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Relentless statistics says that one in three women is concerned, how fast to lose weight in the abdomen. After all, I like to have a curvy figure with a flat tummy. But he stubbornly accumulates folds arise due to excess body fat. In fact, universal way to quickly remove those wrinkles there. People have different levels of fitness and various endurance.

Someone could spend hours doing physical exercises, and someone and morning exercise given hard. Therefore, a program of weight loss in the abdominal area for each individual ladies. But there is a general rule - the fat in the tummy can be quickly removed only by means of comprehensive measures. That is just one diet or only sport not give the desired effect. But if you use multiple methods, bulging belly can be transformed into the perfect in just a few days. What are these methods?

Exercise for weight loss in the abdominal area

I would like to note once - before embarking on the choice of ways to lose weight stomach, it is desirable to consult with an endocrinologist and nutritionist, visit the gym or fitness club and consult with a professional trainer. And only then, based on the recommendations of experts, set diet and physical exercises. If you remove the wrinkles on his stomach is supposed to at home, no need to purchase any specific equipment. You can apply as a complication of conventional pillow ball, a book, a plastic pillow filled with water. Before you begin any of the exercises for the abdominals, you need to warm up with the help of a warm-up.

With regard to the complex exercise, it may be like this:

  1. Lie on your back, arms extended along the body. On account of "time" slowly raise the trunk, tilt it to the stretched legs, trying to touch the tips of the fingers toes. At the expense of "two" as slowly return to the starting position;
  2. Lie on the floor, legs bent at the knee. The hands we place at the head of elbows in different directions. Raise the chin as high as possible. On account of "time" straining abdominal muscles and raises body shoulder so that lower back remained motionless. We linger in that position five - seven seconds. At the expense of "two" back to the prone position. This exercise can be carried out, taking his shoulders from the floor and a basin before lifting the crossed legs slightly bent.

    And you can at the same time raising the pelvis and shoulders. To study obliques take the same position lying, then throws up the shoulder girdle and falls short of the knees alternately opposed to them elbows. Each exercise must be repeated at least twenty times with two or three sets. The best option - to make turns every kind of such exercises with respite in one minute;

  3. Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart. The hands we place on the belt. Cant slow the body in one direction and then the other, trying to keep the hips do not move. In each side to bend ten - fifteen times;
  4. Just get up, we arrange legs wide apart. Shallow squat, freezes in that position. Hands add up to the castle, presses them to the right side. Straightens up making arms trafficking. Pulling them over his head. Then again, we sit down, holding hands are to the left side. We get up in the same manner as the previous times. In this exercise you have to do fifteen repetitions on each side;
  5. This exercise should be done with the weights. Lie on your back, keep your hands to lift weights overhead. Start slowly sit down, trying to reach out your hands to toes. Collaterals did not let go. Then just as slowly return to starting position. We make ten repetitions;
  6. Perform this exercise also requires the use of weights. Lie on your back, gripping the weights between the feet. The hands we place under his head. The legs bend at the knees (not burdening release), tightens the abdomen, rotate your knees so that they form a circle and come back to the starting position. We do fifteen repetitions;
  7. Lie on your side, hands clasped behind his head. Turn your head and shoulders back and slowly lift the body. Make ten repetitions with one and the other;
  8. Lie on your back, lift straight legs and makes them cross traffic. Must make five repeats, each of which lasts for at least thirty seconds.

Remove tummy help swimming, water aerobics, jogging. But, as we have said, nothing but exercise without proper diet ineffective. How should he be?

 how quickly lose weight in the abdomen

The diet for quick weight loss in the abdominal area

The most important thing in the diet slimming belly - to exclude from it pickled, canned, fried and smoked foods. More than half of the diet consists of vegetables and fruits. In addition, the menu includes dairy foods, lean boiled meat and fish, natural juices. It may look something like this:

Menu slimming abdomen number 1 (low body fat)

  • First breakfast. Sandwich stuffed with banana, half a glass of orange juice. Instead, you can make an omelet sandwich of two eggs or cereal with milk. For dessert suitable low-calorie fruit yogurt;
  • Second breakfast. If hunger is not appeased, in the time after the first breakfast you can eat a salad of sweet red pepper, green onion and lettuce;
  • Lunch. Boiled chicken breast without skin, vegetables, mashed potatoes, raw carrots in any form, tea without sugar. Another variant of the dinner menu: vegetable soup, coleslaw, one hundred grams of cooked meat or fish. For dessert, you can eat two small chocolate bars.
  • Dinner. Tushenyё fat-free vegetables, an apple, a glass of fruit juice or low-fat yogurt.

  Menu slimming abdomen number 2 (with excess body fat)

  • Breakfast. Steam scrambled eggs with thin slices of dried bread;
  • Second breakfast. Two baked apples, which can be replaced with one orange;
  • Lunch. Two hundred grams of cooked lean meat or fish with green salad;
  • Snack. A glass of low-fat yogurt;
  • Dinner. Salad vegetables, dressed with olive oil.

Extremely fast help remove the stomach decoction of turmeric root. To make it, you need to add half a liter of boiling water teaspoon of turmeric, insist broth for fifteen minutes, and then drink a hundred and fifty grams of infusion after each meal.

There is one modern way to lose weight, eliminates the need for debilitating diets and grueling sets of exercises - folk remedies.

 how quickly lose weight in the stomach area without harm to health

Folk remedies for weight loss belly

In order to remove the excess folds on the abdomen and thighs, traditional medicine offers drink decoctions of horsetail and corn stigmas. But it is desirable to use them after consulting with a specialist, - herbal teas are not for everyone. If they are not recommended, you can resort to the help of the honey, which is used so. One teaspoon of honey diluted in a glass of warm boiled water, add a little lemon juice on an empty stomach and drink in one gulp. Effectiveness in the abdomen and weight loss Honey massage.

Excellent clean stomach in a short time hot wraps of film and special food mixtures that are commercially available. The mixture is applied to the body at the waist, then carefully bandaging film and put on something warm. Forty minutes later, the film is removed, and the mixture was washed with warm water. Wrapping is repeated every other day for a month. Its results are clearly visible already after several procedures.

Hot wraps are not for everyone. In diseases of the kidneys, liver, heart, stomach if sick - they are contraindicated. Hot replacement wrap can be a normal waist wrapping some woolen cloth or shawl. Top superimposed compress paper or plastic film, and all ligated wide belt. Sweating rewound in the body increases, the stomach is reduced. Such wrapping virtually harmless, so it can be carried out on a daily basis.

Finally, you can remove the stomach with the help of elementary tools - hoop hula-hoop. First lesson is best done with a light wrap, and then gradually move to a heavier weight. Exercises are done with the intense abdominal muscles, you need to keep in this state throughout the session. If you combine them with a good massage, the desired effect will not be long in coming.

The main issue in weight loss in the abdominal area - regularly apply the techniques described. And then the figure for a long time will remain taut and beautiful.

 How fast to lose weight in the abdomen? Simple Ways

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