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Many ladies will sooner or later face the problem of hair removal with a particular part of the body. Hair pluck, shave or remove a progressive and gentle ways and means. To solve this problem, you can turn to professional cosmetologists or try to solve it yourself. Whatever option you choose, your body will undergo a depilation or epilation. In the latter case, you will need to purchase (for self-removal of hair), a special device called epilators, and therefore need to know how to choose the appliance. And this choice, we note a very difficult and delicate. But first things first.

Waxing hair removal or

Both of these procedures are very similar, and they have one result - hair removal. However, in the first case only removes visible (cutaneous) part of the hair, while hair removal is the destruction of hair follicles. The oldest, easiest and most affordable form of hair removal - shaving. On the other hand, this method has several disadvantages. For example, the skin after shaving is irritated very often has unsightly and deliver discomfort. Also, the effect lasts long after shaving: hair begins to grow already in the second or third day after the procedure. To use special depilatory creams and wax strips, but have to use them almost every day.

Hair removal - a more efficient method of hair removal. And he enjoyed success with women because of hygiene and prolonged effect. However, hair removal, like any other manipulation of the skin, accompanied by a number of negative consequences. So absolutely secure this procedure can not be named, but some well-known and little-known measures will help to quickly get rid of these effects, and even prevent their occurrence.

Note that today much of a difference between hair removal and hair removal procedures do not see not just ordinary women, but also employees of beauty salons, as well as manufacturers of epilators. And that is sold in stores under the name of the appliance, really is a means (tool) for depilation. In general, this confusion is so chronic that any procedure called epilation hair removal and epilator - any tool for this procedure. Therefore, speaking about the choice of this appliance, we'll talk about exactly what we offer modern manufacturers. And how (by means of hair removal, or hair removal), it removes the hair - a separate issue.

 good epilator

What epilator

The principle of operation of any epilator is as follows: several pairs of metal discs rotating and touching, as the hairs grip tweezers, removing them from the root. This is called multipintsetnoy system and use it all manufacturers of epilators. However, this system has its own characteristics and brand name for each brand.

  • Philips calls his multpintsentnuyu system Satinelle. This system is equipped with twenty-one rotating disk, which operate at two speeds. The first speed epilator allows you to make tweaks, six hundred (capture) in the second, the second - seven hundred thirty-three pinch.
  • Rowenta produces epilators with a system of thirty-two pairs of tweezers. It is called Precision, and in addition to Precision Tweezers and equipped with four rows of double brushes, guide hairs.
  • Braun calls multpintsentnuyu system Silk-epil. This system is equipped with twenty pairs of independently rotating disks, and has two degrees of capture: for fine and coarse hair.

Almost all models are equipped with two-speed epilators or three-speed pincer systems. Application of the first speed (low speed) when it is advisable to remove short or thin hair. The fact is that if you try to remove those hairs at high speed, the hair will just explode, but not removed. If these hairs are removed at a low speed, the hair is removed by the root. High speeds are not afraid when removing a long and hard hair. On the other hand, getting rid of the hair on the second or third gear, people experience less unpleasant pain during epilation.

What are epilators

Shavers are different, and their types depend on the principle of start-up disks and designed for specific areas of the body. Let us see what are these ingenious machines for hair removal.

  1. Spring epilator. This is the last day, although there is still such epilators can be seen on store shelves. The earliest epilators were precisely with a spring or coil which during rotation of the folding and plucking of hair. The most significant drawback of this type of epilators - rapid wear of the spring.
  2. Disc epilator. Its mechanism of action is similar to the previous model, the springs are replaced with disks. Too old model in which the principle of operation was to drive convergence, capturing and pulling his hair.
  3. Pincer epilator. This model differs from the disk equipment metal plates instead of disks. During one rotation of the tip epilator these plates do only one seizure, causing the hair is pulled and released.
  4. Wax epilator. It removes hair with hot wax. One of the most effective epilators, as this technology (invented thousands of years ago) can remove hair in the most remote areas.
  5. Lazernyey epilator. For home use manufactured portable models. The principle of operation - the destruction of hair follicles due to instant heating. The most advanced form of epilators that enables the salon treatment at home.
  6. The machine for a bikini. Another salon replacement procedure. Designed to handle the most delicate and most sensitive part of the female body.

How to choose the appliance

With an abundance of goods variety of models of the same device to make a good choice very difficult. Most often, we focus on price, appearance or on the recommendation of friends. Full consultations in the shop to receive is not always easy, as many vendors are trying to sell at the highest quality model, and the most expensive. How to choose the best epilator? Best - in terms suitable for you. You just need to pay attention to certain points.

  • Manufacturer

When it comes to technology, it is best to buy branded items. Otherwise there is a risk to buy a fake poor quality. Besides the real thing always has branded the warranty period and it included a guarantee from the service center address. The best epilators manufacturers around the world recognized company Rowenta, Braun, Philips.

  • Function anesthesia

This function is carried out using epilators cooling and massage. In the first case, a removable container with water which is frozen just before the procedure in ice. In the second case, the mechanism of massage nozzles.

  • Ergonomics

That is easy to use. The appliance must be of such size and shape that fits easily in the hand and does not slip out of it. Furthermore, switching button velocity must also be easily accessible during use of the device.

  • The outer shape

Women are very sensitive about the appearance of all things in their personal use. Therefore, if you are satisfied in this appliance, but do not like the way it looks, I do not buy this model. Look for something that you enjoy and will meet all your requirements. In the present commodity abundance it is not hard to do.

  • Safekeeping

Very handy when the appliance is equipped with a special mobile package - briefcase or handbag. Then it can be easily taken along for the ride. Yes, and the house to keep it so it will be more convenient.

Here, in fact, and all the important points that need to pay attention when choosing the appliance.

 choice epilator

Compare epilators

One of the best is now epilator epilators Braun 3470. This epilator equipped with additional interchangeable head designed for less experienced users (with a small amount of tweezers) and Replacement heads for the most delicate areas. His kit also includes a trimmer to shave extra long hair and cooling mitten to eliminate pain.

Epilator Rowenta have one indisputable advantage compared with its direct competitors. Namely - at its disposal there is a removable head which is very convenient to wash under running water. Thus, the maximum hygiene is achieved. Fewer ingrown hairs special nozzle for peeling (in the models EP 7620, EP 8550). Of course, a smart move Rowenta company was the creation of an exclusive illumination surface of the skin where hair removal is performed. This feature is available on models EP 8550.

And here is how to distribute their preferences in this area women customers of large supermarkets:

  • Panasonic ES-WD94
  • Braun 5580 Silk-epil Xelle
  • Philips HP 6540
  • Braun 7791 Silk-epil 7 Dual Epilator
  • Rowenta EP 8440
  • Braun 5280 Silk-epil Xelle
  • Braun 1370 Silk-epil
  • Rowenta EP 9230
  • Philips HP 6379
  • Philips HP 6574
  • Philips HP 6570
  • Philips HP 6576
  • Braun 5180 Silk-epil Xelle
  • Panasonic ES 2024
  • Philips HP 6508
  • Philips HP 6507
  • Braun 7280 Silk-epil Xpressive
  • Braun 7681 Silk-epil Xpressive
  • Braun 3270 Silk-epil SoftPerfection


The pursuit of beauty, please be tempered. Knowing how to choose the appliance, do not forget that any medal has two sides. Devoid of any vegetation skin are completely defenseless, and the procedure of hair removal, no matter how gentle she was, traumatize the skin. The skin ages prematurely and becomes loose due to dryness and flaking, which helps a lot, and hair removal.

One reason for the early and rapid aging of the skin - we use soap and water (a side effect of the achievements of civilization). These two "other skin" sometimes become its sworn enemies, irritating the skin and making it dry. Therefore, after the hair removal is not recommended to use detergents containing alkali in its composition. On the contrary, it is helpful to use a cleansing cream soap based body milk or use a shower gel which moisturize and clean the skin at the same time. In a particularly thorough needs moisturizing skin shin, because in this part of the body on the skin located a minimum number of glands that produce sebum (fat).

Be reasonable. Remember that the best - the enemy of the good. Stay beautiful and always in spite of everything!

 How to choose the appliance? Solving the problem of sensitive

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