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  • Preparing for a pedicure
  • Foot Treatment
  • Nail Treatment
  • We care about the health of their feet

A true lady always groomed from head to toe. Note that it is neat and tidy, and not decked and raznaryazhena. We often confuse these concepts and do not always correspond the main condition - well maintained. Here, for example, that you need to periodically do a manicure and constantly care for your hands, every woman knows. A leg? Our poor feet are often deprived of attention and care. How often do you do pedicures? Well, in the summer. All summer (all?) Of the woman trying to give perfect shape heels and carefully treated nails on your feet. It is clear - summer heat, open shoes ... And as soon as we hide under the legs of the tights and boots, and a pedicure forget. And why should it be done? No one sees! Common situation?

Meanwhile, pedicure - a procedure primarily hygienic, and already in the second turn aesthetic! Yes, of course, toenails do not grow as fast as on the hands and legs of our hidden most of the year away from prying eyes. But the result is a pedicure - is not only and not so much processed and lacquered nails as soft heels, no corns and cracks on feet, healthy skin, and no hint of an unpleasant smell.

So, ladies, we must constantly do a pedicure, and not just in the summer. And do not look for excuses and excuses the lack of time or lack of funds to visit pedicure. This procedure forces any woman who does not suffer from sciatica, or deprived of the opportunity to get your fingers own feet due to excess weight. And if you do not know how to make yourself a pedicure, then we urge you to immediately fill this gap. So ...

 how to do a pedicure

Preparing for a pedicure

Rule one. Pedicure not need to do occasionally, but regularly! If you learn this rule, and will process the legs at least once in two weeks, the procedure will be familiar to you and take a lot of time will not. Second Rule. Feet need to prepare for a pedicure and never (never!) Does not handle dirty feet. Therefore, on this preparatory phase in more detail.

First of all, be sure to wash your feet. And not just rinse hot little water, and wash with soap and a washcloth, do not overlook the spaces between fingers and scrub with a soft brush all unnecessary under the nails. Be sure to remove old nail polish, if you've painted toenails. After that, it would be good to make a foot bath, after preparing the necessary tools. What tools do you need? For high-quality pedicure at home need:

  • pumice or grater for heels;
  • oil to soften cuticles;
  • nail file;
  • wooden spatula for moving away the cuticle;
  • Manicure scissors;
  • nail clippers;
  • scrub for the feet;
  • nail polish,
  • basis under the varnish;
  • nail polish remover.

In general, everything. In addition, prepare a baking soda or ammonia for foot baths. And now proceed to the procedure itself.

Foot Treatment

Pour into a bowl of hot water, add a little baking soda or ammonia, and liquid soap. This soap solution soak feet for at least fifteen minutes. During this time, the skin on his legs to steam, and corns, calluses and cuticles will be softer. Now you can begin to pedicure. To begin this process, always with a stop processing. What leg you start - it's as you prefer. So, wipe dry with a leg, put it on a stand, or put it on his knee the other leg.

Now a special grater to scrape off dead skin from heels, soles and fingers. By the way, some sources for these purposes are advised to use a safety razor. Use a razor and some pedicure salons. Well, it is quite possible, but only in very severe cases. In general, be aware that if you cut calluses with a razor, then, first of all, you can easily get hurt, and secondly, if such a treatment the skin will start to coarsen with renewed strength and speed.

Now, with the grinder and scrub again treat all the places on the feet, where there is a hardened skin. Or rub your feet with a pumice stone. If you have corns, try to remove them by gently prying tweezers. If it fails, then simply carefully rub them with a pumice stone or scrub. Do not forget that the skin coarsens, not only on the feet, but also on the fingertips, as well as the outside of the big toe. Now, again rinse feet with clean, warm water, wipe dry and brush with a nourishing cream. But after that you can start processing the nail.

 how to make yourself a pedicure

Nail Treatment

Lubricate the cuticle of a special liquid. Cut the nails of moderate length, using nail scissors and tweezers. Nails are cut away in a straight line, only slightly rounded at the edges of her nails. Too much is not necessary to trim nails, as well as leaving them too long. The most optimal and aesthetic length of toenails - up to half a millimeter.

Now carefully cut the rough skin on the fingers at the point where the end of the nail plate. Next, take a wooden spatula and slide the base of the nail to the cuticle. Along the way, and clean off any dirt from the surface of the nail. Just do it very gently, taking care not to damage the nail and remove its natural protective film. If the roller moved away cuticle is very thick, then cut off his nail scissors. But in general, experts do not advise to do it, since cropped cuticle grows at twice the speed. Try to clean off her all the same wooden spatula.

Now file off the nails and cover them with lacquer. Apply the varnish on the basis of need, and to paint the nails should be starting with the thumb. Then varnish pinky fingers and the others in turn, moving from the little finger to the thumb. If you want a massage, then it should be done before the start painting your nails. Before massage brush with nourishing cream legs and in front of nail, degrease the nail plate.

That's all. Not so much time and energy will take you the whole procedure. And in addition you get excellent results and satisfaction. It is actually a pedicure - a procedure not only useful, but also pleasant. And do not forget that taking care of the health of your legs should not be limited to one only pedicure.

We care about the health of their feet

Female legs require self reverent attitude. Therefore, they constantly need to cherish. That they always looked healthy and well-groomed, and their existence was more comfortable, there are many modern cosmetics and drugs. Today, various manufacturers offer a wide range of cosmetic, preventive and therapeutic tools for foot care. Which of them prefer?

When choosing cosmetics, experts advise not to save and buy only high quality products. Most recently, fortunately there was an anesthetic gel toes, which quickly removes all the unpleasant feelings associated with the long stay on his feet in tight shoes with high heels. Among the innovations in decorative cosmetics and hygiene can be identified, for example, nail polish, which contains only natural herbal ingredients, butter to soften cuticles or sensitive terochki for feet.

Despite the fact that today many women do regular pedicures and devote a lot of time taking care of the beauty of nails, not all of them can boast impeccably manicured feet. Often, even the most expensive moisturizers can not escape the feet of the itching and flaking of the skin. Therefore, the health problems of the skin stop should not delay visit to the doctor. Perhaps the reason lies in fungal diseases. According to statistics, every fifth woman is suffering from this disease.

Generally, for the treatment of fungal diseases prescribed antifungal agents, one of which is Lamisil. To fully get rid of the disease will require at least two weeks, but improvement is seen within the first 4 hours after applying the cream. In general, often interests in pharmacies and cosmetics stores and innovations have a proven remedy for foot care. Believe me, manicured feet make you feel unworthy lady. After all, a true lady always groomed from head to toe. Stay beautiful and always in spite of everything!

 How to do a pedicure at home?

 Choose sunscreens

Today, during the holidays, especially the urgent problem of protecting the skin from harmful UV rays. Going to the sea, many people are interested in how to choose the right sunscreen? Which of them prefer?
As the current research, the recent huge popular sunscreens containing natural ingredients. According to doctors, these ingredients are very useful for the skin, as like a mirror reflects harmful ultraviolet rays.

When choosing a sunscreen, carefully study the composition. Well, if it consists of:

  • Green tea, which perfectly protects the skin from harmful sun rays and prevents the development of skin cancer
  • Edelweiss extract protects skin from radiation
  • Aloe protects against UV rays
  • Hibiscus not only protects from harmful sun rays, but also promotes the production of melanin
  • vitamin E and beta-carotene neutralize free radicals

Sunscreen should be selected according to their skin type, but in this case it will provide protection for your skin.

 Choose sunscreens

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