Spa treatments at home


  • What is SPA?
  • Preparing for a home spa
  • First step: relaxing bath and peeling
  • Face Care
  • Useful properties of clay

The life of the modern woman is filled with a huge number of cases: it is necessary to have time to devote time to his family, to take care of a child, listen to her husband, cook dinner, clean the apartment, wash things, to run to the grocery store. However, many ladies manage to build a career and earn no less than their spouses. Naturally, in such circumstances, keep calm and self-control is difficult. Every person at least occasionally need to reduce stress: one for that engaged in active sports, others read, knit or embroider some drink alcohol. But there is one proven and healthy way to relax - spa treatments.

Today, such services provide many beauty salons, but to get there, first of all, you need to allocate time for it out of his busy schedule, and secondly, you need to spend money. Yes, there is such fun is not too cheap, but there is always an alternative - spa treatments at home. We will share valuable tips, so that you can relax, gain strength and cause the skin to tone.

What is SPA?

Let's first understand, what is the SPA. This abbreviation formed from the words «Sanitas pro Aqua», which literally translated from Latin means "health through water". Back in the early days of the Roman Empire, the rich and noble ladies performed the procedure using thermal water for healing of ailments, relaxation and rejuvenation - from them to us, and it's called the "spa". However, over a long period of its existence it has gradually transformed into a whole range of recreational activities, which applies not only to the sea, mineral and fresh water, and algae, and all kinds of dirt, salt, and extracts from plants. Today considered a classic spa treatments such as:

  • different types of massage (relaxing, anti-cellulite, medical, etc.);
  • peeling;
  • wraps;
  • masks for face and body;
  • a spa bath with essential oils and other additives.

The list of services of many beauty salons also includes Stone-, aromatherapy, wine-, thalassotherapy - the procedures by which relaxes not only the body but also the soul, recuperate and feel better. Such techniques make a useful and pleasant variety in the care of their health.

But in order to treat yourself to pleasant moments, it is not necessary to spend a large sum of money on a campaign in specialized salon, to visit which, incidentally, does not always have the time. You can make a spa at home. Just select a day for this, create an appropriate atmosphere and enjoy the treatments alone.

 Spa at home

Preparing for a home spa

You want to have your skin looking healthy and attractive? Create a spa at home to help buy youthful appearance without large material costs. Doing simple manipulations, adhering to our recommendations, you will look no worse than rested in the resort girlfriends.

Take a daily 15-minute air bath, standing on the balcony in the nude. Such procedures will be used to your advantage, as a result you will not only pohorosheet, but will become much slimmer.

To get the maximum pleasure, relax and enjoy a moment of bliss, take spa treatments for a weekend or a few hours of free time. Forewarned loved ones so that they will not interfere, turn off the phone and drive away the sad thoughts and worries accumulated.

In specialized spas atmosphere of warmth and comfort, which creates the mood, adjusts to rest and relaxation. You can easily do this at home. Drape fabric wall or protruding corners of cabinets and other furniture, zashtorte windows, light incense sticks or candles, put the disc with quiet music - it can be soothing classical music or, for example, sounds of nature, waterfalls, birds singing, and so on. At the request of lay track from the bathroom to the place where the plan provides spa treatments, rose petals. In general, using your imagination to create an atmosphere in which you personally feel comfortable.

Starting the day dedicated to his beloved, recommended a simple charge: make a couple of stretching exercises, knead shoulders and arms, move his hips, poprisedayte. Too much strain is not worth it, because your task - to feel a little more cheerful. Before heading to the kitchen for breakfast.

Before spa treatments can not load, so give preference to light food: fruits, vegetables, fish, yogurt, foods that are rich in fiber. If you decide to make a salad, instead of mayonnaise, use olive oil. Admirers of coffee have this day do not drink and replace it with herbal tea, non-carbonated mineral water or fruit fresh juice.

For home spa treatments do not have to buy professional beauty products - enough to buy natural ingredients and essential oils, which are sold in any drugstore. This will be your ideal material to work on his body. Also, you will need: sea salt for bath, scrub and shower gel, moisturizer, towel, natural cleansers, facial mask.

First step: relaxing bath and peeling

Create a cozy atmosphere and configured to rest, proceed directly to the spa treatments. To do this, first take a bath, adding a sea salt and aromatic oils. You can also put ½ teaspoon of glycerin, which moisturizes the skin, but it dries the hair, so it is better to wash separately.

If you choose to use essential oils, know that they have different effects on health and mood:

  • Orange gives a feeling of joy and fatigue;
  • Lemon has an invigorating effect, energizing and refreshing;
  • Mandarin reminiscent of New Year and sets a festive mood;
  • Eucalyptus has disinfectant properties, it is effective for headaches;
  • the smell of lime is able to transform even the ardent pessimist in a good-natured optimist.

So try to trim the product according to your preferences, needs and desired effect. Essential oils are not very soluble in water, so it is recommended to dissolve in a small amount of milk.

Water should not be too hot, the most suitable temperature - 37-40 degrees. Some girls love to be pampered for an hour in the bathroom, but this is wrong. The fact that this heals and relaxing treatment if her overzealous, can adversely affect the cardiovascular system and the overall condition of the skin. Therefore, taking a bath should be no more than fifteen minutes.

After water procedures proceed to peeling, which will help get rid of dead cells of the skin, making it soft and silky. You can buy ready-made cosmetic product, it does not necessarily have to be a professional. Depending on the components included in the scrub, you can get the effect of nutrition, hydration, toning the skin, so try to trim the product, focusing on the how much effect you want to achieve. Peeling is applied on slightly wet body with light circular movements from the bottom up: start with the feet and gradually rises to the neck, then rinse with warm water and all. You can work with your hands or use a hypoallergenic natural loofah loofah, by which dead skin cells are removed more efficiently.

For spa treatments at home as homemade scrub suit - his recipes, there are many:

  • Mix half a cup of sea salt and a tablespoon of honey. These ingredients not only help cleanse the skin, but also contribute to the removal of excess fluid from the body.
  • A glass of oatmeal, three large tablespoons of coffee grounds, cocoa butter and a bit of cinnamon - the composition of the scrub makes the skin supple and smooth.
  • Get a light tanning effect is possible by means of natural ground coffee. It is applied alone or in combination with honey.

After the procedure, make a light scraping relaxing foot massage or using special anti-cellulite gel.

 healthy spa treatments at home

Face Care

The next stage of home spa - treatments for the face. Rasparte skin over chamomile tea or a conventional boiling water, then clean it with a scrub, apply a special mask, but in the end - a moisturizer. To remove the swelling from the eyelids, put them on small pieces of fresh cucumber or herbal compress.

Tidy your skin with the help of cosmetic clay, which can be bought at any drugstore. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, cleans and refreshes skin cells, improves the condition of the hair and perfectly smooth out the marks of various surgical procedures and burns.

Miraculous Clay can be of different colors, each of which has its own qualities. Buying clay, consider the following:

  • The darker the color of the clay, the more effective it absorbs fat. Furthermore, it is effective for the treatment of acne.
  • Mud treatments are contraindicated in pink acne, excessive pilosis and malignancy.

Useful properties of clay

Pink and white clay soothes and strengthens flabby skin, quickly relieves inflammation from various infections, is ideal for owners of sensitive and dry skin. By the way, for the last two types of skin is also suitable gray clay, which moisturizes and tones the body.

Blue clay is recommended for those who want to lose weight. It is very well removes dirt and grease, activates metabolism and blood circulation, gently exfoliate dead skin cells and disinfects the skin. To achieve this, you can use the yellow clay, which perfectly fills the cells with oxygen, helps to eliminate accumulated in the body of toxins and impurities, are actively opposed to cellulite and relieves various inflammatory effects, including acne.

However, the most universal is considered green clay, which is ideal for oily porous skin. In addition, it is a unique natural remedy to combat all forms of acne and is used for deep cleaning of the skin. Green clay gives the skin smoothness and elasticity, tightens it, removes puffiness and smoothes wrinkles. Therefore, it is one of the most popular and favorite of cosmetics among the female population.

A few tips on how to properly use this unique cosmetic product:

  1. Mud masks should be applied no more than 20 minutes on the face, neck and décolleté.
  2. Rinse off the mask is recommended with warm boiled water. After the procedure, it is desirable to put on the skin of any nutritious cream.
  3. To get the best results, we proposed should be alternated clay masks.
  • Firming mask - Ingredients: 3 tablespoons of milk, 3 teaspoons of white clay, 1 teaspoon of honey.
  • Refreshing mask - Ingredients: 2 tbsp white clay mixed with half a small cucumber.
  • The most popular mask: dissolve in cold water 2-3 tablespoons of clay (to the consistency of thick cream), drip a few drops of lemon juice and olive oil, add one egg yolk.

Mud baths, which give a great effect: dissolve in the bath with warm water (about 37 degrees C) 400-500 grams of blue or white clay. After 15 minutes of treatment, the skin will be silky and extremely tender.

When finished, spread body moisturizing lotion, put on a warm robe, drink herbal tea and try to sleep. Believe me, the spa houses are not inferior to the salon!

 Spa treatments at home: a healthy way of relaxing

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