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  • Features skin types
  • Test to determine the degree of skin dryness
  • How to check whether you have oily skin?
  • How to determine that the facial skin of mixed type?

Types of skin have a significant impact on the process of its withering and especially the appearance of age-related wrinkles. Given these types, the skin on the face with proper care it can be for a long time to maintain a fresh and elastic state. We do not always take into account such an important nuance. And without bothering to find out what do we really skin, use inconsistent with her creams and lotions. As a result, either do not see any effect at all, or even sometimes get a negative result. How to determine the type of skin and take care of it then it is so that the maximum slow down aging?

Features skin types

Age-related changes skin type are unavoidable, but with good care, this process can be monitored and you will not see for a long time not a single wrinkle. Clean your face, removing all makeup and using tonic or moisturizing cream and then you can start determining skin type. However, first you need to relax and "grow out" of make-up - it will take a few hours. After that, inspect the skin - this will help you light and easy or a magnifying mirror. Remember that the whole structure of your skin will not be very different from the covers of other people. Pay attention should be primarily on the intensity of the release of sebum glands - specify the places where it is most active.

The amount of fat released by glands secretions, and is the main feature, according to which the skin may be normal, dry, oily or combination - let's see, what is it with you.

Meet the normal skin of the face today can be quite rare, and it usually happens in young people. This skin is smooth, elastic, evenly colored, with unobtrusive and non-contaminated cell. By touching it, you will feel that this is elastic skin - among other things, it gives it freshness and elasticity. People with this type is usually no peeling, acne, or vasodilation. This skin is not afraid of changes in temperature or washing with soapy water, it perfectly responds to a variety of decorative and cosmetic products. First wrinkles on your face happy owner of a leather will see only after 35 years.

But dry skin can be seen quite often: many familiar problem of peeling and some of its tautness. The main difference from the oily skin dry is that the warts and moles are formed much less frequently, the growth of vellus hair is much less active, and the pores are practically invisible. To find out, that the skin of your face is dry, quite simple: click on it with your fingers - the track should not fade for a long time.

The layer of fat in their skin is almost imperceptible, so temperature changes have on her quite a strong effect. There are people whose capillaries are located very close to the skin, which also makes it dry, and is the cause of the tread or burst blood vessels and suggests a rapid loss of moisture.

Acne jump on oily skin more often than in the dry, but the latter quickly becomes rough and more cracks in the fresh air. Note that dry skin is very sensitive and prone to premature aging, so the care it needs to be skillful and attentive.

The cause of dry skin is a low activity of the sebaceous glands and increased evaporation of moisture from the surface thereof. At such a young age the skin is still soft, smooth, thin and dull. But then, especially if properly cared for it, the skin becomes dry, flaky and very inelastic. Quite early start to appear wrinkles is aging areas around the mouth, eyes and neck. The problem of dry skin is very familiar to many women, aged over 40 years.

 types of skin

Test to determine the degree of skin dryness

It is necessary to clean the skin, but to refrain from applying the cream, wait about an hour and begin to identify. Get to the bright light and inspect your face, and then ask yourself the questions and answer them "yes" or "no":

  • In general, you're good to differentiate your pores?
  • Your skin matt or slightly rough?
  • Its color is close to the reddish-pink?
  • When you are older than 25: if there is already wrinkles around the eyes?
  • In the cold, the wind or the sun, your skin becomes red or irritated?
  • You practically unknown to the problem of acne?

You have exactly dry skin, if all of these questions has been answered "yes." If you answered yes to 4-5 points, the type can be combined (mixed) - in this case it is necessary to carry out another test, control.

Oily skin is characterized by brilliance, rather rough texture and grayish pale sea - it is clearly visible pores of the sebaceous glands of the mouth and ducts. The reason for this is the increased activity of the sebaceous glands of the most - often oily skin can be compared to an orange peel. Its owner is often faced with "black spots" that appear because of traffic jams in the pores, and plug these arise from the mixing of excess sebum with dead skin cells and dust.

Gradually formed comedones dark brown or black; without proper care for a person they cause infections and inflammation that leads to acne. The most active sebum is allocated on the nose, forehead, chin, back of the neck, between the shoulder blades to the ground, in the sternum, in large skin folds, groin, armpits, scalp.

The only advantage of oily skin - even with these shortcomings, it does not dry out, so its owners have wrinkles appear much later.

How to check whether you have oily skin?

In order to know your skin type, take a piece of tissue paper, mirror and sit down so that the face got bright light. Clean your skin in the usual way, but please refrain from applying the cream. Wait about an hour and begin to press the sheets of tissue paper to the forehead, wings, nose, chin and cheeks, then give answers to several questions:

  • You can see traces of grease on all these lists?
  • Prints the front of the middle of the cheeks and the same are fat?
  • The skin can be seen clearly distinguished acne?
  • If you have acne, they are on her cheeks?
  • The color of your face pale?
  • The skin is loose and porous?
  • Pimples often jump on your face?
  • The skin is not very sensitive to irritation and redness?

Do you have oily skin, if each of these questions you answered "yes." Well, if you answered yes to 4-5 points, as in the first case, it is necessary to pass a test on a mixed type of skin.

Facial skin combined type is the most common form, characterized by a rather bold forehead, nose, chin, cheeks and dry areas of the neck and eyes. In the mixed type of skin of different parts of the face require special care - pass the test in order to finally determine the methods of keeping it young.

 determining the type of skin

How to determine that the facial skin of mixed type?

In preparation for the test, you also need to attach sheets of tissue paper to all areas of the face, do not use with the cream and give itself the answer to the questions:

  • On sheets of the "T-zone" (nose, chin, forehead) traces of fat?
  • The skin of the cheeks and temples and smooth with fine pores?
  • In the middle of the face appear visible acne or large pores?
  • Your nose can shine an hour after treatment has been carried out?

Overall, how sensitive your skin?

  • In winter, the forehead and cheeks are often rough and irritated?
  • With the onset of summer, the facial skin becomes more oily?

If the answer is "yes" was given for at least 4 questions, then you - the winner of the skin of the mixed type.

 How to determine skin type

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  • All of paraffin: the secrets of beautiful body
  • How is the procedure of rejuvenation
  • The positive effect of paraffin
  • What can be treated with paraffin
  • Paraffin baths and bath: can or can not

Fortunately, many of the fair sex, paraffin is available not only in beauty salons. To freshen up, not necessarily spend a lot of money to look good master. Enough to buy all the necessary materials to choose the right recipe and make things right. And then the result will exceed all your expectations. So let's talk about how you can spend paraffin at home. And what benefit you bring these procedures.

All of paraffin: the secrets of beautiful body

To begin to deal with the fact that such a paraffin. So, if you have not previously encountered with this concept, you might want to know that it is - cosmetic procedure aimed at rejuvenation, nutrition, clean the skin. Usually the fair sex have resorted to it when you need to put in order the hands and feet.

Paraffin baths and wraps are fast. The positive effects can be seen immediately: skin becomes smooth, ceases to be dry and flaky. Conveniently, that such a paraffin baths can be applied to any single part of the body that needs care (back, hip, neck, face).

How is the procedure of rejuvenation

The procedure begins with a warm-up paraffin wax special, which begins to melt at fifty degrees. But do not worry and be afraid to make burn as the right approach will be fine. The fact that the material used has a relatively low conductivity. That is, the mask is applied to the body starts to burn and oven. The heat will be given gradually.

Note the skin temperature will not rise much. This facility will provide moisturizing effects. After paraffin hands and feet will be more properly maintained because the nutrients penetrate the deepest layers of the epidermis. Some items will have a tonic effect. The skin not only gets rid of toxins, but also "breathes".

To perform paraffin house Get a special tray, termoperchatkami, socks and fabric masks. The hot wax will need to put on your skin, leave to cool somewhere for 5-10 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water. Thereafter, the treated portion of the emulsion contained in the standard set for paraffin. Or buy it at a pharmacy.

Held paraffin house and to adjust the shape. Volumes will be good to decrease, if you will use paraffin or seaweed extract in combination with marine mud. The main thing - make sure you are not allergic to these ingredients.

What material is taken for paraffin? As you may have guessed, to use ordinary candles that are sold in stores, you can not. They are only suitable for creating a romantic atmosphere, and are used when there is no light in the house. For this procedure, you will need to purchase a special wax. It is sold in pharmacies and beauty salons.

Please note: the material for paraffin is used only once. He then discarded. Re-kindle it does not make sense, since it becomes simply useless. By the way, the wax is not too expensive, so buy a couple of kilos certainly possible.

 What is paraffin

The positive effect of paraffin

Many of the ladies are interested in the question of what is still due to the positive effect of paraffin. The fact that the substance starts to slightly warm skin, and the active elements - to penetrate the epidermis. All of this increases blood circulation, improves the functioning of the sebaceous glands. Paraffin-treated areas of the body begins to sweat. As you remember, and you know, with the sweat secretions of your body and leave toxins in the blood.

The next phase of paraffin - moisturizing skin. During the procedure, the closed area do not breathe as well as paraffin does not let air out. Formed a greenhouse effect. A few minutes later the water contained in the pot begins to be absorbed back. The question is, what happens to the toxins, which can also get in? In fact, do not worry, because the molecules of toxins are too large. They are not physically pass through the skin back.

It is therefore important procedures after all wash thoroughly, left to substances that may lead to clogged pores. Again, make paraffin baths, wraps or masks should only be pure body. Otherwise, the positive effects greatly reduced.

Ends paraffin smoothing wrinkles. The heated wax begins to shrink in about a half an hour. This is due to the laws of physics when heated body expands, and cooled down - compressed. Paraffin mask tightens the skin around it that helps get rid of wrinkles. With large as in this case, the fair sex, unfortunately, can not cope.

By the way, to resort to paraffin recommended for women who suffer constantly swelling. As mentioned above, after the procedure of the body away any excess liquid. But first you should consult with your doctor, as this may be a symptom of serious illness.

What can be treated with paraffin

We have already mentioned that the paraffin is classified as universal remedies. Masks can be done in almost all parts of the body, including the stomach and hips. However, do not use this tool in the chest. Any thermal effects on the mammary gland, as you recall, is contraindicated. If you try this, the consequences can be sad, right up to cancer.

  • Hands

Most often, the woman's age issue neck and hands. Therefore, the fair sex are trying to use all the modern methods and technologies to get rid of sagging and wrinkles on the hands. Paraffin, by the way, nice to deal with it.

In principle, it is enough to make applications two or three times a month to keep yourself in shape. But too often they are not applied. What is most interesting, even after the first treatment, the skin will be transformed. It is soft, smooth, delicate, like a girl of eighteen. Believe me, you will notice it right away.

Please note: many very expensive and professional beauty salons resort to paraffin immediately after the manicure. Be sure to take you to review this policy, if you wish you were beautiful, not only arms, but also nails.

  • Legs

Every day, the legs of the fair sex can withstand such loads, which men do not even dreamed of. Tight shoes, high heels, which have to constantly run, uncomfortable shoes (but very beautiful model) - all this has a negative effect on the skin of the feet. As a result - the sole becomes rough, cracks, roughness, blisters that hurt incredibly.

To avoid the above horror can be, if you do Paraffin. Plus, it not only has a positive effect on the skin, but also brings enormous pleasure. Woman relaxing, relaxing, resting, until the wax warms the feet and softens the skin. At this time you can watch TV, listen to music, read. Just do not sit down at the computer, since you are not carried away with what you need.

  • The face

In contrast to the hands and feet, to make application to the face is very painful and unpleasant. Withstand paraffin only a few sessions. Most girls embraces real panic and fear. Repeat these procedures are solved few of the fair sex.

 the use of paraffin

Paraffin baths and bath: can or can not

As in any other case, there are indications to the paraffin that can make applications, and contraindications when absolutely can not use this substance. Therefore, it must first be familiar with the rules, yet to visit a beautician and a doctor. And only after you realize that the paraffin does not cause you any harm, you can start the procedure.

  • You can not

The fair sex, with health problems, can not resort to such manipulation. Especially if a woman has any acute inflammatory processes. In this case, the thermal effect, which, incidentally, is a paraffin, is strictly forbidden. The same goes for people with cardiovascular failure, ischemia, atherosclerosis.

And, of course, doctors are prohibited to carry out similar experiments on the body of expectant mothers and just women who have given birth. In this case, it is logical, since it is not clear how to lead the body of a baby in such a situation. Plus, it does not always sell quality wax. And any chemistry can lead to tragic consequences.

Not recommended make masks and applications, if you're afraid of enclosed space. The fact that you have to sit in one position for an hour. Thus at the end of your body will be squeezed. People suffering from claustrophobia, it is unlikely to come to their liking.

Your doctor may talk a lady from the procedure if she had varicose veins, infection, there are scars, rashes or lesions on the body. It will only worsen all of the above symptoms, will accelerate the development of the disease. Therefore it is not worth the risk. Believe me, beauty is not always worth the sacrifices that bring the fair sex.

  • Can

If all the above contraindications have not in any way relate to, and can safely be applied to melt the wax on the body. It has been proven to be beneficial paraffin burns, frostbite, ulcers, certain diseases associated with the violation of the musculoskeletal system. Completely healthy girls this will help get rid of the constant dryness, chapping, fading. It is recommended to use the application if you constantly go on heels or tight shoes, frequently visit the solarium.

Now that you know all about paraffin, than it is useful and who can hurt. Resorting to it or not - you decide. But if you do decide to try, remember that the main thing - always follow the rules and regulations. It is not necessary to keep paraffin longer than necessary, as this may damage and use ordinary candles.

To learn how to make applications, you can tell the master in a beauty salon. By the way, it is strongly recommended for the first time to professionals, rather than guessing at camomile "ready or not." See how beautician does everything, and the next time again at home. So you'll know exactly what to take off the mask, if something still goes wrong. But discomfiture fortunately do not happen often.

 Paraffin: return the youth and elasticity of the skin

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