Dance for Health!

Even in ancient times, physicians have recognized that dance - the satellite health. And then we tried to dance not only treat but prevent disease. Modern research shows that when the music mobilized the physical and spiritual forces of both healthy and sick people.

People prone to irritability and anger, using such drugs calm down, start to feel good about themselves. In timid runs of fear, uncertainty begin to feel their strength ... Some dances reduce pressure and protect against heart disease. Therefore, if you have even one of these symptoms, we recommend that you go to the dance. Many people are embarrassed to go to the dance because of the fact that there is only dance professionals. This is not true! Dance School takes both children and adults who want to learn to dance.

Dancing helps develop musicality, grace, coordination of movements. Improves metabolism, strengthens bones (prevention of osteoporosis) and muscle.

During the dance there is a huge energy consumption up to 750 kcal / h. This is useful to know the people who want to lose weight. For obese people dancing are simply irreplaceable. In the performance of fast dance movements person spends approximately the same amount of energy as a climber in the conquest of the mountains, or a boxer during a fight. And two or three minutes of waltzing energy costs are jogging on the 800-meter distance.

Regular dance classes can help you avoid heart disease, lung disease, gastrointestinal ... rhythmic dance moves will enhance blood circulation. Blood filled with more oxygen and the elixir of life in sufficient quantity supplied to the heart to the tissues of all organs of the body. Through this body faster and better removes toxins.

Thin dances help to grow stout, full - to lose weight. Dream becomes better than when taking any sleeping pills.

Dance and be healthy !!!

 Dance for Health!

 exercises for the buttocks


  • How to bring your body in good shape
  • Exercises to increase the buttocks and thighs
  • The complex is effective exercises to strengthen the muscles
  • The main condition: change lifestyle

It is no secret that the beautiful ladies slim hip at all times attracted, attracts the eye and fascinate the opposite sex. According to most modern men, women beautiful ass deserves no less attention. Agree, elastic buttocks - this is the part of the female body, which looks much more attractive and seductive, especially in thongs on the beach. And what about those who can not boast of her figure and has no idea what can be done to give mouth-watering forms his buttocks? Unfortunately, few women know what steps you can take to make your ass seductive rounded shape.

How to bring your body in good shape

If you do not know how to put in a form such an important part of the body, do not despair. Today, there are a variety of exercises, including exercises for the buttocks, in the home run that is achievable and that will help you pump up, pull up and get rid of excess fat attractive "part" of the lower body.

We, in turn, want to offer you the most effective exercises for the buttocks and thighs, which in a relatively short period of time will make them toned, supple and sexy. In addition, this set of exercises for the buttocks: these squat, swinging the gluteal muscles and other power and a light exercise - will be useful not only for pumping and strengthen the gluteus, but also slimming the whole body, including the upper part .

So, where to start? Probably, it is interested in all the girls who want to pump up the muscle groups that are in the lower torso. Read on if you also want to know how to pump up the muscles of the buttocks, exercises for inflation or for weight loss you will find below. We show you how and in what order you need to begin to act.

First of all, you should learn how to perform one of the most effective bodybuilding exercises - deep squats on his shoulders. Squats with weights helps to pump almost all the muscles of legs and buttocks, but also very effective for weight loss, because when executed burns a lot of calories. Squat should be such that the caviar is literally imprinted in the hamstrings and butt almost touching his own heels. However, due to the structural features of the skeleton of this exercise the strength is not for every woman.

If these exercises are too difficult for you, we offer an easier solution to the problem - table tennis. As the game of ping-pong is the most effective way to weight loss and a gradual muscle pumping, and thus create the ideal form of the thighs and buttocks. Perhaps, in order to give them a nice shape, this game will take more time than special exercises to firm buttocks, but the result still does not take too long to wait - after a short period of time, the result will be noticeable to the naked eye.

All movements (the slopes, short run, sit-ups), speed and dynamics, which we produce, playing ping-pong, effectively working on the buttocks, waist and lumbar region. And most importantly - during these lessons you will not build muscle as when performing special exercises and just train them, making taut and toned.

 exercise for the buttocks

Exercises to increase the buttocks and thighs

Even sagging and shapeless buttocks can be made attractive and appetizing at home, without exhausting exercises and trips to the gym. The main thing - the right to activate your muscles, because some women, they are activated correctly, while others - not. That is why the same exercise for the elastic buttocks can produce different people different effect. That's the way a man that his buttocks consist of three layers of muscle. Therefore, in order to pump up the buttocks at home and at the same time to achieve maximum results, you need to train each muscle layer.

To strengthen the gluteus maximus best suited exercise diverting leg back, while the elements of exercise diverting towards fine leg to help pump up the small and middle glutes. Thighs and buttocks - it's one of the most problematic areas of the female body, since this is where the most fat is deposited. For weight loss, but at the same time for inflating the muscles, help lower the proposed effective exercises for the lower part of the body: the buttocks and thighs. Do not forget to your thighs always look attractive, you should regularly download the buttocks.

A few simple exercises for the muscles elastic priests:

  • Walking on the pope

This exercise strengthens the buttocks and great inner thigh. The exercise is performed on the floor in a sitting position. Sit comfortably on the floor, stretch your legs and start slowly "walk", "stepping" the buttocks and helping the movement of her hips, moving it back and forth. It is a good exercise for weight loss thighs and buttocks pumps is not worse than the squat!

  • Useful swings

A great exercise to make the buttocks firm and seductive. It is performed in a standing position on all fours (the shin must be perpendicular to the floor, hip - parallel) slowly pull up the leg, and then the same slowly lower to its original position. Continue up and down movement. Exercise is good for strengthening muscles and slimming the hips, because in the name of the exercise and contains the word "useful".

  • Penguin

This exercise trains the muscles of great inner thigh. For its implementation, take the edge of a chair, place the ball between your knees and squeeze it into a force for thirty seconds, then relax your muscles for a while, while not letting go of the ball. Alternate tension and relaxation of muscles, making several approaches. Variety of exercises - in a standing position, hold the ball between your knees and walk around the room, not letting the ball.

  • Rock Climber

The most effective exercise for increasing the buttocks. Lie on the floor, bend your legs at the knees, feet lean against the wall and steps: first, up, up, then down, down. This tear off your buttocks off the floor in two.

 exercises for the legs and buttocks

The complex is effective exercises to strengthen the muscles

It is remarkable that the effective set that includes simple exercises for the buttocks, will help to strengthen muscles and to achieve perfect forms even at home. Before you begin training, pull the Achilles tendon and calf muscles. Pull them you need the following: a full squat foot, torso forward. It is also possible to perform this exercise while standing on the threshold or other elevations, for example, on the stand with a height of fifteen centimeters. Standing in this position, pull your heels down. To stretch going better, try to tilt your body forward.

After preparing the muscles start to fulfill the main complex. Exercises for the thighs and buttocks from a standing position is recommended to perform a measured, without jerks, feeling good job of their muscles.

  • Kicks back

This exercise tightens the gluteus maximus, that is the lower part of the priests. Stand facing the chair and lean on his hands. Back when this should be straight. Take your right leg back up, try with the thigh lift higher. The body does not tilt or rotate. Lower the leg to the starting position. It is important to try to do it swings by the gluteal muscles. In carrying out this exercise, do not chase the high amplitude, it is also effective in a low instep. By the way, an exercise effectively slimming thighs.

  • Kicks to the side

One of the most efficient and effective exercises for the muscles of the buttocks and thighs, which is perfectly enhances not only the priest, but also the inner thighs. Stand up straight, turn sideways to the support. She may be a folding chair or a wall (to which is more convenient). Left-handed lean on the support, keep your right leg straight and right clearly, trying to keep it in line with the second leg and torso. We do not bend the knee and try not to tilt the body.

Lift the foot to the point to which you can, and then lower it back. Do not chase the high amplitude: do not try to lift his leg ninety degrees or higher, because this exercise for the buttocks effectively elastic is not very high lifting height. And if you do the exercise slowly, you will achieve more and slimming the hips.

  • Mahi feet forward

Exercise helps to further strengthen the muscles around the knee. With one hand, we rely on the chair, lift the leg forward and keep it as straight as possible.

  • Squats

Squats - the best exercises for the buttocks and thighs. They are very effective for muscle strengthening and slimming the hips and priests. It is important to observe the proper technique, performing squats. Straddle; for proper squat is very important that the chest is expanded in this case was, arms outstretched, shoulders retracted. Bend your legs, put forward the pelvis back, as if going to sit on a chair. Gently move the upper body forward, leveling feet.

Keep your back as straight. Make sure that your buttocks during squats did not drop lower than his knees, which must not protrude beyond the toes. When the squat, the weight should be on your heels, so do not release them from the floor. Getting up, tense buttocks. To improve the efficiency perform squats as possible slowly.

  • The slopes on one leg forward

The slopes on one leg help the development of balance. Move the weight on the left leg and the right starts to rise, while lowering the front of the body, with the hands free to climb down. We linger a while in this position (body parallel to the floor) and back again. You can keep holding dumbbells or any other weights.

Lunges foot back and forth

Lunges back and forth - the most effective exercises for strengthening and slimming the buttocks, and these exercises we want to talk a little bit more. There are three variants of this exercise, each of which contains an element squats:

  1. Turn sideways, stand with your feet, one forward, the other back. Slow and shallow squatting, always make sure the knee to foot of delayed ago, almost touching the ground. However, it should stand on the toe. It is important that during exercise for the other leg knee buttocks, exposed forward, not go behind the toes.
  2. Lunge back. Weight is on the left leg, the right to make a step back, with the sock is pulled out and his chest expanded. Crouching in the same form as in the previous exercise, and return to the starting position.
  3. Lunge forward. The same, only a step forward is now doing. If this is a place you can just perform steps forward, one after another, without going back to the original position. The hands can take a dumbbell or, alternatively, water bottles. These effective exercises for the buttocks to quickly pump them at home, working mostly big muscles, that is, the lower part of the priests, and the muscles of the hips and legs up to the knee addition, these exercises are very good for slimming the hips.

The best exercise for the buttocks and thighs from a prone position

  • Polumostik

In the exercise are utilized mainly large gluteal and sciatic-popliteal muscle (that is, the back of the leg to the knee and lower part of priests). Lie on your back, bend your legs and put your feet on the floor. Put your hands along the body or under the head. Lift your pelvis, lower back and taking back from the floor, while the upper part of the body will not be aligned with the front of the thigh. Then return to the starting position. The support should be at the same time on the shoulders and legs.

To perform effective exercises for the buttocks and thighs and slimming priests should carefully strain the gluteal muscles. To complicate this exercise can be further straighten one leg so that it always is in line with the top of the other leg bent, too, and keep it raised.

Mahi foot back on his knees and hands

There are many variations of this exercise. Starting position: Stand on your knees, lean straight or bent arms on the floor with the back keep straight all the time. Further, in the exercise are possible options:

  • Bend one leg at the knee joint, the angle between the femur and tibia was about ninety degrees and was near the support leg. Lift the bent leg up on a level with the body, then lower back. When lifting the foot heel should always look at the ceiling. If you perform an effective exercise for increasing the buttocks straight leg, while they develop not only the sciatic-popliteal muscle and gluteus maximus. At the same leg bent at the knee developed a buttock, and less intensively.
  • Leg bent at the knee, as in another embodiment, instead of retracting the first move away, then climb up to such a height as it will not be parallel to the floor. The upper part of the knee to be perpendicular to the torso.
  • Straight leg raise into line with the body and then gently raise and lower.

 exercises for the buttocks and legs

The main condition: change lifestyle

In order to buttocks and thighs are in good shape, you should do some moving sport: running, biking, tennis, jump on the rope, or simply to diversify the training run, for example, run up the stairs. This will help pull up and build muscle, and very effective for weight loss.

If after a few weeks of training, and implementation of effective exercise for increasing the buttocks (it should be noted that all of the exercises are suitable for beginners), you still can not perform the most advanced versions of each of them, try as much as possible to stretch their muscles-flexors hip. It should do so throughout the day and before doing all of the exercises for weight loss.

The example in this article range of the best exercises for the buttocks will help you move better, avoid injuries and get much more benefit from all training for the lower body. And most importantly, you'll look just fine!

 Effective exercise for the spectacular figures

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