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Recently, a fitness at home is gaining popularity among men and women. More recently, a group of experts on public opinion polls among the population found out, what is the part of the people involved in sports, does so without leaving home. It was established very interesting fact: the percentage of "home" athletes as much and people exercising in the gym. Even though there is a theory that using home exercise is virtually impossible to build muscle and to engage in full force - you will succeed if there is a little time and desire.

Fitness at home do not have to buy a large amount of expensive sports equipment and disks with the programs of Olympic champions; enough to learn and adhere to the basic exercises and simple unpretentious programs aimed at supporting women beautiful figure and a normal body weight. Many of these exercises are familiar to you even from the physical education lessons at school, and some of them you have already done, if ever visited gyms.

Anyway, everyone always admired women who aspired to be beautiful and do it yourself. But then, no one bothers you to join the ranks of the self-sacrificing women!

Several reasons for fitness at home

Reasons why women prefer training at home a lot, one of them could be saving money. A modern fitness center - a large complex with a lot of gyms, massage rooms, swimming pool, tennis court, bar, which sells protein shakes and provide a number of other high-end services. But such a luxury is not permissible for everyone. Especially if it is a network of fitness centers scattered across the country, and it is quite popular - payment for subscription in such a place is taken in the next six months, and it's not cheap!

The second reason can be attributed to the lack of time in the gym classes. As a rule, this applies to women with small children, or work schedule which is quite long. Then the prospect of doing at home even very good - it is an opportunity to engage at any time during the day to give the sport a large amount of free time, as well as an opportunity to experiment.

But in the classroom and at home has its negative side. If you, for example, choose home fitness diet, the need for such training is a huge force of will, because every day you have to convince yourself of the need to do the exercises with increasing load. Carrying them in the gym, you just need to follow the example of others, or you can buy a season ticket for the next six months - it will be a great incentive. In the struggle with being overweight importantly - attitude and execution mode, so over time will come to you self-confidence and a desire to engage.

The second negative side include the possibility of getting hurt doing exercises alone without an experienced coach or instructor. It is important not to go too far, and those exercises in which you are in doubt, it is better not to perform. Generally, there are even some theory about what kind of exercise and at what time of year it is best to do, doing fitness at home for weight loss. For example, in the fall is better to go to aerobics, and in winter take a self-suggestion, and strength training. In the spring you need to focus on the arms and chest, and in the summer laid out in full force as soon as possible and to involve a large group of muscles in training.

 Fitness home exercise

Exercises for Home Fitness

Now is the time to consider the main group exercises.


  • Push-ups

For this exercise, do not need any special tools and sports equipment, and need only a flat surface - the floor. It is directed to the development of the shoulders, chest and arm muscles. This exercise home fitness is simply irreplaceable. For women, the most suitable would be the following situation: the hands shoulder-width apart, elbows horizontally along the trunk, then you need to focus your knees on a flat surface (floor), crossed with the soles of both feet, and try to pick up the body.

Body weight in the starting position should be transferred from the knees to the shoulders and arms. Slowly bend your arms and lower them down. Elbows should be kept with the parallel body. Muscles need to be stretched. Such exercises home fitness should be performed 10-20 times, while making a little break and then continued again, reaching a total of up to thirty times in one session.

  • Squeezing for novice athletes

If you have a mat for fitness - well, if not, it will have to use as bedding carpet, carpet or plain mat. Fitness for Beginners must start from that exercise. Take the following situation: the emphasis lying on his stomach, legs bent at the knees at the same time. Bend your knees so that the body remains horizontal to the floor and your pelvis is not raised up, and the small of the back does not bend under the weight of body weight.

Such exercises should be performed 10 times in three runs, while making a break for one minute between each ten push-ups. In order to exercise a little change, it is enough to fitness at home for girls who perform these push-ups, reached number twenty presses in one approach. Then you can start to push on the heel of the sock in the classic version.


This is a very effective exercise is familiar to everyone, and it is aimed at strengthening the muscles of the legs. If you exercise to add to this exercise the extra weight, the load will have on the muscles of the back, forming a correct posture and preventing the formation of scoliosis. In carrying out this exercise, the main thing - to see to it that the weight does not come at the toes and heels.

Take the following position: arms stretched forward, feet together. Squat should be shallow, but so that the thighs are parallel to the surface on which you are standing. As a fitness homes for beginners will be sufficient to perform squats as a warm-up, and as the main loads. To complicate this type of exercise can be, crouching on one leg.

The slopes in different directions

This exercise flexing muscles of the torso. Starting position: stand with your feet shoulder width apart, slightly bending their knees, and set up the socks in different directions. Make a swaying motion, directing your body up and down. Then, leaning to the right, bend the right leg at the knee and place the left line, the weight of the body should fall on his right leg. Hands thus located at the top, taking the form of a circle, as if simulating a ball over his head. Such inclinations need to make six times on each side. This exercise will have to enter into a complex of fitness at home for girls who dream of a good figure.

Working with the hips

Starting position: the body are now taking on a flat surface of the left side, right hand bend at the elbow and a little Lift. The left hand set ourselves and rely on it, and right leg while bent at the knee. Now slowly lift in a horizontal position left leg, while seeking to reach the maximum height.

So you need to do twenty-five times and then change legs and continue to exercise. Eventually you have to come to the result of fifty times, making upgrades right and left foot alternately. Fitness for weight loss at home just brings this kind of power load cycling with many groups of muscles, ligaments and joints returning to its former elasticity and preventing the appearance of stretch marks.

Downloading Press

There are countless exercises for the press. This kind of exercise is very popular among women because they all want to have a flat stomach tightened. Argued that fitness - exercises for women aimed at correcting its shape and maintain a beautiful shape, especially in the abdomen and buttocks. This is the correct view. Shaking the press on a daily basis, to get a flat stomach tightened to achieve through the following exercises:

  1. Starting position: Lie on the floor and bend your knees as much as possible. Your heel should touch the buttocks. If you want to ease the process of the exercise, engage someone from the family. Their role will be to hold your feet when they come off the floor. Hands should start with the neck and scratches. Elbows, try to touch your knees. Ideally, you want to perform on pyatdesyat exercise a day, but you can start with a smaller number. Slightly changing exercise deploy the muscle of lateral press: right elbow will try to get his left leg and left elbow, respectively, right. Thus fitness slimming home need to deal with on a daily basis, otherwise the result will not be!
  2. Starting position: Lie on the floor at the same time lift the arms and legs, with his fingers trying to touch my toes. This exercise requires a speed of execution and should be done at least twenty times. The emphasis is on podkachivanie muscles of the upper and lower press. The home fitness exercises for women should be simple and satisfied, then we will do it with pleasure and every day.

 fitness exercises at home

Aerobics - good fitness Home

How do fitness at home, give a lot of pleasure? Of course, with the help of aerobics - a diverse range of exercises, including walking and running, jumps and hops, along with strength training exercises for flexibility, making it all the music. Aerobics helps not only improve physical fitness, and overall improvement of the whole organism. Aerobic - fitness for people of all ages and with different physical training.

Very popular today enjoys step aerobics. It is aimed at strengthening the major muscle groups of the whole body and in parallel helps to reduce body weight and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Paying step aerobics fifty minutes a day, you lose a lot of energy and burn a lot of calories. Plus, with aerobic fitness becomes a great pleasure.

What contributes to fitness classes at home

For good home fitness is necessary to know the important secrets of his organization, which are simple and easy to implement. The first cost plan their chores for the day ahead. This will help you to understand what part of the day you will be able to pay attention to the sport and still do all the work around the house. You can read tips and advice on how to deal with the other women in fitness at home. But most likely, you will be faced with the choice of this nature: to get up early in the morning, with training time, or late at night. And, of course, there are no exceptions at the weekend, in fact, have a few days of training, you are unlikely to want to go back to him on Monday.

If you are a home fitness, exercise for weight loss are no cause for loved ones living with you, the feelings of confusion, disapproval or simply laugh. They should be treated with understanding to your classes and help in every way, for example, coming up for you to the phone, waiting for dinner, if time is a little shifted, to forgive and to understand when freshly brewed coffee did not cause admiration and delight of the fact that you took the time and Coffee turned out unsuccessful. Such trivial things play important role for home fitness.

Fitness house important secrets which are also in the regularity and duration, and intensity of exercise should be desired. This can and should go in the habit, as, for example, to wash and brush your teeth each morning. Otherwise, you will not achieve any results. As well, you can forget about the paid subscription for six months forward in the fitness center.

If the home fitness - exercise for weight loss and maintenance figures, the self-organization and you just need. If your workouts will reach up to two weeks, then it's a good discipline and confidence in the goal. Gradually, you will receive the ability to plan not only the day, but also an important meeting, private time. After class, you will feel younger and more energetic. Involved in fitness at home, and a flat tummy and wasp waist you will be guaranteed!

 Fitness house: the pros and cons of self-study

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