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  • A set of exercises for hands without dumbbells
  • Exercises for arms with dumbbells
  • Exercises with rubber bumper
  • Ingestion before and after exercise at home

It is not a secret - every woman dreams of a toned and athletic figure. But somehow, from attending gyms, women care mostly about the muscles of the legs and buttocks. But beautiful hands is important, no less! However, even if you missed out this time too - do not despair. After all, start exercising is never too late.

Perhaps the easiest way to slim figure - is sign up for fitness. When visiting the sports hall offers a special program aimed at strengthening the muscles of the body. However, fitness exercises for the hands may be in it at the last place. So be sure to tell your coach, the first thing you want to do it by hand. Surely he will choose for you a special set of exercises.

If regular visits to the gym are not included in your plans, then you deal with this problem may well be on its own, at home. All you need to start the course - half an hour, a pair of dumbbells and a good mood. Before you start to do the exercises for the hands, it is important to set yourself up for a positive result - a daily exercise will certainly bear fruit. However, waiting for lightning improvement is not necessary - to get a visible effect have to work hard.

Exercises for women's hands very much. What do you choose? What are the best? If the bar - not your hobby, and up to this point you do not bother to physical exertion - do not try to "hurriedly" to catch up. If you just give too great a burden - it is a step will not bring you to success. After all, the next day you will not be able to do. And something will move with difficulty! Go from the simple - to complex.

Start with training without dumbbells. Choose a few simple exercises. Repeat 5-6 times each with several approaches. First, you will be more interesting to do, and secondly, you will give yourself time to warm up and not too overload the muscles. Gradually add the number of repetitions, and remember to change the exercises themselves. A little later, the program can be extended by introducing into it more difficult exercises, as well as increasing the load - the use of dumbbells.

A set of exercises for hands without dumbbells

  • Squeezing. This is perhaps one of the most effective exercises. However, if you have not been doing the first few workouts better wrung his hands on the sofa rather than on the floor. Make sure that all the body raised and lowered simultaneously. Particular attention - buttocks. Help Me account: at the time - falls into two - is rectified. To get started, try again wrung 5-6. Try not to overdo it, otherwise the next day you will be very difficult to repeat the complex.
  • Stand up straight. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Arms to the side, placing them at shoulder level. Without bending your arms, drive them as if drawing a circle. Exercise for one minute to one and the other side.
  • Get down on the floor. Lean on hands and knees. Thus knees should be far enough away from each other, and hands parallel to the shoulders. The fingers should be pointing in different directions. Bend your arms so that the chest touch the floor. Keep your back straight. Return to starting position. Repeat 8 times.
  • Lie down on the floor, on his stomach. Place the thigh as close as possible to the floor. Spread the legs apart. The emphasis - in the palm. The fingers should be pointing forward. Lift up on the hands so that they are fully straightened. Freeze in this position for a few seconds. Return to starting position.

 Exercise your hands

Exercises for arms with dumbbells

  • "Wiring". Despite the ease of implementation, this exercise is very effective in helping women to lead hands in order. Lie down on the floor. Bend your elbows and spread them. At the expense of time - somknite hands in front of chest. On two - return to the starting position. To perform "routing" dumbbell weight should be at least 1, 5 kg.
  • Another fitness exercise - "elevator". For his performance you will need small dumbbells. Their weight must not exceed 1, 5 kg. Stand up straight and lower your arms along the body. At the expense of time - put your hands up, bending at the elbows. On the count of two - spread them apart. On the count of three - lower your arms down. Do exercise 5-8 times. Gradually increase the load.
  • "Bridge" - a simple and very effective exercise for the hands. For his performance perfectly go up a dumbbell weighing two kilograms. Stand up straight and stretch your arms in front of him. On the first count, lift your hands up. On the second - Get your hands with dumbbells as far as possible behind your head. On the third - up again. Return to the starting position.

Exercises with rubber bumper

Biceps - bicep - known even to people far away from the sport. It was she who bends the arm at the elbow. Moreover, biceps plays an important role in stabilizing the shoulder joint and prevents its dislocation. And how often this muscle helps us! When cleaning the apartment and lifting buckets of water, zataskivaya stairs stroller, buying groceries - we constantly employ the biceps.

To biceps worked well and never let us, you need to train him. And it can be done with a special fitness exercises with rubber bumper. Before the start of training necessary to carry out a little workout. In order to warm up the muscles, shoulders and rotate a little tassels of both hands.

Sit on a hard surface (chair, stool). Make sure that you are not near any objects that might hinder you. Take the rubber buffer and stand with both feet on the middle part and the ends take in hand. The palms in which you hold the ends of his "assistant" should be shoulder width apart. Elbows - as close as possible to the body. The shoulders are free and pointing downwards. As you exhale, bend your arm at the elbow, the shock absorber point upwards. Do not tilt back - keep it straight, let them work the abdominals and back. Exercise should be repeated 20 times. Then take a short break, and after that - two approaches. The same exercise can be modified a bit - just bend your arms alternately.

Tips in this exercise:

  • When you exercise your elbows must stay fixed - lock them in a position as close as possible to the body.
  • Keep your torso straight.
  • When you return your hands to the starting position, leave them slightly bent. Otherwise, you can damage the cords. That's the whole secret. A bit pumped up biceps, you can easily bring heavy bags of groceries to the house, raise the tire from the vehicle or worn on the child's hands as much as he wants.

 Exercise Hand

Ingestion before and after exercise at home

Catching any exercise, do not underestimate the importance and proper nutrition. Today, about healthy eating does not mean just lazy - so this topic has become relevant and popular. But the fitness that you have seriously decided to do, requires a special approach. Ask any fitness coach - he will explain that the ideal form simply can not be achieved without proper nutrition. And it is - not just a theory. Neglecting certain rules, you not only will not achieve the desired results, and can seriously damage your health. What are these rules?

  • No matter what time of day you have planned training - in the morning or in the evening - the last meal should be no later than two hours before the start of classes. Otherwise, you may feel very tired and uncomfortable. Also, there may be other, more serious health problems.
  • Before the morning workout, be sure to eat - do not spend them on an empty stomach. If you decide to do in the morning, then breakfast should be protein and carbohydrate. For example, perfect rice, oatmeal, scrambled eggs. However, a portion should not exceed 250 calories. Between classes and the next meal should be a gap of at least 25 minutes. Prefer protein products - fish, beans, nuts. Meat fit beef, veal, chicken breast. Meals can be replaced with a protein shake.
  • Two hours before the evening training should be to eat something low calorie - such as kefir or unsweetened yogurt. They contain large amounts of calcium, which helps create a beautiful figure.
  • No less important is the correct drinking regime. When you do some sort of exercise, the body loses fluid, and it is required to fill. Therefore, it is recommended to drink at least 0, 5 liters of water. Ideal mineral water without gas or unsweetened juices from vegetables. But fresh citrus should be diluted in half with water. You can also make a carbohydrate drink.
  • After the class is recommended to give up coffee - caffeine inhibits the absorption of protein and carbohydrates. Coffee and green tea is allowed to use for 1, 5 hours before the start of classes. In this case, the process of burning calories will go faster.
  • Instead of sugar, it is recommended to use it, or substitute honey - because carbohydrates in this product is absorbed by the body more quickly, and thus will not cause fatigue and sleepiness.

Any training - including exercise and rest - must be properly selected and go along with all the other fitness programs. And at the same time forget about proper nutrition is not necessary. However, as you can see, there's nothing complicated here. A little effort - and beautiful, smart hands are no longer a distant dream and become a reality. And let all the friends jealous!

 Exercise for hands - do at home

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