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  • The operating principle of the epilator
  • Working speed: faster, faster!
  • Beauty requires sacrifice: about methods of hair removal pain relief
  • What makes the appliance easier to use rowenta
  • Operation "clean the appliance"

Summer should be fully prepared to meet. Down with the extra weight that warmed our cold season! Farewell shapeless clothes and boots on the platform! At gunpoint sunlight woman must be perfect: a slender, smart, on his heels. But what is it? Hair on the legs spoils the whole picture! And shaving the standard does not solve the problem, but aggravates it. Three days later the treacherous hairs start to grow again, turning in a rough stubble. And the eternal employment often do not allow us to use a razor blade in a timely manner. It seems only yesterday we spent half the night in the bathroom, remove excess vegetation, but today our feet again overgrown. What to do?

If you do not want to resemble a hedgehog in a woman's appearance, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with a more efficient solution to the problem of excess vegetation. His name - the appliance. With his help, your feet will be smooth for years to thirty days. Many manufacturers produce this type of technology, competing with each other in the number of available functions, efficiency and economy. We want to tell you about the appliance rowenta, which (according to customer) favorably combines all the advantages and almost no drawbacks.

Why do we mention the appliance in the singular? Because this article will help every female reader to find his ideal model, which for many years to get rid of excess vegetation. And not only the hands and feet. But first things first!

The operating principle of the epilator

Before you entrust a new miracle of technology of any kind has been part of the body, all women want to figure out how this thing works. Explains. Any action aimed at pulling the epilator extra hairs with its root. That is why you need to repeat the procedure only once a month rather than once every three days, as in the case with a conventional razor. Weeding takes place either using a mini-tweezers, staggered, or through a rotating disc. And the so-called pincer method is considered more effective and less painful.

Now many women by surprise startled. What is this pain? We have nothing about it said! And there is no better time to return to the old proven shaving? Of course, you can use a regular razor and locked in the bathroom at least his men. But it is exactly as long as you do not try the appliance rowenta in action. Specifically, you should evaluate the results of its actions. Which, I must admit, quite impressive!

 how to use the appliance rowenta

Working speed: faster, faster!

Modern epilators are usually three speeds. And they are not designed for someone to remove the hair on the legs three times faster. Oddly enough, but from this point it depends on how often you will need to do hair removal. Because each speed mode for a particular type of hair. Error in use can lead to the fact that the hair will not be removed by the root, but just end up and after a while to grow back again. Accordingly, the hair removal will be repeated more often. Many in such cases (and they are ubiquitous, since many women lightly throw the instructions for use in the bin) err on the appliance rowenta or hardware store. Like the model was not as perfect or dealer slipped a fake.

Ladies, remember as the "Our Father": first speed epilator is designed to remove fine and short hair. The second - for long and thick. Third - for those who usually uses the second speed, but now in a hurry. See the difference? If you have thin hair, then increase the speed of your epilator is contraindicated. That is, try to remove the vegetation of course you can, but do not be surprised if the hair grows back in a week, and you have to do hair removal again.

As for the difference between the second and third speed, there is no need to mention just a fast epilation, but also increased pain during epilation operation at the boundary of its features. That is, the faster you remove excess vegetation, the greater the pain will experience. Therefore, people with a low pain threshold recommended hair removal at lower speeds.

Beauty requires sacrifice: about methods of hair removal pain relief

I must admit that even the most resistant to pain women suffer from the discomfort of epilation. What can I say! Many eyebrows plucked something with difficulty, and then as much vegetation, and removed every hair from the root. Pleasure is not for the weak! Someone in the name of beauty drink valerian, some give up and uses her husband's razor. Some choose a modern epilator rowenta with the special function of anesthesia. Moreover, depending on the model and changing ways of removing pain. Some epilators integrated massage balls that act on nerve endings and reduce pain treatments. Other models include a cooling system - namely, a small container, which prior to use is filled with water and frozen. Touching the ice relieves skin irritation and negates the painful shock.

In addition, Rowenta introduced in some of their epilators a special system that pushes the skin during epilation. This tweezers or rotating wheels do not touch the body, and grab the hair around the middle. Many women often underestimate this feature. And for good reason. 70% of pain is due to the stretching of the skin after the hair. Avoiding this will also help the Y-shaped tweezers, patented by Rowenta and system FRESH EXTREME - anesthesia cool air.

As you can see, the appliance rowenta not only perfectly removes excess vegetation, but also makes it as painless as possible. And what kind of protective function to select (blowing cool, ice or massage) - you decide. The main thing that hair removal is not turned into a painful ordeal.

 How does the appliance rowenta

What makes the appliance easier to use rowenta

Since the invention of the first epilator it took a lot of time, and the producers did their best to improve the female assistant in the pursuit of perfection. For example, if earlier epilators worked only on the network, today any modern model from Rowenta is equipped with a rechargeable battery. It is very comfortable. Especially for those who are going to travel and take the appliance to a total for multiple uses. If travel plans delayed, we recommend to check on how many hours of operation without recharging the battery intended.

Another advantage, which I would like to talk about is packing. It is their number and functionality makes epilation more comfortable. Let's look at some of them:

  1. Nozzle for beginners. It is characterized by a smaller number of tweezers, and this, in turn, provides a less painful hair removal.
  2. Nozzle for shaving. One of the most popular and sought after in the modern models of epilators from Rowenta. It is with the help of the woman removed the vegetation in the armpits and bikini area.
  3. The same role is played and a nozzle for sensitive skin. She has a lot of standard form and is equipped with a small amount of tweezers that allows you to remove the vegetation in the most remote places.
  4. If the hair removal on the body where there were some single hair, get rid of them will head for spot removal. Here are just tweezers in a row, allowing more accurately send the appliance in a particular area.
  5. It happens that the hair on the hands or feet have not had time enough to grow back, but the woman would like to remove them. Using a standard nozzle hair removal is not very effective, but with a special device for lifting the hair you can get rid of the shortest and unruly hair easily.
  6. Great interest among buyers is trimmer, which is part of the epilator. With its help, you can cut the hairs that are difficult to remove, or just spend the so-called "winter epilation", when the vegetation on their feet is not removed, but simply hog.
  7. Unwanted facial hair in women - a rarity. But they bring a lot of trouble its owner. Who likes a thick fuzz on his upper lip? Or sideburns? Especially as a standard razor shave such vegetation is impossible. What to do? Use of Rowenta epilator with a special nozzle to remove facial hair!

What else could you please manufacturer? For example, the ability to do hair removal in the bathroom. It's no secret that many models are afraid of water, and this quality makes a woman do the procedure in a dry place, or carefully monitored to ensure that water does not enter the instrument. But there are a number of epilator Rowenta, who feel great in a humid room. Furthermore, they do not stop its operation after entering the water. This is a wonderful quality because it is the moisture softens the scalp and remove wet hair much easier than dry.

Another quality that rewards Rowenta some of its models, is a comfortable ergonomic shape. Such epilators pleasant to hold. They are light and not slip during use. Plus, all the buttons to control located on the front panel that allows you to not turn the device during epilation, and set the desired command flick of a finger.

A very important feature when choosing its epilator Rowenta is quiet (of course, if you do not want to know about your procedure, all the neighbors). Older models used to hum, whistle, and in every way to tell the outside world about the good work that is currently done. Women seemed more than this quality, and the company has provided a new generation of Rowenta epilator silent mechanism. So now waxing can remain your little secret.

 epilator rowenta reviews

Operation "clean the appliance"

Each device needs regular cleaning. The epilator is not an exception. Doctors and beauticians recommend after each procedure to clear it from the microscopic hairs, clogged at all possible and impossible gap. This can be done under water (provided the epilator waterproof) and by means of special brushes, which are supplied with the instrument. Remove each nozzle, wash it under hot water and rubbing alcohol and gently spread out on a flat surface, as long as they do not dry out. Do not lay the appliance until you are sure that all parts are completely dry.

Keep the device is best in a special case (it is also included in the kit), and before using the appliance should be cleaned with a cloth soaked in alcohol. If you follow all the above rules, your reliable assistant for hair removal will last for many years.

Finally, we note that the appliance each good in its own way. And when making a choice, we must first of all rely on their own desires and not the opinion of the sales assistant (although it, too, should listen). Do not buy heaped model with tons of features, which you certainly will not be using. Conversely, do not take the extra hundreds for the same trimmer, which later will serve you well.

 How do hair removal with an epilator Rowenta

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