biceps
  • Exercises for the triceps
  • Exercises for the deltoid muscle
  • Exercise for pectoral muscles
  • Exercise for Weight Loss

The ideal form of any woman dreams. Just because the form - it is not just the hip, chest and waist. Do we still have legs and arms that we successfully hide under the long skirts and wide sleeves. And if the winter is still a feint rolls, the summer like bare shoulders and arms. Anyway ... The hands of our worst same waist? Yes, nothing! Only achieve the ideal form of hands for some reason much more difficult than to remove fat from the waist.

However, among women dissatisfied with their own hands, there are actually plump ladies, there are thin persons, and there are quite slim fastidious. And it's not about our palms and fingers, which is sufficient massage, manicure and cream. We are talking the most problematic part of the hand, to that of the elbow and shoulder. Making them ugly and excessive fullness with overhanging elbows rolls of fat and skeletal thinness exorbitant and simply flabby muscles with pleats at the armpits.

However, as you know, the road by walking. Therefore, sitting twiddling knobs, beautiful hands do not will attain. But the sleeves rolled up (literally and figuratively) and start working on yourself, be sure you will achieve results. And what is this job? There is no secret - gymnastics, gymnastics and gymnastics again. And if there is no time for fitness centers and swimming pools, the exercises to train the muscles of hands at home on forces any of us (there is a will, there will be a possibility).

So let's you and these opportunities will I require, the more that such exercises do not require special exercise equipment or other expensive devices. It is that we may need dumbbells. But not such a special tool, and they are sold in any sporting goods store and are inexpensive. Pros such muscle training at home: the fat out, muscle mass increases (in moderation, in moderation!), And the skin is tightened.

Exercises for the biceps

In fact, this part of the hand in a special adjustment is not needed. Anyway, it does not need to pump (not bodybuilders do we). The homework, the child in her arms, bags on the way home from work - all this keeps in tone muscles of the lower hand (the one bicep). However, if you think your biceps enough relief, simply follow the following exercise with dumbbells (one and a half to two kilograms) for this muscle group.

Starting position: standing, legs slightly bent at the knees, toes apart. Alternately bend each arm at the elbow, lifting her shoulder and dropping to the level of the waist. You can do the exercises in a seated position, you can bend both arms at the same time. For a workout at home rather ten or fifteen approaches.

 Hand exercises at home for women

Exercises for the triceps

The most problematic of all the muscles in the hands of women - triceps. This is their show men boasting about their silushkoy. We load the lowest part of the arm, and we have nothing to brag about. However, this group of muscles responsible for the beauty and smartness of the upper arm. So we have no choice but to do the exercises for these muscles. The fitness center for inflating these muscles used heavy rods and special simulators. We perform the exercises at home and limit ourselves to conventional dumbbells.

Starting position: standing, feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, arms extended at your sides, palms to the hips. At the expense of time slowly spreads his arms to the side and top (to shoulder level) at the expense of the two omitted. We make approaches for twenty-one session.

Exercises for the deltoid muscle

It is believed that similar exercises for women is not so important. Deltoid muscle is responsible for muscular shoulders, and even this we do not need. But not necessarily to pump up his shoulders to heroic proportions. Let the relief of muscle will not be too noticeable, but they become elastic. By the way, doing these exercises at home, pumped almost impossible.

Starting position: standing, arms bent at the elbows at right angles and extended forward. Alternately, lift the arms up without straightening the elbow. For women enough ten approaches after only one session. By the way, this exercise trains and triceps. At home, you can pump up deltoids, just throwing in hand bent at the elbows.

Exercise for pectoral muscles

Oh, for women it is more than urgent! Oh, that's that, and pectoral muscles we do at home ready to train endlessly. Just keep in mind that intensive training these muscles are able to increase the volume of the thorax. The approach to the exercises without fanaticism.

Starting position: standing, arms bent at the elbows and apart. Lift the elbows bent up, holding his fists (dumbbells) at the shoulder, dropping his hands, spread them apart. Another option exercises for pectoral muscles. Starting position: standing, arms bent at the elbows in front of chest, palms abut each other, fingers "look" in the chin. Push your hands resting in the palm of a hand, stay in this position and relax. Perform at least thirty approaches for one session.

 exercises for the muscles of hands at home

Exercise for Weight Loss

Getting your hands lose weight is not so simple. But even at home is possible. For us (women) everything is possible when it comes to beauty. So, do exercise.

  1. Starting position: feet shoulder width apart, with knees slightly bent, back straight. Raise your hand with the dumbbell upward, supporting it with the other hand and lower the shoulder, and then straighten. Repeat fifteen to one approach, and then the same amount to the other arm.
  2. Turning his back to the chair, lean hands on the back of a chair and start push-ups. You must make at least ten push-ups after only one session.
  3. Get on your knees, place your hands on the floor and expand the palm side, put your knees shoulder-width apart. Bend your hands and slowly lower yourself until then, until the chest touches the floor. Repeat ten times.
  4. Standing face to the wall at a distance of one step and leaning into her palms, start slowly wrung from the wall. Please note: The heel should be pressed to the floor, his back straightened. Exercise is carried out ten times.
  5. Starting position: Lying on your stomach, hips and thighs firmly pressed to the floor, legs slightly apart. Lean on your hands. Slowly straighten your hands, stay in this position. Repeat ten times. By the way, in the same position can perform effective exercises for the hips, while trying to raise as much as possible above the bent leg.

As you can see, doing the exercises for the beauty of your hands and you can at home. And it is not necessary to devote to training all his spare time. It is enough to do the exercises two or three times a week. Just do not forget that you need to train not only your hands. Let these exercises will be part of your home gym, with which you can become not only slimmer, but also healthier. And do not seek to excuse the lack of time to visit the gym or pool. Just love yourself, value yourself, respect yourself and find the time to improve your body and muscle training. Stay always beautiful!

 Exercises for the hands in the home, or sculptural works

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