Arrange a little holiday!

In the spring, after a prolonged cold winter, more than ever, I want warmth, comfort and pleasure. This can give a sense of a bath! Feel free to add to it a variety of components, such as bubble bath, sea salt and a variety of essential oils, which can be as soothing and toning your body! And if you do everything right, the bath not only relieve stress, but also improve mood and health. After its adoption useful warm drink green tea for weight loss.

So why, after all, we like to take a bath? The fact that warm water accelerates the flow of blood through the vessels, improving metabolic processes in the body. At the same time we feel a pleasant languor, when immersed in warm water, because the body loses some weight. Water itself has magical properties, and if you add to it the various components, the bath begins to bring you not only pleasure, but also healthier body. It is best to penetrate into the body of essential oils.

We need to remember a few rules to Bath was really helpful and pleasant .  They are not complicated, but observing them, you will notice a difference .  To begin with, before immersion in water, must be lightly rubbed his body with a towel to remove dead skin particles and increase the possibility of penetration into the body of salts and mineral oil components .  Another believed that soothing bath better to take in the evening, before going to bed .  Do not forget that after a meal bath is contraindicated, it is better to wait an hour, and preferably two .  It should also be remembered that the water temperature should not be too hot .  No more than 36, 6-38 ° C .  When immersed in water, you may find that the water is cool, but after two or three minutes, you will feel comfortable .  In such a bath lie down for 10-15 minutes worth .  For those who like a hot bath (42 ° C), it is necessary to remember that they need to make sitting and not lying to the heart area is above the water .  These baths are also useful, but for those who have heart problems are not recommended to take them .  In addition, you must first dial the water temperature no higher than 40 ° C, and only then increase the degree .  Located in a bath for no longer than 5-10 minutes, then you need to wet skin with a towel, take refuge in something soft and warm, and went to rest .  Otherwise, the effect of a relaxing bath will be lost .

If you decide to take a bath with herbs, then all you need to do that you can buy in a pharmacy. It can be dried stems, bark, leaves, roots, petals, various concentrates of several herbs. Eucalyptus helps in the fight against cough, sea ficus relaxes, soothes, smoothes the skin wheat. Often these herbs are presented in the form of essential oils, they must be dissolved in water or a small amount of cream milk yl, and pour into water. But that's such a bath should not be taken in the acute form of any disease.

But it does not say, the most popular components of the bath are sea salts. It helps to restore the skin, cleanse and moisten it. Bath need somewhere cup sea salt. It needs to fill in dry bath, and then include water. Salt has the effect of micro-massage. You can also make separate baths for arms and legs. Best buy natural salt in which no chemicals and dyes.

The adoption of the bathroom can be special, a variety of treatments. Now there are a lot of bath that can give comfort and pleasure. For example, there are unusual multicolored balls rushing through which your swimming turn into a real storm. Have a nice swim!

 Arrange a little holiday!

 Fighting cellulite

Oh, this hateful cellulite, it spoils the female figure, and get rid of it is not so simple. But in a war with him all good, and the strongest wins. And who said that we are weak ?! It is necessary to arrange the attack cellulite on all fronts, and the methods to deal with it today abound. Fitness or any other sport is an important step in the fight against "orange peel", exercise for weight loss will make the blood vessels more actively move, the blood supply will reach the fat, and it is already a little cellulite stop.

Fighting cellulite can not only in beauty salons, but also at home. Changes in subcutaneous fat, fat cells increase in volume and led to changes in the skin in the thigh, abdomen and buttocks. How to say goodbye to skin bumps and how to remove belly fat, no matter what harm health?

Exercise, proper nutrition, massage and use of cellulite creams, will be your helpers and allies are not equal battle, where you have to win.

Modern cosmetology offers today a lot of procedures in beauty salons, which are also aimed at the effective fight against cellulite. Your doctor will choose an individual program, taking into account the state of your skin, the skin and the type of cellulite.

The procedure for lymphatic drainage will help cleanse the body of toxins that are removed from the lymph vessels. Improves blood circulation, normalizes metabolism, toxins are deduced - the skin becomes smooth and even.

Kislorodoozonoterapii method can be used for any form of cellulite, both soft and hard over. In the area affected by cellulite, the effects of ozone and oxygen is administered into body fat. Cellulite occurs in the cells of oxygen starvation due to impaired blood supply and oxygen flowing destroys them.

Anti-cellulite massage - mechanical action on the problem areas, usually it is done using aromatic oils. The procedure is not a pleasant massage and a bit painful at first, since it destroys the fat layer. But the ultrasound is not sensitive because it penetrates deep into the skin layers and removes fatty tissue.

Cold and hot wrap or thalassotherapy - salon treatment that can save you from skin bumps, and beauty requires sacrifice, so from the former way of life will have to give.

Proper nutrition, exercise together with the procedures become loyal assistants in the battle against cellulite, and you will come out the winner.

 Fighting cellulite

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 nails at home


  • Methods for building
  • Removing artificial nails
  • Contraindications
  • Caring for manicure on nails

Nail every year becomes more and more popular because it simplifies the care of the manicure. This procedure is becoming a real boon for those women who can not boast of natural nails healthy. Capacity ensures exquisite manicures and well-groomed appearance and adds a certain flavor to the image of a modern successful woman.

What if you do not have the means or opportunity to visit Manicurist in order to maintain their nails in perfect condition? Output is obvious - you need to learn how to build at home. At first glance, it seems difficult to fulfill, because many simply do not know at what technology to build and how to get down to business. But it's real. Of course, you have to spend a lot of time and effort. For example, to review the mass magazines to learn nails at home. But you get a lot of advantages: saving money and will no longer depend on the master.

But it's best just to read this article. In it, we look at various ways to increase - for example, using acrylic or gel nail tips or overhead - and explain in detail how to build up your nails at home.

 how to increase the nails at home

Methods for building

Fake nails

The fastest and most economical option - Buy art tips, complete with a special glue, to read to the instructions and stick to the nails. Unfortunately, this manicure look is not very natural, if you stick the tips sloppy. Their shape can not be changed, and the pattern is no different imagination and individuality. The kit includes ten artificial nails and glue dries almost instantly. Without some skill difficult to glue these tips smoothly. Clay deforms the horn plate, pulling it to the tight tipsy. After these experiments, the nails may need to be treated.

To start Adjust the length of the nail tips. This must be done before you paste them. The more of their length, the less they will hold. Next, prepare your nails. Remove old nail, cuticles and hangnails. file off. Wash your hands and wipe them dry.

Pick false tips for each finger, place them in order, that would not get confused. Put a little glue in the center of false nails and spread it with a spout bottle over the entire surface. Attach it to the natural nail and press for ten seconds. Glued? Now remove the excess glue that is made from a plate, and cover with varnish favorite tips.

To remove false nails, under the drip plate a little nail polish remover with acetone and gently lift his stick for manicure.

Acrylic nails

Acrylic is a compound powder and a liquid. Initially it was used in dentistry, and recently began to use acrylic in cosmetology. There are two methods: the creation of polish on tips and forms. In the latter case the plate is formed directly from a polymer material. The positive aspects include the protection of their own good nail from the negative influence of the environment, material strength, durability acrylic nails (up to four months).

There are downsides: bad smell, little toxicity. If you do not know how to build acrylic nails at home, read this small book.

Raw materials: acrylic liquid to improve the adhesion of the natural nail with an artificial, solvent degreaser, brushes and nail files. All this can be freely purchased at specialty stores. A complete set will cost you about $ 100. At first glance, it is rather big amount. But all the material long enough, so the money will pay off very quickly.

  • Building on the forms:

Before you make a correction using acrylic wash and disinfect hands. Make manicure, file off a length. Grinder walk all the nails, remove dust from the nail plate and around it. Apply a special preparation for cleaning and allow it to dry.

Set the shape and glue the ends to create the future of the nail. Then pour liquidity into the container, obmoknite brush in the monomer. Good press the brush from the liquidation, so that it remained almost dry. Then type brush the ball with camouflage powder. It should look like a hedgehog. If the ball is wet, you will not be able to work with him. Acrylic simply be spread on the nail. Wait until the ball soaked liquidity and put it on the form. Rolled out its shape and area of ​​the cuticle, departing from the cuticle of the one millimeter. Create the desired shape of the nail.

Continue to increase in this way until you reach the desired result. You can make a conventional nail or a French manicure - with the help of white and pink icing. You can also make fancy patterns using different colors of powder, acrylic paints and various accessories.

Remove shape with tweezers. Sawdust free edge and the entire surface of the artificial nail, zashlifute and polish it.

  • Correction:

Zapilivaem nail, paying particular attention to the interface between the artificial and the natural surface. Then lubricate the working surface degreaser and fluid coupling. Avoid getting liquids on the cuticle. Start Floor, laying acrylic on the nail surface, simulate a replica of its natural form. Wait three to four minutes, the material froze. The next step - surface scratch. Polish the surface until it becomes perfectly smooth and shiny. Repeat with the remaining nails.

That's it, now you know how to build acrylic nails at home.

Gel nails

This method is the most popular. Its essence is that the capacity of the nail plate used as semisynthetic and natural ingredients. The most commonly used resin of coniferous trees.

Pros: safe and healthy materials, antibacterial gel quality, natural looking manicure. Last innovation - podkladyvanie under TIPS silk fabric to further strengthen and accelerate nail the procedure capacity. Besides, now you can decorate your nail polish with beads, sequins, colored foil. Get a little bit of effort and imagination and you will be proud of the way increased their nails at home.

Cons this method only two: the relatively high cost and the need to re-build with the failure of the nail. Remember that building procedure in any case can not be absolutely safe. Quite often there are microtrauma nails. Sometimes it is possible penetration of fungi or infection. Any fungal disease is treated long enough to inflict significant damage to the nail plate, destroying and distorting it. If a long time to use the capacity, there is a likelihood of nail dystrophy.

So, what is necessary for gel nails at home? First, stock up on the following materials: sawing, tips, liquid-disinfectant, primer, bonder, gel brushes, UV lamp, acrylic paints and brushes for painting.

  • Building on the forms:

Make manicure, nails, remove the length, but not completely. For forms should remain a free edge of the nail two or three millimeters, abrade their surface. Put the form to build, clasped its ends under the nail.

Apply one coat of gel on half his nail and extend it on the form to the desired length. Dry under the lamp to secure about one minute. Apply a second gel layer, the cuticle before reaching one to two millimeters. Again dry under a lamp. Carefully remove the stencil to build and to shape the nail.

Type in the brush a little more gel. Put it in the middle of the nail and spread to both sides so that the middle of the mound was formed. Turn palms up for a few seconds and then dry in the lamp in the normal position. Then, using a nail file which gives nails a final shape. Apply a final layer of gel - the thinnest. And dry under a lamp. Do not wet your hands after thirty minutes of the procedure.

  • Correction of nails:

The procedure for the correction of old nails occurs in several stages. First spatula gently pulls back the cuticle. Then the rough sawing is removed about half of the old gel. Then have regrown cuticle nail zapilivaem for better grip with the new gel. The nails of one hand at a time is processed disinfectant, and primer, then Bonder, and placed under an ultraviolet lamp.

The next step - applying the gel. It is best to do two or three layers, each podsushivaya under a lamp for a couple of minutes. The first layer is doing the most subtle, the second and third - thicker. After obtaining the required thickness of the remaining adhesive layer is removed with acetone. The final touch - correction of nails nail file (first coarse, then fine).

Correction procedure takes place almost as much as the gel nails at home. The difference is only in the first building that the nail should be cut very short and completely washed down, process primer and glue required tipsy. To trim Tipsy desired length, be reserved by special clippers. Form attached nail file. This technology capacity gives nails an excellent view, prevent them from peeling and brittle.

 you need to nail home

Removing artificial nails

It so happens that there is a need to remove artificial nails. This procedure is quite possible to spend at home. The main rule - never rip off nail nippers, knitting needles and other "auxiliary tools". If you already know how to build homes nails, then their removal is also no problems.

To remove acrylic nails, you need tweezers, acetone, foil and cotton pads. To begin, remove the length of the nail protruding edge otschipnuv special nail clippers. Be careful not to scratch the skin. Then pour the acetone on a cotton pad and apply to the nail. Wrap your finger with foil to not inhale acetone. Wait ten minutes, remove the foil and cotton pad. You will see that acetone is almost completely dissolved acrylic. Residues are easily removed with a soft nail file.

Gel nails to remove more complicated. You need to purchase a very tough nail file (100-150 grit.) And gradually file down the gel. He cleaned the edge of nail nippers.


Before you escalate your nails at home alone, make sure that you have no contraindications. Talk to your doctor. Women who have regular bowel disorders or diabetes from those who want artificial nails are likely to have to give. The procedure is also increasing is not recommended during treatment with antibiotics.

Try not to wear artificial nails permanently. At least once every two to three months for a week to produce their own marigolds "freedom" that they breathed and recovered.

What can happen to your fingernails? If you fail to build acrylic nails properly, it can lead to the fact that they start to grow in waves, or worse, to turn inward or outward. So, this way to build a fast, but the most dangerous. Therefore, carefully consider whether in this case the end justifies the means.

Caring for manicure on nails

It is not enough just to learn how to build your nails at home. Another very important to be able to properly care for them. In order for your nails always look perfect, from time to time indulge them. Rub them nail oil or regular olive and apricot kernel oil. To provide the most useful effect, the oil must be warm. Rub it should be easy massage movements. After the procedure, take the chamois polisher and polish my nails.

Make regular soda baths to strengthen nails. To do this in a glass of warm water dissolve a tablespoon of baking soda. To this solution immerse fingertips and hold for a few minutes. To achieve the best results, to conduct this operation every day for a week and a half. Then take a short break and repeat the course again.

We hope that these tips will help you learn how to nail home and subsequent care for them. This can be not only useful, but also fun. Perhaps you will discover a real talent Manicurist, make this activity a hobby or even profession.

 Proper nail at home

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