Brewer's yeast


  • Properties of brewer's yeast
  • Brewer's yeast for the skin
  • Brewer's yeast to help hair

You know what the brewer's yeast? Brewer's or brewer's yeast - a microscopic fungi that are able to accelerate the fermentation some organic compounds. Thanks to this kind of ability of the yeast, and got its name, as it is widely used in the brewing industry. The composition of brewer's yeast include various substances, including - provitamin D. The yeast protein contains all the most important organism for the amino acids. And that is why in modern medicine uses all sorts of dietary supplements (dietary supplements) on the basis of brewer's yeast.

Properties of brewer's yeast

How useful brewer's yeast? Brewer's yeast have medicinal properties. Their drink with abrasions, diabetes, gastro-intestinal and infectious diseases, skin diseases. Brewer's yeast is used for the rehabilitation of people need for protein and vitamin B, and for the oppressed people with the secretion of digestive glands. Brewer's yeast improves the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, so it is extremely useful for ulcers, gastritis, enterocolitis. With the help of brewer's yeast treat anemia, obesity, and even alcoholism.

The use of brewer's yeast in the therapeutic and prophylactic purposes allows you to activate the metabolic processes of the body, reduce cholesterol, normalize intestinal microflora, increases resistance to stress, improve appetite and strengthen the immune system. The benefits of brewer's yeast is due to their composition. The main value of brewer's yeast to give them the protein contained amino acids. Furthermore, this wonderful product contains carbohydrates, enzymes, and fourteen kinds of vitamins (pyridoxine, provitamin D, folic acid, vitamin H, E, PP), magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, manganese and other minerals.

However, in the beer yeast, as such, it is not present because they are used to ferment the wort. So for health and beauty requires the use of fresh (live) or dried brewer's yeast. Dry yeast can be purchased at the pharmacy, where they are sold as a powder with a specific smell, or in the form of tablets. Take the pill can be therapeutic and prophylactic purposes, but only after consulting your doctor. Do not forget that self-medication is often unpredictable turns and even disastrous results.

From the drugstore brewer's yeast can prepare healthful drink:

  • sliced ​​brown bread dried in the oven until browning,
  • pour boiling water and infuse for three hours,
  • infusion filter, add in a brewer's yeast, put on a slow fire, and heated to 70 ° C,
  • the infusion cool to room temperature, add to it another five grams of brewer's yeast and leave in a warm place as high,
  • eight hours healing drink can be consumed, adding to taste sugar or honey.

Important! Take this infusion without consulting a doctor is not desirable, or expected benefit turned into evil. Treatment of brewer's yeast shows not all. With self-drug use may be an exacerbation of certain diseases.

 brewer's yeast

Brewer's yeast for the skin

The benefits of brewer's yeast for the skin is undeniable and proven not only to medical research, but practical experience. If the skin often appear spots, this may be due to malfunctioning of the bowel, weakening of the immunity or the presence in the body of any toxins. Brewer's yeast, containing antioxidants and amino acids and activating the processing of food, normalize intestinal function, increase immunity and promote the conclusion of the organism poisons.

Brewer's yeast cure acne, and those that are due to vitamin deficiency or unstable hormonal levels, occurs most often in teenagers. To restore the deficit of useful minerals in the body can receive healing drink from brewer's yeast, and for the improvement of the skin to do on the basis of their facials. For example, some yeast mask suitable for oily skin prone to acne and pimples.

  • Ten grams of yeast bred five percent solution of alum and cause on the face for ten minutes.
  • Ten grams of yeast diluted juice of sauerkraut and applied to the face for ten minutes.
  • Ten grams of yeast diluted dining vinegar and applied to the face for ten minutes.

Dry skin and skin prone to fading, as well restored brewer's yeast, divorced warm milk, egg yolk and fruit juices. For dry and aging skin will approach such a mask.

  • Ten grams of yeast, and five grams of kaolin diluted lemon juice and add one beaten egg white. The mask is applied to the face for ten minutes
  • Ten grams of yeast bred trёhprotsentnym hydrogen peroxide solution, then add a little calcium, all mixed with divorced warm milk concoctions. The mixture is applied to the face for ten minutes
  • Ten grams of yeast diluted juice of onion, mixed with one teaspoon of liquid honey and applied to the face for fifteen minutes
  • Ten grams of yeast is mixed with one tablespoon trёhprotsentnogo hydrogen peroxide solution and one a tablespoon of warm milk. Apply on face for fifteen minutes
  • Ten grams of yeast is diluted with juice of fresh berries of mountain ash, add a protein and applied to the face for fifteen minutes

Yeast mask is applied all over the face (except eye area) and then rinsed first with warm and then cold water.

 brewer's yeast as taking

Brewer's yeast to help hair

Properties of brewer's yeast are successfully used for the rehabilitation and treatment of hair. And, to be helpful and yeast drink, and special masks for hair on the basis of brewer's yeast. Here are just take the yeast as a domestic remedy must be only after consultation with the doctor, but from yeast masks hair no harm - only good. Restorative and nutritional properties of brewer's yeast are able to strengthen even the weakest hair.

  • Large onion juice mix with half a teaspoon of salt, with the same amount of castor oil and burdock and one tablespoon of warm water, yeast, divorced. All thoroughly mixed and applied on his head for half an hour and then wash off with warm water.
  • In the water bath set half packs dissolved in sweet water of yeast. Once this mass starts to wander, add two teaspoons of mustard powder and one tablespoon of honey. All stir and applied to the hair and a half to two hours.
  • If you regularly to make masks of dry yeast, filled a glass of warm milk, you can stop hair loss. To this mixture was added one or two eggs and a spoonful of olive oil. Before processing the hair, the mixture should be put in a warm place for fifteen minutes. Then it is applied to the hair and rinsed off in one to two hours.
  • To remove dandruff should be a cup of yogurt mixed with one tablespoon of yeast and put in a warm place. When the mixture is a little wander, it applied to the hair for half an hour.

As you can see, brewer's yeast - a great cosmetic: accessible, inexpensive and extremely effective, which means that the masks for hair and skin should be done regularly. Their healing properties are sure to help restore weak hair and improve the skin condition. But to take the yeast tablets or as an infusion should be very careful. Of course, the beneficial properties of brewer's yeast is not in doubt, even the doctors. But! While not a cure, but only a dietary supplement, not excluded some intolerance body components of this additive, hypersensitivity and allergic reactions. Stay healthy and stay always beautiful and in spite of everything!

 Brewer's yeast, their properties, the use and application of

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 Intimate Hygiene


  • Daily podmyvanii
  • Sanitary napkin
  • Hygiene during menstruation
  • A few general rules
  • What is hygienic cosmetics?

The beauty of any woman's natural. But also by natural gifts necessary to monitor and care. First of all, self-care - is the key to health. And intimate hygiene is no exception. Many ladies are wrong on that account, it is enough just to wash with soap every day for the night and all. In fact, women's health - is a collective term that includes not only cleaning the banal and showering. First of all, it is necessary to find out what can and can not do.

Daily podmyvanii

There is one immutable rule - a woman needs to wash every day, preferably in the morning and evening. Some women carried water treatment with the use of soap, sometimes in the course are antibacterial agents. Herein lies the first mistake! The fact that each female vagina has its particular microflora and antibacterial soap washes, and beneficial bacteria. The composition of the microflora predominantly slightly acidic, and he can not "coexist" with the alkaline composition soap. With frequent use of detergents may be thrush or candidiasis.

Undermining women direct a stream of water from the top and begin vigorously rubbing the genitals to wash thoroughly. This is the second flagrant violation! It is necessary to direct the jet from the pubis to the anus. Moreover, the jet does not have to be strong and the water temperature around 30 degrees. Hand movements should be sent only in one direction - from the pubis down. The reverse movement provokes the movement of harmful bacteria in the vaginal area. By the way, so it is necessary to wash away all the girls from birth. The most common disease occurring at the wrong podmyvanii - trichomoniasis.

Thoroughly cleaned up and begin to wipe. What's complicated? But not everyone knows that it is necessary not to rub vigorously genitals, but just gently blot. Towel for such use must be individually. You must change it every three days - moist environment can become a "paradise" for disease-causing bacteria. If a woman diagnosed with candidiasis, trichomoniasis, yeast infection, it is necessary to use disposable towels.

 Hygiene woman

Sanitary napkin

Now many brands offer use pads every day - and it's very convenient. During the day, some separation is still present, may get dirty underwear, and unpleasant sensations in the wet underwear. But here we must be careful.

  • Firstly, Hygiene woman - is not a "blockage" and the complete isolation of the genital organs;
  • Secondly, even if you use panty liners, you have to change them every 4-5 hours;
  • And, third, you can not wear them all the time.

The fact that the skin of the perineum when worn such sanitary facilities practically breathing - may cause and urticaria, irritation and allergic conditions. Agree, a pleasant enough when the rash appears and pursues the constant itching.

Hygiene during menstruation

Critical days - a special case. Not only that, from the vagina appear constantly allocation because they are the same and are a breeding ground for beneficial bacteria. Add to this humidity, wearing pads, tight underwear and get a complete set for the development of infection. So intimate hygiene of women during menstruation should be carried out carefully. You can not wear a pad for more than three hours. You can not wash too hot water. Do not use antibacterial soap or gel for intimate hygiene, better take the baby soap. You can not wear synthetic underwear in those days - it is airtight, and further increase the chances of developing an infection.

If there is no way undercut, use wet wipes. Just buy them at the pharmacy, with a note of the appointment. Then they will be useful and ordinary days - you never know what might happen. Travel, office, a trip to the nature of - wet wipes for personal hygiene is always useful!

A few general rules

The doctors there are a few basic rules relating to women's health:

  • Soap can only wash the perineum and around the vagina;
  • For cleaning the water temperature should not be hot and cold. Decide for yourself "middle ground" - let it be a nice warm water lapped;
  • Should only be washed away in the direction from the vagina to the anus;
  • You can not wipe vigorously genitals after water treatment, just a little dab with a towel;
  • During menstruation, avoid sexual contact. Not only is it unhygienic, so also increases the risk of introduction of infection at times;
  • If you are sensitive skin in the perineum or use panty liners, do not wash with soap or gel.

Remember, intimate hygiene - a mandatory procedure. You just have to understand the rule once and for all. Then not only an unpleasant odor and discomfort will not haunt you, but also the danger of infection simply disappears. A special section - is caring for the sexual organs in the postpartum period. Each woman will give recommendations gynecologist before discharge from the hospital.

 feminine hygiene

What is hygienic cosmetics?

Nowadays there are a wide variety of creams, gels and mousses, which are able to take care of private parts of the girl. On sale there are two main types of intimate cosmetics: sexy, designed more for fun and hygienic cosmetics, which carries out a definite function.

Such hygiene much better job of cleansing and toning, rather than soap, because they can be applied to the mucous membrane. To care for the intimate area is not recommended to use an ordinary soap, because of the fact that it contains a large amount of alkali. The use of such soaps is penalized condition microflora (lactobacilli kill), which can lead to penetration of the infection into the intimate area. Just use ordinary soap can cause dryness, irritation, and even cause a goiter - a violation of microflora intimate places women.

Intimate funds should be gentle and soft consistency, they should have no coarse particles or corrosive components. When purchasing intimate soap or gel, first of all, pay attention to the fact that this tool could break the acidity of the mucous membrane.

When selecting funds necessary to thoroughly examine the information on the label. If the inscription on the label reads: "to destroy 99, 9% of all harmful bacteria! ", Then it is better to give up buying, because it means that the tool is too disinfects and can kill both harmful and highly useful and necessary bacteria.

They say that the soap for personal hygiene can cure vaginal candidiasis, but this is only partially true. If the cause of whitening is not observed in the elementary rules of personal hygiene, the means to care for intimate areas can be quite effective. But if, for example, goiter, the hygienic cosmetics can not help you.

Here is another warning to be sure to keep in mind when shopping for intimate soap: this type of cosmetics can cause quite severe allergies. The structure of many tools for the care of intimate areas includes various medicinal plants. Therefore, there must be very careful to choose the means and based on your personal characteristics.

 Intimate hygiene women - the key to health and wellness

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