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Classic is always instructive and always up to date - and the fact it is a classic. But modern women do not even believe that their passion for the perfect facial features that would take, and to try on, were announced back in Gogol's "Marriage". How would say capricious AGAFYA if his lips Nikanor Ivanovich so put to the nose of Ivan Kuzmich ...

That modern Capricious, meticulously examining herself in the mirror and comparing (not in their favor!) Reflection with glamorous photographs of foreign and local film stars and pop stars, dreaming of "making" her eyebrows like Megan Fox, eyelashes like Penelope Cruz and her lips like Angelina Jolie. However, if on the last two "sample" is still possible to argue, then eyebrows American Megan, of course, out of competition.

Why it was her eyebrows (though everything else she too is in order) admired and serve as a model for others to follow? What is the secret of this success and whether you can afford to make the same eyebrows? And most importantly - is it necessary? Let's face it.

Secret Beauty eyebrows Megan Fox

Secret Beauty eyebrows Megan Fox obscenely simple. They are almost perfect. In the sense that correspond to the classic proportions and comply with all the rules of make-up. Namely. Her eyebrows look natural - it's time. That is, no sense to artificially adjust the shape, the work of tweezers and a pencil. Although, if you do not feel it does not mean that it is not really.

Secondly, Megan Fox, his eyebrows thick and dark. It makes the face expressive, "opens" the eyes and makes them seem even more. And, thirdly, her eyebrows have a natural smooth bend and the right proportions. Starting an eyebrow at the corner of the eye ends at the (conditional), drawn from the wing of the nose through the outer corner of the eye, and the highest point is located on the bend of her imaginary line drawn from the wing of the nose through the pupil.

What else can you mention? The harmonious arrangement of the width and height of the eyebrows. Again, almost perfect proportions. Width her eyebrows fairly evenly across the line. And at the base, they are not much wider than the tips, and the bend eyebrow thickness is almost the same as in the very beginning. Narrowing eyebrows over its entire length uniformly and smoothly, and the upper boundary line exactly corresponds to the lower boundary line of the eyebrows. And Megan's eyebrows are symmetrical.

If you look at children's and youthful pictures of Megan Fox, it becomes clear that such eyebrow gave her nature. But if you take a closer look modern photo of the Hollywood beauty, you can see that her eyebrows to perfection brought skillful hands of a stylist.

 eyebrow Megan Fox

Man-made style eyebrows Megan Fox

To do the same eyebrows, you must take into account everything that has been said above. Primarily, eyebrows should be adjusted according to the classical scheme or rule of three lines that radiate from the nasal alar through the exterior and interior corners and the center (pupil) of the eye. And this is perhaps the most difficult in the whole process of transformation. Megan Fox bending brows smooth and rounded, even without visible corners and creases. Therefore, if your eyebrows are far from home this form, you have to turn to professionals - in this case, most likely, will only correction tattoo.

The same procedure will be necessary in the case, if you thin eyebrows or rare. The easiest way to cope with the task owners of the broad brow. Using tweezers so eyebrows can be given any desired shape and to adjust not only their width and length but also the line of bending. To achieve a rounded bend, eyebrows can pull out not only from below but from above, although the upper brow line generally not plucked.

The color and density. Megan Fox eyebrows dark and thick. By nature it is a dark-haired with light skin and gray eyes. It is due to white skin and light eyes her eyebrows look black, but actually they are dark brown and even announced a pencil (shadows) of the same color. Yes Megan Fox also announced the eyebrows, or rather, skillfully painted on. So you for this effect will also need a special powder or eye shadow or eyebrow pencil cosmetic soft dark brown. By the way, you'll need a pencil and to simulate thick eyebrows. In this case the eyebrows dorisovyvayut not a solid line, and dashes depicting individual hairs. You can, for example, to finish a dark eyebrow pencil and powder shade lighter than a semitone.

Strictly speaking, that's all you can do with your own eyebrows, trying to portray on his face eyebrows Megan Fox. But do not hurry. Even perfect eyebrow is not suitable for every woman.

 beautiful eyebrows like Megan Fox

Ethnicity and eyebrows Megan Fox

Look at the pictures of Megan. In addition to the perfect eyebrow shape she also a perfect oval face and high forehead. Whether this beauty below the forehead, eyebrows would be immediately started to look differently: they seemed to be too broad and low, and would look heavy.

The same effect would have her eyebrows and slightly shortened face not oval, and round or square shapes. When such a triangular face shape of the eyebrows only be exacerbated its imperfect form, making a visually wider forehead and collections already. Accordingly, the very face would appear short and flat. So this form of eyebrows will be good only for women with oval or rectangular face.

Eyebrows Megan Fox is so good that on the background of a lack of noticeable (if it can be considered a fault) it looks as expressionless eyes. No, his eyes themselves are good, but the middle - small size, unremarkable cut. But whether large eyes - those eyebrows would clearly "unnecessary". Therefore, women with beautiful, bright big eyes or just better give up the idea to brush up on your face shape eyebrows Megan Fox.

And, of course, the color of your eyebrows. If you are a natural or dyed blonde (light-haired, red-haired, pale-blond), these eyebrows, too, is not for you. Typically, wide and thick eyebrows nature rewards dark-haired woman. For women with blond hair, she offers a "lite" version. Therefore, do not try to thicken and blacken their eyebrows, tending to your chosen ideal, but forgetting about natural harmony.

And do not seek to repeat exactly what you see in the glamorous pictures. Take something as interesting to use an idea or a principle of its implementation - is yes. But here's an exact copy of you ... and so good, and most importantly - unrepeatable. Is it worth it to become a clone of even the most exquisite beauty and losing their identity?

A charmed eyebrows Megan Fox, note that they simply match the classical scheme of the ideal eyebrow and just right for her type of appearance. Oh, and they're just very carefully corrected, and their tips are directed slightly vrazlet. Perhaps only this will be enough and your eyebrows? Love yourself and stay always beautiful!

 Eyebrows like Megan Fox or perfection on the face

 beautiful tan


  • Secrets of rapid tanning
  • Means for a beautiful tan
  • Diet for a better tan

Going on a sunny beach, each of us has set itself an important goal: to quickly gain an even, beautiful tan. But not everyone is obtained as soon as possible to get a seductive, golden brown skin. More often, we blush, like crabs, climbed a couple of times, and only then cover tan brown on the back, legs and arms. Belly and flanks, usually a few shades lighter than the rest of the body. Looking at the photos of tanned models in bikinis, we enviously think those have some cunning secret how you can get a tan beautifully and without prejudice to the health of the skin. Is it so?

Secrets of rapid tanning

Secrets really is, and if you go to the beach all day just wanting to "roast" in the sun and get a nice tan, you can run into some trouble. This sunburn, uneven tan, and even the opportunity to get sunstroke. In order to avoid this, listen to our advice.

UV protection

Doctors all over the world for a long time and is seriously concerned that the more there is of skin diseases from prolonged exposure to the sun without protection. Already it is no secret that the spots, early wrinkles and dry skin - is not the only manifestation of direct sunlight on the skin. Reluctance to take care of their health and the neglect of means of protection can lead to serious illness - cancer of the skin.

Therefore, the motto of every girl that wants to preserve the beauty and health - not a moment in the bright sunlight without creams with SPF-protection. Especially when it comes to an extended stay on the beach. This will not only protect you from the hassles associated with skin diseases, but will tan evenly and beautifully. Think about it: what kind of a nice tan can be a speech if your skin has received several burns and had peeled off in some places? So do not be lazy and use sunscreen to skin looked smooth and beautiful.

The best time for sunbathing

Why our skin, being in the sunlight, gets darker shade? All the matter in a special substance - melanin. It is responsible for the fact that the body was covered with beautiful bronze color. Protected from solar activity, it stains the skin cells in a dark color, not allowing the sunlight to harm health.

If you think that lounging in the hot sun all day, will acquire the coveted tan, you are deeply mistaken. The fact that the active effect of melanin takes about fifty minutes, after which color does not change. So no need to torture yourself, "roasting" in the sun for days - or even a good product with high SPF will not protect you from burns.

The best time for sunbathing - it is ten o'clock in the morning and after sixteen hours of the day; It is during these periods of solar radiation is the most gentle. And in order to tan it turned out beautiful, and even need to touch the sun's rays have an angle, not straight. So avoid sunbathing during the day - it is better do it in the morning and evening.

Surprisingly, it is possible to get a tan, even in the shade. Especially good tan falls, resulting in the shade of the trees: green leaves transform solar radiation, making it virtually safe for our skin. Therefore, so if you decide to sunbathe during the day, then get out of the sun and lie down under the lush foliage of a tree - and health is good, and even get a tan.

 beautiful tan right

Means for a beautiful tan

On sale there are so many lotions and creams for quick, effective tanning. However, not everyone can afford to buy these funds on a regular basis, especially since they are easily washed off, once you go into the water. Therefore, we offer you recipes for lotions that you can cook at home - without chemicals, allergens (the big problem of purchased assets) and extra spending money.

Coffee lotion

Coffee is good not only because it wakes us up well in the morning, but a great effect on the skin when it is applied outside. In order to obtain a luxurious, bronze tan, you will need strong chilled drink. Take a large cotton swab, dip it in coffee and gently rub into the skin all over the body. This should be done twice a day - morning and evening. Using this recipe, you will very quickly gain the coveted bronze skin tone.

If you are an opponent of coffee, you can use it instead of strong tea - he also copes with this task. From his skin is not only fast tans, but smooth and elastic.

Lotion in a series and chamomile

You can collect these herbs themselves, but it is better to buy them in a pharmacy. There are supplied plants collected at the right time according to the rules, familiar only experienced herbalists. Take four tablespoons each plant, mix and pour boiling water (about one liter). Insist three or four hours, then strain and cool.

You can wash this infusion, wipe your body and can prepare the ice, pour into cups and place in refrigerator. You get not only suntan lotion, but also a wonderful tonic that will make your skin soft and smooth.

The lotion of the basic oils

Basic oils called natural oils that can protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet radiation. The most effective and popular are the following three types: sunflower oil, St. John's wort, and walnut oil. Buy them will have no difficulty - they are sold in any grocery store and pharmacy, but do it and cook the mixture should be at least three days prior to the upcoming trek to the beach.

Mix the ingredients, pour get funds in a glass jar and store in a dark, cool place (not refrigerator). Apply this lotion to the skin immediately prior to sunbathing, as well as every day before going to bed - it will help to strengthen the action of melanin in your skin.

Rhubarb Lotion for oily skin

If you are the owner of oily skin, then you perfect suntan, prepared with the help of the wonderful plants - rhubarb. Many people planted it on their garden plots for his wonderful healing properties ..

So, we need to root medium size, which should grate and squeeze the juice. Use it as suntan lotion, rubbing the skin twice a day. Another option - to make rhubarb root in water. To do this, take a tablespoon of grated dry mass and fill the cup of boiling water. Cook is a "potion" must be about twenty minutes, stirring constantly. Obtaining funds drain, cool and apply evenly to the body. After about fifteen to twenty minutes is necessary to take a bath or shower to wash off the solution.

Lotion with olive oil and iodine

Olive oil - a great antioxidant, which is very good effect on our skin. It makes it smooth, velvety, smooths wrinkles and protects against the harmful effects of the sun. Iodine helps to get incredibly beautiful, golden tan - such is obtained from those who rest on the sea coast. In addition, iodine well it affects the skin, softening and smoothing it.

To prepare the lotion, we need half a cup of olive oil and five drops of tincture of iodine. This mixture must be poured into a glass bottle and rubbed into the skin immediately prior to the tan. With the help of this wonderful lotion you will not only further protect the skin from burns, but also get a stunning "sea" tan.

Lotion from coconut oil

For many of us, coconut oil - is a real curiosity, which we do not know the application. However, this oil - just a storehouse of vitamins, it gives a stunning effect in skin care. Coconut oil softens and moisturizes while leaving no sticky residue and shine. Furthermore, coconut oil covers the skin with a thin protective film is not completely clogging the pores.

In order to prepare a great tanning lotion, you will need: self coconut oil, olive oil, tea tree essential small (can be replaced by any other, according to your preferences). Mix coconut oil and olive oil in equal proportions and added to three or four drops of essential oil. I assure you that you will certainly love this lotion and use it to achieve a beautiful, even tan.

Do not forget that before you use any tanning lotion, you need to bring your skin in order. After all, only on a smooth, clean skin tan falls perfectly straight. To do this, do not forget to carry out exfoliation using scrubs and means for peeling.

 smooth beautiful tan

Diet for a better tan

As mentioned above, the quality and speed of tanning depends largely on the amount of melanin in the skin and its degree of activity. The higher these parameters, the faster and more beautiful than you light up. If melanin is insufficient, it can be increased by eating certain foods. We present you the list of products for fast, high-quality tanning.

  • Grapes

    This is a wonderful antioxidant that helps fight aging skin. Additionally, it protects immunity. Enough to eat one small brush in a day and you will improve the condition of your skin and will get a nice tan. Just do not get carried away too much grapes: it contains a lot of sugar, and you risk score a few extra kilos.

  • Carrot

    This valuable vegetable, located in each of the refrigerator, to help you quickly and efficiently tan. And it's not in its orange color. The whole blame for beta-carotene, which is in carrots in large numbers - that it protects the skin from burns and enhances the action of melanin. Before you go to the beach, drink a glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice - and even golden tan is provided to you. Contraindicated such a means for girls with gastritis with high acidity, and for patients with diabetes.

  • Peaches

    These delicious southern fruits not only have good taste, but also the ability to protect the skin from ultraviolet light. In addition, eating this fruit every day, you will strengthen the production of melanin and remains much faster.

  • Melon

    To take effect the magical properties of melons and you get a nice, even tan as soon as possible - eat at least three hundred grams of the product, without mixing with other food. By following these recommendations, you very quickly get effective results.

  • Tomatoes

    This delicious, juicy product contains lycopene important substance that can prevent the occurrence of sunburn and the development of skin diseases. All you need - is a glass of tomato juice a day, and you get a smooth, beautiful tan. In addition, if you ignored the remedies and still got sunburned, then a slice of fresh tomato, applied to the affected area, produce a remarkable curative effect.

In addition, do not forget that while sunbathing body is dehydrated. So try to drink plenty of pure non-carbonated water. In addition, for the efficient and rapid tanning should be excluded those products that prevent the production of melanin. These include alcohol, chocolate, pickles, nuts, boiled corn, pastry flour products.

Using our valuable advice, you return to the beach holidays with no nasty burns and peeling skin, and with a perfectly smooth, beautiful tan. The skin - the largest organ of the human, it requires meticulous care and attention. Therefore, do not try to be lazy and take care of their beauty and health in advance, then you will be able to surprise friends and acquaintances tan, which is only found in the most beautiful and spectacular women.

 A beautiful tan: simple rules of skin care

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