learning how to walk in high heels

I do not know who invented the heels, but all women owe him a lot really. (Marilyn Monroe)

Each of us knows - is to wear shoes with high heels, as the men's heads, like radars, turn behind our movements. Floating gait, swaying hips alluring, flirty long legs - all this raises both our personal self-esteem, and the male libido. But what about those of us who still have not mastered the science of sport shoes in heels, no swaying in different directions and not stumbling at every step? If you belong to this category of women, then you urgently need to learn how to learn how to walk in high heels! After all, shoes with heels can transform any, even the most ordinary appearance. And if you wonder how good is, the more you should emphasize their irresistible and sexy high heels.

Age walk - and learn

There is no sadder sight than a poor woman of fashion, waddling in high heels on the Russian roads. Bent legs, protruding ass, shoulders, fused with his chin. The attention surrounding this poor guy is provided; sorry that it's all the other wing! Not to be trapped and not embarrass in front of the venerable public, need long before "the publication of" to understand how to walk in high heels.

If you have enough of this experience, it is not necessary to start training with the highest studs: select a smaller heel. If we talk about the height, then there are three types of heel: low - up to 4 cm, medium - from 4 to 8 cm and high - from 8cm and up. In your case, buy shoes with a heel height of not more than 4 cm. First, walk around in such shoes in the apartment, then walk to the nearest shop, gradually increase the distance. At the same time, try to adhere to the following rules:

  • First comes on the heels, then on the sock.
  • Try to straighten your legs - beauty on his heels with legs bent looks curiously!
  • The stack need to push forward, moving his legs as if he go "on line". Make smooth, soft steps.
  • If it turns out the gait uncertain, try to take a step shorter.
  • Walk with a raised chin and straightened his shoulders. Learn from models - it is unlikely you will see on the podium at least one mannequin hunched, stared at the shiny floor.
  • Strengthen the leg muscles various exercises. Ladies with a good physical preparation is much easier to walk on his heels.
  • Avoid complex surfaces - sand, ice and gravel. Even experienced woman who can perfectly walk in high heels, are not always able to gracefully walk on uneven surfaces. Also, it can spoil the footwear.
  • Special practice requires the movement of the stairs. When you climb up, put the heel and sole of the middle of the steps simultaneously. During the descent lean on sole, not down on the heel (as if on a "tip-toe"). And feel free to use the handrail - it is better to hold on to them, than to get a serious injury.
  • If you are unable to keep his balance and begin to fall - do not try to straighten up and restore the balance! Having fallen, you get a small bruise and the blow to the ego. The attempt to restore the balance could cost you a dislocation or fracture of the ankle!
  • Do not hesitate to lean on the arm of her beau. It will look much more attractive than uncertain "walking on stilts" alone.

 how to walk in high heels

From sandals not stretch one's legs

Once you feel more confident on low heels, you can try higher heels. But do not forget - even the most experienced girl runs on 15-inch heels are not able to sustain such a load a day. Whatever it was, but the legs are very tired; This is especially impact on the beginners fashionistas. Therefore, it is important to think not only about how to learn how to walk in high heels, but also on ways to relieve pain and tired legs.

  • Coming home and taking off shoes, foot massage and make a small bath for the feet. Do not worry, this procedure is quite burdensome and takes little time. Just pour in a bowl of warm water and add a strong tea leaves. Such a procedure will soften and deodorize your feet perfectly.
  • In summer, be sure to keep in the freezer ice cubes. You can make ice from the infusion of herbs, and if too lazy to do - just drip the lemon juice into the water and then freeze. Wipe feet this ice, and you get rid of swelling and fatigue. Also, this procedure is useful for varicose veins.
  • If you have a small "pit" near the big toe, then follow the advice of all dancers: just put a small cotton swab between the first and second finger.
  • If you have planned a long event and you plan to spend it on his heels, by the end of the day, you can almost "does not stand up." To avoid this, the eve before bedtime take a 10-minute foot massage, no harm will be a relaxing footbath. That is what responsible prototypes before shows.
  • Do not go all day in high heels. Once your legs get tired, walk in the light and become a sexual labored and heavy. In the office, you can remove the shoes and have a good stretch your foot - the good, under the table, can not see anything. In the extreme case carry a spare pair of shoes with low heels or flat shoes. It can be great to help out in an emergency.

 how to walk in high heels

Kablukov afraid of - in "light" does not go

Despite all the warnings of doctors that walk on his heels is harmful to health, the beautiful half of humanity is not ready to give up the habit fluttering heels. Still, high heels not only allows women with low growth appear higher, and straightens his back, lengthen legs and gives an exciting, attractive men gait. One need only pick up a shoe shop in a luxury shoe with a high heel, like any of us comes from happiness heart and we begin to feel more beautiful, more confident.

By the way, scientists from the United Kingdom found that high heels and legs serious diseases are not always interconnected. Noting that women are twice as likely as men to suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee, they tested 111 elderly ladies. To their great surprise, the women who regularly wore shoes with high heels and dance in such shoes nights suffering from this disease is much less likely than others. But excess weight, smoking and knee injuries are really able to develop osteoarthritis. And so do not hesitate its desire to understand how to walk in high heels, and not too frightened horror stories about fatal consequences. Subject to the above rules, you can hardly get any unpleasant health. And in most cases, the horror stories spread by those who have not given this a great ability - to walk light-footed, sexually swinging her hips in front of the shocked gaze of men.

 How to learn how to walk in high heels and be always "on high"

 water aerobics for weight loss

Spring came, and at least until sometime sometimes even snow, but felt her breath. Very soon will be replaced by thin warm down jackets and windbreakers. So, all that was hidden under the bulk of winter clothing will be seen. Most of the girls are already thinking about how to reset the accumulated during the winter kilos and tightened figure. Ways to millions, but the most popular - is a fitness and swimming pool. But it is better for weight loss: water aerobics or gym?

Of course, the optimum combination of training in the pool and fitness in the gym. This gives the fastest result. But if this is not possible, it is best to stay at the aqua aerobics. It's no wonder it is considered that water - a good helper in losing weight. During the lessons in the pool you will not only train the muscles, but also return the tone and elasticity of the skin. A whirlpool effect of light has a positive effect on cellulite. Water aerobics for weight loss has many advantages.

Water has a favorable effect on the entire body. It calms and helps to relax, which is important if you frequently experience stress. As is known, stress slow down the process of losing weight. Also lessons in the pool are very useful for those who have frequent depression and sleep problems, which, incidentally, also plays an important role when you lose weight. Lack of sleep leads to a slowing of metabolic processes. So that water aerobics is probably the most convenient and useful option.

Pros water aerobics classes

Unconditional and main plus water aerobics classes - is the fact that the training takes place in the water. And it's not just that you have not seen during training, although this is an important psychological factor. Besides:

  • Water reduces the weight, and hence the load on the spine and joints are substantially lower.
  • The water massages the body, dispersing lactic acid, which virtually eliminates the trouble of muscle soreness the next day after school.
  • The water temperature in the pool does not exceed 30 ° C, which is the optimum temperature for hardening and improving skin tone.
  • Thanks hydromassage quickly leveled and improves blood flow to the skin.
  • The muscles work more efficiently due to the resistance of water in motion, fat is burned, but the muscle mass built up slightly.

Cons water aerobics for weight loss does not have. You can deal with it, even if you do not swim or can not swim at all. In order to enable you to balance on the water before classes you will be given a special belt of a material that does not sink (such as foam).

Well, these classes are suitable for people who are overweight is very large, in fact engage in "land" fitness and weighs more than 90 kilos is hard enough.

However, it should be borne in mind that there are some contraindications for water aerobics classes:

  • Cystitis
  • Genital Infection
  • Colds

 water aerobics as a means of losing weight

What is needed for water aerobics classes

You do not need anything incredible. Suffice it to have a positive attitude and a desire to engage in, as well as:

  • Swimsuit (preferably closed, fused)
  • The rubber cap (nearly always available for hire in the pool, but it is better to have personal)
  • Rubber flip-flops that are not terribly wet.

How to build a water aerobics classes

Water aerobics for weight loss, as any kind of physical activity begins with a warm-up. Once you are warmed up, it begins the main set of exercises, which include the load on all muscle groups. Thanks to this integrated approach worked out all the problem areas. Due to the resistance and the need for balance in the water during exercise involved absolutely all the muscles in your body. This effect in the gym is almost impossible to achieve.

Among the exercises, there are some that require special equipment. This exercise can be a akvagantelyami, discs, sticks, etc. For those who are engaged in a long time, provided such classic weighting weighting in the gym.

All exercises are to be followed, the coach shows. You just repeat them, trying not to bungle and do diligently. After all, it only needs you.

If you engage in good faith and follow the moderation of power, you can lose about 5 -7 kg with pleasure. So water aerobics as a means of losing weight is ideal. The main thing is not to be lazy: swimsuit up and down, to sculpt your figure, because the summer is around the corner!

 Water aerobics for weight loss. Benefits and Results

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