Secrets of proper skin care
How to solve problems that have occurred with the skin over the summer?

We struggle with pimples

By the end of the summer season, many of the fairer sex show pimples on your face - they occur for different reasons. For example, because of changes in climate and temperature: the abundance of heat, dust and carbon dioxide only contributes to their appearance. Naturally-defense gland secretion and perspiration recovered fat, thereby mixing them with the same dust. A further stage of pollution, inflammation and the appearance of acne. However, they may appear because of the change of diet: returning from the south, Where to Eat mostly fruits and vegetables, you need a few days to get used to normal food. It is not surprising that because of dysbiosis in the forehead or temples appear little white pimples, which, incidentally, should not be confused with red inflammation - the last talk about violations in hormone levels.

  • How to arrive in such a situation

No need to press pimples, do not even touch them - you risk just to increase their number. Instead, wash your face, using foams, gels, wipe it with tonics containing fruit acids for your skin type. Usually after the summer holiday pH-level increased, so the bacteria need to create a favorable environment: reduce sebum secretion, narrow pores, dry skin - for this and apply cleansing compositions. Excellent acting and masks of white clay, by the way, the pH level of your cleanser should be close to 5, 5. If the package does not write such a figure, the figure is likely overstated.
Salon, pass rate of ultrasonic cleaning, care with fruit acids, mesotherapy and ozonofreza with vitamins.

We struggle with dry skin

The reason for this is not less urgent problems of the summer can be dehydration of the body, which was caused by the sun, the wind, the work in the heat under the air conditioner. Plus, during the holidays often appear rash to try to eliminate by using alcohol-based tonics, which also dries the skin. And, of course, lack of vitamins A, C, D can also be a reason for this.

  • What to do

Houses are actively moisturize the skin using creams containing hyaluronic acid. Twice a day use special moistened sera. Eat fish, its fat and olive oil, as additives, use vitamins "Aevitum."
Inside, you need to take a course of powerful moisturizing treatment that will eliminate the problem of shortage of moisture.

What to do with pigmentation?

It can occur due to genetic predisposition or just prolonged sun exposure after dermal micro-traumas (scratches, abrasions).

  • What to do

To solve this problem, you need to use sets of sunscreen with SPF 30 - it will help to stop the further spread of areas with pigmentation disorders. But to begin an active struggle is only in late autumn - the earlier you can only prevent, but not completely eliminate the problem.
At home you need to use creams with kojic and azelaic acid, use of whey-based retinol containing vitamin C - it will help to whiten the skin and stop the production of pigments.
The interior is to take a course of retinoic peeling or median TCA - among other things it will also whiten the skin.

How to deal with wrinkles?

Do not hurry to write off the horror of their appearance on the age-related changes - in the summer the whole thing can be over-mimic activity caused by the constant sun. If your skin is oily, wrinkles may occur due to the fact that it will actively get too dry.

  • What to do

House reduces the number of wiping tonics and start using serum containing hyaluronic acid. And it should go on the funds marked as anti-age.
Salon, you can undergo mesotherapy vitamin cocktails. In some cases, Botox is also possible for the upper part of your face, but in this situation it is necessary to consult with your doctor.

Eliminates the problem of oily skin

This skin condition can occur because of a genetic predisposition, but do not rush to conclusions: the case may be, and excessive exposure to the sun.

  • What to do

At home you need to actively use matting agents, compositions for T-zone, which will reduce the sebaceous glands. It is necessary to use more group B vitamins, especially B6. Buy in homeopathic pharmacy granulated sulfur, it will help to reduce the sebaceous glands.

In the salons should undergo ultrasonic cleaning and procedures that reduce the activity of salovydeleniya and inflammation. In addition, it will help strengthen microcirculation, sucked stagnant elements normalize pH value of the skin.

 Secrets of proper skin care

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 the fight against cellulite


  • Fighting cellulite traditional methods
  • Massage against cellulite
  • Starting to eat properly
  • Sport and healthy lifestyle
  • Products to combat the "orange peel" on the body
  • When you can not fight cellulite

Cellulite or "orange peel" as it is popularly called, may appear at the very young members of the fairer sex, and respectable ladies aged. There are many reasons why the skin loses its elasticity, becomes flabby and unattractive. Factors may be different, since a sedentary lifestyle, ending malnutrition. But the result is one - is formed cellulite on the buttocks, which looks, to put it mildly, not very attractive.

Completely get rid of cellulite, as you know, is impossible. It is not necessary to hope that after the application of a plurality of masks, trips to the beautician and masseur, everything will return to normal. Unfortunately, the "orange peel" is not going anywhere. But to do so it was not very noticeable, and ceased to grow in size - is quite real. The main thing - to choose the right method.

Fighting cellulite traditional methods

Finding cellulite on the thighs, do not immediately fall into depression, panic to raise and spend millions of rubles for special cosmetics. In the initial stages of this trouble to help cope traditional methods used by even our mothers.

How to get rid of cellulite with the help of coffee

Oddly, coffee belongs to the category of the most efficient and reliable folk remedies. It is used not only to fight against the hated cellulite, but also to eliminate various defects on the skin. Take the example of the top models and participating in beauty contests, which get rid of this problem at home with the help of regular coffee.

  • Anti-cellulite body wraps

Rub into the problem areas of the skin slightly heated coffee grounds, massaging the body with the palm or washcloths. After applying the wrap the affected areas cellulite wrap. After 15-20 minutes, rinse it all under the cold shower. Note: in order to achieve positive results, it is necessary to carry out this procedure at least 2 times a week.

  • Subtleties peeling

It is useful sometimes to pamper your skin cosmetics homemade. Mask-Scrub helps exfoliate dead skin (of horned) particles, well softens the skin renewed. This will help you to overcome the early stages of cellulite. By the way, the tool is also recommended for use against ingrown hairs on the legs.

Option One - Mask-Scrub for sensitive and dry skin, you can prepare yourself at home. So, mix 2 tbsp. Spoon sour cream with 1 tbsp. spoon ground coffee. The resulting funds are used exactly like the store. After the procedure, the skin becomes smooth and matte.

Another recipe for homemade scrub, which can not be compared with any means from a tube - mask scrub of coffee and honey. However, to use it against cellulite should only be the case if you are not allergic to one of the components. Do not forget to test all on a small area of ​​the skin.

For the preparation of the cosmetic product required candied honey. Push the Power 1 tsp. Ground coffee with 2 tsp. Of honey. Wonderful scrub ready. Apply to the affected areas of the body at least twice a week, at least. Moreover, it can be used for face and body. After cleansing the skin becomes velvety soft and smooth.

Fighting cellulite by using seaweeds

It has recently been found, seaweed coping well with the "orange peel". Against Cellulite recommend using fucus and kelp. The fact that in brown seaweed contains a very large amount of iodine. The undoubted advantage is that it is perfectly absorbed by our body. And as you know from biology class, thanks to the iodine normalizes the thyroid gland.

Do not forget that the above algae stimulate blood flow and help flush toxins, etc. Thus, making lotions and wraps, you will get the necessary portion of this element. The resulting restored metabolism in your body.

Buy or algae should be in a specialized institution or a pharmacy. And in fact, and in another case, ask to give you a certificate confirming the quality of products. The problem is that some con artists sell counterfeit. They not only do not help against cellulite, but also dangerous to health.

The magical properties of healing mud

Cellulite can be overcome with the help of therapeutic mud, produced and brought to our country from the Dead Sea. They can be used against the "orange peel", and both at home and in beauty salons. But with this product the fair sex should be careful as improper application and utilization can be fraught with serious consequences.

Remember that you should always keep the therapeutic mud on the body just as much on the package. This in no case can not be smeared from head to toe. Permission is granted to process only certain areas. And under no circumstances do not put it on his chest, where the heart is.

Essential oils for cellulite

There are different means to combat cellulite, but essential oils are probably the safest. So, for example, adding a couple of drops into the water before taking a bath, you can help transform your body. Please note: rosemary oils help to accelerate blood circulation, grapefruit oil soften the skin.

  • Anti-cellulite mixture

For the preparation of liquid that will help you overcome cellulite, you need the following ingredients: grape seed oil (40 ml), geranium essential oil (4 drops), grapefruit (7 drops), patchouli (4 drops). All mix thoroughly and apply on problem areas minute 10. Residues that will not have time to soak, remove with a dry cloth.

  • Stimulants

At home, you can prepare the following mixture, which is used not only in order to fight cellulite. It is also used against premature wrinkles, stretch marks (striae), and other skin blemishes. You will need butter, jojoba and peach pits, cinnamon, black pepper, orange. The proportions of 1: 1, all mixed in a glass container is then applied with a brush on the skin. Wait until all is absorbed.

 cellulite and fight with him at home

Massage against cellulite

It is not necessary to go to a professional massage therapist, you can buy a special nozzles, which are made to combat cellulite. You can get rid of the "orange peel" even at home. The main thing - to do everything systematically without missing a single procedure. And do not forget to make short breaks (three weeks of massage - 1 week off). Otherwise, the fight against cellulite will not bring any positive change.

Buy a special brush or a mitten for a shower. Once the skin is exposed to steam or water softened, rub the problem areas. Note: circular movements are made clockwise, not against. Direction - from ankle to waist. So you stimulate blood flow. Do not forget to pay special attention to the thighs, calves and knees. In addition, you can use anti-cellulite scrub recipes which have been described above.

Be careful! An effective fight against cellulite and violence over the body - are two different things. Doing massage with improvised means, do not push, do not rub the skin strongly. Otherwise you can injure blood vessels, leading to rupture of the capillaries. And you'll have to go in the coming weeks with bruises on the legs. Plus, there will be swelling.

So remember a few rules of good anti-cellulite massage. Firstly, the movement should be smooth and progressive. You can not immediately rude to rub the skin. If during the procedure will feel pain or discomfort, stop or reduce your pace a little bit.

Second, begin to massage should only be after you prepare the skin. The muscles at the same time also need to be relaxed. Do not rub dry! Use of oil or mixtures prepared at home. Do not forget that your hands are warm.

The next point - the duration of the procedure. The average whole process takes about an hour. If you do massage faster, the body will remain cellulite, and fight against it will not bring any fruit. Otherwise, "orange peel" cease to be so noticeable after only three weeks.

Never, under any circumstances, knees and massage the area beneath them, as well as the stomach. In this case, the struggle with cellulite should be entrusted to experienced professionals. Only a professional can save you from this scourge without harming your health.

Starting to eat properly

What are effective ways to fight cellulite, as described above, it was not, if you do not start to eat properly, the problem you can not win. So, first you have to give up the sweet, salty, fatty, starchy foods, spicy, fried, and so on down the list. Eat only healthy food. Choose more fruits and vegetables, porridges.

Get a steamer and cook her fish, meat and side dishes. Due to the special structure, you do not have to use sunflower oil, which is very harmful and dangerous for health. Plus, all of the products, steamed, retains all its beneficial properties. Such food is also very beautiful, pleasant to the taste.

Drink plenty of fluids, but do not get carried away Phyto. Of course, they help to bring all the dross, but in one moment can become dehydrated. Prefer dairy products, juices and mineral (not carbonated) waters. From time to time you can prepare savory stewed fruit or fresh apples.

Sport and healthy lifestyle

No other way to fight cellulite will not be as effective as exercise. From the moment you are not found his body, "orange peel", charging, running in the morning, jumping rope should become your favorite pastime. Remember once and for all against nature not trample! If you will turn gray eight hours work and two hours in the evening in front of TV, then at least to wind algae, though peeling do every day, nothing will change.

By the way, while working out, do not forget about their own safety. Always wear a bra, sports clothing and footwear. You start with a little warm-up, to warm up the muscles. If you do not know what you need to do the exercises, sign up for a fitness or aerobics. Professionals develop and show a special set, so you can get rid of all the shortcomings.

Every weekend hanging out with friends. And it should be no gatherings in the pair or in the woods, where you get in the car to eat kebabs. Walking distance is necessary, each time overcoming the increasing distance. Not bad will happen if you start cycling or rollerblading.

 ways to fight cellulite

Products to combat the "orange peel" on the body

Special anti-cellulite underwear

There are passive methods to combat cellulite. Their essence is that you do not have to do anything. It is enough to buy, say, special clothes and wear it every day. But this option is suitable only in the cold season, when the knitted tights, no one will not cause surprise. Thanks to its special structure and weaving on your legs and thighs will have a positive impact. As a result - improvement of blood circulation.

But too carried away by this embodiment is not necessary. If you use Waist things constantly, it will lead to the full opposition of the results. Eventually, the blood will cease to circulate normally. And after some time will have a new problem: varicose veins.

Shop anti-cellulite creams

According to the manufacturer, creams and ointments - the most effective methods to combat cellulite. They quickly and painlessly help to cope with your problem. And the sooner you start to use them, the better! This is especially true of the fair sex, prone to the appearance of "orange peel". That is if your relative (mother, grandmother, aunt) did not know firsthand what is cellulite, as early as possible to take every precaution.

Such products are usually made based on extracts of exotic plants: tiger grass, horse chestnut, etc. This helps speed up the metabolism, get rid of excess body fat. The only thing that confused in this case - prohibitively high price. Well, for the pleasure to be paid. But unfortunately, no one can guarantee that the funds spent on the cream will be offset by a healthy and smooth skin. By the way, some doctors are against such funds.

When you can not fight cellulite

Unfortunately, not everyone can have recourse to all the above procedures. There are a number of contraindications when the fair sex can not do massage, go to the spa, use cosmetic products (home or store).

So, girls who have been varicose veins, breast feeding mothers and women in the position of having a skin disease, is to forget about the aforementioned methods. Do not experiment with the health of the ladies who have had major surgery. The same applies if you have kidney problems or skin.

In any case, you should consult beforehand with your doctor. Do not experiment with health without making the security of a particular method. First, weigh the pros and cons. For cellulite - it's not the worst thing that can happen in the life of the fair sex.

 Fighting cellulite: how to get rid of the "orange peel" on their own

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