How to keep a tan for a long time


  • Gentle cleansing
  • Tanned skin - regular nutrition and hydration
  • Particular attention - face and upper chest
  • Proper nutrition
  • Resistance tanning depends on the method of receipt

When summer is in full swing, and even more so if many of you have gone on holiday in hot countries or just planning your holidays in exotic resorts, is to think about how to keep a tan for a long time. After all, a beautiful woman's body with the skin a pleasant golden color, regardless of fashion trends, is still considered particularly attractive and sexy. Therefore, many of the fair sex so diligently tan all year round: in summer - the sea, and then - in the solarium. And how would neither doctors convinced us of the harmful effects of sunlight, we do not back down.

It is worth noting that even ultraviolet light is useful for the skin, but in moderation, but lovers of aggressive sunburn risk pay health and premature old. Therefore it is better and more correct to maintain tan hue already received more gentle methods. Moreover, they are very simple and useful for the whole organism. Experts say that there are many ways to enjoy the long chocolate complexion. However, the most effective are five of them. It is to them and dedicated to this article.

 as a longer-lasting tan

Gentle cleansing

That does not mean you have to deny yourself the full adoption of water treatment, and scrubs and sponges is now no need. Just before if you loved to soak in a hot bath, then for as long as possible, dark hue, this habit should be postponed until the winter. After high temperature water can cause irritation to the skin, and this, in turn, lead to undesirable flaking. It is better to confine the time taking a warm shower. But the sauna really have to say a clear 'no', because of its frequent visits to the bath or are able to quickly "wash away" the resulting tan.

With regard to means and methods of cleansing the skin, the hard sponge and scrub with abrasive particles now is better not to use. Instead, take a soft sponge made of natural fibers and delicate cream-gel with the addition of oil. This is how you are perfectly cleanse the skin, but it will be able to avoid damage and it does not desiccate. Not bad sunburn and support products such as tea and coffee. This is due to the fact that they contain natural colorants. It is useful from time to time to wipe the skin frozen tea or coffee with ice cubes and take a bath with the addition of a strong welding of these drinks (just a few teaspoons). Only water when it needs to be lukewarm.

The face, neck and décolletage may be further purified using a natural mask of blueberries. In this berry contains large amounts of antioxidants to neutralize free radicals, which are responsible for oncological processes in the skin and its aging. To prepare such a magical mask, you will need three to four tablespoons of natural yoghurt with blueberries and ten.

The ingredients should be thoroughly mixed, and the resulting product must be put on the face, neck and chest area with a thin uniform layer of twenty minutes. Before use, pay attention to the color of the mask - it should not be purple, otherwise the risk to buy a bluish tint. As a result, you are not only delicately remove the dead cells due to the mild action of lactic acid contained in yogurt, but also satiate the skin with vitamins E and C, which are abundant in blueberries.

Tanned skin - regular nutrition and hydration

Everyone knows that the skin is exposed to sunlight becomes more dry, so it is necessary to provide additional power. It is recommended to be used as lotions and sprays for the body, which include vitamin A. Do not be amiss to and acceptance of vitamin complexes inside. After sunbathing, take a rule to be applied to any skin moisturizer. This must be done while the body is still a little wet.

It is in this way you will be able not only to maintain the right moisture balance, but also to ensure the protection of your skin from aggressive environmental influences, so long will enjoy its golden hue. Regarding the choice of funds for this purpose, in the first place pay attention to those, which include oil, glycerin and vitamin E. They help your skin stay hydrated and shine a beautiful tan. Best of all, if you buy just two staff, one of whom, the easier will be applied in the morning and the second, increased concentration - before going to bed.

By the way, you're quite capable at home and cook yourself a great tool that is no worse than branded cope with the task. You have to mix several oils (they are in the shops natural cosmetics): cocoa, jojoba, olive and almond. These ingredients are sold in solid form, therefore they need to be pre-melted in a water bath and thoroughly mixed in the form of heat applied to the soft body massage movements.

 how to maintain a tan longer

Particular attention - face and upper chest

It is at these places your skin is the most delicate and vulnerable. It burns rapidly and more intensively updated, losing tan color. In addition, the person you are subjected to a daily additional burden in the form of make-up. So the mere moisturizer will not allow you to keep a tan for a long time on these parts of the body. It takes a special Nourishing Night Cream with the function of regeneration, which have applied to the face, neck and décolleté. Correctly choose it according to your skin type and the degree of sunburn best help cosmetologist, but to cope with this task, and you can yourself, if before the final choice of using several different probes. Will help keep long tan and homemade masks. Here is one of the most effective recipes.

The mask of avocado. This composition is excellent rejuvenates and nourishes the skin. You will need: half very ripe avocado, one teaspoon of wheat germ oil and the same carrot. Do not worry if you can not find all the components. Replace them with olive oil and conventional fresh carrot juice. Avocado need to knead, add the remaining components and heat in a water bath. The resultant mass should be applied on clean skin, leave on for fifteen minutes and remove the cotton pad. As a result, your skin will shine with freshness because it contained avocado rich in omega-3 oil, wheat germ or olive saturate it with vitamins E and carrot juice will give a peculiar tan golden shade, thereby keeping it for a long time.

Proper nutrition

It is no secret that most of the nutrients our skin is one of those products that we receive during the meal. Therefore, the beauty and durability of the Sun is directly dependent on the correct biochemical processes in the human body. And it helps to buy a beautiful golden color and keep it as long as possible to develop a special pigment - melanin. To encourage him to eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. A good example is yuzhanki: they have all conditions for year-round use these foods and drink a variety of healthy juices from them. But we are with you and do not neglect the opportunity to at least the summer to arrange a kind of diet for tanning.

So, what foods contribute to a golden hue of the skin and its preservation for a long time? Firstly, fruits and vegetables containing beta-carotene. He is not only in carrots but also in water-melons, apricots, melons and peaches. They need to eat every day fresh. But the carrot is better to cook the juice, since it was he who, in contrast to the roots, fully absorbed by the body, gives the skin a golden hue and longer maintains it. Perfectly protects us from free radicals and tomato juice because it is rich in antioxidants.

Not to disturb the pigmentation of the skin and do not appear unsightly stains, you should regularly eat citrus, drink a drink from the hips and pamper yourself strawberries. Few people in our country such a spice known as turmeric. It is a pity that we are not accustomed to using it for cooking. This Indian spice contributes to smooth, resistant and beautiful tan.

Olive oil and fatty sea fish must be present on the table of those women who want to have a dark skin tone and keep it as long as possible. After all, they are rich in this important amino acid is tyrosine. It is responsible for the dark pigment. Therefore, if you want to in the summer and late autumn to enjoy the golden or chocolate shades of their skin, include in your daily diet the following foods rich in vitamins: eggs, milk, beef liver, apricots, carrots, spinach, fresh fruits and vegetables.

 how long to keep a tan beautiful

Resistance tanning depends on the method of receipt

It should be noted that the resistance of the summer pigment also depends on where and how do you illuminate. For example, the "southern" tan goes much faster than the "North", which is considered to be more stable and lasts longer. You are more likely to save a golden hue, if you achieve it gradually, and often are in the shadows, out in the sun or in the morning or late afternoon. But in any case it is necessary to use means to protect against UV rays. Especially if you plan to sunbathe in the hot countries, where the sun and the wind just did burn the skin.

After all, what is a tan? This kind of damage to the top layer of the epidermis. And the most ruthless and this process occurs, the faster the skin is trying to regenerate and revive. So intense shade washed off before a light and golden, which just managed to maintain for a long time. But it can be achieved, if not neglect quality protective moisturizer before and after sun exposure.

What else should pay attention to those women who want to maintain your tan last longer? Not superfluous and may be the solarium in preparation for the holiday, especially for the ladies, who have the type of Nordic appearance. But to run for the "artificial sun" immediately upon his return from leave is not necessary. After all skin and so it is likely to be quite dry, so the additional ultraviolet light hurt her even more. Better to do a soft peeling and apply a light moisturizer with tinted effect. By following these recommendations, you can please yourself and others beautiful and radiant complexion for a long time!

 How to keep a tan for a long time: the secrets of five golden skin

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