What should I do if there is not a decent man?

Although the stagnation of blood circulation in the pelvic organs and does not constitute a deadly threat, however, it was not very useful for women's health. What should I do if there is no suitable candidate in your hand, heart and bed? In this case, help prevent menstrual pain following exercise:

1. The rise of the housing

This exercise will help your abdominal muscles are always in good tone and be resilient.

Sit on the floor, knees slightly bent, back straight. Hands can be both crossed on his chest and straightened ourselves to maintain equilibrium. Slowly leaning backward as long as the distance between the floor and the shoulders are not reduced to a few centimeters. Fix this position briefly, then slowly return well in a sitting position. Repeat at least 10 times in a row this exercise.

2. Movement of the pelvis

Stand up straight, bend your knees slightly and arrange the foot. Put your hands on your hips and shaking her hips, take around 10-15 movements back and forth.

3. Swinging hips

In carrying out this exercise, it is important that the upper part of the body remained motionless. Fix it or describe eight hips, or alternately lift the hips up and down sharp movement.

4. Maintaining the balance

Spread on the floor mat (or towel) and lower it down the face. Lean on bent elbows. Take the position, if you press. Pull a belly, body weight thus should fall on forearms and toes. Your body is in a position to be thin as a direct Toe the line. Fixing 10 seconds this position, return to the starting position. Within a few days, increase the time to 30 seconds.

5. Curl lying

Lying on his back, arms over his head somknite and dilute elbows to the sides. Do the exercise in turn, connecting the right knee with the left elbow at the outlet, and vice versa, the left knee with the right elbow. Free leg with "hanging" in the air.

6. Massage

Uterine massage helps increase blood flow and relieve spasms. Lying on the bed (or the floor), bend your knees. The palm of the right hand, place the left side of the abdomen, the palm of his left hand - on top of the right hand. Click on the belly with his hands, make a circular motion with your fingers of both hands. Moving his hands slowly up: first, the right part of the abdomen, then the ribs and along the back and down and across the lower abdomen (just above the pubic hair growth).

 What should I do if there is not a decent man?

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 stretching exercises for the legs


  • Stretch the inner thighs
  • Stretch anterior thigh
  • Exercises for the hamstrings
  • Stretch the hamstring
  • Stretch the calf muscles
  • Exercises for the thighs and buttocks

On the perfect shape legs secretly or openly dream of every one of us. And you want us to legs are not just slim, but also smart and strong, as well as "sculptural". For others the dream remained a dream, while others are starting to go to that dream through. Therefore pace yourself all sorts of diets and long training in gyms or start running in the morning.

The result usually is not a long time coming - the legs become slimmer. But the ease in the legs for some reason does not add up. And you know what exercises to stretch the legs will help you not only find the ease of gait, but also to return the elasticity of muscles and, therefore, add elasticity and sculptured legs? If you decide to lose weight, the stretching (stretching) should be an essential component of the process.

Any set of workouts at the fitness center, and necessarily involves stretching. However, pull the legs for the benefit of health and beauty can be at home. To do this, it is not necessary to adhere to a particular training program. You can choose a set of exercises, which will benefit and bring pleasure. Yes, stretching - one of the few types of exercises, which actually takes nice. We offer you just such a complex, which can be added to the usual morning exercises, or do these exercises at home (even lying on the couch) at any time.

 stretching exercises legs

Stretch the inner thighs

  1. It is an exercise and can be done while lying on the couch. But better to lie down on the floor face up, and lift up the leg at a right angle to the body. In order to keep this corner and not "drop" legs, lie down ass to the wall (at a distance of fifteen centimeters), and keep your feet parallel stene.Itak, starting position: lying on his back, legs up (legs and back straight). Begin to plant his feet to the side until the first sensation of discomfort. Hold for thirty seconds and return to starting position. Again, spread legs, pause for half a minute and bring feet. Follow for one session not less than ten approaches.

    Gradually (every day) increases the width of breeding feet. But do not try to push them just as widely as possible. Stretching exercises should be performed slowly and gradually increase the load. No discomfort stretching simply unacceptable. But the main secret - the delay to the maximum (but nice!) Stretched muscles and then relaxing.

  2. Sit on the floor by connecting the soles of the feet and spreading his knees apart. Pull the belly and start slowly lean forward until you feel the muscles stretching the inner thigh. Hold this position for thirty seconds and relax. Follow for one session not less than ten slopes.

Stretch anterior thigh

  1. Stand up straight, bringing feet together. One leg bend at the knee, relegating the heel to the buttocks. Grasp the toes and pull the leg back and up until the first sensation of discomfort. You will feel the stretch muscles of the upper thigh. Hold this position for thirty seconds and then lower the leg. Repeat with the other leg. Perform ten approaches for each leg, and to keep his balance, his free hand can lean against a wall, table or chair back (seat).
  2. Get on your knees in lunge position: the knee of one leg rests on the floor, the other leg bent at the knee at a right angle, the foot is on the floor. Plunging stomach, gently leaned forward until you feel a light tension in the front of the thigh. Hold and return to starting position. Repeat ten approaches for each leg.

Exercises for the hamstrings

Sit on the floor, stretching his legs and spread them apart. Expand the torso in one leg, grab hold of the ankles and start slowly lean forward, trying to touch his forehead knee. From the first time you do it, you are not likely to succeed. Do not despair. Lean as low as possible until the first sensation of discomfort and hold this position for thirty seconds. Return to starting position and repeat the slope to the other leg. Perform at a time under ten to each foot of the slopes.

Important! Leaning, try to stretch the muscles of the waist rather than your back and keep your back flat (no hump). Gradually you will be able to bend lower and lower, and ideally will easily go to the abdomen and chest to foot, touching his forehead knee. By the way, this exercise helps get rid of belly.

 stretching leg exercise

Stretch the hamstring

Stand up straight, place one foot on the heel and straighten the knee. The other leg begin to flex at the knee, as if you want to sit on a chair. Body weight thus should be at the foot of which is bent. Hold position light tension hamstrings and straighten the leg. Repeat for the other leg. To be most effective exercise allot the priest as far back, and then pull out the extendable leg.

Stretch the calf muscles

Uprites hands and knees on the floor and straighten your legs so that your knees stay slightly bent at the weight (lean on toes). Keeping body upright position, lower the heel of one foot on the floor. Hold and return to starting position. Lower the heel of the other leg, again linger and return to starting position. Belly caught hold and repeat ten stretch for each leg.

Exercises for the thighs and buttocks

Lie on your back, lifting his feet up and your knees bent at a right angle. Put your right foot on the left knee, grab hold of the left thigh (below the knee), and gently pull the leg toward you. Repeat for the other leg. Perform ten approaches for each leg, and make sure that while the upper body is relaxed.

There are different exercises for stretching the legs, and your proposed package includes only some of them. You can perform the whole complex of all or selected exercises for the most problematic areas. In any case, these exercises will return leg muscles flexibility and ease of feet. Movement will no longer be constrained, and the excess fat will gradually "melt". So have fun with the activities themselves and on the result: a magical stretching possible. Good luck!

 Exercises to stretch the legs or stretching Magic

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