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  • Sunbathing is impossible not to sunbathe
  • What should be the ideal sunblock
  • What does sunscreen protect

A beautiful tan - the dream of many, but how to achieve such a result, they know not all. And although today few dare to go to the beach without cream, but knowingly choose sunblock sun can few.

We will try to bring the most objective information about cosmetic tanning and teach you how to choose such creams, emulsions and oils that will protect you from burns, but it will give the most beautiful and even tan, which you dreamed.

Sunbathing is impossible not to sunbathe

Where to put a comma in this sentence, everyone decides for himself. We believe that the sun, of course, necessary, but excesses in that process is clearly unacceptable.

Ultraviolet light is necessary for our health, in particular, it is not possible without saturation of the body so important vitamin, vitamin D, in addition under the influence of sunlight is improved blood circulation, and therefore more active in muscle sun helps get rid of many skin disorders. In short, we say: sunbathing, we can not sunbathe.

And in order to tan brought that same benefit, which we mentioned above, it's time to think about choosing a sunblock.

 good sunblock sun

What should be the ideal sunblock

Tanner solves a number of issues:

  • It protects the skin from dehydration
  • It protects against sunburn
  • prevents wrinkles
  • It nourishes the skin with nutrients and vitamins

Furthermore creams are divided into groups that:

  • enhance the tan
  • make it more sustainable
  • activate melanin production in the body

When choosing a cream, of course, should be guided by common sense and choose the cream that is best suited for your skin type. For example, owners of light skin, prone to allergic reactions, should give preference to creams with a high level of protection, you can use the swarthy means a lower sun protection factor.

Experts divide the sunscreen into several groups according to the type of skin.

  1. The first group includes creams, oils and emulsions with SPF 30 - that is, funds with a factor 30 sunscreen contain units. They are recommended for fair-skinned people whose skin is prone to erosion, often it has freckles, which become even more pronounced after exposure to the sun without adequate protection.
  2. The second group includes funds with a level of SPF 20. Suitable owners of moderately light skin with gray, blue, green eyes.
  3. The third group - a SPF 15. These tools are ideal for a little dark on the nature of the skin. Typically, such skin perceives good sun exposure, not burns.
  4. Finally, the fourth group - means SPF 10. They are recommended for dark-skinned, dark-eyed and dark-haired. Such people are not prone to burns very quickly get a dark tan.

Think about which group you would have identified themselves, and for these reasons, select the appropriate tool. Of course, you should not take these recommendations as a kind of dogma. It's kind of a landmark. Maybe even a very swarthy people, departing from our latitudes in the southern region, is to start sunbathing to use a cream or oil with a higher level of protection.

 Valuable sunblock sun

What does sunscreen protect

Well, the question certainly think each of you. It is clear from what - from the sun, the name it points to. However, not all so simple. Our light endows the earth three types of rays: alpha rays, or UVA; Beta - UVB and gamma - UVC.

Alpha rays are considered the most "gentle", although they penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin. Scientists believe that this radiation provokes the appearance of malignant tumors. Beta rays are aggressive enough, that's their fault there are burns. As gamma rays, they generally detrimental milking living organisms. Fortunately, this radiation is almost reaches the surface of our planet, lost in the atmosphere.

Choosing a sunblock sun note from any rays, he will protect you. This information is required to be found in the annotations to the facility.

About SPF we have already said, I would like to draw your attention to the fact that even the highest ratio (for example, 50 units) does not mean that the sun can be arbitrarily long. Use common sense and take a sun bath in the morning and after four hours of the day. From the scorching daytime sun will not protect even the most effective means.

 How to Choose a sunblock sun

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 how to do hair removal


  • How do hair removal mechanical?
  • How do hair removal chemicals?

Oh, this fashion, insidious, volatile, biased and demanding. And it demands a greater extent applies to women than to men. Well, for example, a man can be covered with "vegetation" - fashion is silent on this issue. But once a woman to skip the procedure of hair removal, it is at once puzzling and disapproving shrug condemnation from friends and loved ones.

Excessive hair will not spare anyone: even slender, perfectly straight legs lose their charm, defeating the enemy - in this case the hair. Of course, all the above - this is an allegory and artistic exaggeration, but, without a doubt, without hair removal is complete almost any woman - probably many of you know how to do hair removal.

What are the only meal not tolerate strong ladies to at least temporarily remove this hateful vegetation! Fortunately, Beauty and science does not stand still, and there was a wide variety of techniques that are effective and temporary, painful and almost tangible. All types of hair removal and hair removal (except in depilation with hot wax, and enzymatic method), even bikini waxing at home - are available and easily applicable.

First of all, I want to put the record straight i, to find out what distinguishes "hair removal" and "hair removal". After all, oddly enough, even today, most women still confuse the two concepts. The difference is that hair removal - a procedure which resulted in the hair follicle is not destroyed - just the hair is cut or removed, but grows again.

By the same procedures for hair removal are shaving, using depilatory creams or enzyme preparations, which destroy the hair by means of high-enzymes, waxing and the use of depilatories. However, waxing gives temporary and not always effective result. Modern methods can dramatically get rid of unwanted hair: electric and photo-epilation and hair removal by laser. Epilation removes hair with the hair follicles. This achieves a complete and absolute victory - hair growth stops!

The choice of method of hair removal is influenced by several factors: health, financial resources, habits and even stereotypes. And if you first try any way to hair removal or hair removal, make sure you find out everything about it. After all, your knowledge of how to do hair removal depends on the final outcome of the procedure. Below, we will discuss how to do hair removal at home.

 how to do hair removal

How do hair removal mechanical?

When mechanical hair removal is removed by direct physical impact. There are several common types of this hair removal:

  • Shaving machine

This method is known to women for a long time and has not lost its relevance today. It would seem that could be easier than to shave the hair with the help of the machine? However, this method has several significant disadvantages. First, after shaving often a severe skin irritation. Therefore, in no case do not forget to handle the place of hair removal moisturizer. Second, the hair begins to grow very quickly - literally the next day the skin is covered with "hedgehog." Be ready for it and constantly keep a razor. And, thirdly, constantly shave the hair is much thicker, denser and therefore more noticeable.

  • Pulling hair with tweezers

Yes, do not be surprised! Such a method of hair removal is very popular with many women. This procedure is very tedious and quite painful. Therefore, if you choose this type of hair removal, pre rub the skin with ice - it will reduce the pain. Yes, and after the procedure do not forget to treat the skin moisturizer. The effect of this procedure is retained a little longer than shaving - 4 - 5 days.

  • Rubbing pumice

A method of hair removal rather barbaric, but did not mention it is impossible, as it is quite popular. Its essence is simple enough - soaked skin thoroughly pulverized pumice. The effect of this procedure is very weak - the hairs are cut off, and that is not all. But at the same time the skin is damaged very much. As a result, you will not sport a smooth and flaky skin covered with red spots. If you still continue to prefer this method of hair removal, but at least treat the skin moisturizer.

  • Wax

Wax - is the second most popular method of hair removal. Its essence lies in the following - molten wax is applied to the hair, and after it hardens, it is removed. Accordingly, together with the hair. The effect is maintained for about ten days. This method has one, but a very significant drawback - it is very, very painful.

In order to reduce the pain to a minimum possible, beauticians advise how to rub the skin with ice, add in a pre-wax ampoule novocaine, and about 15 minutes before the procedure to take a pill every anesthetic. And, needless to say, after the treatment process the skin moisturizer.

 proper hair removal

How do hair removal chemicals?

If we talk about the home, is to talk about how to make chemical depilation. With this type of hair removal hair removal takes place at the level of the epidermis. However, in this case, the hair follicle is intact. The operating principle of chemical hair removal is simple. The basic substance, a part of a human hair - is keratin, which in turn contains a large amount of sulfur.

And in order to provoke the destruction of the hair keratin enough disintegration. Voila! After that you will only have to remove the remnants of the hair easily with the help of ordinary moistened cotton pad. It is for this reason that all of the drugs designed to destroy the hair, enters the complex substance that breaks down keratin.

Chemical hair removal today is available to all women without exception. It does not require any material costs and visits to beauticians. Even the procedure is completely painless and does not cause a woman to experience pain. There are many ready-made chemicals designed for hair removal. They are produced either in the form of pastes depilatory, or in powder form. Usually, they contain barium sulfate, calcium and lime.

At first glance it may seem that this is the perfect way to hair removal. However, it has disadvantages - firstly, the effect persists for only one week. And, secondly, chemicals very dry skin. So be sure to use a softening and moisturizing creams.

  • Hydrogen peroxide

A very popular way to chemical depilation, which was used further our mothers - is the most common bleaching hair by means of hydrogen peroxide by the frequent application of the mixture on certain areas of the skin. The peroxide must be applied to the skin every 5-7 minutes, about 20 times. Note that during the treatment of skin irritation may occur. In order to eliminate this annoyance, simply sprinkle the affected areas after hair removal baby talcum powder, at least 10 minutes. Then rinse with water and treat moisturizer. After two - three sessions bleaching hair will become very thin and fragile, and their growth will slow down significantly.

  • Pergidrolevaya ointment

At about the same effect, and has the following means. To make it, you need ingredients such as perhydrol 2 g, 6 grams petrolatum and lanolin 10 grams. Mix everything and apply on the skin for about 8 minutes. Then remove the mass with a skin with a wet cotton pad. Then the skin rinse thoroughly under running water, blot with a towel and apply a moisturizer. Such procedures should be carried out no more frequently than every other day. Typically, the effect becomes evident only after the third treatment.

  • Ammonia

Another excellent way to get rid of unwanted vegetation is the next tool that can be easily made at home. For this you need a teaspoon of baby shampoo, 10 grams of ammonia and a quarter cup of 10% hydrogen peroxide. All this can be purchased at the pharmacy without difficulty.

All components are thoroughly mixed, apply to the scalp and leave for about 15 minutes. Then rinse under running water, blot with a towel and apply a moisturizer. Perform this procedure twice a week - and after a month you will notice a great result - the almost complete absence of hair.

As you can see, the right hair removal - it is not so difficult. The main thing to remember is that all necessary measure. And even in the fight for the beauty!

 How do hair removal? Success Secrets

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