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  • Effect of components of coffee on the skin
  • Recipes scrub coffee grounds

Who among us does not like the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning? And do not order coffee - sublimated products sold in the form of fine dust in multicolored jars in supermarkets - and of the present, maddening their aroma and taste. But who said that a pleasant awakening in the morning - this is the only advantage of good coffee? After all, one of the uses of natural coffee beans is a body scrub. Absolutely natural ingredients have a peeling effect and will help to exfoliate dead pieces of your skin, making it more smooth, young and supple.

Does it make sense to go to the store and pay hundreds of rubles for a fashionable means in a beautiful box, if you can make a stunning body scrub of your own coffee? Surely not! The cosmetic industry offers us a choice of a large number of scrubs, creams and other care products for the body, but not every one of us can take advantage of them. Someone has a severe allergic reaction to the chemical components and preservatives contained in such facilities, while others simply can not afford to spend large sums for quality, but expensive creams and scrubs. And why, in fact make such a scrub at home will be able to any girl, and the benefits of such natural cosmetics is not worse (and even better!).

Effect of components of coffee on the skin

Before creating recipes coffee body scrub, let's find out why coffee is so good for our skin. Did you know that the substances contained in the coffee beans, has long been used by women to maintain the beauty and health of the body? The fact is that caffeine stimulates the nervous system well, so even an external application has a calming and relaxing effect on the body.

Another definite plus ground coffee in that the grains contain natural antioxidants, which actively combat free radicals and contribute to restoring skin cells. The older we get, the more our skin is aging because of the lack of substance that could help regenerate tissues in the body. Therefore, any natural remedy, rich in antioxidants - is the best solution for the "age" of the skin of women.

Solid particles are coffee grounds, getting on the skin, easy to peel off the old, dead skin cells and helps to speed up the recovery of new ones. Moreover, they redistribute subcutaneous fat cell arrangement that can reduce cellulite. As a result, our body becomes more elastic and smooth.

Many women who suffer from varicose veins, has long resigned to his fate and believe vzbuhshie blue stripes on the legs "necessary evil." However, if you know that you have a predisposition, and it can be prevented! And it helps you with this is a coffee body scrub. The main component of coffee grounds - caffeine - contributes to a narrowing of the blood vessels, thereby preventing the development of this disease. With regular use of natural coffee scrub, you can make an existing varicose veins less noticeable.

 Coffee Body Scrub

Recipes scrub coffee grounds

What good homemade scrubs? Yes, the fact that their creation does not require a lot of money, because almost all the ingredients found in your kitchen. You are firmly convinced that in front of you one hundred percent natural, environmentally friendly product that does not contain allergens to your skin. Well, in the end, to do their own scrubs - is fun and funny, a great alternative to a simple lying on the couch and the endless chatter on the phone with her friends. So, go ahead to the beauty and irresistible!

Anti-cellulite scrub of coffee

For this recipe you will need thick of two cups of freshly brewed coffee. Make coffee at the same time does not really matter - the main thing that the coffee was natural, without any impurities. So, add a half cup of coffee grounds sugar or sea salt and one teaspoon of any massage oil (you can just any vegetable). If desired, the resulting mixture can be added a little cinnamon or vanilla powder - this scrub will give an additional soothing effect on the skin and leaves a pleasant smell.

As for flavor, then another addition to this scrub will serve a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil. Just be careful, high aromatic content in scrubs may lead to an unexpected allergic reaction! For example, if you are always happy to have used lavender oil, but instead of a couple of drops poured into coffee grounds polbutylochki good, then it can expect redness and itching in the area of ​​application. So be careful and prudent in the use of such funds.

Mix all ingredients, put on a clean scrub wet skin. You can rub the scrub his hands, but will be much more effective if you apply it to a washcloth or wet towel. Do not forget that you need to scrub the coffee rub it in a circular motion - this will help distribute the caffeine and quickly eliminate cellulite on the skin. This procedure lasts for ten to fifteen minutes, then rinse with water scrub.

Coffee scrub for oily skin

If you are the owner of oily skin, then you are perfectly familiar problem of how important it is to regularly clean the skin to prevent acne and oily sheen. Scrub natural coffee beans is ideal in order to solve these problems. To prepare the coffee scrub for oily skin that shines much we need: coffee grounds, apple or grape sauce (best to do it yourself). The ingredients are thoroughly mixed and applied to the skin, rubbing the resulting scrub on the face massage lines.

If you need to narrow down and clean the pores, try the following recipe for a coffee scrub for oily skin. You will need: one teaspoon of ground coffee beans (not thick!), Two teaspoons of cosmetic clay (preferably white or blue), and one teaspoon of grated orange zest. Add to this mixture as much water to make a sticky paste, and then put to baking soda (on the tip of a knife), slaked apple cider vinegar. Apply the resulting scrub on cleansed skin with light massage movements. Recommended to keep the mixture on the skin for eight to ten minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Toning body scrub made from coffee beans and honey

Everyone knows the benefits of honey for the skin: it stimulates the blood circulation, moisturizes, softens and promotes rapid cell regeneration. That is why we present you a wonderful coffee scrub with natural, honey nezasaharennogo. If you do not have allergic reactions to the product, then scrub with regular use of coffee and honey you will achieve amazing results: the skin becomes noticeably more smooth and elastic.

So, we need five teaspoons of ground coffee, one teaspoon honey and one teaspoon of olive oil (if that is not in the kitchen, it is quite suitable any other vegetable). If, by mixing all the ingredients, you will get a lot of difficult to stir, you can add a little honey. Apply this mixture on the problem areas (if on the face - avoid the areas around the eyes and mouth). Rubs scrub massage in a circular motion for four to five minutes, then wash off with warm water.

As we see, homemade scrubs weight advantages over purchase-brothers: it's cheap, environmentally friendly, and, besides, you can strictly control the presence of all the ingredients in the composition. And such an important component of how coffee is available in almost any home and will benefit your youth and beauty.

 Body scrub of coffee: the beauty of the coffee grounds

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 one hour to become a beauty

In winter, every woman wants to look irresistible. What if there is no time to a favorite? Today we'll show you how to use folk remedies without resorting to cosmetics, return eyes shine, lightness and freshness to the skin of the feet. The main thing is to remember that you do not have much time and do not stretch the procedure, and do everything at once.

Face mask: Mix egg yolk and a few drops of olive oil, half a teaspoon of honey, carefully grind. Then apply the mask for 20 minutes on the neck and face, wash away with warm water.

Foot bath: in hot water add the juice of 2 lemons. Keep your feet until cool water, then massaging, grind foot.

Tea on the eyes or cubes of ice from the frozen herbal concoctions to help get rid of bags under the eyes and to relieve fatigue.

 As per hour to become a beauty

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 sun block


  • The benefits of sunscreen
  • Sun protection cosmetics: species
  • What is SPF?
  • What is your phototype: select cream
  • A few rules even tan

Despite the fact that summer, unfortunately, has come to an end, sunscreen can still come in handy. First, doctors on television, from the pages of printed publications and on the radio regularly notify us of the dangers of ultraviolet radiation. Of course, the peak of the heat, and hence the negative impact that has on your skin sunlight has passed, but that does not mean that the protective measures should be put in the farthest corner - you will need them in the fall and winter. After all, taking care of their health and beauty need all year round. In addition, there is such a thing as a vacation that can be carried out abroad, enjoying the holiday and swimming in the pool. Therefore, even if the court in September, information about why there is a sunblock, continues to be relevant. This was, in fact, we will tell you and.

The benefits of sunscreen

Sunbathing in the sun without covering or a hat or a scarf or a thin tunic, only in his youth. And the fact of ignorance and carelessness. Modern doctors have repeatedly reminded of the dangers of ultraviolet radiation - it has long been a proven fact that many people, for some reason still do not attach much importance. If you still continue to take "light" bath without using sunscreen, it's time to think! First, you risk to "earn" burns, and secondly - diseases of the skin. Such unjustified disregard for their health not only increases the likelihood of cancers in the future, but also contributes to the rapid aging of skin. To protect themselves, and as long as possible to preserve their youth and beauty, a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses is not enough - you need a special makeup.

When exposed to the sun over time, the skin loses its elasticity, elasticity, becomes drier and early aging. However, nature has taken care of the person providing it with melanin - a special pigment that is found in the upper skin and provides a protective function. Therefore, for example, than the dark-skinned girl, the less it burns - it is not so much exposed to the appearance of burns, how-skinned person. However, to date, if you remember the solar storm, the environment and other negative factors of the environment, natural protection is not enough. In this case, comes to help modern cosmetology - sunscreens contain special filters that not only absorb most of the UV light, but also contribute to the formation of melanin. But how to choose the right product and so some of them prefer?

 the right sunscreen

Sun protection cosmetics: species

Sunscreens that today are filled the shelves of supermarkets, there are very diverse: this cream, and oils and sprays. Which of them give preference to - your business. And our task - to tell how they differ and what features of each.

So, cream against sunburn: it forms a thin invisible film on the body, which protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun. Thus, with it you get a smooth, dark shade without such unpleasant consequences as burns. The surface of the face is more gentle than other sites, and therefore requires a more enhanced protection. For this purpose are special sunscreen - they not only protect from ultraviolet radiation, but also moisturize and soften the skin tone, as well as saturated as the necessary vitamins. To stay beautiful for years to come, apply them not only during the holidays, basking on the beach, but before going out (for a daily make-up). Sun Oil provides the same functionality, but its effect is slightly weaker than the cream.

There are sunscreens that are responsible for your skin after sunburn. They have a moisturizing and soothing effect - reduces redness and irritation caused by exposure to the sun. These products come in the form of lotions, sprays and creams.

In case you were too long on the beach, forget about the necessary protection and burned, you need cosmetics for burns, which reduce pain, relieve redness and speed up the regenerative processes of the skin.

What is SPF?

Today the choice of sunscreen products is huge. They are useful to all, regardless of age, color and gender. Anyone who wants to sunbathe health and that should be appearing on the beach or going outside, apply a special cream. Thus, this person will save not only their beauty, but also protect the body from harm.

This makeup is different in terms of protection against UV rays. Often the value of its effectiveness manufacturer specifies on the package means as an index SPF (in the full meaning Sun Protective Factor, ie the sun protection factor), which can range from two and up to sixty. It shows how many times the ultraviolet radiation is reduced after treatment. The higher the SPF, the more confident you can feel yourself as a cream to protect the skin better.

The safest time during which can stay in the sun - is ten minutes. Therefore, if you use, for example, a cream with the level of protection of SPF-12, you can bask on the beach for the entire two hours (the calculation formula is as follows: 10 x 12 = 120 minutes). We should not forget that more than one hour of sunbathing inappropriate. The fact that the body stops producing melanin, which is responsible for tan person is after this time.

Let's talk about the meaning of a protective factor. As we mentioned, it can be between two to fifty (or even more) points. Thus, funds with an SPF of two to six provide basic protection, and from eight to twelve - the average, considered to be the highest of fifteen to twenty-five. If you want to more intensively take care of your skin, take means, SPF of from thirty to fifty units and above.

The most popular and sell today are the cream with the level of protection of ten to fifteen - they fit the majority. However, those who had just arrived on the sea and has not had time to properly tan, better to give preference cosmetics with high SPF - twenty-five and above. A white-skinned girl with red hair and a natural blonde, and not recommended to use less powerful means, since they are more prone to the appearance of burns. Also at risk are babies. This is due to the fact that the child's body produces the desired pigment slowly than an adult, so they burn faster. In this case, the ideal option - a sunscreen with an SPF of at least thirty.

Also, when buying cosmetics look for more natural ingredients that make up the cream, such as hibiscus, green tea, vitamin E, extract of Edelweiss, as well as beta-carotene and aloe. They not only reflect the UV rays, like a mirror, but also caring for the skin, moisturizing and toning it.

What is your phototype: select cream

In order to choose the right cream, you must consider not only the level of protection, but also your phototype.

The first, called the penny (or Celtic) are blondes with blue eyes and red hair with white skin. They are "afraid" of the sun, just after a short stay in it burned and covered with red spots. If you belong to this category of people is not even being on the beach and just walking around the city on a hot day, be sure to use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least thirty.

Representatives of the European (or German) phototype - whites (often with freckles), people with brown, green or light gray eyes and blond or light brown hair. They can stay in the sun without fear of fire, not more than fifteen minutes. In the early days of rest preferred to apply the cream with an SPF of between twenty and thirty, and after - a lower level of protection (from eight to ten).

To a mixed type are dusky brown-eyed lady with brown or dark blond hair. These people love the sun, so they can sunbathe without health risks for about thirty minutes. They fit cream with SPF 15 - in the first three or four days of rest, and in the future - from six to eight.
Representatives of the Mediterranean phototype - dark-eyed brunettes with bronze skin. They can sunbathe quietly more than an hour as burns for them - a rarity. In this case, suitable cream with protection from six to ten (initially).

Most fortunate blacks. If you belong to this type, you should not use sunscreens - they simply do not need you. To get rid of the feeling of dryness, take a normal moisturizer.
With regard to children, then they should choose a special cosmetics with a high level of protection adapted to the delicate skin. It is generally recommended SPF 30. Also, these funds should be used for those planning an active holiday in the mountains, the snowy peaks or enhanced water sports.
Products produced by the sun in different forms: creams, oils or emulsions, sprays. The advantage of the latter is a convenient and fast way of drawing - they are sprayed over the entire body. Whatever means you choose, most importantly - do it in accordance with your phototype. This takes into account the conditions in which you are going to relax.

 a good sunscreen

A few rules even tan

If you do not want to age prematurely, use a sunscreen. Apply them to a clean, dry skin for fifteen to twenty minutes before going to the beach. Due attention is given to those parts of the body that are more likely to perform, that is, eyelids, nose, cheeks, shoulders, legs and chest. They will all burn. Do not forget about the armpits, neck and earlobes. By the way, Face to be a high level of protection.

Apply the cream in a circular motion, evenly distributed throughout the body. It is a mistake to assume that the thicker the layer, the better. Here the main thing - after several (three or four) swimming smeared it all over again. If you purchased a waterproof agent, while after each application is somewhat greater because in this case the protective film is washed off slowly.

The most gentle morning sun (up to ten hours) and evening (after four). In order not to burn, go to the beach at this time. If you belong to the third and fourth skin type, the "safe" and the clock can do without the cream or use a low SPF of up to six units.

To your face did not acquire the color of a ripe tomato, before entering the hot sun cover it with a thin layer of day cream and powder. Going to the beach, better forget about perfumes, lotions based on alcohol, deodorants. These products are combined with sunscreen cosmetics can cause allergic reactions. Agree, rashes and acne - a bad companion on holiday.

Increase time spent in the sun gradually, starting with five to ten minutes. If you have just arrived at the rest and your body is white as milk, apply sunscreen - it protects the skin and prevents burning. After a dangerous period will pass and you will get a slightly brown color, you can use the Sun, which will be evenly bronze.

Not recommended keen on oil, because under the influence of the sun, it heats up and brings not always pleasant in the form of burning. Also, do not be smeared with moisturizer that contains hormones. If your skin is prone to frequent inflammation, blackheads and acne, it is best to buy a sunscreen gel - it is less oils and other ingredients that irritate the skin.

Upon returning from the beach take a shower and then apply after-sun lotion on the entire body and a special cream on the face (it has to be two different products). They help relieve redness, and will have a moisturizing and toning effect.

 Sunblock, why and how it should be used

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