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  • Why is the skin loses its tone and how to fight it?
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Zone neck and neck can be called a true "boon for spies", since this area did not know how to keep secrets. Even if you hide the passport with the cherished numbers, you still talk about your age skin. It also tells of the efforts that you have made to preserve its appearance. In this article you will learn how to provide proper care in the area.

The belief that care should start neck after forty or even fifty years, is erroneous. In this age it is necessary to use more than radical methods of struggle against the withering of the skin: the different serum wrinkles, tightens procedures, medical methods of correction and so on. As a rule, it is connected with decent financial expenses, so the earlier you start to care for the skin of the neck, the longer it will kind of keep secret your real age.

In this age of plastic surgery, and other conservative development of the cosmetic industry, it is much easier to keep a person young and fresh than it was some ten years ago. What can be said about the neck because it is something just pretty hard to keep from the first age-related changes. The skin loses its elasticity in the area, because her core muscles - platysma - consists of thin fibers, which can not develop, train and pump.

However, there is hope: to maintain the tone of the epidermis is quite real. Therefore, care for neck and decollete should begin as soon as possible. According to the beauticians, the first signs of skin aging begin to appear after twenty-five or thirty years. Of course, at first they hardly visible, but all they know and remember the wonderful phrase: "Forewarned - is forearmed."

Why is the skin loses its tone and how to fight it?

If you are a fan of diets and regularly expose your body "rollercoaster ride" - that losing weight, then again fullness, you need to be prepared for the fact that after such a drastic weight fluctuations thin skin of the neck will not thank you for it. Therefore, if you want to look young and attractive as long as possible, try to adhere to the principles of rational and proper nutrition by eating a lot of fruits and vegetables, cereals, lean meat and sea fish. Thus you will provide skin cells to the receipt of all necessary vitamins, trace elements and minerals inside.

However, the wrinkles on the neck appear not only our fault. It turns out that even the malocclusion can reduce tone. Poor posture also plays against you if the back is always in a curved position, triggered by the formation of wrinkles in the neck and double chin. But most of all we are to environmental factors: cold, sun, temperature and wind. As the researchers note, residents of the middle band have a more elastic skin than those who live in the south or the north.

And now it's time to turn to the most simple measures of care in the home that can be taken now rather than postpone them indefinitely. For them, your neck is sure to thank you our fit and fresh look. Firstly, do not sleep on a high pillow, and it is better to do without it. Harmful to keep the neck permanently closed. If you already have wrinkles, no need to hide them using handkerchiefs, scarves and clothes with a high neck, this skin becomes more dry and will lose tone.

Secondly, your neck is in need of water physiotherapy. Therefore, each time a hike in the shower to massage this area, including the neckline, with a strong jet of water. After that you need to cheer up a cold shower. This stimulates blood flow and improves skin condition. For such a delicate zones can not use the same cream as for the face. If you have oily skin, the more you should not succumb to such temptation: the means for this type of epidermis have a drying effect, and in fact the neck, on the contrary, requires additional hydration and nutrition.

Many cosmetic brands have long been engaged in the production of specific products, enabling it to look carefully behind the "treacherous" zones. They can not be ignored, since it is usually attached to such creams massage instructions and recommendations on the application. Most high-quality and efficient tools developed in special cosmetic and medical laboratories, tested, and only after it hit the shelves of pharmacies and shops.

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Masks for the neck and chest area

Very popular and organic compounds that allow to care for neck and neck in the comfort of your home. Normally this area women are always a little dry, so it needed hydration and nutrition. With the help of simple products, you can effortlessly prepare a truly wonderful means to permanently preserve youth, beauty and firmness of your tender skin. So what are the magical recipes you can use at home to the neck and décolletage always look great?

  • Oatmeal mask. With the blender need to make flour from oatmeal, then add to it a little cream or milk and half a teaspoon of vegetable oil - almond, apricot and olive. The mixture should be applied to the neck and chest area, and wrapped a towel and leave for twenty minutes.
  • Protein mask. It should be lightly beaten egg white, it can be to add a little honey. The mixture was applied to the skin in several stages with an interval of five minutes. Then wait until the last layer has dried up, and gently wash off all the water. The direction of the hand movement should only be upward. This mask is great help before going out, because it acts immediately.
  • Egg mask. Lightly whisk whisk one egg yolk with a teaspoon of honey, add a few drops of olive oil and a little rye flour. To make it convenient to apply the mask until you get a thick consistency. Apply the resulting composition of the neck and décolleté and leave for thirty minutes. After the end of the specified exposure time, rinse with warm water. The mask will saturate your skin with vitamins and fine soften it.
  • Potato mask. It is necessary to grind the two boiled potatoes, not allowing them to cool, add the yolk of one egg, as well as glycerol, honey and olive oil - one teaspoon. The mixture can be applied either as a mask directly on the skin of the neck, and a warm compress using cheesecloth. The exposure time is twenty minutes.
  • Rejuvenating paraffin mask. To be effective, it should be done two to three times per week, the duration of the course is ten to fifteen procedures. It will take a piece of melted wax (cosmetic) in a water bath. To avoid skin burns, to start drip a little weight on the back of the hand. If the temperature is tolerable, then you can apply the wax to the neck with a brush.

The layer should be not less than two centimeters, and the exposure time - fifteen or twenty minutes. Frozen medical mask is easily removed with a spatula. However, this procedure has a number of important nuances. First, a mixture of paraffin should not contain water, and secondly, it can not be applied to sweaty or wet skin in the third, after removing the mask you will have to wait with going out at least half an hour.

  • Yeast mask for oily skin. It is necessary to dissolve the yeast ten grams in two tablespoons of warm milk, add six drops of fresh lemon juice and a little flour or starch for easy application. Apply the mixture on the neck and neck, leave on for half an hour, then rinse with warm water. If your skin is prone to dryness, replace lemon juice with olive oil.
  • Carrot mask. The value of this means, cooking at home, in that it saturates the epidermis essential vitamins. So, you need to grate a small carrot and mix it with either vegetable oil or sour cream. For what? Everything is very simple. The low digestibility of vegetable gastrointestinal tract and characteristic of our skin. In addition, oil contains vitamin E, a very useful and necessary especially in the winter. Helps to thicken the mask is rye flour or starch. Time of exposure - thirty minutes, after which the composition must rinse with warm water.

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Physiotherapy for neck

Any popular beautician you explain that alone masks, creams and serums enough to neck for a long time remained young and taut. Therefore, they must be supplemented by physical exercises and massage, which also can be done at home. All you need the desire, patience and perseverance, because the procedure should be performed regularly. But it will allow only a guess at the secret of your age. Tempting, is not it?

All known Brigitte Bardot said she was able to save his neck, because she loved to look at the stars. True or not - it is unknown, but such exercises can actually help improve skin elasticity. They need to pay for only a few minutes a day and going to the mirror in ten years, you will not regret the time spent. So here's a set of daily exercise for the neck.

  1. Standing straight, should make circular movements of the head in a clockwise direction, then in the opposite direction. Chin have to touch the chest and back of the head - the back. Each side must be made seven repetitions.
  2. Hold in the mouth and a pen or pencil to write out his neck outstretched in the air any words.
  3. Uprites chin in his hand and try to lower it, while resisting hand. In this exercise is given about two minutes.
  4. Place the palm of his right hand on his right cheek. Turn head to the right, while providing some resistance to the hand. Repeat five times to each side.
  5. Fold the lips into a tube and start with an effort to pronounce the vowel "o", "y", "and". Take care to minimize neck strain. This exercise trains the great wide muscle.
  6. Sit on a chair in front of a mirror, place the fingers of one hand slightly below the clavicle, and the other, grasp the chin. Now pogrimasnichayte, drooping corners of her mouth down, with tense neck. If you are performing the exercise correctly, your hands will feel, and the mirror will be seen as little pripodnimetsya.Poskolku skin epidermis in the neck and chest is particularly tenderness, the moisturizing creams to rub it must be handled carefully. Very well, if you try to combine it with a simple self-massage. The procedure does not take much of your time, since it must be carried out before going to bed, having finished all the water treatment and removing makeup. Apply the required amount of cream on the skin and proceed.
  7. Start massage with stroking movements of the front of the neck. Perform they should be crossed in the face with his hands right and left hands in the direction from the bottom up.
  8. Now tilt your head back and work through the skin spiral motion from the start of the cheeks to the chin, then the neck, stroke in these areas throughout the hand.
  9. Use your fingertips to "draw" a few such as spirals on the side portions of the neck, right hand - left to right and the left - on the contrary.
  10. Make smooth vertical strokes of the problem area in the direction of the ear and shoulder. The left hand should work with the right side of the neck, and vice versa.
  11. Remove excess cream cloth, wet towel ordinary salt water, and stretching it, follow a series of pats on the problem area.

If you do not believe in the efficacy of popular recipes and prefer to entrust the care of the skin of the neck specialists try methods that offer beauty salons. Among them is very popular mesotherapy - the introduction of the special cocktails of drugs, which include vitamins A and E, antioxidants and minerals. You can also try biorevitalisation - a course of several injections of hyaluronic acid. Find your way to preserve youth.

 Care of the neck at home: how to keep the secret of his age

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