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Yoga - one of the oldest health systems of our world. Moreover, yoga - is a philosophy that has always helped people find solutions to problems, not only physical, but also spiritual. And all because that yoga teaches the harmony of the mind with the material shell. That is due to the practice of Yoga can be put in order thoughts and body.

Here it is the latest and interesting doing yoga for women of all ages. After all, few of them are satisfied with their appearance, and the craze for losing weight makes women look more and more new ways and means of finding harmony. And all striving for the ideal forms of yoga are interested in weight loss. But it really helps!

One of the main advantages of yoga - the opportunity to engage not only the instructor (coach, teacher), but also independently. What you need to know when choosing a club for yoga? What is the easiest set of exercises to perform at home? These are the questions we will try to find answers.

Useful tips

The popularity of Indian philosophy (namely, this country is considered a pioneer of yoga) is growing every day, created whole centers and clubs devoted to yoga, and all because of an exercise really helps to cope with many illnesses, including depression and overweight.

It is worth remembering that to choose a good teacher (so called yoga trainers) - no easy task. Perfect addition to the basics of yoga, he must have the fortitude and tolerance, and not only in relation to their students. Yogi must be calm in any situation, because he learns silence and concentration, which help people maintain healthy and be happy.

Before you choose a place or an individual coach, visit the training as a spectator, pay attention to what the teacher communicates with pupils, as he performs a set of exercises. You must feel that he is - "your people", and only in this case, you can actually attain nirvana and understand all the details of the material and spiritual worlds. Do not look for the easy way out, calling all the centers, even those who are far away from your home and visiting them, pay attention to the teacher and not the state of repair of the premises.

The experience of a teacher is as important as your sympathy for him. If you for some reason do not have the opportunity to attend training - do not despair. You are quite capable to master a set of exercises for beginners who want to lose weight or just want to improve their health.

 yoga exercises for weight loss

Yoga for Beginners

As you know, we must begin from the beginning. So, before you start training for weight loss, learn complex for beginners. By the way, this complex will be a good warm-up before performing more complicated exercises. Before the course, you need to purchase a yoga mat. Without it, the practice is virtually impossible, since exercises must be held at a stable non-slip surface.

The cost of the mat can reach exorbitant prices, but do not buy just a very expensive initially, you can do that more cheaply. If you bought a rug, decide from time to yoga. No matter what time you practice yoga, it is important that no one bothered you, so that you can give yourself completely yoga.

Almost any age beginner we recommend that you perform simple asanas (so called exercises in yoga). We offer a range of five basic exercises that will help you in the first step to understand what is the your body and feel it.

Pose "mountain"

The main asana that helps you align your posture and teach them to stand on their feet - this is very important. The most important thing in this position - the right to distribute the weight on the foot not on one foot, not the heel and the toes. If you can do it with this exercise, then you will not be difficult to do the following.

How to perform a pose of the mountain?

  • Stand so that your feet touch each other.
  • Pull your knees alternately up to the top of the hips slightly decreased. In addition, you should feel the front and back of the thigh: the muscles to be stretched.
  • When you should also involve the stomach, straighten your shoulders and chest. Please note that your collections, was parallel to the floor, and the spine is fully extended.
  • Hands should be placed on the sides, but in perfect condition - pick up, if you have the strength for it.

Remember that posture "mountain" is so called because it is important to remain stationary and stable. Take six deep breaths and move on to the next exercise.

Pose "tree"

Pose tree is suitable for beginners, but in spite of the simple execution, helping to stretch the spine, improve muscle tone in both legs and hold the balance.

Performing exercises.

  • To perform this asana, you should stand in Mountain pose.
  • Right heel should be placed on the left thigh, the foot must be fully in contact with the surface, and the toes should be pointing down.
  • Next, raise your hands up and try to do six breaths. In order not to swing, many are advised to keep a look at one point in front of you, it will help to balance.
  • The same should be done and on the right foot.

It should be noted that this posture helps people to cope with a variety of different diseases: rheumatic pain, arthritis, various, disruption of the respiratory tract.

Pose "elongated triangle"

This asana never get beginners from the first, but just three or four days you will feel that everything is done correctly. Some yoga poses can not be performed immediately, but do not because of this upset - all the time.

Performing poses "an elongated triangle.

  • Stand in Mountain pose (almost all the yoga asanas are not just beginning, but an end to this posture).
  • Next, take a deep, deep breath, then jump follows legs spread apart, and the feet should be parallel to each other and separated arms parallel to the floor.
  • Turn right foot ninety degrees to the right and left foot, leave in the same position.
  • Breathing out, tilt the whole body to the right, the palm of the right hand should lie completely on the floor, left arm extended upward. Try to make six deep breaths and return to the starting position.
  • The same must be done in the other direction.

Especially useful this pose is considered to be for people who have abnormalities in the gastro-intestinal tract, the muscular system and shoulder joints.

Pose "extended side angle"

This asana has beneficial effects on the gastrointestinal tract, as well as previous. Additionally, it helps in inflammatory diseases of the spine.

  • In order to be in position, first we take Asana "mountain".
  • On the inhale, and you need to make the jump to place feet more than a meter, and the hands should be placed to the sides and parallel to the floor.
  • Exhaling, turn the right foot ninety degrees, then bend your legs so as to form a right angle, and pull the left hand above the left ear.
  • Thorax, pelvis and legs should be in the same plane.

Take six deep breaths, and then back to the mountain pose and do the same thing, only in reverse.

Pose "Warrior"

This asana has two different versions. The first, presented below, is intended for beginners who are just mastering yoga. For this to be done next.

  • Stand in Mountain pose, while pulling your hands up, connect your palm.
  • Just as in the poses "extended side angle" and "elongated triangle", jump your legs more than a meter.
  • The following exhale and rotate the torso to the right. Right foot - at ninety degrees to the right. Next you need to bend the right knee until thigh is parallel a floor, and the shin is perpendicular with the left leg should remain straight.
  • Make six deep breaths and repeat the pose on the left side.
  • Back in the mountain pose.

This posture helps to improve blood circulation and improve the tone of the abdominal cavity.

How does yoga on a figure

Does weight loss Yoga? This is a question to which no definite answer.
It is believed that yoga does not help to reduce the weight, but this is not true. The system provides a set of exercises that, despite its stiffness, help maintain muscle tone and thus involve absolutely all muscle groups. This set of yoga for weight loss is no different from the usual exercises that people do not seek to become leaner.

Many people think that the secret of harmony yogis in asanas, but this is not true. In addition to daily exercise and meditation, they pay special attention to diet. Often yoga eat only raw, thermally untreated food. In addition, they arrange fasting days and drink only water.

Yoga for weight loss has invented modern teachers, and therefore its system is not only provides exercise, it is also aimed at improving the mind and body as a whole. Nevertheless, the question many women about the effectiveness of yoga for weight loss, you can still answer: yes! Yoga actually promotes weight loss.

 Yoga for weight loss exercise

Exercise for Weight Loss

Even if you have to start will only perform a set of exercises for beginners, the effect will not take long! Well, then you can perform complex and more efficient. So, yoga for weight loss - exercise.

  1. Arrange the feet shoulder-width apart, hands behind his back somknite knees at the same time should be straight. Breathe. On the exhale, bend so that you can touch the forehead knees, first right, then left.
  2. For the following need to lie on the floor, palms put on the floor on both sides of the chest and elbows with the lift. The legs should be straight and toes extended. When you breathe in, try to lift the body, relying on the hands and flex back. The head leans back and hold your breath for three to five seconds. Returning to the original position, exhale.
  3. The next exercise is also necessary to carry out lying. Stretch your legs and take a deep breath. Exhaling, bend the right leg with both hands and press down the knee to the stomach, hold your breath for three to five seconds, and slowly straightening the leg back to the starting position. Repeat with the other leg, and in the end had to both feet.

The above-described exercise, first of all, help to strengthen and tone your muscles. These classes are especially useful for those whose skin has lost elasticity after childbirth or just with age. Work should systematically. It is advisable to pay every day for at least half an hour for exercise. Gradually, the time allotted for a class, you can double and even triple. In general, the duration of the training depends on your state of health. The main condition - yoga classes should be fun.

Yoga for weight loss at home - the main difficulties

Do yoga to lose weight at home - a great idea especially for busy people who do not have the opportunity to attend sports clubs and groups. But there are basic problems that you might encounter while exercising at home.

  • Relatives and friends often do not perceive your good intentions to deal with overweight and do not approve of (to put it mildly), yoga for weight loss.
  • Complexes for weight loss yoga performed without an instructor or coach is difficult. You can not watch yourself from the outside and follow the flat and parallel to the back foot.
  • Often in high-rise buildings are not common enough silence to gather your thoughts and focus.

However, every coin has two sides. And yoga at home, too, have their pros cons. And pluses to include the following:

  • Yoga for weight loss at home to show to those who feel uncomfortable in public. After all, exercise often provide, so to speak, awkward postures.
  • Alone much easier to relax and understand yourself and your body.
  • What, how and when to do it - once you decide. And conducts employment in convenient time itself.


What yoga affects the figure we understand. Exercise for weight loss have learned. Pros and cons of independent yoga revealed. Now it is necessary to draw attention to cases where, and to whom training on this system are contraindicated.

  • First of all, before you engage in any sport or any health-system, always consult with your doctor.
  • If you decide to do exercise to lose weight, try to gather as much information on the chosen system: read specialized (not comics), scientific articles, and more.
  • Remember that not every coach offering their services, have proper education and experience.
  • Another postulate that need to be guided in everything and always: everything is good in moderation. Do not suffer bigotry, practice as much as your body needs: feel him and help him.
  • Do not forget - Yoga for weight loss necessarily involves at least a small workout. If you do a set of exercises in the morning, just walk a few minutes before to proceed with the studies.

And most importantly - believe in yourself! Remember, patience is a little effort. Systematic training required to bring the desired success. Treat life philosophically and stay always beautiful and despite everything. Good luck!

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