face massage


  • Varieties of massage performed by specialists, and their features
  • Self-massage: affordable, simple, effective

Women at all times sought to look attractive. And today it is necessary to monitor their appearance - it's a natural need for the fair half of mankind. It is no secret that with age the skin on the face of it fades and loses its appeal very quickly.

Various creams, serums and masks certainly have a positive effect on it, but have a short and is usually weakly pronounced effect. And then we are increasingly visited by thoughts of magic and plastic injections. However, to prolong their youth and maintain a healthy appearance is possible, without resorting to drastic measures.

To help in the fight for women's attractiveness will manage such a popular cosmetic procedure like a facial massage. If done correctly, the effect of it will delight almost every woman. In addition, compared to surgical plasty and painful injections, the procedure does not cause discomfort, on the contrary, it provides an excellent tonic and also relieves stress effect.

In addition, facial massage is very useful even for those of us who are not yet in force early age, eliminating the need to contemplate the first telltale wrinkles on his own face. In this case, the magical effect of the procedure will remove long as undesirable changes in appearance.

 massage for face

Varieties of massage performed by specialists, and their features

Modern beauty salons and a number of health facilities offering women, concerns about preserving youthful skin, several benign cosmetic procedures. Many of us choose massage. And do it not in vain, because the good that it often exceeds the amount of money spent, and the effect to expectations. Of course, the wrinkles will not disappear, but become less visible, the outline of the face will regain clarity, chin stop annoying his views and so on. In general, you will shine the light of youth and very posvezheete. But first you need to understand what is the procedure in your case will have the most pronounced effect, as there are different types of facial massage.

The most common is the classic technique. It shows it as a preventive measure, because prevents the appearance of first wrinkles and helps to maintain the skin in perfect condition. Classic or facial massage improves blood circulation, increases the tone of facial muscles, removes dark circles under the eyes, gives a lot of problems young beauties. The technique includes stroking and rubbing performed with the use of oil or cream is strictly for the massage lines. There are contraindications: herpes, skin lesions, demodex, acne during exacerbations, increased blood pressure.

Plastic facial massage provides a strong rhythmic and slightly press the skin movement. The procedure is performed with the use of talc and is shown with pronounced age-related changes, such as: clear signs of skin aging, thinning, sagging, loss of tone in the presence of age spots and rosacea, puffiness, wrinkles and facial folds. The effect is achieved through the elaboration of a muscular frame and nemimicheskoy muscles. Thus returns and strengthen internal basis, so the shape of the face regains a clear form. Contraindications do not differ from those for which it is not recommended, and the classic technique.

Plucked facial massage (Jacquet) involves kneading, stroking, deep tweaks vibration. It is performed with the use of talc. This procedure applies to the category of medical and carried out in the presence of seborrhea, scars and blemishes from acne, and after hygienic cleaning of the face. The reason for the interruption of the session is a reddening of the skin, but if it is not too thinned, it is able to withstand all the required twenty minutes. The technique is aimed at the normalization of the sebaceous glands, so it's perfect for the treatment of oily and epidermis. Contraindications for procedures Jacquet include herpes, inflammatory skin diseases, rashes and injuries.

Lymphatic drainage massage is struggling with facial swelling, lethargy, dull skin color. These signs point to poor circulation and stagnant processes in the lymph. In addition, the technique is considered one of the most successful, as much rejuvenates the skin. Lymphatic drainage massage creates a natural lifting effect. Movements are alternating compressions and strokes, they are geared up, run at a slow pace, very smoothly.

GM should have a good idea what the lymph nodes to know the location. It is also necessary to use special tools for skin. In addition to the above, contraindications to this type of procedure include cancers, blood diseases, infections of the skin and the body, exacerbation of chronic processes, and excess hair on the face.

 facial massage technique

Self-massage: affordable, simple, effective

One of the most public to date ways to preserve your skin fresh and girlish self-massage is a smooth face, technology is so simple that it allows the procedure alone, in the comfort of your home and at any time. His technique is extremely convenient and accessible. Besides, it does not require much time. However, do not underestimate the simplicity of this massage, because he, like any other, requires adherence to certain rules. First of all, the procedure should be carefully prepared: to conduct cleaning procedures for the skin, release the neck muscles to relax and take a comfortable position.

By performing a facial massage yourself, you need to use the same method - a beating. This technique is very simple: the movement is performed by four serried fingers of both hands simultaneously. For the delicate skin under the eyes tapotement held pads of the third, fourth and fifth fingers, but not all together, and in turn, so that the shocks followed quickly one after the other. This not only improves the blood circulation of the skin, but also has a reflex action.

Submandibular region faces is recommended to pat the back of the fingers. This facial massage in this area should start with the left hand from right to left and then from left to right with his right hand, repeat these movements several times. For skin on the chin, a condition that upsets many women who turned thirty-year milestone, another suitable technique. This region faces the most convenient pat cloth or towel. This technique will improve the condition of the skin and get rid of double chin. To slap the middle part towels moistened with water, wring out, fold in half and applied to the problem area in the lower part of the face.

Repeated stretching and relaxation towel creates a consistent tapotement chin. This technique provides a much more profound effect in comparison with the work of your fingers, and has a more pronounced effect. Self-massage should be done systematically. To achieve better results it is recommended to supplement it with a few strokes, occur in different techniques:

  1. Stroking his forehead. Manipulations are carried out three or four tips of the fingers in the direction from the eyebrows to the scalp. At the same time the right half of the forehead stroking his right hand and the left side - left.
  2. Stroking the chin and lower cheeks. Working through these parts of the face is done in two ways: the palm of the hand from the middle of the chin to the ear lobe and the back surface of the fingers of both hands on the middle of the chin to the side of him and under him toward her temples.
  3. Stroking the middle and upper cheeks. In the first case the movement is performed palmar surface of the two fingers, the second and third, in the direction from the middle of the upper lip to ushnomu opening. The upper part of the cheeks must be rubbing his fingers in the same direction from the nose to the temporal regions.

Methods of the above procedure is designed for regular applications. Therefore, it is recommended to perform a facial massage every day or, at most, a day. Remember that the desired effect will be achieved only when there is no laziness on your part.

But any mechanical impact which would benefit to the skin or it was founded, has no contraindications. Most of them are described in the preceding section of the article. Pay attention to yourself, and then you reach amazing results

 Facial massage: how to keep the youth for a long time

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 Ingrown hairs on legs


  • Because of what appear ingrown hairs
  • What to do when your hair grow?
  • What can be done by removing ingrown hair
  • Preventing ingrown hairs

Any modern woman knows why, and why you should spend depilation. Such a procedure is simply necessary, because today beautiful legs must be perfectly smooth, without any hairs. But there are times when waxing turns the real problem - the development of folliculitis. Simply put, there are ingrown hairs on the legs, which bring a lot of problems. Firstly, they are accompanied by inflammation, itching, redness of the affected areas, ie discomfort. Secondly, the hair is growing under the skin and appear as black dots, that is aesthetically unappealing. Thirdly, the very emergence of the problem is often "opens the door" fungi, bacteria, viruses is accompanied by persistent wounds and age spots - the organism causes damage.

Because of what appear ingrown hairs

The main problem is that the audio shugaring or depilation using wax or lotions, or any other method or means do not provide one hundred percent effect. When removing hair cutaneous affected only part of it, rather than the bulb. As a result, he eventually grows back. But after the first depilation skin coarsens, and not every hair can get through it. Those that it fails, are bent towards the bulb inside follicles. Thus there is a growing hair, accompanied by all the above troubles. If nothing is done, the skin in problem areas will be as if studded with black dots.

What to do when your hair grow?

If you encounter this problem, you must first change the method of hair removal. If you've enjoyed the wax, go to a cream or try to shave your legs with an electric typewriter. And by the way, you will need to take a short "pause", that is, for some time did not make depilation. Do not shave your legs as long as you do not pass the inflammation does not end itching and irritation. And, using the new method, be sure to remove the hair in the direction of their growth, not against it. Otherwise, you risk to "earn" irritation Recently restored area. Yes, remove the hairs in the direction they grow longer than against, but it is safer for your legs. This is a more gentle method of skin, so it is recommended without exception beauticians.

What to do with the already ingrown hairs? To delete them, you need 15-20 minutes to put on the problem area moist compress - this will help relieve irritation and "soften" the upper skin cells. After this time, you need to carefully pick a hair needle (of course, pre-disinfected) and pull it with tweezers. For on-site ingrowth not formed wound, after this procedure is necessary to wipe it with alcohol.

Note, however, this method is suitable for the removal of the hair, which had grown only recently, the ends of which there are not too deep. But with the continuing challenges you so, unfortunately, can not cope.

From already deeply ingrown hairs on the legs get rid gradually otshelushivaya skin scrubs or hard sponge. How does this help? Very simple: the more we remove keratinized layers, the closer to the surface of the hair is located. There will come a time when it will be possible to pick up the needle and remove the forceps. Of course, this method requires time - it takes hold of at least 4-5 weeks. While constantly holding such a procedure "cleaning" is quite troublesome occupation. Hence a simple conclusion: it is better not to bring themselves to the point where the feet need such radical assistance. It is important to deal with ingrown hairs immediately as they occur - in this case, and get rid of them will be easier, and health will suffer less damage. And, of course, then need to pay due attention to preventive procedures to avoid a repeat of the problem.

 ingrown hair on legs

What can be done by removing ingrown hair

Attention, there are things to do that are not recommended - otherwise the consequences will be even more serious. So, it is impossible picks open the problem areas with a view to get deeply hidden hair. By doing this, you increase the wound and possibly introduce contaminants, plus the skin will remain a trace. For the same reason you can not extrude hairs like acne, otherwise you risk getting shramiki.

Exfoliate skin with scrubs need to "fix" peeling. But it is impossible to carry out this procedure without moisturizer. Doing without peeling cream or scrub is forbidden because it can cause irritation in the treated area, which will lead to the re-growth. For the same reason, as we have already mentioned, you can not remove the hair on the newly reconstructed skin against their growth. As you can see, the rules are quite simple, and they can comply easily.

But if you have changed the method of hair removal and spent all of the above treatments exfoliate the skin and ingrown hair removal and the improvement has not occurred, it is necessary, without delay, make an appointment to the beautician. The specialist will tell you how to solve your problem at the beauty salon, or clinic. Of course, such treatment will be more expensive, and this is one of the reasons that should not lead to a state of their feet, which need serious help.

Preventing ingrown hairs

To protect yourself from the appearance of such problems (or prevent their re-development) should observe a few simple rules:

  • Before any depilatory wax, cream or elektromashinkoy sure to take a shower, not a cool or contrast that is hot. This procedure will help to steam the skin, resulting in hair soften and remove them together with the bulbs will be much easier.
  • Taking a shower is necessary also because to depilation should be thoroughly cleaned up. Sebum and dirt, it is important to remove because while shaving they can provoke inflammation, and this is the first step to the appearance of ingrown hairs.
  • Before waxing should be done even peeling, and only a mild scrub. In that case you exfoliate dead skin cells without the risk to "earn" irritation.
  • Shave legs only high-quality razor blades famous for its sharpness, and often dampen it in the process of hair removal. So you do not injure your skin and do not create a potential source of inflammation.
  • Depilation, it is important to complete the application of funds, slow the growth of hair.
  • The next day, after shaving the legs to start the course of peeling. Clean the skin with a good scrub and hard sponge 3-4 times a week, and you forget about the ingrown hair.
  • It is important not desiccate the skin - it is necessary to please her regular moisturizer. Take care not only about the face, neck and handles, but also the legs - they also need care.
  • Do not shave your legs before putting on tights, pants, jeans - your skin needs a rest. The most convenient way to do hair removal before you are going to go to bed.

 How to remove ingrown hairs on the legs

Separately, we note that you can not be limited to the prevention in the home. It is advisable to visit a beauty salon for the peeling procedure. However, you can do more radical and pass the camera or laser hair removal. As a result of these procedures are usually removed the bulb, therefore, nothing will grow. But most importantly, remember that the health and beauty of your legs is in your hands. Take care of your skin, careful approach to the process of waxing and carry out this procedure regularly. Then you will not have such problems as ingrown hairs.

 Ingrown hairs on legs: a problem that can be combated

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