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Well, who does not dream of the women to be slim, beautiful and attractive? There does not exist in the world. We are born to please, to charm and attract glances. However, to ensure that these views were admired, not sympathy, have to exert a lot of effort. But we are not afraid of difficulties, right?

Unfortunately, not always have the opportunity to regularly go to the gym and do exercises there under the supervision of an experienced - or better yet, if cute! - Coach. Well, not everything happens the way we want. However, that is no reason for sadness. After all, do leg exercises that will help lead muscle tone, it is possible and in the home. Nothing complicated about it.

Many women tend to keep yourself in excellent shape. But priorities are different. Someone is mainly interested in how to build chest muscles and make the bust was effectively raised. Others are primarily concerned with maintaining the shape of the muscles in the thighs and create a beautiful relief of the legs and buttocks. After all, slender legs - it is so beautiful!

Let's talk today is about them and look at some exercises that enable home support muscles in good shape. The proposed complex will work out all the sections of the tandem "thigh-buttocks." In this way your feet will get a welcome relief. These exercises are also interesting in that they are primarily aimed at the elaboration of the internal and back of the legs. And after all these zones, as a rule, they cause the most trouble. We move from the simple to the complex. First, we will teach some exercises without weighting.

 useful exercises for the legs at home

Exercises without dumbbells

Before you begin the implementation of this complex, you need to warm up a bit. Warming should not be very long and can be made in any form. The first training session is recommended to follow the order of the exercises presented here. But in the next lesson will be necessary to change it. Remember that on two adjacent training repetition should not be. Do the exercises two or three times a week, giving yourself a little rest between training sessions. With the advent of the experience may try to carry out increasingly complex. But as a rule, to achieve the desired effect, only two or three workouts per week. More importantly their regularity! Always remember that. Then you are guaranteed to reach the desired result!

  1. Stand up straight, straighten your back. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart. Hands on the belt or on the sides are omitted. Take a step forward with one foot and crouch down. Your step is to get big enough - so that the leg remains in place, there was almost straight. Keeping the balance, tighten your thigh muscles and thus efforts to return to the starting position. Now repeat the lunge with the other leg forward already. Make each leg from 5 to 15 repetitions of this exercise. However, to bring themselves to exhaustion is not necessary. Feel like working leg muscles and buttocks. Maybe at first it seems like a complicated exercise. This is not unusual. Over time, your coordination will improve and do the exercises will become much easier.
  2. This exercise leg almost exactly copies the previous one. Only the steps you need to do now to the side - first right, then left. Still, try to take a step and big enough to sit as low as possible. Jog back to its original position. If you can sit so at a shallow depth, do not despair - after a few workouts you can perform lunges toward an increased amplitude. Again, do the 5-15 attacks for each leg. You can do them one by one - the left and right. And if you want, you can make all occurrences in the first one and then the other way. You can change the mode of performance from workout to workout.
  3. The last exercise for the legs, part of the complex, also contributes to giving a thigh muscle shape and tone. Again, you need to repeat the attacks, but he walked straight back. Alternately, for each leg, do as many reps as allows you to today's state of health. To summarize. You have to perform all three exercises - lunges forward, sideways and backward.

On average, it can take anywhere from five to fifteen minutes, with a time to rest between exercises. Relax as much as you need to get ready for the next move. Take your time - is usually enough to restore one - two minutes. If you feel that you are not able to perform all three exercises, follow only two of them or even one. What? Choose for yourself. Who knows, maybe after this exercise, you will want to continue their studies. But even if not - do not blame yourself. After all, tomorrow is another day and you, with renewed vigor, will return to training.

 right leg exercises at home

Exercises with dumbbells

These exercises for the legs are designed for those who have completely mastered the previous complex. If you exercise began to seem too easy and uninteresting, it is time to complicate the task. This exercise is also quite possible to perform without a coach, at home. However, for this you will need dumbbells. Increase the load gradually. Please take a light dumbbell - their weight should not exceed two kilograms. Start with one or two approaches, each of which will be 10-15 repetitions. For a start it will be enough.


Stand up straight. Place your feet slightly wider than shoulder width and slightly dilute socks in hand. Take a dumbbell in each hand. Inhale and squat down as if you were going to sit on a chair. Keep your back straight. Lower yourself until your thigh is parallel to the floor not be located. Slowly return to starting position. If you just do the exercise does not work - do not worry. Within a week or two, it will not cause you any trouble.

Variable attack

In fact, this exercise for the legs - complicated version of the very first, you studied. Starting position is still the same - place your feet shoulder-width apart, lower your arms at your sides and take the dumbbell. Make a lunge. But then the fun begins: instead of returning to its original position, you need to jump up and switch legs in the air in some places. This is done on the exhale. After you land on a bent knee, immediately descend into a deep lunge.

Plié in motion

This is a rather complex exercise for the legs well that both trains all the muscles - adductors and outer thighs, its front surface, as well as the buttocks. Starting position - stand up straight and place your feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Place the hands on the hips. Knees and toes should be deployed at an angle of 45 degrees. How can you tighten your abdominal muscles stronger. Bend your knees and get down as low as possible. The position of the spine should remain unchanged. Straighten your legs while pulling the right heel to the left and immediately after that take a step left foot to the side and repeat the plies. Then step right foot and do the two plies right.

Lead feet towards

It is not a very difficult exercise for the legs very effectively helps to bring in good shape thigh muscles. Put your feet shoulder width apart, tighten your abs and crossed his arms. Slightly bend your left leg and lift your right knee so that your right ankle is flush with the left calf. With an effort to straighten the right leg forward, so that the heel is facing up. Return to the starting position. Then unclip the working leg. Housing in this case must remain straight. Again, take the starting position. Each workout change the order of the exercises for the legs. This rearrangement will influence the thigh muscles every time a new way, which, of course, a positive impact on the result and, most importantly, on your overall health.

Remember, given sufficient intensity exercise, they require some effort on your part. But, believe me, they are worth! Fulfilling them you will develop not only the muscles of the thigh, but also tighten the gluteal muscles. And all this - without leaving home! This means that your feet will become slim and light. And admiring glances from the opposite sex you provided. And let friends jealous!

 Beautiful and hip muscles tightened - there is nothing easier!

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 Exercises for neck

How often do you pay attention to your neck? After all, it is able to provide comprehensive information about its owner. Sagging skin, muscle weakness, the first wrinkles - is not only paints a woman, but also adds her years. Of course, you can use a scarf to mask, but in the summer, these tricks are not working.
Every woman in one way or another monitors the health of the silhouette figures perform any exercise without even realizing that the neck requires the same care and attention, diligent practice as the face, arms, legs or abdomen.

Most of the exercises for the development of neck vertebrae and focused on stretching - activities that contribute to the flexibility of the neck. This set of exercises for the neck it is able to remove fatigue and stiffness, it is very useful in a permanent location on the computer or desk. Perform exercises should be careful, you need to wait for the adaptation of the neck muscles to the load - it will provide protection from injury.

Exercise for the neck:

  1. The starting point is the position of lying on his stomach. Relax. The hands are placed palms upward along the trunk. The chin is level with the torso. Slowly turn his head to the left, then return to its original position and turn the head to the right, try to touch your ear sex. Exercise for the neck muscles is repeated at least 10 times.
  2. Starting position is standing or sitting. Maximum Zoom chin to your chest, bending the neck, then slowly tilt your head and try to look as far as possible. Inhalation do extension, flexion at expiration. Exercise repeat 10 times, slowly.
  3. Starting position is standing or sitting. Put your hand on your head and press on it for about 10 seconds, keep stillness. A variation of this exercise can be a position where the head rests against the wall, alternating the left and right halves.
  4. Exercise for a beautiful neck is as follows: the lips are drawn tube, you will need to articulate, pronouncing "On-U-I."
  5. Performed standing or sitting. Head and back straight, shoulders back. Tilt your head forward, chin touch your chest to the account 1. On the count of 2, 3 chin firmly pressed against his chest. On 4 take a starting position. Take your head back to the account 1, 2 and 3 - easy touch back of his head to his back, on account of 4 return to the starting position. On the count of 1, turn your head without dropping the chin, then return to starting position. This is quite an effective exercise for the neck, eliminates congestion in the vertebrae and tissues.

If you perform the same workout, subject to all recommendations for a month, you will be convinced of their effectiveness. The main condition is a gradual increase in loads and the addition of new elements. Exercise for the neck are very useful, as some of the tension in this area contributes to the development of migraine, severe pain and a burning sensation. People who work in most hands only (hairdressers, engineers, computer scientists), often suffer from neck area due to the fact that the muscles that support the hands are found in the neck area. Plus, there is a lot of focus vessels and nerves, so people such trades occur salt deposits and congestion in the tissues.

Effective exercises for the muscles of the neck:

  1. Commit tilts right and left with his chin pressed against his chest, then similarly, only with a raised chin.
  2. Sit cross-legged, back in the upright position, arms are locked into fists that are stacked one upon the other. The chin rests on his fists, elbows at this moment are in a perpendicular position with respect to the trunk. Head tilted slightly forward, leaning heavily on his hands, which at this point are resisting. After the 4 slopes, arms stretched along the body. This is one of the most effective exercises to strengthen the muscles of the neck, because the resistance exerted by the hand, he sets the tone.
  3. Movement of the head - rotation. It is performed 2-3 times in one direction and then the other side with an increase in range of motion. This exercise can be done with the resistance arms.
  4. The starting point is the sitting position. Then "write out" numbers from 0 to 9 own nose. This exercise for flexibility neck effectively doing its job and doing neck ligaments flexible.

Neck - a link between head and body, it is focused a lot of nerve endings. Neck muscles are provided with an abundance of blood vessels that supply blood to the head and skin. The level of the tone of the neck muscles miraculously affects the contour of the oval face, chin tucked up saving is possible due to the constant study of exercises for the neck and chin. Such a charge must be a mandatory element of the morning exercises or other physical training programs.
Now it is necessary to consider more detailed set of exercises for the muscles of the neck, designed specifically for in-depth influence on the state of the body, the development of flexibility, mobility, stretching, eliminating stagnant phenomena in the vertebrae, relaxation and stress relief.

Exercise for the neck muscles

Complex 1:

  1. Very tilt his head back, his mouth slightly open, relax the jaw. Then, tighten the muscles of the chin, slowly but firmly pull the lower jaw so that it is slightly covered top. Try to get the tip of the nose as if his lower lip.
  2. His hands clasped in castle, move them under the chin, with resistance zaprokinte head back. In such a situation arises strongly enough genial muscle tension. This element of the exercises for the neck and chin, strengthens muscles and tightens skin in the area. Squaring the chest, put his fingers on the shoulders, neck, when it is necessary as much as possible to pull up. Press the fingers on his shoulders, while not raising them.
  3. Relax your shoulders, lower arms at his sides. Dropped his head on his chest, move it on the chest toward the left shoulder as far as possible, then flip your head back, then to the right shoulder and then back to the chest. Repeat similar movements, but in the opposite direction. Lean your elbows on the table and rested his chin on his hands, clasped in castle. Work out an intensive push chin and simultaneous resistance to his hands, chin should try not to succumb to pressure. This physical exercise for the neck it can strengthen and improve the contour of the oval face.
  4. Squeeze your fingers into fists, bring them to the level of the neck in the air in front of him. Try to stretch your chin and forcefully press the hand that actively resist, tilt your head.
  5. Draw a face on the "mask of contempt" - lower corners of the mouth down, straining the muscles of the neck at the same time. Alternately tense and relax your muscles, holding the state of tension for several seconds. This will enable better control of the muscles, the body feel better - exercises to strengthen the neck in a short time contribute to raising their tone.

Exercises of this complex initially perform 2-3 times, gradually increasing the amount of up to 15 times, for better mastering the technique of performing the charging stand in front of the mirror and start to complex. Before each charge should rub his neck with a towel soaked in cold water - it contributes to raising the tone of muscles. Complex exercises for the neck muscles are able to work at the same time the flexibility to increase the stretch, increase muscle tone. After the procedure, wash your neck with cool water, pat the back of his hand on his chin.

Complex 2:

  1. Follow from a sitting or standing position. Head-to-vigorous pace to throw up, his head must be as close to the back. Then down, pulling his chin to his chest. Start is slow motion is repeated 25 times, taking a pair of "up and down" in a single movement. In case of severe degenerative disc disease or high blood pressure, follow an exercise extreme caution.
  2. In the sitting position work out vigorous head movements from side to side. Do this procedure at least 25 times since the slow pace eventually go to intensive. These exercises to strengthen the muscles of the neck is well rid of stagnation in the tissues and vertebrae.
  3. Head make circular movements as if she rolls over on the shoulder girdle. Neck describes the trajectory of the cone - the nose describes a circle of maximum radius. Exercise work out slowly at first, then increase the pace and perform at least 25 times.
  4. The circular motion in a horizontal plane. Chin moved at the same time parallel to the floor, his nose "looks" only forward. Alternately in one direction or the other. These exercises for a beautiful neck can tighten the skin of the neck, to make it look more youthful.
  5. Make "klevatelnye movement" horizontal head. Repeat this exercise should be slow, otherwise you can pinch the nerves.
  6. Twist the arms above the head. While maintaining the vertical position of the head and move it from left to right in the plane of the shoulder girdle. The hands move in the direction that will be opposing the motion of the head. The head is not tilted, take up 8-10 such movements.

These effective exercises for neck designed by experts in order to provide the most imminent health effect and improvement of the neck muscles

Exercise for the neck and chin

 exercises for the neck muscles
 Perhaps in the course of the exercises you may feel a little dizzy. Do not be afraid of this phenomenon, just all the movements must be performed with care and slowly. Such exercises for the neck and can be done sitting or standing, simply choose the most comfortable position for himself, which reached maximum relaxation. In case of dizziness - take a break, and then you can get back to doing.

For starters recommend the mirror - it really speeds up the process of correct exercise for the muscles of the neck. If you pulled a muscle, it is worth to take a break for a few days, if the pain will not take place, it is best to consult a doctor.

When the circular movement and tilt first alternate "neck stiffness", then the shoulders. Compliance with all of these recommendations will help develop muscle elasticity and flexibility of the cervical vertebrae.

Complex 3:

These exercises to strengthen the neck muscles can help in the fight with a double chin.

  1. Imagine that on your chin done a lot of pressure. Start slow climb up the chin parallel to the throwing back his head back and straining muscles. Exercise is repeated about five times.
  2. Straighten your head, stick out your tongue so that it is as close to the tip of the nose. Commit lozenges at the same time the language of movement. Relaxing and removing the language, repeat this exercise about 5 times.
  3. Lift your left shoulder to his ear, starting alternately rotate them in different directions, making a circle as widely as possible. Then change the direction of rotation and made repeatedly. This procedure relaxes the muscles of the neck and shoulders.
  4. Head fold back the lower jaw to be brushed up and down, trying to get the tip of the nose lower lip. Return to the starting position and repeat 5 times.
  5. Walking with a thick book on his head can not only get rid of double chin, but also make you a royal carriage.

Such integrated exercises for the muscles of the neck, not only will save you from a double chin, but also make your neck and shoulders more feminine and attractive.

It is no secret that with age, the neck muscles become weak, lose their tone, relax, and the skin fades and loses its elasticity and freshness. As a result - the appearance of double chin, this is often accompanied by obesity and more. Therefore, the neck muscles deserve no less, and perhaps even more attention, because this area is able to issue the woman's age. Exercises for flexibility neck optimally suited for fighting with a second chin, and to improve the contour of the oval face.

If you have a sedentary job, you should not neglect the direct position of the neck - it gives nobility posture. Select yourself a few minutes and engage with their health at the workplace. Commit Tilt your head back and forth at least 10 times, and circular movements in both directions 20 times - like exercises for the development of the neck to improve blood circulation, promote more optimal blood supply, are an excellent means of preventing salt deposits. You will constantly feel cheerful and healthy!

 Exercise for the neck muscles. Be healthy!

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