Lip Mask


  • A few rules lip care
  • Emergency rescue your lips

Due to the fact that the lips are no sebaceous glands, they need moisture - especially in winter and spring. In the cold season lips are often cracked, dry up, and sometimes they even arise inflammation. Therefore, care of lips in winter is particularly important, especially if they are cracked. Of course, the mask of the lips will quickly save the situation, but also about the comprehensive care should not be forgotten.

We will tell you the basic rules of care for lips and, of course, about how to make an effective mask for lips at home. Almost all the masks are completely safe for your health. Only. what you need to pay attention before choosing one or another mask - is its ingredients. They should not be of allergic reactions. In that case, if you are in doubt - check. Apply a small amount of finished masks on the wrist and leave for 20 minutes. If allergy symptoms will not, you can experiment and apply the mask.

 Lip Mask

A few rules lip care

To keep your lips were always in order, do not forget to lubricate them hygienic lipstick, lip gloss or balm, the means that are a part of cosmetic oils. Lips need vitamins such as A, E, K, W.

At any time, even at night, your lips should be moist. Buy several lip balms, let alone stored on your desktop, the other in her purse, and the third on the dressing table. And do not get hung up on a company-manufacturer - change hygienic lipstick at least once a month. And once again remind - you need to moisten the lips ever! Morning and night, summer and winter.

However, the funds must be selected for each season individually. When buying balm, pay attention to its composition, it should contain hyaluronic acid. Those balms that contain retinol, alcohol, glycerin and menthol is better to postpone until the summer - they will dry your already damaged skin of the lips.

In cold weather better give up the stand lipstick, because its components clog the pores of the lips. If no lipstick you do not think in my life, then apply it only after the strike on the lips a moisturizing balm. While your lips are injured, it is not necessary to apply decorative lipstick and gloss, they are even more irritating to the skin of the lips.

 mask lip at home

Emergency rescue your lips

If you have not followed up their lips and they are already heavily cracked and shelled, you should immediately to save them. The store buy children fat cream, preferably Russian. In the morning and before bedtime lubricate fat cream layer of the lips and leave until completely absorbed. In addition, there are very effective mask for lips for just such emergencies. Particularly effective are those which are based on the honey:

  • Honey mask

How opportune have honey mask for lips. For its preparation you need is any natural honey. Gently melt it, check the temperature to avoid burns and apply a thick layer on the lips. The mask should be left for about 15 minutes, then rinse with water. Only one such mask with honey lips lead in relative order.

  • Honey Cucumber Mask

Grate cucumber - you will need half a teaspoon, mix it with half a tablespoon of honey and leave to infuse for about an hour. Then apply a thick layer of the mask on the skin of the lips and cover with plastic wrap. After about 15 minutes, rinse with cool water. Such a mask should be done once a day for one week - typically this time enough to bring the lips in order.

  • Milk and honey mask

Melt in a water bath one tablespoon of honey mixed with a teaspoon of milk and apply on the skin of the lips. The mask is absorbed quickly enough, so periodically updated layer - for 20 minutes. Make a mask twice a day for three consecutive days. If necessary, treatment can be continued for as long as necessary. But usually when you use honey lips are regenerated very, very quickly.

  • Egg and honey mask

If the lips were cracked badly, try a mask of egg yolk and honey. To prepare this mask, take a raw egg yolk, mix it with honey - you should have a homogeneous creamy mass. Apply it on the skin of the lips and leave on for 120 minutes, then rinse with water. The mask should be done once a day for as long as the fracture is not healed completely.

Te. who sought the help of the honey, know from personal experience how effective these masks. But, alas, honey often provokes allergic reactions. And in this case, from the honey must be abandoned. But what, after all, it is necessary to sponge to clean up? It does not matter, and without honey can do - there are other, equally effective mask for lips.

  • Mask with vegetable oil and chamomile

In a water bath to a boil two tablespoons of any vegetable oil, sprinkle in half a teaspoon of dried chamomile pharmacy and simmer for about five minutes. Periodically lubricate lips with vegetable oil it - be sure to let it soak.

  • Banana Mask

Mix the warm milk and a banana to the consistency of sour cream. Apply the mask to the lips for 15 minutes, then remove it with a cotton swab and apply lip balm or fat cream.

If you follow our advice, but the problem persists, the likely cause of peeling lips covered in infection or a lack of vitamins. In this case, it is desirable to consult a doctor, dermatologist.

 Peel the lips? Mask for lips!

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 Solarium harm and benefits


  • Advantages and disadvantages of tanning
  • Solarium: benefit or harm?
  • Safety measures

We live in an age of high technology, and every person today has available to it devices. Many of us use computers, iPods, cell phones with voice dialing, and even trash cans, which are able to open themselves as soon as someone stretch out a hand to them. We use all these wonderful products to make our everyday lives as comfortable as possible and devoid of unnecessary fuss.

In the same group the benefits of civilization to facilitate our lives, can be attributed, and a solarium, the harm and benefit of which will be the subject of discussion in this article. But first, let's talk about the impact on our health in general can have a tan.

Advantages and disadvantages of tanning

Over the years, many people argue about what could be the benefits and harms of sun. Some believe that bronze skin looks sexy and helps us to be more healthy, while others believe that the consequences of deliberate exposure harmful sun rays can be very disappointing and sunbathing is a simple act of stupidity. And she and the other point of view is baseless. In order to enable you to decide for yourself, good or bad sunburn specifically for you, we present you all the arguments "for" and "against" sunburn.

  • Benefits Sun

One of the most obvious benefits of tanning is that it allows you to look more attractive and sexy. Light skin is good, but "kissed" by the sun skin looks even better. And the figure of Darkie usually looks more slender. So, if you want to look slimmer and sexier - Lights! Just make sure that you always had on hand a quality sunscreen to help prevent skin burns. And remember that tanned and burnt skin - it's not the same, so be careful in the sun!

Another advantage of getting a tan will be that being in the sun for a while, you will receive the necessary health vitamin D. This vitamin is very important to maintain normal body functions. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to various serious diseases. Although this type of vitamin is present in certain foods, the sun is still considered the best of its source.

  • Disadvantages Sun

What could be the harm of tanning? And what are the disadvantages? Although the tan and makes our skin is very beautiful, but it does not hold too long. Depending on your skin type you are sure to lose your tan in just a few weeks - some slower, and some faster. And the instant effect of sun exposure is also not necessary to wait: it is necessary to sunbathe gradually, otherwise you may get burnt.

A great disappointment could be the fact that, being in the sun on a regular basis to achieve the darkest tan, we can seriously damage your skin. According to experts, the skin that is often exposed to sun exposure, tends to accelerated aging. Those people who spend too much time outdoors in the sun and tend to have a rough skin with numerous wrinkles.

Another disadvantage of tanning is that too much exposure of the skin to ultraviolet rays of the sun can lead to certain types of skin cancer. Like all other cancers, skin cancer - a serious illness; but most people do not even know how easy to get sick this terrible disease, just sunbathing on the beach. The development of skin cancer can take several years, and it may take some time until people feel that something was wrong. The disease already starts to strike at the body, and the worst part is that this may not be noticed immediately, while continuing to be in the sun.

Skin cancer can be potentially dangerous, and even fatal, so there is nothing better than starting to protect themselves from this disease now. If you are not able to avoid contact with the skin to direct sunlight (for example, your work is connected with the finding in the street), then at least make sure that you put on the skin sunscreen with a factor necessary for your protection. Usually, creams with an SPF of 15 or higher are guaranteed instant effect of protection against the harmful effects of sunlight, and the effect will last for approximately two hours.

 solarium benefits and harms

Solarium: benefit or harm?

We have found what could be the benefits and harms of tanning in the sun. As it turned out, the one and the other do occur. And what is the difference between a solarium? And is it possible to talk about the dangers of tanning? Or almost instant tan still has its advantages? Well, let's deal!

Solarium - a specially equipped area for carrying out the procedures of radiation similar to sunlight. And the effect is similar - the skin is covered with a tan. And just as when sunbathing in the sun in the solarium harm and benefits also go hand in hand. Too many people do not see the harm solarium, as the damage caused to health becomes visible only years later. Often by the time a person ceases to use the devices for artificial instant tan, and therefore did not bind ailments and diseases with long procedures in the solarium.

What is the danger of tanning? Smallest trouble that can wait for you - it is excessive dryness and itching of the skin. There are bigger and troubles: all the same premature aging and the risk of developing skin cancer. Unfortunately, in many tanning equipment is used at too high levels of ultraviolet radiation is harmful to the skin.

  • Use of the solarium

The solarium harm and benefits similar to those characteristic of tanning in the sun. Only use the solarium is still much greater than the harm. If you really want in a man to what may be tanned in the solarium it can get unique advantages.

Let's start with the fact that you can get a tan in the solarium at any time of the day or night and in any season. You do not have to wait for the sun peep out from behind the clouds or on the street will be warm enough to be able to undress and substitute their body under the sun rays. In the solarium you can even sunbathe at midnight - the main thing that was a solarium just opened for you at this time. And even in the midst of winter, you can look as if he had just returned yesterday from a trip to some exotic edge.

There are other benefits to indoor tanning. This tan a lot safer because you can control how much light and how long you will be under his influence. It is impossible to control the sun, and the machine can be programmed to suit your needs!

Visiting solarium, you can even improve your health. Firstly, the body exposed to radiation tanning lamps can synthesize necessary for normal functioning of the amount of vitamin D. Second, the procedure in the solarium help fight stress and depression. This is particularly important in areas where there is little sunshine.

And thirdly, a tan acquired in the tanning bed, help to protect the skin from sunburn. As a rule, first summer hot rays of the sun can cause burns unaccustomed to the sun after the winter pale skin. A gradually acquired tan in a solarium creates skin protection.

 damage to the solarium

Safety measures

For most people, the solarium is the best solution to get a beautiful tan. Especially since research shows that the positive effects of tanning still outweigh the risks, it is important to practice the only intelligent approach and prefer a moderate tan.

The harmful effects of solarium can be easily avoided with simple precautions, especially limiting the residence time of a too strong ultraviolet rays. It is important to use sunscreen, the same as they need to enjoy sunbathing on the beach. After visiting the solarium need to use moisturizers.

You need to know what your skin type and what time of exposure to it is acceptable for you. If you are at a loss to determine these parameters before starting procedures, consult an expert. And one more important detail: do not ever forget to wear safety goggles!

The more carefully you will give your attention to compliance with all of these measures now, the healthier you will be in the future. And that will bring you more solarium - benefit or harm outweigh during his visit - depends on you. Sunbathe with the mind, and sunbathing all year round!

 Solarium: harm and benefit Sun

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