moon manicure


  • What is the moon manicure?
  • Which paints are used in the lunar manicure?
  • How suited moon manicure nails?
  • How to make moon manicure at home?

It's no secret that all new - it is well forgotten old. A fashion trends - the best evidence. For example, the moon manicure. A special way of nail polish was invented almost a century ago. He then happily went into the shadows, and now again in favor with fashionistas of all ages. The name of the manicure of this very romantic, even tender and mysterious. So what is this magical manicure, and can I do it myself? Let's face it.

What is the moon manicure?

Most likely, they invented a manicure, looking at not varnished nails. And the name of it happening (according to one version), not from the word "moon", and from the name of the nail at its base. Look at your nails: the beginning of the nail a different color from the entire nail plate, and this part has the shape of an inverted crescent. So what you see is the lunula - visible through the portion of the nail matrix (nail root).

Moon manicure - nail design, in which the lunula deliberately emphasized. With such a design is drawn on the fingernail crescent, completely or almost completely repeats the shape of lunula, which acts as a "moon." Moon called a manicure at us, and abroad, he is better known as Hollywood french manicure or Dior. Revival of interest in this design we have to nail it fashionable house Christian Dior. For the first time after forgetting the manicure has appeared in fashion shows five years ago and gradually gaining popularity, became a hit fashion shows.

The main feature of the lunar manicure - inverted jacket. But unlike the French nail art paints are used contrasting colors. Initially the "moon" in this manicure nail follows the natural shape of the hole, but it launched a modern stylists and fashion crescent horns today can look up and down. And another popular form of lunar manicure - with its combination of service jacket. In this case, the upper and lower half-moons "look" in one direction.

 how to make moon manicure

Which paints are used in the lunar manicure?

In the classic version of the lunar manicure lunula should be covered with bright paint: beige or white. The rest of the nail is painted a contrasting bright paint (red, burgundy). Today, however, the stylists do not stop and offer absolutely fantastic combination:

  • silver and burgundy
  • silver and black
  • peach and black
  • gold and black
  • silver and purple
  • white and chocolate
  • gold and blue
  • white and purple

By the way, the combination is considered to be the most stylish combination of black with gold or silver. But the essence of color matching for the moon manicure has not changed: lunula light on dark (contrast) nail.

Glossy or matte varnish used for lunar manicure? There are no limits. You can cover the nails only glossy or matt lacquer only in different colors. However, this manicure is not forbidden (and even encouraged!) The use of matte and glossy surfaces simultaneously. So choose the options to your liking.

How suited moon manicure nails?

Unlike the classic tunic moon manicure is not suitable for all nail, because visually shorten them. Therefore, it is best to look at it is long (not very long) nails. However, recently it became fashionable and short nails. Therefore, we can not be afraid of the visual effect and make the manicure for short nails.

But when the long nails thus may be of any shape (oval, rectangular, sharp), the short nails should only be rounded or oval. As for the dress code, the Dior manicure is appropriate and in the office, and at a party, and at the reception. What is important is to choose the appropriate color lacquer and (of course!) On how to handle arms.

 how to make moon manicure

How to make moon manicure at home?

The fact that the hands should be flawless look, not speak. Let's talk about how to make this kind of hands. First, you must treat the hands, that is to make ordinary hygienic manicure, and then cover your nails in the lunar-style. So, how to make moon manicure yourself? The first file nails, giving them the desired shape and length of the lining. Then we make the tub for hands and put in order the cuticle, and then degreased nails, taking for this nail polish remover (without acetone). Now you can proceed directly to the moon manicure.

  1. Application of basecoat (bases for manicure). This will preserve the natural shine of nails, manicure and help longer hold.
  2. Once the base is completely dry, cover the entire nail varnish or lacquer bright color, what is supposed to be a crescent on the nail. Again, we wait for the paint to dry.
  3. Now we seal the lunula special sticker crescent-shaped horns deploying it up or down. The upper part of the nail varnish cover contrast, we wait a few minutes and peel off the sticker.
  4. The final stage - applying a sealant.

By the way, if the pattern of suitable shape you do not, then the suit and stickers included in the set for French manicure. In this case, the first base coat nail polish, and then the main konstrastnym color. When the paint is dry, glue sticker, aligning the lower edge of the upper limit of the crescent, and then cover with a light varnish lunula.

If you (suddenly) was not at hand is no sticker, and you just Hollywood jacket is required, proceed as follows. First, on the basis of contrast, apply varnish and wait until it is completely dry. And then a thin brush and paint a bright crescent draw. However, this method requires not only the hardness of his hands, but some artistic ability, as well as maximum accuracy in their work.

Possessing theoretical knowledge on how to make moon manicure yourself, you just need a little practice and apply this knowledge in practice. Stay always beautiful!

 Moon Manicure or manicure from Dior

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 beauty secrets


  • Defining Beauty
  • 20 beauty secrets you need to know to youth

In the life of every woman there comes a moment when she realizes that beauty - is not only what is given by nature. Above the beauty we have to work, we need to create beauty. What specifically needs to be done to understand yourself is very difficult. That begins maiden seek the answer to the most important question - what are the beauty secrets and how to become attractive?

We hope that you have a friendly older friends, who can help and suggest. We also want to act in this role, and to give some tips that will help you to understand what beauty is and how to maintain it.

Defining Beauty

Beauty - it's almost the same subjective feeling, like love; is that you can open and explore a lifelong. To find the beauty in yourself, start looking for her around. How do you define beauty? What do you think attractive? Try every day to watch the things or people that you like: it can be a work of art, the sky, the freckles on her nose beloved friend. Try to understand what makes them beautiful to you? These things can leave quite indifferent to others, is not it? So, the beauty of living in your mind, in your view about it. And so each person.

But, despite the fact that the concept of the beautiful varies from person to person, there are some common characteristics, which, perhaps, everyone agrees:

  • Health - beautiful

    A healthy person is cheerful and energetic, and this is the main condition for appeal. And vice versa - there is nothing beautiful in the destruction of the body, even if you do it slowly, ignoring the need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Beauty comes from within

    There are so many so-called "beautiful" people who lie, cheat, steal, and even kill. Looking at the man with the attractive features of the exterior, with a smile that makes meanness, you can hardly say it was beautiful. Finding himself brought up the integrity of his character, you can be beautiful both internally and externally. I dare say - inner beauty attracts people much more than visual appeal. And most importantly, this beauty is timeless.

 useful beauty secrets

20 beauty secrets you need to know to youth

But we are not going to convince you that the visual appeal is irrelevant. Yes, and it would be foolish to talk about young girls. The nature of something when even well-mannered and beautiful want to be right now! Of course, appearance is very important for women, and it is important to understand the main secret: that unattractive, you should be able to hide, but that gives you an advantage, it must be emphasized. And what else have to know just to adolescence?

  1. The hydration of the body is the key to possessing good skin and healthy hair

    It is highly recommended to drink a glass of water before bed and first thing in the morning. Clean water is the best weapon in the fight for beautiful skin and in general for health (it is well flushes toxins), as well as for weight control - very often we mistake for hunger signals about water scarcity, which sends our body, and as a result we eat more than is actually necessary.

  2. It is important to maintain a good blood circulation

    The best way to get the blood to "run" faster - a contrast shower in the morning and then rubbing a rough towel. You will be quite surprised at how to improve the color of your face, if you regularly perform this procedure!

  3. You have acne?

      Be sure to visit a dermatologist! The biggest mistake that women trying to get rid of pimples on their own. And unpleasant deposit pimples will not disappear, and the skin may remain ugly scars.

  4. Do not use a foundation

    Many believe that if you have acne, the first thing to do is to cover them with a thick layer of foundation. Doing this is not necessary! The base is suitable for women who are older. It not only hide your natural beauty (even when the skin is such a beautiful color as a youth ?!), but will make acne more noticeable. Instead, the mask acne spot-on concealer, then apply a light powder the moisturizer or foundation, which is much lighter than the heavy base. Concealer never rub. With his application, use the middle finger, pat "hammering" tool in problem areas.

  5. Do the right accents, striking makeup

    Love to allocate the eye? Then do not Tint lips, apply them only to shine. Prefer lipstick saturated colors? Then stay away from bright blush and apply only to the eyes mascara and light eye shadow. If a bright make up and eyes and lips, then you will look like a clown.

  6. "Less" - it means "better"

      Have you noticed that not all of your friends look good with decorative cosmetics? And why? Regardless of age, too much makeup on the face makes the look much worse. If you apply foundation, powder, blush, liner, mascara, eye shadow, lip liner and lipstick each day - you're obviously overdoing. All you really need is a good mascara, concealer to mask the errors of the skin and lip gloss. In winter, you can add protection foundation.

  7. Never leave your makeup at night

    If you take the time to put on a little makeup, find him and make-up remover. Yes, and how to go to bed, do not clean the skin not only of makeup but also from contaminants that have accumulated over the whole day?

  8. Natural hair always looks more attractive

    If you have dark hair, you can experiment with color, choosing a shade to the tone or two darker or lighter. Are you blond? Try coloring shampoo that will add depth to your natural color. We often see teenagers mercilessly bleached his hair, even if they were originally dark. I must say that they look more depressing than admired. Agree, born with hair, "kissed" by the sun - is not the same as that clumsily erase them bought dye.

  9. You can never go wrong if you become applied to the hair mask - this will strengthen them and make a thick and shiny

    You can buy ready-made tools for hair care, and can make their own masks.

  10. You have oily hair, wash your hair every day is not enough time?

      If you have blonde hair, you can put on them baby powder that absorbs excess oil. Then shake the hair to remove the powder. For dark hair is better to buy a dry shampoo suited to your hair color.

  11. Spend surplus funds not on gadgets that help a splurge, but better to invest money in high-quality cosmetics and body care products.
  12. Buy cosmetics?

      Be sure to test it. Some tools can not be buy, not try them, otherwise you will not be able to determine what the tone is right for you. Test necessary foundation, lipstick, blush. Without testing, you can buy mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow and lip gloss.

  13. Do not paint over the extension Century

    From that, your eyes will seem much smaller.

  14. Always use sunscreen

    Even if the weather is cloudy or rainy. Protect your skin from UV radiation is necessary not only with youth - from childhood. This will protect you from many troubles, including those from the early wrinkles.

  15. If you like tanned skin, then the best solution is to use a self-tanning

    Only you have to accept the fact that he was not too pleasant smell.

  16. Always make sure that your nails are manicured

      And not necessarily to go for it on manicures and pedicures. It is enough that they are neatly trimmed or rasped and thoroughly cleaned. Do not let the nails remained peeling paint.

  17. Do not forget to shave the hair on the legs and armpits

    Do it better in the end of the washing in the shower, when the skin and hair softened steam.

  18. Use a scrub for the skin

    Treat scrub not only the body but the soles of the feet. If the skin on the heels too dry, treat it with a pumice stone. After using the scrub do not forget to put on a body moisturizer.

  19. Know their strengths and skillfully emphasizes their

    For example, if you have a beautiful full lips, you can "play" bold colors of lipstick and choose the shade that will make them more expressive. If you have a beautiful eye color, then choose a shade that will highlight the color.

  20. Do not forget about the inner beauty

    Even if you do not apply make-up every day, or dressed modestly, but always in a good mood, you'll be much more attractive to guys than bombastic beauty who looks down upon them.

Every morning, as soon as you wake up, tell yourself: "I am beautiful! "And smile. Because "there is a smiling face, which would be unattractive." That's all the beauty secrets!

 Beauty Secrets, which still do not know the young girl

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