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  • Care of feet
  • What is needed for a pedicure?
  • Technique pedicure
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Unfortunately, not every woman pays due attention to the pedicure. And it is in vain, because in the summer, most of the fairer sex prefer open shoes so your feet should always look perfect. And not only in the summer, by the way. Believe me, your beloved much nicer touch manicured feet with a good manicure.

It is about how to make the right pedicure, you now know. And not only talk about the pedicure, but also about the proper care of your feet. Just make up nails not too difficult, but to the legs were really well-groomed, you need something else. What? Read carefully!

Care of feet

Abrasions, swollen blisters corns, redness, cracks on the heels - very pitiable sight. And so the legs just need your help! There are some simple rules that will return your feet healthy and beautiful as soon as possible:

  • Health.

Too many women forget about even the most basic hygienic requirements and their legs see water only on major holidays. But this is simply unacceptable, as the heels soon begin to crack, and a layer of dirt on the heels nobody decorates. So remember once and for all - the feet should be washed at least once a day! And be sure to lubricate them with cream after washing the feet.

  • Foot baths.

Two or three times a week, the legs must be properly to steam that then without much difficulty to remove dead skin particles of skin. You can steam out legs in the conventional hot water, but it is best to do it in chamomile broth. To prepare the broth, place in a saucepan five tablespoons of dried chamomile pharmacy, fill with one liter of water and bring to a boil and reduce heat. Simmer the broth to simmer for at least 10 minutes, then cool slightly and be sure to strain it, do not forget to press itself daisy.

Chamomile Pour broth into a suitable bowl, add two liters of warm water and stir - all foot bath ready. But before the lower leg, be sure to check the water temperature - it should be quite hot, but in any case not burn. Blisters from burns certainly not adorn your feet.

Keep your feet in the bath camomile at least 15-20 minutes. If the water cools down too quickly, then top up with hot - leg should be good to steam. Then be sure to rub your heels and toes pumice - it is to remove the dead skin particles. Do not use for this purpose scissors and even more so the knife - you risk not only remove unnecessary, but also damaging healthy skin.

  • Softening and nourishing mask.

Do not forget about the mask for the skin of feet. Before the bath it is best to make a softening mask. For instance, a banana. To prepare this mask you will need two large ripe banana, and three or four tablespoons of any vegetable oil. Banana plugs using izomnite to the state of mashed potatoes, add butter and whisk thoroughly with the help of the corolla.

Put the resulting mass in the skin of the feet, and put on top of two ordinary plastic bags. Not superfluous, by the way, will and socks, because the mask should be on the skin of the feet is not less than 30 minutes. But the results will amaze you - after steaming feet horny skin flakes easily leave your feet, giving way to soft.

After the bath would be nice to make a nourishing mask, which also give the skin of your feet smooth and silky. The simplest mask - a cream. To prepare a water bath, melt two tablespoons of butter, mix with two tablespoons of sour cream, add a few drops of lemon juice and mix everything thoroughly. Lubricate the resulting mixture of steamed and peeled feet.

 beautiful pedicure at home

What is needed for a pedicure?

So, go directly to a pedicure. The first thing you need to take care - it is necessary for a pedicure instruments. They will not be easy to buy in specialized stores, and they are not so much. Although, by the way, and especially to save on this is not worth it - still do not buy at once, right? So, you will need:

  • Pedicure scissors or special clippers.
  • Nippers for cuticle removal.
  • Sanding nail file (fine grit).
  • Polishing nail file, ideally - with a rubber coating.
  • Glass nail file.
  • Files, intended for the feet.
  • Special scraper polish.
  • Separators for fingers.

If you are very lucky, you can find a special set for a pedicure at home. But more often, alas, are not enough high-quality sets, so it is best to buy everything separately. And do not forget to buy makeup to store all of these items, otherwise they will be permanently lost.

Technique pedicure

All you need is bought, trained legs. Go directly to manicure. It is important to observe the order and did not miss a single step. Of course, if you want to make a good pedicure, not conceding a professional, rather than its simplistic likeness.

  • We handle nails

First of all, adjust the length of the nail - scissors or clippers cut the nail, leaving the desired length. To prevent damage to the nail plate, scissors must be placed perpendicular to the nail entirely. Try not to cut the nail too short - leave at least a few millimeters. Otherwise, the nail very soon begin to thicken, and it looks not very aesthetically pleasing, is not it?

Scraper to remove the nail from the nail all superfluous - the dirt and dead skin particles that inevitably accumulate there. Then, the course is nail file - nail must be carefully sawed and give them the desired shape. In order not to provoke bundle nail plate rasp its movements in one direction.

Be sure to grind and polish the nail plate - it will eliminate its upper layer, which almost always has an unpleasant yellowish tint. But do not be too zealous - too intense exposure to the nail can cause damage. By the way, if you are right and good enough otpoliruete nail varnish even without quite possible to do - and so will create an overall impression of absolute well-groomed.

  • Treat the cuticle

Nails ready? So, it's time to process the cuticle. The very first thing it is necessary to apply a special tool which helps to soften. After about 10 minutes, wipe your fingers with a cotton pad to remove any residual funds will not be absorbed and then with a special stick made of orange tree, move the cuticle.

Do not forget using a scraper to remove the dead skin particles near the cuticle - otherwise it will look messy nails. Cuticle can leave, but you can remove - it all depends entirely on your preferences. If you prefer to cut pedicure, you will need special scissors - be careful, they are very sharp.

Once the cuticle will be processed, be sure to apply a small amount of any nutrient materials specifically designed for this purpose. If this means you do not have, you can replace it with a conventional liquid vitamin E or almond oil. This will allow for subsequent sessions pedicure spend much less time to process the cuticle.

  • Clearcoat

The final touch will be applying to the nail varnish. At this point you can give free rein to your imagination. Do you want to - Go around a simple colorless varnish. If you want something more? Experiment with colored varnish. The only rule that must be complied with - is the technology varnishing. It should lie flat bed, no stains and even more stained the skin around the nail to be in any case should not - otherwise all your hard work is down the drain.

 neat pedicure at home

Choosing paint

Today in fashion all colors of the rainbow, so the color palette to paint, there can be no restrictions. But do not experiment too much - experts believe that the best color for a pedicure is still a universal natural color: light shades of pink and flesh, which are ideal for all situations. Especially as such are able to hide the color of nail polish minor defects.

Among the bright lacquer red and orange are preferred. Though, such colors are not suited to any wardrobe. But with the blue color, you can experiment - give preference to flowers blueberries, indigo sea and night. These shades are well in tune with things in a nautical theme, with chiffon dresses and sundresses in hippie style that will suit both for romantic dates and meeting friends and visiting secular parties.

The more daring girls can go ahead and try to experiment with designs on nails. Today, the market can find a huge number of templates, various stickers and rhinestones greatly facilitate this task. But in this case it is important to keep in mind about the appropriateness of - if you will be a party in a nightclub, roses on your nails to stress only the style and personality of their owner. But if you go to dinner at the in-laws, while wearing a formal suit, a flower bed on nails will look at least tasteless, if not vulgar.

One of the most common options is a pedicure nail art, which includes the build-up, decorating and painting toenails. Of course, this will not do a pedicure at home, but do not mention it impossible. Modern techniques allow nails to make your nails stronger, which is important when wearing open shoes. In addition, when this processing is a possibility of infection by a fungus, because the edges of the nail plate as it were sealed.

 Pedicure at home. We comprehend the subtleties

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