how to make hair removal painless


  • Hair removal and depilation: the difference
  • What procedures can be done at home?
  • How to make hair removal painless

No one doubts that the life of a modern woman is complex and unpredictable. Moreover, it should be able to reconcile the irreconcilable - the house and career, since it still has to take care of themselves and their appearance, giving a rebuff to the first signs of aging and wrinkles. In addition, it greatly complicates the life of the whole tolpische implacable enemies of smooth skin - is five million hairs that cover a woman's body. And very often the opposition is not in favor of multiplicity: in fact there are over thirty ways of dealing with unwanted body hair. And hair removal procedure in beauty salons and hair removal at home waxing can be carried out with an equivalent success. What is best for you - it's up to you. Experiment and choose!

However, for any woman it is very topical issue of how to get rid of the pain, which occur in most types of depilation. And it is quite natural. The pain of waxing strong enough. And who consciously goes to pain, which can be avoided? Of course, in addition to women aspiring to the ideal of beauty at any cost.

Hair removal and depilation: the difference

First, let's find out what exactly is hair removal, and that such depilation. Both of these concepts are constantly on the ear, but if all women know what they mean? The difference between these terms is as follows: depilation not affect the hair follicle, and therefore, the effect of this procedure is not too long. But it also has another important advantage - held virtually painless. Hair removal also allows you to destroy the follicle, the hair, of course, will not disappear forever, but the effect of the smoothness of the skin, thus considerably prolonged. But be prepared for the fact that in this case, the pain will be strong enough. But the pain - that's exactly what we're trying to avoid, is not it?

However, for women who need to keep up with everything and everywhere, waxing at home - it is perhaps the only opportunity to maintain your body in a perfectly smooth state. Therefore, we will tell you how to do hair removal on their own, without resorting to a variety of beauty salons. This will save you not only time, but considerable amount of money.

 how to make a painless hair removal

What procedures can be done at home?

  • Shaving hair

Shaving - the most simple, cheap, easy, but, alas, short-term way to make hair removal. While that made modern blade and shaving machines, especially for women, in spite of all kinds of cosmetics, hair starts to grow back within two days after the procedure depilation. But such hair removal is completely painless.

However, in this case, do not forget about the need to use moisturizers. Otherwise, irritation may develop - banal phenomenon, but unpleasant. Today, this method is still very relevant for the vast majority of women.

  • Various cream

Cream for hair removal allows for a week to forget about the unwanted hairs. There are universal creams and creams for hair removal in the bikini area, underarms, designed specifically for sensitive skin. The advantage of using the cream is more prolonged effect and the absence of "thorns".

In this case, hair removal is completely painless. Perhaps only a slight burning sensation. Get rid of it is very simple - soak treatment area under running cold water or apply ice. Then lubricate the skin any moisturizer.

But, nevertheless, among women with sensitive skin cream for hair removal can cause allergic reactions, so before you make hair removal, you should test vehicle, causing it to the inside of the hand or wrist. And only when all passed without complications can be waxed.

Do not neglect this recommendation. Allergies - is not a toy. And doctors often have to deal with very serious allergic reaction, one way or another connected with the conduct of the procedure depilation. You do not want to fight for your beauty turned taking different medications?

  • Hot wax

Depilation with hot wax - it's a more natural way to remove "vegetation." Waxing is performed hot, warm or cold material. Hot wax is melted in a special device - Tools for depilation. It is applied to the skin, rasparivaya pores and removed with a napkin. This is the most effective way of hair removal. Warm wax is applied using a roller applicator. Waxing gives a long-lasting effect for 3-4 weeks. Be prepared for the fact that it is not painless to hold out.

 how to make a painless hair removal at home

How to make hair removal painless

To carry out such a hair removal at home, needs some experience, because the procedure is still painful. Keep in mind that you must strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions in order to prevent thermal burns. In this case, before the procedure recommended test depilatories to avoid allergic reactions. What is to be done, we have told above.

But even those pains which are in this procedure, it can be minimized. To do this, women use the following method. Purchase at the pharmacy of the usual package of novocaine, intended for injection. Dilute it with water at a ratio of 1 to 2. Then place the resulting solution into molds for ice and freeze. Immediately before the procedure thoroughly clean the skin in the area where you plan to carry out epilation. Rub it up until you feel a slight numbness.

Some women added Novocain directly into the wax. But how effective is this measure is really hard to judge. It is possible that in this case can not occur other than the placebo effect. Or, in other words, the effect of auto-suggestion. But it's worth a try - worse still will not.

Effective means and methods, there are many, so get rid of unwanted hair is possible and necessary. And very soon you will begin to perceive hair removal as an integral part of care. And most importantly, it is painless.

 How to make hair removal painless?

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 masks for neck


  • Cleansing mask for the neck and décolleté
  • Moisturizing mask for the neck and décolleté
  • Masks for fading skin of the neck and décolleté
  • Nutritious mask for the neck and décolleté
  • Nourishing and moisturizing mask for the elastic chest preservation

Everyone knows that cleavage unwittingly attracts the views of others, so it is safe to call this region a zone of special attention. The same applies to the neck, in fact it often gives the true age of the female, even if on the face - no wrinkles. Do not forget about the skin on the chest, which also needs to maintain firmness and attractive form. Therefore, start to care about these important parts of a woman's body should be long before they become visible early signs of maturity.

In order to emphasis areas look attractive, they should be cleaned periodically, nourishes and moisturizes. This does not necessarily buy imported and expensive means of skin care products. Today we offer unique recipes of masks that will help you to always look attractive. Prepare them under the power of any woman, because there is always a necessary component in any home. And if something is not there, then the next trip to the supermarket to quickly solve the problem. So, here are some simple but very effective mask for the neck and décolleté, as well as the chest. They will help you a long time to preserve youth and beauty.

Cleansing mask for the neck and décolleté

The skin on the neck and décolleté, as a person in need of mandatory regular cleansing. You can use masks and lotions that are easy to prepare at home. They will carry out the procedure of soft peeling, remove excess fat and dead skin particles from the skin without causing irritation or redness.

  • Coffee mask. Preparing it simply, and the effect is visible immediately. So thoroughly mix finely chopped apple with ground coffee. Apply the mixture on the neck and neck for 25 minutes, then rinse with warm water. The body should be wet with a soft towel. Your skin will immediately become fresh and shine disappear. Do not forget to moisturize your neck and décolleté nourishing cream with a light texture.
  • Mask of oatmeal. They need to grind in a coffee grinder and mix with warm milk, achieving consistency of thick cream. What follows is a small piece of melted butter, cool it and add to the flakes, together with a drop of cream. Apply the mixture on the neck and chest area, hold for 15 minutes and rinse with water at room temperature. After the procedure, apply a light moisturizing or nourishing cream.

If one day you do not have time to carry out the procedure of home peels, it will be able to gain from citrus lotion. It is very simple: just need to make a strong infusion of green tea to cool and add a couple of tablespoons of lemon, lime, grapefruit, or orange juice. Wipe them neck and neck - it will refresh you instantly.

 mask neck and neck

Moisturizing mask for the neck and décolleté

Neck and neck in women with dry skin need regular moisture. After all, this type of skin exposed to the early appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, nutrition and hydration - the main means to combat age-related changes. Do not do without them, and those who love sunbathing. At home, you can easily cook a few simple compounds that moisturize no worse than shoplifting counterparts.

  • Here is one such mask. Mix all the ingredients: one large bell pepper, chopped on a fine grater, 1 tablespoon of oatmeal (milled), 1 teaspoon honey and skim milk. Apply the mask on his neck and neck no more than 15 minutes after the specified time, rinse it with warm water.
  • Another option is a moisturizing mask is easy to prepare from ordinary potatoes. It should Boil, mash, add sour cream or cream, and warm the resulting mass lay on the neck and chest area. Hold a cosmetic puree for about 20 minutes, or 25, and then rinse with warm water. This mask is great moisturizes the skin of the neck and décolleté.

To normalize the water balance of the skin, which is especially important in dry her style, perfect fruits, such as banana, peach or apricot. Their flesh is to be mixed with warm fresh milk and apply the resulting slurry on the neck and neck for 15-20 minutes. After this time, remove the remnants of the mask should be soaked in warm water with a cotton pad.

Masks for fading skin of the neck and décolleté

Especially in need of nutrition, hydration, and tightening the neck and décolleté with signs of wilting. Return them to the freshness and rejuvenate able compositions, which are based on vegetables, broths plants and olive oil. These substances nourish the skin with vitamins and slightly tucked up. Regular use of these funds will help to avoid the process of rapid aging and will deal with neck and neck miracles.

  • Mask based on wormwood. For its preparation you need to take 3 tablespoons of oatmeal and grind in a coffee grinder. This meal should be added as much tarragon broth medium strength, the juice of half a lemon, and 30 milliliters of hot water. The resulting composition should be applied to the neck and décolleté. After 20 minutes the cool water rinse.
  • Pumpkin Mask. The recipe of its preparation is simple. We need to take 3 tablespoons of pumpkin pulp and 2 teaspoons starch, mix thoroughly and apply makeup on her neck and chest. After 10 minutes, rinse with water and lemon juice. This mask effectively combats wrinkles in problem areas and restores skin natural healthy look.
  • Mask-compress of olive oil. We need to take olive oil, warmed in a water bath and soak them any 2 pieces of thin natural fabric, one of which should wrap the neck and the other to put on the chest area. Top need to put plastic wrap and wrap a towel. After 20 minutes, all of this can be removed and the skin wiped conventional lotion. However, such a procedure can not be done for people with impaired thyroid function.

 masks for neck and neck

Nutritious mask for the neck and décolleté

Any skin needs extra power. In winter it is exposed to cold temperatures and wind, and in summer it is not the best way affects the sun. As a result, our skin loses its natural color and fade. And if a person we do not forget to apply a special cream, then the neck and decollete also need it. Nutritious mask for neck and neck:

  • Olive apple nourishing mask. Apply on the neck and décolleté mixture prepared from one apple (grated on a fine grater) with the addition of 1 tablespoon of olive oil. The mask is applied for 15 minutes. It is perfectly tones and nourishes the skin, making it supple, elastic and fresh. Moreover, it is fairly simple to prepare.
  • Yeast mask. For it is necessary to take 15-20 grams of dry yeast, mix them with a couple of teaspoons of lemon or grapefruit juice and put the container with the resulting composition for 3 minutes in hot water. After that, the mask to be applied to the neck and chest area, and after 20 minutes rinse with cool tea. Such a composition perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin.
  • Curd Mask. Her recipe is as simple as it is surprising effect. Total 2 times a week using this mask, and a month later the familiar zasyplyut you compliments. So you need to take 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese and add a little cream to higher viscosity. Apply the resulting composition on the problem areas and wash off after 20 minutes with water at room temperature.

Nourishing and moisturizing mask for the elastic chest preservation

  • Grapes and honey. Take 2 tablespoons of freshly prepared grape juice and honey. Dampen gauze obtained composition, put 15 minutes on his chest. Then rinse with lukewarm water. Honey-grape mask not only eat well, but also remarkably moisturizes skin of the breast, it restores its elasticity and gives elasticity.
  • The mask of pumpkin. Take the crushed pulp of boiled pumpkin, melted 1 teaspoon honey, 1 egg yolk. Mix until smooth and immediately (while the composition is still hot) put on the chest area. After 10-15 minutes, rinse with cold water. This mask gives a refreshing effect and improves elasticity.
  • Peach mask. To prepare the masks "peach pleasure" thoroughly mix all the ingredients: ripe peach puree, 1 tablespoon of cottage cheese, 1 teaspoon of sour cream (can substitute vegetable or olive oil), 1 egg yolk. The mask is applied for 15 minutes, then washed with cool water. It perfectly improves elasticity.

There are other recipes that allow modern women of all ages to care for your neck, neck and chest, for example, rubbing ice cubes made from medicinal herbal concoctions. All these procedures are performed on a regular basis and in combination with exercise, can make your area of ​​special attention simply magical. So do not rush to expensive salons, and complimentary use of the recipes of Mother Nature.

 Masks for the neck, the neck and the chest: home care

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