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  • Masks based on aloe
  • Recipes for porous skin
  • Mask and lotion for dry skin
  • Anti-aging prescription

Sometimes we are not even aware of the beneficial properties of plants around us. Take, for example, even if known to all of aloe, which can be found on every second windowsill in any house of our vast country - from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad. Its properties are truly unique, it is one of the most important components of many medicines. Often used aloe and cosmetic purposes. On the basis of its application or you can create these recipes youth, help eliminate many skin problems and ensure the beauty and excellent condition. It is this use of the evergreen and we'll tell you.

It is known that since ancient times, women have used aloe vera to give your skin a healthy and youthful appearance. The juice of this plant, containing B vitamins C, E and B, has a beneficial effect on all skin types. Cooked with its use of masks has a moisturizing effect, soften dry skin, normalize metabolic processes, effectively fight inflammation.

Aloe juice has a positive effect on the sensitive areas, quickly removing irritation. The most unique properties of aloe juice is the fact that its application accelerates the regenerative processes in human cells. It is not surprising that in folk medicine are so many recipes for youth is based on aloe. It is no coincidence in a simple way is a plant called agave - it's really possible to maintain the health, if not forever, then for many years.

The subject of our conversation will be making masks with aloe. To do this, the leaves of aloe is necessary to prepare: Wash, wrapped in a napkin, and then put in the fridge on the bottom shelf of 10 days. After the expiry of this period, you can proceed to the manufacture of various cosmetics based on aloe juice.

 recipes youth

Masks based on aloe

The mask for any skin

For its preparation is necessary to add 1 tablespoon of aloe juice 2 tablespoons honey preheated, then the mixture thoroughly. After that, the mask should be put on face for 10 minutes. Using our recipe, you can prevent the appearance of wrinkles on the face.

Mask for dry skin make-up

For this mask is required to mix 1 teaspoon of aloe juice with an equal amount of egg yolk. To this mixture, add 1 tablespoon of sour cream. The mask is applied in several layers: the first - on the neck and face, after drying apply the second and subsequent. Apply the mask for half an hour, then wash the face first with warm water, then - cold rinse. This recipe for eternal youth can be safely included in the program of comprehensive anti-aging skin care - to him an effective fight against dryness and wrinkles guaranteed.

Mask for oily skin

Whisk the egg white. Add the 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 2 teaspoons of aloe juice. The resulting mixture was put on face with a broad brush or a soft shaving brush for shaving. Mask for oily skin as a mask for feeding is applied in layers, then wash off with cold water. This recipe will allow you to remove shine on face and freshen the skin.

Recipes for porous skin

If you have a porous skin, which often formed acne, we recommend using a lotion with aloe. To make it, mix 1 part alcohol and 4 parts of aloe juice. Wipe face in the morning with the composition and the number of acne is significantly reduced.

There is another recipe that is useful in the formation of acne: Chop 2 tablespoons of aloe leaves, pour boiling water (3/4 cup) boil 10 minutes, then strained and ostuzhennym composition wipe your face.

 recipe for eternal youth

Mask and lotion for dry skin

To make a mask, you need to mix equal parts juice of aloe, glycerin, lime honey and filtered water. Each component should be 1 teaspoon. The resulting mixture add about 1 teaspoon of oatmeal. Stir until smooth. The resulting mixture should be applied to the face and wait 20-25 minutes. A similar procedure is useful to repeat weekly or more frequently during the month. If desired and necessary, the course may be repeated every 2-3 months.

To prepare the lotion pour 100 grams of aloe leaves a liter of cold water. Let the mixture brew for about 2 hours, and then on low heat, bring it to a boil and simmer for about 5 minutes. The resulting broth cool, strain and pour into a glass container. Lotion can be applied to treatment of the skin of the neck and face.

Anti-aging prescription

For every woman, it is important to her skin looking young and healthy. This will help our recipe: aloe leaves miss through a meat grinder, the resulting mass apply on face for some time (10-15 minutes). Rinse with warm and cold water. These procedures will help make your skin young and supple, tone it and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

To combat wrinkles, there is another way: a day Apply on face fat cream mixed with aloe juice. Instead, it is possible to use a vegetable oil. The components are taken in equal proportions - 1 teaspoon. The mixture is applied to the face with a brush, and then after some time (20 minutes) washed off with warm water.

Thus, a plant that many do not believe and decorative, can bring tangible benefits to our body and help to look good. Using recipes of youth on the basis of aloe cosmetic purposes - is a simple and cheap way to be beautiful and healthy!

 Recipe for youth: how to preserve the beauty

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 cream with effect of sunburn


  • How "works" auto-tan?
  • How to choose a cream that is suitable for you?
  • How to avoid mistakes?
  • How to apply self-tanning face?

Summer! Ah, summer! Perfect time to sun, sea and sandy beaches. And, of course, gorgeous bronze tan that is impossible to take your eyes off. But, as often happens, sometimes even in the sultry time, we can not afford to get out from the workplace and just relax on the beach. And so I want to put on an open top or a dress that accentuate seductive body and tanned skin. It is in such cases will help the cream with the effect of sunburn. What is it and what it "eat", you will learn on.

It is possible that some women already have the experience of "dialogue" with tanning, may not be a very good experience. This is natural, because the first cream, manufactured for such purposes were far from perfect, and brings a lot of disappointments. In order to put on a body cream, it was necessary to have certain skills and dexterity. And the clothes suffered from cream, get dirty and become useless. However, it took several years, and the company, letting in this make-up, ridding it of shortcomings. Today's generation of auto-tans quite successfully copes with its function, while having many useful properties for the skin.

The main advantage of the modern auto-tanning body is its ability to moisturize and protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, drying and dehydration, which is quite important in the hot season. A good cream with tanning effect contains all the necessary ingredients to nourish the skin, protect it from aging and negative impacts. Some varieties of cosmetics also perform an aesthetic function. Due to the fact that they include reflective and shimmering particles, such as creams give the skin a radiant and well-groomed appearance.

How "works" auto-tan?

How does the staining of the skin in such a seductive and attractive shade? Contained in the cream degidroktseatsiton (DHA), in contact with skin reacts with particles of the epidermis. As a result, it formed melanoidin - the substance that gives skin and dark tone. Sun cream with the effect takes effect immediately, its manifestations are visible only after a couple of hours. When the top layer of the epidermis starts to flake under the influence of water, tan gradually disappearing.

Depending on the type of auto-tanning, its duration may be different - from several hours to several days. Using body cream with the effect of sunburn, you expose only the top layer of the skin, and therefore in no way harm the body. And women too sensitive and pale skin doctors even recommend the use of auto-body tan instead of sunbathing.

 body cream with the effect of sunburn

How to choose a cream that is suitable for you?

To choose the appropriate means, be sure to consider your skin type. Women with Scandinavian type - blonde or red hair, it is recommended to use a non-oily lotion or body lotion with tinted effect. Typically, these ladies are afraid of sunlight, their skin quickly "burn", staining red patches, creams with dense texture of place here, in conjunction with pale blond hair and they will look unnatural. If you are the owner of just this type, choose a product with a note - «lifht».

Girls with brown hair, green or hazel eyes like the sun, but do not abuse them much. Therefore sunburn they happen very rarely. Such women can use as a lotion or cream for sunburn, but the best option would be a means to mark «medium», it gradually give the desired effect. You'll look as if every day spend on the beach for a few hours, and your beautiful skin tone - a "work" of the sun, not the auto-body tanning.

But most of all love the sun natural brunettes with dark skin. That's who is not afraid of burns! Quite a bit of sunbathing, and the body becomes even more attractive shade. Darkie need to pay attention to the means of labeled «dark». But, like any other woman, she needs to know the feeling of action, otherwise you can overdo it, as too dark color will look very unnatural.

Before use, be sure to carry out testing facilities to make sure it is valid, it does not cause an allergic reaction? To do this, apply a little cream on a small area of ​​the skin where it is the least sensitive, and wait until it is fully absorbed and dry. You do not feel uncomfortable? Then proceed to the "coloring" of the body.

To the effect of sun cream evenly lay on the skin, clean it with a scrub. It is better to apply a means of gloves, uniform circular motion, starting from the feet. You can resort to a little trick - put on the area of ​​the press moisturizing lotion, let it soak, and then later use sunblock. Thus, your tummy will be a little lighter the remaining parts of the body, and on their background will look taut and toned.

As the lotion to be treated scars on the body or spots, dark to avoid "islands" on the skin. To treat your back, take in the assistant girlfriend, do it yourself because you can not. After the procedure, apply another trick. Take an old terry socks, put on the hand and walk around the body, so the tan will look even more evenly. If you picked up the car-tan suits you in all respects, and did everything right, a couple of hours will be able to boast of an ideal and seductive body.

How to avoid mistakes?

  • If you accidentally put too much blur auto-tan - do not despair. Rinse with water for ten minutes after application, you completely get rid of this problem. Besides perfectly helps to cope with "blots" any safe for the body acid - hydrogen peroxide or plain lemon juice;
  • Causing auto-tan, wait until it is completely dry and avoid moisture. Drops of sweat instantly react with the drug and stains on clothes would no longer be avoided;
  • Sun cream with the effect of long-term actions should be applied at night. Firstly, during this time means better absorbed, and secondly, you can avoid problems with soiled clothes.

In order to have a stable permanent skin tone, you should follow a few rules:

  • Always wait after application it is completely dry;
  • For four hours after application, avoid moisture;
  • Be sure to use moisturizers and lotions after washing facilities;
  • Professional make-up artists say that the more moisturized skin is, the better it is kept on a tan;
  • Every third day, use suntan, putting it on a prominent part of the body, face and hands.

 Sun cream with effect for the face

  How to apply self-tanning face?

Our face is always visible, so there is error with the application of funds should be avoided come what may. Face cream with effect of sunburn choose separate from the body, because the skin on the face is often not consistent with the general type. We act in the same way as the body - cleanses the face scrub to put the moisturizer, wait until absorbed. After processing fat cream eyebrows, scars (if any), the skin around the lips, on the border zone of the hair. Give the cream soak for 10-15 minutes.

We try to spread the cream evenly, do not forget to treat the ears and temples. The transition from the face to the neck is the most difficult, is to do everything very carefully that there was no obvious irregularities. If you suddenly notice a "marriage", for example, is too dark stain, try to smooth out his usual face cream.

Well, like all the secrets of applying tanning disclosed. If you do not mind the time to support their beauty, apply means every 3-4 days. Keep in mind one caveat - if you are too dry, it is best to try not to abuse like cosmetics, or choose those that contain moisturizing ingredients. Purchase only tested creams and lotions do not need to chase the advertising, because your body is not a field for experimentation!

 Cream with effect of sunburn - seductive body and beautiful face without difficulty and worries!

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