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  • Manual (Manual) Facial Cleansing
  • Vacuum cleaning person
  • Facial Cleansing ultrasonically

Any girl from time to time should visit a beautician. Facial cleansing will allow for a long time how to get rid of the nasty pimples and blackheads from the skin surface. Furthermore, the procedure facilitates exfoliation of dead cells, the normalization of the sebaceous glands, blood circulation and metabolism. However, the cleaning of the face has its contraindications: it pustular lesions (and, in general, any systemic diseases skin), viral diseases, as well as infectious diseases and cancer.

Face cleansing procedure is best done in the salon professional beauty make the procedure as quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, when you try squeezing acne and comedones in the home, you can easily enter the skin infection. Beautician also closely monitors the observance of sterility during the procedure, he uses numerous cleansing lotions, masks, hydrogen peroxide and other means to ensure the anti-inflammatory effect.

Cleaning the face - one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in any beauty salon. Due to its relatively low cost, it is available absolutely for any woman who cares about the state of their skin. The following types of cleaning person: mechanical, vacuum and ultrasound. We will tell you in detail about each of them.

 types of face cleaning

Manual (Manual) Facial Cleansing

The essence of mechanical cleaning person is that beauticians squeezes pimples and black spots manually. It's pretty painful procedure, especially if you have sensitive skin of the face. First, the skin is carefully cleaned from dust and any dirt, wipe alcohol-tonic and steamed for ten to fifteen minutes using a special apparatus. Once the skin is ready for the procedure begins directly with the cleaning process.

Beautician presses pimples with your fingers wrapped sterile wipes, and he does it with a sufficiently high velocity. Usually, the painful part of the procedure lasts no more than fifteen or twenty minutes. Manual cleaning of the face most traumatic, so make sure to it that in the hands of the beautician were sterile gloves, it upaset you from possible infection.

After the cleansing is complete, beautician starts darsonvalization. This procedure has become very popular and is used in all beauty salons. Darsonval - a device acting on the skin weak alternating current. The procedure is that the beautician for facial skin special glass electrode. It is completely painless, you do not feel anything but mild tingling. Darsonvalization helps to activate blood circulation, healing and antimicrobial action.

After all these procedures on the face may appear redness and even swelling. They usually pass within a few hours. In order to soothe the skin quickly, any facial cleansing ending application of a special moisturizing mask, which dries and tightens pores.

Vacuum cleaning person

Vacuum cleaning person is carried out using a special apparatus - nozzles, pumps air and creates a negative pressure draws out impurities from the pores. In contrast to the mechanical cleaning, the procedure is absolutely painless, it can be done even at home by yourself (if the instrument). Vacuum unit by its action like a vacuum cleaner, which extends from the pores of dirt.

This type of cleaning is convenient by the fact that the tube can reach any remote place - for example, in the ear or in the folds of the nose wings. However, there is a huge vacuum cleaning Less: special nozzle draws only superficial dirt, leaving deep grease tube intact. Therefore, in many beauty salons are practicing a mixed type of cleaning - plus manual vacuum.

The procedure itself is clean short duration - takes about ten minutes. Beautician leads nozzle across the face in a circular motion to remove dirt. Besides the cleaning, the vacuum method is well tightens the skin and provides an excellent massage effect. After cleaning, you will feel like leather, literally breathing.

 After cleansing your face

Facial Cleansing ultrasonically

This type of cleaning is perfect for all women who want to get a rejuvenating effect. High-frequency sound waves to remove the dead cells of the skin, remove pimples and excess sebum - in this case the face smoother and fine lines become unnoticeable. This procedure normalizes the blood circulation and metabolism, making the skin radiant and fresh.

Facial cleansing using ultrasound is painless and atraumatic, it can be used not only for individuals but also for other problem areas of the body (for example, décolleté, for back and shoulder). Considerable advantage of the vacuum cleaning of the face is the fact that the risk of infection during the procedure is simply impossible. Moreover, after the ultrasound is not any swelling or redness. Even if you have hypersensitive skin, soothing mask after the procedure will remove the last remnants of irritation.

Unfortunately, this procedure has some contraindications. Facial cleansing using ultrasound can not be done in women with high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and oncology all. Pregnant girl this procedure can only be performed in the first trimester.

Mechanical (hand) cleaning should not do very often - twice a year is enough to make your skin look clean and healthy. Hardware same kinds of purges (vacuum and ultrasound) can do every season. In order to avoid complications after cleansing in the form of redness and scarring, watch cosmetologist choice - it depends on its professionalism security of your skin.

The day after the cleaning person can not apply makeup, sauna or swimming pool to avoid getting infections. Plan your day so that after the procedure, to stay at home, because even the smallest dust particles are harmful to your skin. Within two to three days, apply to the skin moisturizing facial foams and gels - they do not need to rub, so they are far preferable to creams at the moment. Also in the next few days after cleaning can not be applied to the skin do scrub or peeling - it could injure your skin.

 Face cleaning at the cosmetician: the way to a clean and healthy skin

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 increased sweating


  • Hygienic procedures
  • Deodorants and antiperspirants
  • Simple Tips

Unfortunately, excessive sweating - hyperhidrosis - not such a rare problem. And it is found in both men and women. According to some information only in our country, it affects about 4 million people. What are the causes of excessive sweating, and what to do to defeat this attack? Let's deal. Generally, sweating - it is quite normal and natural reaction of the human body to increase the ambient temperature. This process protects us from overheating. In addition, through the skin of the output of harmful, unnecessary body substances.

Troubles arise only when too much sweating starts to interfere with a person to lead a normal life. For example, constantly wet palm, because of which men have problems with communication - because they are accustomed to shake hands. Or ever - even in winter! - Wet feet, because that spoils the entire shoe, and remove shoes is only possible while remaining in solitude. And a lot of other troubles. Why is this happening? The reasons can be several. The most common are:

  1. Heavy physical work. In men, excessive sweating is most often associated with it. This - is perfectly normal and should not cause concern.
  2. Heat, hot drink or food. It also considered the norm.
  3. Stress or a strong emotion. This applies to both men and women. If such a situation is not repeated too often, there is no reason to experience.
  4. Age-related changes. For example, at the climax zhenschin.Tut too, do not worry - it's just to be endured.
  5. Various diseases. For example, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, adrenal tumors and others. In this case, in order to eliminate the sweating of the body must be cured "root cause."
  6. Features organism or genetic factors. Since nature can not argue. It remains to find a way to get rid of this problem. What to do if you have excessive sweating?

Hygienic procedures

Perhaps the most simple and reliable means of sweating - is careful hygiene. In particular, a regular shower. If necessary, try to take it 2-3 times per day. The fact that heavy sweating changes the acidity of the skin, which leads to very unpleasant pungent smell and can even cause fungal diseases.

When sweating hands further recommended contrast baths, and after them to rub his hands with lemon juice. If feet sweat a lot, you get rid of this problem, you can use table salt or baking soda. Prepare a solution at the rate of one teaspoon per cup of hot water regularly, twice a day, wash their feet. For men suit is another way - pour into socks shredded oak bark.

 Sweating causes

Deodorants and antiperspirants

Choosing modern means an unpleasant smell of sweat - emulsion, talc, gel kremy- simply amazing. However, the most proven and popular among them are still antiperspirant and deodorant. In terms of sales among Toiletries these funds hold leading positions. Deodorant contains substances capable of neutralizing the unpleasant smell of sweat, which is usually associated with the reproduction of microbes in the armpits. The deodorant may be in the form of gel, spray, cream or powder.

When sweating more effective, perfectly masking the smell of sweat, a spray. However, for sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions, a deodorant does not fit. To travel the ideal option would be roll-on deodorant, which, thanks to its convenient packaging will not spill on the road and do not take up much space. Creamy deodorant and deodorant gel, in contrast to the above means, are more expensive. But the effect they have a prolonged.

The composition of any part of deodorants or triclosan, or farnesol - are substances that kill bacteria. Triclosan is designed to cope with a sharp unpleasant smell of sweat, but he has an aggressive impact on the natural microflora. For women with sensitive and fair skin is more appropriate more gentle deodorant made on the basis of farnesol.

Antiperspirant due to the content of organic salts of zinc and aluminum capable of blocking the sweat glands, thereby reducing perspiration. However, for the permanent use of it is not suitable as the regular use of the skin is likely to lose its natural protection. Today, many manufacturers offer deodorants, antiperspirants which have a double effect - both kill bacteria and reduce sweating.

 excessive sweating causes

Simple Tips

  • Apply deodorant only on a dry and clean skin.
  • Regularly remove the hair in the underarm area. This advice applies to both women and men - hair not only keep an unpleasant smell, but also are an ideal place for bacteria.
  • If skin irritation occurs in the armpits abstain from alcohol means, try to replace them with talcum powder or baby powder.
  • Get rid of the extremely unpleasant odor deodorant will help with bacteriostatic effect.
  • When allocating too much sweat is odorless, go to deodorants, antiperspirants, which effectively cope with increased sweating.
  • If Toiletries did not help get rid of the unpleasant smell of sweat, should see a doctor - excessive sweating can link with endocrine or nervous disorders in the body.

As you can see, this is very unpleasant and sensitive issue could be solved "at hand" means. The main thing - to make sure that it's just your individual feature, not a symptom of a disease. Just give yourself a little time, and then one person suffering from excessive sweating will be less. You all must succeed!

 Increased sweating - get rid of the problem

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