A special program of post-holiday beauty


Hot sun and salt water have a negative impact on our hair: UV dry out and discolor them, and the salt draws out moisture. Therefore, after returning from vacation, the hair becomes dry and weakened, with split ends.

Listen to the advice of experts stellar, you can quickly restore your hair and body beauty and health.

Hair Restoration: Hair wrapping procedure, a mild shampoo and a proper diet .

To determine how much damage your hair, you need to test water. Healthy hair when immersed in normal water stay on the surface, whereas damaged - are drowning.

If the hair has gone to the day, it means that your tresses need urgent help. Make the house wrap hair: Apply the mask on clean hair, wrap them in a towel on top of the film. After 20 minutes, rinse. This procedure is sufficient to carry out once a week. Moreover, in the home it is no less effective than in the interior.

After shampooing gently blot hair with a towel, except energetic movements. Be careful when combing wet hair, as they are more vulnerable. Temporarily relinquish using hoops and gums, which can only enhance the damage.

Choose a shampoo designed for everyday use. Such care products very gently cleanse the scalp and hair. Correctly Apply shampoo: pour on the palm, we form a foam, and then apply it to the hair roots, excluding soaping tip. So do not get too dry hair.

Washed hair lightly towel dry before applying conditioner.

Must-have summer - the indelible means for dry and damaged hair, which applied only to the tips, using just a few drops. Such care significantly improves the hair structure and facilitates their styling.

To stimulate hair growth necessary vitamins, multivitamins and proteins. To restore the moisture balance of hair daily drink at least 2 liters of water.

If the rest of the sea suddenly appeared dandruff, do not rush to buy the remedies. Most likely, this is due to swim in salt water and climate change. Soon scalp condition normalizes.

It is not necessary to paint the hair immediately after returning from vacation, wait at least a couple of weeks, they receive medical treatment during that time. If you can not wait this time, use the paint without ammonia.

To give hair shine, use the popular recipes: rinse apple cider vinegar diluted with water.

The body

Several current methods: how to keep the sunburn and skin elasticity, tighten silhouette

As a rule, after the summer holidays we only pleases the body: everything is normal - and tone, and elasticity, and skin condition. And all this because of swimming in sea water, which tightens the skin, nourishes beneficial trace elements and speeds up the metabolism. The only thing that may disappoint us when they return home, it's easy peeling, which usually causes excessive exposure to the sun. For as long as possible to save the resulting effect need not to deprive the skin of all of what she had become accustomed during the holiday.

Save sunburn and skin elasticity to help sea salt, essential oils and algae, which are perfectly take care of it.

Exfoliation is one of the most important elements of skin care. Peels and scrubs help to exfoliate dead skin cells and deep cleaning. After the treatment the skin is rejuvenated, prepared for further care.

Experts advise to pay attention to the scrubs, which contain essential oils with sea salt. Essential oils soothe and moisturize, and salt - gently cleanses the skin. All of this helps to cope with post-holiday syndrome, which affects about 70% of people who have returned from a holiday.

Save southern tan tanning help. Apply the product is recommended to wet body. Good help restore the skin after sunburn and means.

Tighten the silhouette and help keep the tone cream with seaweed extract, which improve skin breathing and toxins.

Means for body toning and lifting effect will ensure your feet harmony without any exhausting exercises. They not only improve blood circulation, but also to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, thereby intensifying the skin all metabolic processes. Get rid of the swelling and improve blood circulation helps and evening douches.

 A special program of post-holiday beauty

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 fastest way to lose weight


  • Healthy eating
  • Exercise stress
  • Psychological barrier
  • Lifestyle
  • Secret tricks

You have already tried all possible methods of weight loss, but the result has not got off the ground? We hasten to please you - the output is still there! This is an effective and, at the same time, the quickest way to lose weight, based on the integration of all the most recent and relevant research in the field of dietetics. Its highlight - in a complex effect.

Excess weight - it is very unpleasant phenomenon (as you probably know, and without us). And to deal with it is necessary at all levels of human existence: physical, physiological, psychological, social and spiritual. How to do it? We'll be sure to tell you in this article about the five keys to achieve beautiful and slim figure. If you have any chronic disease, before they take advantage of our way of losing weight, should consult with their physician, because all of our recommendations are designed for healthy people.

Healthy eating

For many women, dietary changes associated with the desire to lose weight - it's almost a sentence. The word "diet" has become a term of abuse for a long time, and no other associations, in addition to the attack of anger and irritation causes. And it all depends on how you relate to changes in food consumption. If you take the time to shedding extra kilos, then the power system may well be a pleasant and gentle. Oh, and if you need to lose a few kilograms per week - then sorry, no hard limits can not do!

The most important secret to weight loss is a calorie deficit. And that would not say psevdodietologi, the fact remains that if you want to lose weight, you need to create a lack of energy in the diet. The most effective if it is based on two things: changes in diet and physical activity. The need for calories in adult women is from two to two and a half million kcal per day depending on the activity level. One kilogram of fat contains nine thousand calories. So consider what should be the deficit, so you lose weight at the correct speed.

Enter in your daily diet of foods that speed up metabolism. These include, in particular, cinnamon and hot red pepper. Half a teaspoon of cinnamon a day can significantly speed up your metabolism, and pepper contains large amounts of vitamin C, helps transform fat into energy and capsaicin accelerates metabolism. Eat more tomatoes: tomatoes in the body suppress the production of the hormone ghrelin, which in turn dulls hunger pangs.

Remember that the food must be not only low-calorie, but also correct, otherwise the health problems do not wait long. Your diet should be present balance of protein, carbohydrates and fat somewhere in the ratio of thirty percent to fifty and twenty respectively. Only fats and carbohydrates should be taken of olive oil and cereals instead of hamburgers and chocolates.

And a few little "food" tricks:

  • Always breakfast. Anyone who ignores the morning approx food was more than made up for it during the day, consume one hundred calories more.
  • Five minutes before the meal, eat one or two apples. This allows you to reduce the amount of calories one hundred and eighty seven units.
  • Fill salads small amount of olive oil. It contains "good" fatty acids help you do not overeat.
  • Make it a rule only the food that is grown, swam or walked. The exposed treated foods contain unhealthy trans fats and a variety of artificial sweeteners.
  • Anything that can be cut into slices, chop! Because of this you are twenty-seven percent slower and, in addition, twenty percent will eat less.
  • Occasionally foods with soy sauce. It is proved that the soy protein in the interaction with receptors in the brain provide a satiety signal.
  • Do not forget to include in your diet spinach, which speeds up the fat burning process. Because spinach contains twice the fiber than in any other greenery.
  • Discard any energy drinks, in the use of which energy is released too quickly: because of this, you can quickly gain weight.
  • The intervals between meals during the day should not exceed three hours. These spaces provide a stable metabolic rate.
  • Eat always at the table. Snacking on the run, you can eat a third more.

 ways to lose weight fast

  Exercise stress

Physical activity - an essential element of the life of a harmonious and well-groomed woman. You will immediately imagined a grueling workout in the gym? In fact, it's not so bad, because physical activity can vary, including fun and enjoyable, and does not burden.

Training in the morning allow you to burn fat faster than employment in any other time. And they are wonderful vivacity, energy, and good humor. But if you do not have the ability or desire to engage in the morning, it can be done at any time - the effect is bound to be! And remember the "golden rule stroyneyuschey women": running - the best cure for fat on the sides.

Oddly enough, but an excellent choice of exercise is a laugh. More laugh! Ten to fifteen minutes of laughter on a daily basis to increase energy consumption by as much as two hundred and eighty calories. And this is one of the easiest and most pleasant ways to fitness, which helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Most have sex. Apart from the fact that your body will produce a hormone that increases metabolism, you will burn more every twenty minutes for a hundred and fifty calories. We are really not talking about how much fun you are guaranteed in the process of "slimming". You can engage in sex for a long time - it's a great distraction from thoughts of hunger!

Psychological barrier

If you decide to lose weight, without the use of psychological techniques is necessary. The first where to start - is setting goals. Think about why you want to lose weight? For health, beauty, and, perhaps, to someone like? Specifying the range of its objectives as specific as possible, try to formulate them. An example of a well-formulated objective is not "I want to lose weight to please men" and even "I want to lose weight to please her husband," and "I want to lose weight to please Basil."

Using a food diary - this is a very good and effective example of psychological techniques. All you have to do - to get a notebook with graphs of time, type of food, the amount of calories, the reason for its admission (for example, an attack of appetite or boredom) and emotions after. Next, you must write this diary in everything that you eat - even three nuts and apple slices. Keeping a food diary. First, it reflects on their bad habits, and, secondly, plays a moderating role: the need to fix all tend to deter unnecessary snacking. And you will not notice how to get rid of these bad habits, you and your waist quickly returns to normal.

When you set a goal and started to record everything that you eat, it will also be helpful to come up with their own system of penalties and rewards for achieving milestones. For example, you want to lose ten kilos in six months. This means the loss of one and a half to two kilograms per month, you should celebrate. If such an interim goal has been achieved - Reward yourself anything, for example, go to a spa or buy a new scarf. If not - Fine yourself with something extra such as jogging. You can make the penalties and encouraging more frequent - it contributes to maintaining motivation.


Changes in lifestyle - is another essential element of a fast and effective weight loss. Do not eat in front of TV: the distraction of TV, people usually eat more than you need. You shower a food (and often it turns out to be a salad, and all sorts of bad "snacks") automatically, so that it is eaten more than you need (and whether or not at all?).

Many people tend to "stick" the difficult moments of their lives. Are you one of them? Throw it immediately! Bun and chocolate does not reduce the level of stress in your life and relieve suffering - they only grant temporary relief. To get rid of this, you need to analyze your own food diary and learn to relax without the "food of doping."

In Russian culture decided to combine the power and communication. Because of this, they merge in our mind, and we often get a huge portion of the extra calories. What for? All in order to satisfy its own need for communication. You embarrassed to give up a piece of cake at a party, and with a friend you meet only in a restaurant? It is time to break this stereotype! Invite a friend to walk and persistently refuse offers of additives at a party. And your figure will thank you!

 ways to lose weight quickly

Secret tricks

There is one key to to quickly lose weight - it's unobtrusive use of special techniques. Listen to relaxing music during the meal - so you chew slower, and therefore eat less. Saturation does not take long, and the meal will associate you with something good.

Watch your breath during the day: it must be deep. Start with control of them for at least two minutes, with a special focus on the movement of the diaphragm. This will help ease the feeling of hunger and normalize ulushit health and overall appearance. Measured and deep breathing changes the rhythm of life is a constant rush to a more thoughtful existence.

The use of oriental medicine, especially acupuncture, too, can work wonders: one session a week helps to further lose about five kilograms in three months. Agree, this is quite an impressive figure that will not cost you any extra Herculean effort.

And best of all in the process of losing weight - is the use of massage. Yes, the right massage can speed up the metabolism, relax the body and soul, as well as pull up some very flabby areas of the body. Take time just for a couple of massages in a week (it must be carried out only by qualified specialist) - and the results will amaze you!

That's all. You say, "What is the way? It's a whole system of weight loss! "- And rightly so. But using such a high-quality and proven system, you can actually fast enough to achieve a good and long-term results. Diets that promise you lose ten kilos in a week due to use of secret ingredients are "dummy", and simply unhealthy. In these cases, the weight required to return - and in fact you do not want?

 A quick way to lose weight: what is the secret of a slim waist?

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